Political philosophy for morons…

I’m not calling YOU moron’s, I’m talking about the other guy’s…

Despite Washington’s lies I’m still Ohio-born, 1st Amendment…

Pity about the 4th Amendment tho, get’s deader every day…

This Ohio-born boy has bad thoughts about congress…

“The path to political ignorance is well travelled,
that means you’ll have 
plenty of droll fools who wouldn’t
know if a bull was up them to share the journey with”…

What? ~ What? ~ What? 😉

1:53 PM AEST Sept 19

2 thoughts on “Political philosophy for morons…

  1. Hey I do believe everything you say. I agree that many people are just totally have got there heads in the sand or in the clouds and think everything is going to be ok.. I do believe the real problem we have in the world today that is we really have to worry about is SES and Serco.This organization which is a company in Britain controlled by her Majesty the Queen makes all orders all over the world is not really been heard of but now has been revealed as to the powers they have to the world and who they are part of such as the Deep State which they seem untouchable !!! How can that be and what can we the people do about it ?? How can we bring down the house of cards?? Thank you, Mary


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