The old neo-Knights of Walter?

Excuse the dry-wit, it comes with peace in the perspective…


That’s Odessa SS Walter Kutschmann above, and son’s…

Here’s a short extremely accurate overview of world history stretching from the Knight of Malta Freemason’s running both sides of the American Civil War using the Order of the Golden Circle as their mask along with the theft of the equivalent of trillions of dollars in cash bearer bond tax money which was used to finance a German robber baron (Masonic) rape of US natural resources, then the Chinese Boxer rebellion which again the Knight’s of Malta controlled, their agents among the Chinese secret societies deliberately goading the Kung Fu boxers to walk into the machine guns and rifles using their fists feet and (sic) wits as their weapons, Knight of Malta Freemason’s running both sides of World War One too after arranging the theft of Russian gold which funded the creation of Russian Communism using Russia’s own gold (Ouch)…

It also created their US Fed before using money the Fed looted from Wall St at the same time as the Rape of Nanking was going down to finance their Battenberg\Astor man Adolf Hitler, again with Knight of Malta agents running Japanese and Chinese as well, then using Hitler and other European Battenberg’s to start World War 2 to loot Europe’s gold with Battenberg Roosevelt’s help before arranging for the creation of Chinese Communism out of looted Chinese gold by a Battenberg Meyer of the Tong, still running both sides of everything all of the way thru the Cold War and Korea and Vietnam where they again stole Chinese gold from the Chinese in Vietnam all the way down to both sides of Gulf War One meaning both Iraq AND the United States then onto Sept 11 with the same circle controlling the mostly innocent Muslim…

All done by a Prussian-family called Battenberg…

Bush Battenberg BND 560

Titular Head of Bavarian Illuminati on Sept 11…

That indirectly got rid of D. Rumsfeld’s missing trillions in the so called Pentagon audit office commercial jet attack and the records of Trump’s money laundering for the Knight of Malta Carlisle Group which were being held in Building 7 which didn’t get hit by a commercial jet before removing 2\3rds of the US Constitution to make America easier for Knight of Malta Freemason’s to govern after their treason before masking the theft of billions in Afghan and Libyan gold along with trillions in Afghan Lithium as well as making billions on the sly in Afghan opium shipped to Mexico’s Knight of Malta agent Kaiser Fox (sic) to be refined into heroin and shipped stateside under the overall aegis of two Knights of Malta by the name of Chuck Grassley and Orin Hatch, the one thing all of those situations having in common is Knight of Malta Freemason’s of Prussian descent being in control of both sides of everything…

The Mountbatten-line are all Battenberg’s too…

Mountbatten fake Kerry Mueller Pence Stone Sessions Hatch and Grassley 560

All the way thru the entire near 157-yr conspiracy…

Conspiracy theory Inbred 490

Well here’s my perspective on that shit…


Ban Cessna 400

Robby What 400

And what to do? ~ Practical responses?

nov-6-2018-miss-the-bus-darker 490

First get above and below to restore your truth…

Treason amnesty hypocrisy 490


robby-no-joke-redneck-comedian 400

It’ll be an interesting tho maybe longish read…

Patriot Act pooper Malta very faint 490

Here’s some real background on the writer…

robby-10-years-cia-pedo-brothel-fcuk-you-bw 400


1:00 PM AEST Sept 30

nov-6th--pedodungeongrandjury 200 (2)


PS: Still got a sense of the absurd America?

Robby proscribed person 520

If so where’s my fcuking lawyer…

Infowars alertsFaked Antifa Graphic

Serious, same Mountbatten\Battenberg
Knights of Malta are literally running both
sides of everything still, meaning both the left
AND the right too as-well, running Antifa and
running every other lie you got including the

mildly retarded old Kavanaugh\repeats…

It’s all US-Fed-funded state treason…

Schwammberger much America Atta Haspel 560Kavanaugh DeBlasio Zinke BEST Border 560Jones Pompeo 560Schwammberger much America Atta Haspel 560

Now get a grip America, FOCUS dammit…

Nov 6 moral relativity pedo 490 (2)Robby 10 years CIA pedo brothel fcuk you BW 490

Both sides of everything, including that…

Re-Edited 2:00 and 6:22 PM

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