At the tender age of 5 years…

That’s me age 10 years in the featured graphic at the start, I’d just been prostituted (Ass-raped) and washed after, it was in a pedo snuff-movie political blackmail brothel run by the Central Intelligence Agency for Odessa for the purpose of placing kids with various business finance political and religious figures for sex via drugs or perversion, and then blackmailing them, so were you ever thinking about giving me any legal representation for that in the real world you Yankee Doodle cocksocket’s?

That’s the same Odessa SS by the way that you associate with the supposedly defeated evil German Nazi SS who were financed by the US Fed to loot Europe’s gold and later illegally loan it back to them in the 1973 US Fed Chinese (Nazi) gold loan in case you’re a bit slow, and now either due to serendipity or to happenstance bad luck or 250+ y\o German conspiracies in America, offspring of Odessa comprise both the president’s wife and the vice president’s wife, Trump’s Secretary of State, his Agency Director, US Secretary of the Interior, the president’s press secretary, his past press secretary, all biological descendents of Odessa SS Josef Schwammberger by the way which is a little bit suspicious in and of itself, while offspring Brett Kavanaugh who is supposedly nominated as a Supreme Court Justice will reign until in-death-he-do-fart…

Yeah go-on America, pretend you don’t get-it, you do tho…

Nazi stone angel Angel Dr Who 600

After all there’s plenty to pretend about isn’t there, plenty…

Meanwhile the things that really matter are pushed aside…

Miss the bus Nov 6 Nazi Eagle 600

And the things that should matter once that’s done?

Fascist-run Washington just keeps blowing them off…

It could have led to a restoration of truth…

Treason amnesty hypocrisy 490

Not all that likely without this above…

Nov 6th #pedodungeongrandjury 364

And without that we all lose…

10:10 AM AEST Sept 17

PS: At the age of 5 yrs
I-bit back, hard, but I’d been
an intellectual\spiritual kind
of boy, that’s how I’d bitten
back, they’d murdered my
birth Mom, in Ohio too,
think you got that?


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