Holy Hebrew hypocrisy again?

Baghdad bombing Kerry Netanyahu

You’re an amazing place America, on the side of the angels was it?

Wolf in sheep's clothing Kerry and Iran guy 600

I’d like to pose a logical question then sock-cuckerz…

Are you on the side of the angels when they told the Hebrew pimp\patriarch Abram to sacrifice what was supposedly his wife’s child Isaac to The Lord whoever that is\was, for those still capable of rational logical thought outside of the artificial confines of a belief that what you were told to believe must be true simply because you were told to believe it was true, thus for those who can question their official religious narratives with some form of intelligence beyond believing it’s true just because it’s an accepted part of holy writ, that’s if the child really was the offspring of an old woman who had long since ceased to have her periods which in the real world serve to ready the womb for the blastocyst to implant itself and not just the child of one of the slave girls they’d appropriated as their own, or are you on the side of the angels when they told their Hebrew pimp\patriarch to spare the boy such a cruel brutal and inhuman death?

Better think carefully about it before you decide…


Here’s some more relevant perspective and depth…

Kerry_Netanyahu Mountbatten cousins 600

Yep, Mountbatten cousins, Israel has a Prussian PM…

I’ve often blogged on other posts how I’d witnessed 9 ritual baby torture murders by the time I’d been 10 years old, murders committed in front of me under the auspices authority and resource of the United States Central Intelligence Agency which is an oxymoron of biblical proportions once you grasp that the dictionary meaning of the word Intelligence bears absolutely no true relationship to it’s present day mission agenda nor 99.98% of it past actions but anyway, one of the baby killers is pictured immediately above with his Mountbatten cousin is it, or half brother?

Surprise-surprise America, liars lie, it’s what they do…

It makes no difference really, there’s the freak who tortured the 9th little baby to death in front of me, a babe in arms to be precise, the little thing was pre toddler and he kept her screaming for 15 minutes as he slowly peeled the skin on the entire left hand side of her face in one piece, ear and all, with an obviously razor sharp Bowie type knife, often looking over to me for sicko Prussian schadenfreude…

As for why Odessa had him do that to the baby in the first place as well as do that in front of me you’d better apply some of that rational logic from the section above for the latter, obviously an act of  pure TERROR (Ism) to perform such an evil deed in the first place and maybe even more so to perform such an evil deed in front of another underage child, while the reason they did that to the baby itself whether in front of me as a tortured brainwashed prostituted little Ohio born sex slave abductee or in front of anyone else for that matter was the torture supposedly filled the blood and flesh with endorphins thus giving these Mountbatten\Battenberg Luciferin Prussian freaks an unnatural chemical high when they consumed the blood and then consumed the flesh after roasting it later on, at least that’s why I’d been told they tortured them and not just killed and butchered them as if they were a kosher or Halal lamb…

Liars lie and denier’s deny too, that’s what they do…

Kerry real and baby killing fake

There’s that same cnut above with the original Kerry…

Redneck comedian FCUK YOUR GOD Witness to 41's child murders 600


4:04 AM AEST Dec 01


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