American politics, or…

World Championship Worm Wrestling?  😦 Drones that ‘think’ like humans could be heading for war zones: Darpa chip uses ‘neural networks’ to act like the human brain Daily Mail February 8, 2016 The Pentagon is funding research to develop a microchip that not only promises brain-like artificial intelligence, it is small enough to fit inside… Continue reading American politics, or…

Cathy’s Clowns…

See you in hell, Zion  😦 ‘RIP‘ ~ Kate Nesbitt  😦 Erdogan Pledges to Start War Over Russian Anti-aircraft System in Syria Moscow has deployed its advanced S-400 air defense system in Syria Kurt Nimmo Prison November 27, 2015 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told CNN International his country will consider it an act… Continue reading Cathy’s Clowns…

Honey Traps…

And Angry Invisible Sky Daddies  😉 US fears Russian subs near undersea cables may cut off communications – report RT October 26, 2015 US military and intelligence officials are anxious about Russian submarines and spy ships operating around undersea global communications cables, The New York Times reported, adding that the main concern is Russia cutting… Continue reading Honey Traps…

Cunilingus on a Cobra?

Or throat-fcuk a rattlesnake?  😉 Video: Trump Calls Sanders A “Maniac Communist” Supporters fight with Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’, drag them out of rally Steve Watson October 14, 2015 During a campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia Wednesday night, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump slammed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, calling him a “maniac” and a “Communist”.… Continue reading Cunilingus on a Cobra?

Report claims 25% of under employed American whack jobs are 100% clueless about their ‘REAL’ situation…

Video: Clueless Clinton Supporters Unwittingly Back Trump’s Tax Plan “Well, I support Donald Trump then” Adan Salazar Prison September 30, 2015 Supporters of Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton evidently aren’t too familiar with her proposed fiscal policies. But that didn’t keep them from pledging their loyalty to her during a recent Jimmy Kimmel skit,… Continue reading Report claims 25% of under employed American whack jobs are 100% clueless about their ‘REAL’ situation…

Someone’s lying again…

But when aren’t they?  😦 US Says Ready to Negotiate With Russia, Assad on Syria Sputnik September 19, 2015 US State Secretary John Kerry said that the US is willing to negotiate with the Syrian government to resolve the Syrian conflict without the Syrian president’s removal as an apparent precondition. US Secretary of State John Kerry… Continue reading Someone’s lying again…

Illuminated gobbledegook?

Fantastic Planet fairy-tales?   😉 Tell it to a headless chicken   😉 FOMC Stunner: One FOMC Member Forecasts Negative Interest Rates Are Coming To The US Zero Hedge September 17, 2015 The biggest shocker in today’s Fed announcement is not that the Fed did not hike: that was telegraphed far away. It is highlighted on  the chart… Continue reading Illuminated gobbledegook?

The Jewish god is a lie, a very large eloquent lie, but a lie no less, a cold callous lie…

Don’t mind the sarcasm in the song, it fits  😦 After Manhattan and Berlin, Switzerland too  😦 Then Crimea Tibet Antarctica, enjoy the anarchy  😦 The Order of the Ages   😉 Jews? Baby-buggering Christ-killing cnut’s  😦 It’s what they were from the very beginning  😦 These insane illuminated Masonic Zionist pigs that descend from the… Continue reading The Jewish god is a lie, a very large eloquent lie, but a lie no less, a cold callous lie…

“Holy Holy Holy, Lord Shamballa Almighty” ~ Thou who wast a gold thief, thou who is a gold thief, and thou who will be a gold thief…

‘Think laterally, act empirically’  😦 (Paraphrasing George Herbert Walker ‘Toosh‘ around 1964-5)   😉 You may need to be aware of this following three part ‘FACTOID’ if you’ve formed opinions of me based on any false accusations against me made by the guys who claim some Muslim Cessna pilots stole some jets and brought 3 skyscrapers down… Continue reading “Holy Holy Holy, Lord Shamballa Almighty” ~ Thou who wast a gold thief, thou who is a gold thief, and thou who will be a gold thief…

The Dirty Low Down…

Wanna hear the “Dirty-Dirty Low Down” without the loser Zionist lies?  😦 ‘Scusa-me, “I-Dissent”   😦 The sad truth, the dirty-dirty lowdown, is that everything Jewish is a lie  😦 In addition to the simple fact that all Nazi ‘SS’ were Masons of illegitimate Jew descent pulling the biggest con in history, here’s the human perspective… Continue reading The Dirty Low Down…

