Madmen and mass-murderer’s…

Always a case of America “Never-forgetting the victims of 911′ is it? Or like media implying ‘Never remember facts clearly’ more like it? Coins melted by kerosene (Jet-fuel) at the World Trade Center? Freemason’s in congress still swear it was Cessna Pilot’s? ################# NB: That’s referring to the ‘REAL’ hard-core Luciferin New World Order above… First you… Continue reading Madmen and mass-murderer’s…

Look at all perspectives Nazi’s?

So have America’s Mason’s called this post a joke too? I’ve often got a witty comeback in the middle of grief sorrow or disaster, it’s how I’d survived a childhood full of ‘CIA’ rape, torture of myself + witnessing the torture murders of babies and children, terror, emotional blackmail emotional torture and intimidation etc, but… Continue reading Look at all perspectives Nazi’s?

Can Senator Pinocchio save us?

NB: As the radical Hebrew humorist known as Christ to the western world found out, lying is extremely important to both sides of the political occultist mind whenever they’re secretly pushing a hidden agenda within a dishonest Zionist cause… He discovered that you can get away with annoying some of the liberal people by telling the truth… Continue reading Can Senator Pinocchio save us?

A ‘Brotherhood of man’ was it?

Once again, for the fainthearted and the slow witted, there was only ‘ONE’ group and one group only with the means motive and opportunity to pull off the Sept 2001 attacks on New York and the Pentagon ~ That group was not just Freemason’s, average Mason’s didn’t have the authority or indeed the US Fed… Continue reading A ‘Brotherhood of man’ was it?