They hate us because we’re free…

America’s political media have all been co-opted by Odessa’s pawns sillies…

You don’t find any of their political media’s talking about the things that matter like who how and why America’s Freemason’s participated in the Sept 11 attack because, even if the show’s owners or hosts wanted to, the moment they did their advertisers would probable hint they were thinking of cancelling and Washington would get their media washer-women professionals cooking to squash the story under what would soon become an avalanche of what if’s Ah but’s and various other banal Masonic controlled distractions ~ The key to unwinding the treasonous gordian knot that Odessa slowly placed around your necks since they assassinated Kennedy is to place a rope around theirs, or to be more precise place a rope around roughly 2000 of their pawns in the Masonic Lodges, and you do that thru a pedophile dungeon grand jury, a grand jury into the Young Republican pedophile dungeon network America’s illegal German born 41st president created in America, initially using Nazi gold junk bonds and then using his conspiratorial Reaganomics asset strip leverage, and then finally using simple political blackmail which was the real reason those pedo networks were expanded, to control American politics via blackmail…

Ignorance is no defense…

Ignorance is no defense, not for treason or anything else ~ The man American’s wrongly call their 41st president, a real world ‘BND’ agent and a German born twin of Prescott’s born to a prostitute he’d hired there, became Titular Head of the still exigent Bavarian Illuminati Mason’s in 1993 for the purpose of treason ~ He immediately began… Continue reading Ignorance is no defense…

You have any idea at all, really?

America had two Coup D’Etat’s since the early 1960’s… First a stolen nuke placed under congress, plus Kennedy’s murder… Then, so-called Cessna-pilot attacks on Sept 11th which were also a Coup… Yet that’s not counting a German-born spy becoming 41st president… He got elected in part using US Fed Nazi-gold junk-bond money… Of-course they’ve given… Continue reading You have any idea at all, really?

American politics, or…

World Championship Worm Wrestling?  😦 Drones that ‘think’ like humans could be heading for war zones: Darpa chip uses ‘neural networks’ to act like the human brain Daily Mail February 8, 2016 The Pentagon is funding research to develop a microchip that not only promises brain-like artificial intelligence, it is small enough to fit inside… Continue reading American politics, or…

‘Bend-it like Beckham?’

Or ‘Reach–around‘ like Liberace?  😉 No Whites Allowed: Seattle ‘Yoga Class for People of Color’ Excludes Caucasians “White friends, allies and partners are respectfully asked not to attend” Adan Salazar Prison October 8, 2015 A yoga studio in Seattle is accused of promoting racial discrimination by holding special sessions which explicitly exclude “whites.” Rainier… Continue reading ‘Bend-it like Beckham?’

Days of Future Past…

IT’S ALL GONE WRONG   😦 . SICK: EPA Promises to Work With Navajo Leaders on Toxic Spill – Then Tries to Swindle Them #IndianLivesMatter Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit August 13, 2015 The EPA is reportedly trying to strong-arm Navajo Indian leaders to sign away their rights to future claims against the agency from the Gold… Continue reading Days of Future Past…

Well? ~ Nya-Nya Nya Nya-Nya?

A 100% Congressional Amnesty for treason?  😦 For the shooters of ‘JFK’ and ‘911’ etcetera?   😦 . . The Bin Laden Raid Was A Work Of Fiction, And Barack Obama Should Immediately Resign Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream May 12, 2015 Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has uncovered one of the… Continue reading Well? ~ Nya-Nya Nya Nya-Nya?

This a ‘Missing Link’ or only a matter of real world truth for ‘Truth’s Sake?’

. Who needs real-world “POLE SHIFT” preparations when you’ve got the US Govt to tell you nursery rhymes about the economy and fairy tales about a big bad wicked Muslim Witch of the East who hates your freedoms so much she armed up with box cutters and Cessna Pilots to create ‘Patriot Actors’ out of their congress… Continue reading This a ‘Missing Link’ or only a matter of real world truth for ‘Truth’s Sake?’

Serious? Silly? Stupid? ~ You asking about you or me, suck-cocker??

. JPMorgan Chase CEO: Economic Crisis Inevitable “There will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt by the financial markets,” he wrote Kit Daniels Prison April 10, 2015 Another economic crisis like the Great Recession is inevitable, according to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who heads the bank that recently imposed capital… Continue reading Serious? Silly? Stupid? ~ You asking about you or me, suck-cocker??