Days of Future Past…

IT’S ALL GONE WRONG   😦 . SICK: EPA Promises to Work With Navajo Leaders on Toxic Spill – Then Tries to Swindle Them #IndianLivesMatter Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit August 13, 2015 The EPA is reportedly trying to strong-arm Navajo Indian leaders to sign away their rights to future claims against the agency from the Gold… Continue reading Days of Future Past…

The meaning of life, birth, death, the universe, and everything…

Well, if you haven’t got a supercomputer… Then think for yourselves  😉 . Why do people think computers will be alive? Jon Rappoport August 7, 2015 “Because, supposedly, one digital processing unit will eventually be able to manipulate zillions of pieces of information at a faster rate than all the human brains on the planet… Continue reading The meaning of life, birth, death, the universe, and everything…

Liars, thieves, treasonous murderers, faithless bastards, baby killers, and identity swappers from the beginning

Be very careful, this is a phishing site for the ‘NSA’ etcetera   😦 Also, they’ll trace the path of re-edited copies across the net   😦 The keys to understanding this particular blog are right here underneath if you have the intellect to connect the dots ~ It’s an extremely accurate overview of ‘SOME’ of the… Continue reading Liars, thieves, treasonous murderers, faithless bastards, baby killers, and identity swappers from the beginning

Demonic (Masonic) American Zionist tyranny today…

“PRISON PLANET“ (sic) COMMENTS… . Tyranny: It Pisses Me Off Brandon Smith Alt Market June 3, 2015 Tyranny is not a wholly definable condition. There are many forms of tyranny and many levels of control that exist in any one society at any given time. In fact, the most despicable forms of tyranny are often… Continue reading Demonic (Masonic) American Zionist tyranny today…

They claim no-one understands their complicated treasonous sham

COLD HARD FACT   😦 . Russia threatens Denmark with nuclear weapons if it tries to join Nato defence shield ADAM WITHNALL London Independent March 22, 2015 Russia has threatened to target Denmark’s warships with nuclear weapons if the Scandinavian nation becomes a member of Nato’s missile defence shield. In comments which have been met with… Continue reading They claim no-one understands their complicated treasonous sham

Uncle Samuel Warmonger Goldstein

. Crony States of America – Wall Street Firms are Trying to Hide Payoffs Made to Employees Entering Government Michael Krieger Liberty Blitzkrieg February 10, 2015 “There is a lot of work ahead for the management to recover its reputation.” – John Whitehead, Ex-Goldman Sachs Chairman, in a 2010 interview Goldman Sachs may need to work on… Continue reading Uncle Samuel Warmonger Goldstein

Philosopher priest or parasite?



(The Jew god is a cnut)   😦

Here’s a random truth for ‘SOME’ of you who still freely think ~
The (Murdered) prophetical anarchist Jew called the Christ went as far as he could in the fascist political exigencies of the day he was in by (Truthfully) saying to his fellow Jews “Ye are of your father the devil, he was a liar thief and a murderer from the beginning” or words to that effect ~ To have said taught or implied anything more would have seen his church or group of followers (Ecclesia) crushed to the last man and woman, rather than just heavily suppressed and then taken over for the purpose of total occultist deception and political deceit by a faggot Roman Jew Luciferin and Molech\Baal worshipper named Saul of Tarsus, so he gave them just enough truth to create a 2000 train wreck within the overall dichotomy of the 12,000 y\o Zionism which Judaism is based on yet not so much as that his own words wouldn’t survive because his group didn’t ~ Few people have the intellectual or political freedom to honestly state what the Jews have always been and what their god really is because as Moses Elijah Isaiah Baptist Christ Stephen Peter and other malcontents often found out when they were then summarily murdered by their fellow Jews, certainly in the case of Moses Elijah and Christ in such a manner as, despite what is claimed about invisible cosmic magicians resurrecting them, no Habeas Corpus was possible cause their bodies underwent ritual Molech worship exactly as Moses records patriarch Abram intending to do to Isaac when he went to sacrifice Isaac in a barbecue ~
You can just bet one of Abram’s other sons by a slave woman became ritual Molech worship dinner that day, starting a secret demonic tradition of ritual human cannibalistic sacrifice in the Jewish ‘Ka-BAAL-Ah’ (Kabala) which is part of what Molech worship is and always was in the real world, yet that’s not my point ~
My point is, or my truth is, that the liars thieves and murderers which sprang from Abram’s ball bag then went down to Egypt and, after multiplying for 400 years managed to sacrificially murder every single firstborn child in that country before stealing ‘ALL’ of their gold silver and jewellery and running away ~ After they made their getaway, their excuse was that an invisible cosmic magician they called ‘YHWH’ whose name they couldn’t pronounce (Convenient in superstitious times) had killed all of the Egyptian firstborn and had also commanded them to steal all their gold and their silver and jewels ~ Now is that a hell of a cover story or what? 😉

