Their Luciferian illuminates…

How long can this fake-patriotism manic lying of yours go on America, reality turned left and you turned right and never the twain shall meet unless you repent of your lying and other sins, yet as every single day passes the Freemason’s who pulled their Sept 11 Coup D’Etat on the US Constitution via the Patriot Act sham come up with new avalanches of made up ‘BS’ to distract the mind of the average brain fart of America while their Bavarian Illuminati masters loan you cash they made up out of thin air on the back of looted Iraqi and Libyan gold while making billions from Afghan opium and trillions over the next 20 years from stealing the Afghan Lithium they’re trucking and railroading down into China ~ Dudes, ‘WTF’ are you doing to your reality anyway, Cessna Pilot’s can’t fly commercial jets, two jets couldn’t even knock down one skyscraper let alone three of them, North Korea can’t even produce a clone of a 1964 Yugoslavian made petrol driven tractor let alone a hydrogen bomb or an ‘ICBM’ to deliver it either, and as for that fake memo? ~ You need to repent of three things America, repent of lying, repent of being stupid, and repent of farting between the ears and mistaking it for neurons firing off in your brains…

Quick historical re-cap and refocus

. According to two FCC commissioners, those new regulations are bad all around Brad Matthews March 5, 2015 The Obama administration and proponents of the FCC’s version of net neutrality may be ecstatic at the passing of regulations that make the Internet a public utility on Feb. 26th, but not all FCC members are… Continue reading Quick historical re-cap and refocus

The horrible Zionist truth

. Global Debt Nears $200 TRILLION Governments, households in more debt than before Great Recession! Kit Daniels Prison February 6, 2015 Total global debt is now a record $199 trillion, an increase of $57 trillion since the Great Recession, raising concerns a deep depression is coming. Government, corporate and household debt have exploded at… Continue reading The horrible Zionist truth

America? = Full of shit!

. (Read the following post to find out how it started) . Syrian No-Fly-Zone a Bid to Save Al Qaeda Tony Cartalucci NEO December 14, 2014 Recent strikes on Syria by Israel have been alleged to be part of a regional plan by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel to establish a no-fly-zone… Continue reading America? = Full of shit!