Mirror-mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful whore of all?

. You know who (And-what) you are yet do you, America?  😉 Better the sharp acidic honesty than a sickly-sweet hominem praising the error ~ (In other words, it’s better someone telling you you’ve fcuked-up than them lying) ~ . America fell foul to social-engineering for dishonest purposes in a pretty-big way, and the best way I’ve… Continue reading Mirror-mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful whore of all?

The hidden reality

. Ron Paul: U.S., EU Behind Ukraine Coup West behind overthrow of Ukrainian government, former congressman says Kit Daniels Prison February 23, 2015 The overthrow of the legally elected government of Ukraine was “was not only supported by U.S. and EU governments — much of it was actually planned by them,” former congressman Dr.… Continue reading The hidden reality

Zion still buggering the American anus?

. HERE’S THE HIDDEN REALITY   🙂 . Wonder what the world would’ve been like if the lord god almighty (sic) had made a few minor (Drastic) changes to the human anatomy and your asshole was transposed to sit right under your nose, while all of your talking and your blowjobs were done from between your… Continue reading Zion still buggering the American anus?

Satan in a lawsuit?

. Argentine Supreme Court clears 9/11 truther extradition Press TV January 6, 2015 In an unprecedented move, the Argentinean Supreme Court under the pressure of the US Justice Department agreed to extradite Kurt Sonnenfeld, a former Federal Emergency Management Agency official who revealed the US government’s connection with the 9/11 attacks. Sonnenfeld has been living… Continue reading Satan in a lawsuit?

The gods must be crazy

. Sony cyber-attack: North Korea calls US sanctions hostile BBC News January 4, 2015 January 4, 2015? January 4, 2015? January 4, 2015? North Korea has described new sanctions imposed in response to a major cyber-attack against Sony Pictures as part of a hostile and inflammatory US policy. The US placed sanctions on three North… Continue reading The gods must be crazy

Double (Identity) Trouble

. 2014: The Year Feminists Lost the Debate Why are feminists celebrating 2014 when they were soundly humiliated on every front? Paul Joseph Watson Prison December 30, 2014 Why are social justice warriors celebrating 2014 as the year feminism broke the mainstream? In reality, feminists lost the debate – on every front. .  … Continue reading Double (Identity) Trouble

A Question of Balance

. Zion is ‘LION’ again ~ (They’re lion-large) ~ . At the end of this shortish collection of sometimes sarcastic and often witty yet very occasionally extremely deep and meaningful comments on the reality of modern fascist America on a fake sandbox-site the US Taxpayer has been supposedly funding for the maintenance of the safety and security… Continue reading A Question of Balance

Psychoanalyse this, pigs

. Why Conservatives Should Oppose Torture Becoming evil to defeat evil is un-American Mikael Thalen Prison December 10, 2014 The Senate Intelligence Committee’s release of the CIA torture report Tuesday has caused a divide among Americans. The debate, currently between all ends of the political spectrum, consists of those who vehemently oppose torture, those… Continue reading Psychoanalyse this, pigs

The ‘GOOD’ burghers of CIA?

. Apart from the fact that the “Trayvon Martin + Michael Brown” stories were fakes run by the US State Dept and CIA and their Attorney General’s Dept, America sees nothing wrong with lying 24\7 just to cover the treasonous lies from JFK thru to 911 and beyond?   😦 . Obama on Ferguson: “Young People… Continue reading The ‘GOOD’ burghers of CIA?

Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

. . Report: Army Special Forces in Ferguson For Verdict Men outfitted in suspicious attire appear to provide security for courthouse Prison November 22, 2014 Members of a covert military outfit, most likely U.S. Army Delta Force, have been spotted outside the Clayton, Mo., courthouse where a grand jury is convening to decide whether… Continue reading Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

The Happy (US Congress) Hooker

. . Live: Infowars’ 2014 Mid Term Election Coverage Tune in for the latest live updates and more Prison November 3, 2014 . .   Thought_Crimes • a day ago Yawnnn..zzzzzzzzzz Oh wait, after the elections, some new puppets, and business as usual. What a joke! . . .   Bruce Thought_Crimes… Continue reading The Happy (US Congress) Hooker