‘Liars thieves & murderers from the beginning’   😦

The modern version of that was Zionist (Masonic) Jews financing a biologically Jewish bastard by the name of Adolf Hitler to wreck Europe and steal all of their gold, or the earlier version is the British (Masonic Zionist) De Beers Rhodes and Rand stealing all of the gold and diamonds from the Africans, or before then the Spanish Catholic Conquistadors who in effect were all run by Jew half-breeds stealing all of the gold from South America, or before then the British Israelite Normans stealing all of the gold from the Vatican in 1084 and then stealing all of the Middle East gold in the so called Xtian crusades which, in all truth, were 100% a Jew thing ~
As for where all this began, any common sense take on that story, which cost Moses his life, plainly shows that the Jews WEREN’T  slaves in Egypt because not only did Joseph start out number two to Pharaoh after his stint in prison, or at least that’s their story, the masters of no country on earth ever lend their gold silver and jewellery to slaves so that’s obviously pure bullshit, and as for the death of all the firstborn in Egypt via an invisible cosmic magician? ~ C’mon Niggaz ~ Get real for once ~
Try appearing before a magistrate or a judge over the disappearance of some poor soul and claim an omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible Abrahamic cosmic magician snatched their living bodies away and took them into heaven as the Jews claim happened to Moses and Elijah, or try claiming that yeah, you may have murdered them a bit as in the case of the Christ yet it all worked out fine in the long run because their incomplete corpse was resurrected ~
You’re going to have a ‘LOT’ of strange looks in court trying ‘THAT’ one ~ So heads up and take a good long look at America’s theft of Iraq’s gold in the context of what your leaders are really worshipping, because it’s a liar and a thief and a murderer, and it was from the very beginning ~ The Jew god is in their minds, the Jew devil is in their hearts, and they seem to be battling it out over the soul of humanity in your asses on most days of almighty god’s (sic) week ~ “So Mote it (Ever cease to) Be”  😦
Remember old Mohammed also died without a Habeas Corpus too ~
Jews Xtians and Muslims are a mirror image of the Abrahamic god ~
The Abrahamic god is a liar thief and murderer from the beginning ~
And just in case you forgot, secretly Zionist (Jew descent) Masons Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney ‘STILL’ helped Adolf Eichmann stick a stolen nuke under congress prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis and they were ‘STILL’ the shooters of JFK on the Grassy Knoll, and obviously they were ‘STILL’ the men (Mangy dogs) who executed 911 and the theft of Iraq’s gold bullion using the punked US Military and America’s patriots as their whore of choice 😦

This guy did that head-shot on JFK for Adolf Hitler ~

(JFK was in the way of the Fed getting Odessa gold)
So maybe his treason never ceased 40 years later? ~


