The Jewish god is a lie, a very large eloquent lie, but a lie no less, a cold callous lie…

Don’t mind the sarcasm in the song, it fits  😦
After Manhattan and Berlin, Switzerland too  😦
Then Crimea Tibet Antarctica, enjoy the anarchy  😦

The Order of the Ages   😉

Adam Weishaupt Illuminati haemorrhoids

Jews? Baby-buggering Christ-killing cnut’s  😦
It’s what they were from the very beginning  😦

Abram, liar thief and murderer from the beginning

These insane illuminated Masonic Zionist pigs that descend from the first liar thief and murderer Abram keep on suckering humanity with that 100% false myth about an omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible god who’s really nothing more than 400,000 years of dead liars thieves and murderers ~ It’s not something you can easily defeat, yet is something you can refuse to cooperate with in much the same way as Mahatma Ghandi did, IE; A ‘Passive Resistance’ of sorts ~ Just don’t give it your best, don’t resist evil like the dissenting Jew Christ stated, but don’t submit either as he implied  😉

These mad evil world Zionist Jews under Swiss (Jew) and German (Jew) control are currently planning treason against the entire human species, so don’t be too naïve about what their so called ‘PARADISE’ really is ~ It’s nothing more than the grand Ponzi scheme in the sky and that’s all it is  ~ Their real god Lucifer is like a bipolar ethereal mind that sits in Hades selling existential deceptions of the soul in paradise as a Ponzi scheme, and then seeks to compromise those who turn away from that by warping all half truths against all real truth in Hades as well, kind of like a left brain right brain ghostie of sorts who only maintains his (It’s) power thru theft and thru deceiving those who know no better to lower their spirit to it ~ It’s evil  😦

I-haven’t broken their fcuking law  😦

Why do Masons still fcuk-me over?  😦

A wise free spirited pussycat, and a smartass ~ Smily Masons Hades

I-haven’t changed much in 5 decades  😉

Not since they tortured-me at age 5  😦

America ~ Manifest Destiny ~

PS: Fake Yanks and Masons   😦

Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Kerry Liars 911 630

For those of you lost in the post 911 illusion I’d like to remind you of a name, especially the Australians among you, many of whom would know the names or just the sad story of “The Beaumont children” who were all three prostituted for 2 months in a fascist (Biological) German Jew Masonic controlled ‘CIA’ run pedo brothel before they were murdered by your damned German Jew Masonic controlled ‘CIA’, the same treasonous German Jew Masonic ‘CIA’ that helped pull your 911  ~ And here’s a 100% un-retractable fact, I-saw the ‘German born 41st president of the United States’ vaginally or ass rape little 8 y\o Anna Beaumont, before both James and Jane and her were all shot in the back of the head with his little silver .22 auto  😦

It was ‘HIS’ gun, but ‘HE’ didn’t pull the trigger  😦

(And stop lying, I-saw him hand the shooter the gun, creeps)  😦

(To all intents and purposes he was only guilty after the fact)  😦

I’d doubt that was much consolation to the kids  😦

This is what I’d PERSONALLY WINESSED as a 10 y\o and it wasn’t the first or last child murder American Masons in ‘CIA’ had performed in front of me ~ Not only are Americans ‘THE’ biggest lying hypocritical fascist bullshit artists on the entire fcuking planet, they’re also the most perverted pieces of shit that I’ve ever even read about, with 5 innocent Aboriginal children tortured, screaming themselves to death while being tortured by that German born 41st presidential Mason you call ‘BUSH’ (His birth name was Schiff or Scherff) but he was also running things when nine babies were murdered in front of me, and at times ‘ALL’ of these freaks of illegitimate German Jew biology had erections which they’d gone out of their way to make me notice  😦

I’m not too sure if hypocrites call that ‘Crimes against humanity’ but I’d certainly call them that, as well as calling what they did ‘ACTS OF STATE FINANCED TERROR’ on both me and the deceased child victims ~ Eventually with ‘SCHIFF’ or ‘SCHERFF’ (41) running things Rumsfeld tortured 5 babies, all Aboriginal, to death in front of me, and Cheney 3 as well as the fake Kerry doing the last baby torture at which time I’d still only been a 10 y\o myself and had been prostituted since age 4 and tortured 3 times before  I’d turned 13 years ~ Together these illegitimate German Jew Masonic creeps tortured 9 little Aboriginal babies to death in front of me for their damned Baal ritual death worship of the Jewish kabala, and also most likely to terrorise me ~ Some of you think these men are evil because of the Iraqi war do you, you fools?  😦

You have no idea   😦

The German born 41st also shot young Catholic girl “Monika Cross” dead in front of me in 1964 in Adelaide South Australia and tortured me twice himself, once at age eight and again at age 15 years ~ His American born 1\2 brother who’s name he took over in it’s entirety around 1970 and who often provided a  viable alibi for him because they were near lookalikes, his half brother (Also Prescott’s son but American born) who had the legal right to the name “George Herbert Walker Bush” was the one who first tortured me with an electrified wire brush in 1962  😦

Again, ‘HE’ was the one who first tortured me as a mere 5 y\o but his 1\2 brother your ’41’ tortured me twice more by 1972 and some other dude who’s name escapes me at the moment another time, or several times ~ Again, that was 6 children that that cnut you call ’41’ murdered in front of me himself, plus was present running things for the murders of another 14, with more after 1970 ~ You want to talk about ‘EVIL’ and about the Muslim terrorists you claim attacked you America?  😦

Damn you all to the only real literal eternal hell down the event horizon at the centre of the galaxy you bible bashing hypocritical frauds ~ ‘YOU’ are the fcuking terrorists and ‘YOU’ are what’s evil in this world America, you are fcuking evil, and you’re shaping up to be the biggest fcuking frauds of the last 6000 years  😦

I-still want a lawyer or a mortician  😦

See you in Hades you suck-cockers  😦

Robby Hades perspectives

(With the fcuking bowel-tumour that CIA gave me it’s a mystery I’m still alive)

Laugh all you want, paradise will fall  😉

I’ll have you TRAPPED by the 2040’s  😉

(Official disclaimer)

I-do NOT own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humour and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) along with a wee bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated pricks  😉

 (PS: Watch out for NSA phishing using these blogs)  😦
PPS: ~ You still need an amnesty for 55+ years of treason  😦
See what Zion used to blackmail America’s politicians with?  😦
They used filmed baby-torture and child-torture murders  😦

 PPPS: ~ The Lost Chord is still lost too ~ You’ll need that harmony 😉

But you don’t have-it, and won’t have it ~ You’re screwed Zion   😉

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