Don’t mention the Afghan opium?

Yeah don’t mention Afghan opium, otherwise bad things might happen…

Bad things might put Mickey and his Pal’s in a bit of a jam…

You know those times when you smell a rat as the saying goes?

My sinuses aren’t that good but I-can see ratshit everywhere…

So did anyone notice there’s no mention of an Afghan opium industry whenever Washington starts talking about America’s big self inflicted Odessa controlled opioid epidemic even tho going by statistics from 4 years ago there were 224,000 hectares of opium poppies grown in American occupied Afghanistan? ~ There a reason for that, there’s a reason Washington and it’s corrupt media never mentions the Afghan opium industry being the real source of the opiate which Vincente (Kaiser Wilhelm) Fox’s big cartel refines into heroin, never talking about how the hell all of those tons and tons of raw opium is flown from Afghanistan to Mexico to be processed there before flying it stateside over the border in million dollar jets at 30,000 ft to America to be dropped in National Park runways for transshipment across America, instead only ever talking vaguely about the so called Chinese Fentanyl epidemic as if the heroin epidemic your district of criminals oversees is so minimal as to be insignificant, yet you could hardly call 224,000 hectares of opium production 4 years ago minimal so what’s up?

What’s really going on as the song above asks America?


A little bit of preaching to the choir is needed here…

Why is Washington always in the habit of deliberately avoiding the true source of the opiate crisis, that’s a question you need an answer for pretty fcuking quick because of the stranglehold the offspring of Odessa have on your political system post the Sept 11 Patriot Act, and it better be the right fcuking answer too, most likely said right answer is the black op political control an illegal drug industry\network creates within the US political system just as it used to do back in the Golden Triangle days ~ It’s extremely useful to those still practicing a sly treason on America and the world at large in the run up to their next false-flag black-op lead in to World War Three, and while you’re keeping an eye on the corruption all of that creates there’s also that coming from the trillions of dollars in stolen Afghan Lithium ore being trucked down into German (Prussian actually) owned or controlled international corporations in China…

treason-amnesty-lies-dark 560


And of course seeing as I’m preaching to the choir…

But not preaching to kids like me I’d known as a child…

Pompeo MS 13 Schwammberger BW 560

Some who would’ve been grateful for the mercy of a bullet…

That Ave Maria song might need some context outside of the MS 13 x Odessa-offspring graphic, the song itself would be shtick to some but I’ve put it in this post as a sort of remembrance to little Monika, the 10 y\o I’d been sweet on that America’s German born 41st coldly shot dead in front of me in 1964 as she stood there unawares about 8 feet away simply smiling at me with a countenance that literally lit the room up…

America’s German born 41’st thereafter claimed (By implication) that her death via a bullet was an act of mercy to protect her from a far worse ritual torture murder, tho when I’d asked him why he needed to do it in front of me he was without an answer…

That song is also in remembrance to the 14 Aboriginal girls tortured to death in front of me in the 6 years after Monika’s murder, 9 of whom literally babes in arms as the saying goes, I’d already hated German (Prussian) Jew and Masonic pigs for the murders of my birth mother and twin sister but it was little Monika’s death, whether it really was a mercy killing or not, which sent me feral, the murders of the 14 Aboriginal girls including the babies after that merely caused me to feel kind of numb, hating the Nazi’s who ran America for not shooting me instead of Monika…

This isn’t my humor blog, think you can grasp that fact?

NOV 6 Pedo Dungeon BLACKED OUT 560 red strike thru (5)Joe Biden What pedo dungeon 560

You have any concept of the evil you’ve done yet?

Redneck FCUK YOUR GOD ~ Red Arrows 560

9:00 PM AESDST Dec 08
Re-EDIT 9:00 AM Dec 9


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