Meanwhile, here’s the funny (Yet uncomfortably true) sarcastic bits that are needed to balance such heavy reading ~ “Secret Zionist secretly Masonic secretly Jewish and secretly narcissistic secret agent Simon Snicklefritz or SS as he was known in the secret Masonic Zionist spy trade won World War 2 with one secret testicle and two secret Tunguska nukes his minions Hess and Musso secretly sailed into London + Manhattan while he wuz using derr German ‘Stupor Trooper’ to steal all of Europe’s gold~ Now everyone still (Secretly) lies about it” ~ Go fish   🙂
Still don’t get the bigger picture about ‘ZIONISM’ here? ~ While I’m unable to much inform you on the 8000 year history of it before the Jews, allow me to distil the harsh realities for you about shit since Jews, because the patriarch of the Jews known as Abram was nothing more than a liar thief and murderer rooting his half sister ~
He was a serial child killer who was literally into killing kids and then cooking them up on a fire and eating them in Baal worship ~ Their matriarch Sarah was only a common whore who was rooting her 1\2 brother Abram ~ Together they furthered the world’s biggest spiritual disaster and error, the lie of an angry invisible monotheistic cosmic-magi who both loves you and hates you ~ No such thing exists in the real world and never has and never will ~ All that does exist is a 4000 y\o lie from a cloud of manipulative deceptive dead Machiavellian Jew souls sucking energy from the living using a 400,000 y\o lie about an omnipotent omnipresent cosmic magi ~
(Might be a stray ET or 2, or even 10,000 plus in Antarctica) ~
(Plus as many as 100,000+ eugenic-copies Mengele produced) ~
(You may find many of them in the underground US facilities) ~
All the Jew god is is 4000 years of liars thieves & murderers in a deceiver’s paradise ~
Or 400,000 year of thieves & murderers in Hades who don’t lie as much as those do ~
Sorry I’m unable to expand on it more at the moment, so think about it til I-do so ~



Hit-em in the funny-bone, cause that’s where they expect it least

Special Report: American Muslims Condemn Radical Islam Demonstrators gathered in Garland, Texas to protest an Islamic event Prison January 18, 2015 Infowars attended the Stand with the Prophet conference in Garland, TX. Muslims outside the event told our cameras they wanted nothing to do with violent extremists. . Are you still allowed to think?… Continue reading Hit-em in the funny-bone, cause that’s where they expect it least

Insane Zionist pseudo-realities

. Cornell in ’13: ’9/11 was an inside job’ Henry Molski January 16, 2015 Christopher Cornell allegedly protested a 9/11 memorial ceremony in the fall of 2013, according to accounts from local police officers. Cornell, the Green Township man accused of plotting a terror attack against the U.S. Capitol, attended the 2013 event with… Continue reading Insane Zionist pseudo-realities

A Question of Balance

. Zion is ‘LION’ again ~ (They’re lion-large) ~ . At the end of this shortish collection of sometimes sarcastic and often witty yet very occasionally extremely deep and meaningful comments on the reality of modern fascist America on a fake sandbox-site the US Taxpayer has been supposedly funding for the maintenance of the safety and security… Continue reading A Question of Balance

Reality truth true patriotism and a return to intelligence based on true logical morality without a need to destroy the decade ahead to hide the five decades previous ~ It’s a much needed early Xmas present for oppressed American people

. 14 Facts That Prove That The Number Of Children Living In Poverty This Christmas Is At A Record High Michael Snyder Economic Collapse December 11, 2014 #1 The National Center for Children in Poverty says that 45 percent of all U.S. children belong to low income families. #2 According to a Census Bureau report that was released just… Continue reading Reality truth true patriotism and a return to intelligence based on true logical morality without a need to destroy the decade ahead to hide the five decades previous ~ It’s a much needed early Xmas present for oppressed American people

Psychoanalyse this, pigs

. Why Conservatives Should Oppose Torture Becoming evil to defeat evil is un-American Mikael Thalen Prison December 10, 2014 The Senate Intelligence Committee’s release of the CIA torture report Tuesday has caused a divide among Americans. The debate, currently between all ends of the political spectrum, consists of those who vehemently oppose torture, those… Continue reading Psychoanalyse this, pigs

Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

. . Report: Army Special Forces in Ferguson For Verdict Men outfitted in suspicious attire appear to provide security for courthouse Prison November 22, 2014 Members of a covert military outfit, most likely U.S. Army Delta Force, have been spotted outside the Clayton, Mo., courthouse where a grand jury is convening to decide whether… Continue reading Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

Out of the mouths of babes

. . MSNBC Uses School Shooting Coverage to Push Gun Control . Breitbart October 25, 2014 . . kaos_in_tx • 10 hours ago More laws make us SAFER! ‘Cause bad guys ALWAYS pay attention to words on paper and signs on walls… . . . Et.Tu.Britass kaos_in_tx • 5 hours ago Then the Lord spake… Continue reading Out of the mouths of babes

The Ebola Boogieman

. . White House won’t rule out Ebola ‘Czar’ . Justin Sink The Hill October 15, 2014 . .   Et.Tu.Britass • 10 minutes ago . “White House won’t rule out Ebola ‘Czar’?” ~ Why go for half measures when you could really make something of this drill? ~ How about an Ebola King, or… Continue reading The Ebola Boogieman