Got some bad news Heinrich…

This isn’t funny, but life is absurd so whatta-ya gonna do?

As a boy I’d gone on a momentous and arguably pointless often tragic journey to discover who’d killed my birth mother and my sister, my twin sister that is, while soon seeking to discover who was responsible, I’d found out quite early who did it, then I’d wanted to know who ordered or authorized it ~ Because of the physical torture they’d put me thru starting the day I’d been born by age 5 revenge had been on my mind at an early age, tho I’d also been taught to think things thru by my step parents, so I’d been a bit short on big perspectives to place my little thoughts in right up until the Masonic authority structure running this train wreck was a little clearer to me…

Mirror-mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful whore of all?

. You know who (And-what) you are yet do you, America?  😉 Better the sharp acidic honesty than a sickly-sweet hominem praising the error ~ (In other words, it’s better someone telling you you’ve fcuked-up than them lying) ~ . America fell foul to social-engineering for dishonest purposes in a pretty-big way, and the best way I’ve… Continue reading Mirror-mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful whore of all?


. More idiotic ‘Prison Planet‘ comments from the idiot ~ (The one below was placed on an article on Russian nukes) ~ .   Et.Tu.Britass (To) Vengeance • 18 minutes ago  Anybody still got any pictures of the 70 kg 18 klm per sec anti grav kinetic weapons the Yanks perfected in the 80’s? ~ Obviously… Continue reading IS THIS WHORE DIPLOMAT JOKING?