Demonic (Masonic) American Zionist tyranny today…



Tyranny: It Pisses Me Off

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Brandon Smith
Alt Market
June 3, 2015

Tyranny is not a wholly definable condition. There are many forms of tyranny and many levels of control that exist in any one society at any given time. In fact, the most despicable forms of tyranny are often the most subtle; the kinds of tyranny in which the oppressed are deluded into thinking that because they have “choices”, that necessarily makes them “free”. Tyranny at it’s very core is not always the removal of choice, but the filtering of choice – the erasure of options leaving only choices most beneficial to the system and its controllers. The choice may be between freedom and security, individual opinion and societal coherency, personal principle or collective indulgeance, catastrophic war or disaster multiplied by complacency, terrorism or surveillance, economic manipulation or financial Armageddon.

We are presented with these so called choices everyday and they are about to become even more of a bane in our regular lives. But these are often engineered options that do not represent reality. We are led to believe that only one path or the other can be taken; that there is no honorable way, only the lesser of two evils. I am done with false choices and the lesser of two evils.

I prefer to create my own options.


I’d like to comment on tyranny, seriously ~ As a 4 y\o courtesy of the US Taxpayer while (Just before or after) I’d been anally raped two men were executed in front of me to get my attention, which was all fine and good because basically I’d not known them and therefore had not given a shit about either of them ~ Then as a 5 y\o I’d been prostituted in a CIA political-blackmail pedophile brothel, and a lovely caring young 18 y\o blond girl had been shot dead next to me after we’d bonded for a couple hours, just laying (Strapped down) face down on gurneys as she talked to me to keep either me or her relaxed ~ That bothered me about 3 days later once I’d thought about the waste ~ She was a nice lady ~ Within a year two little 6 y\o’s my own age were raped next to me (Not prostituted that day) and then were literally butchered like lambs in front of me, one decapitated and eviscerated, and the other decapitated, with the corpses then washed dressed and thrown next to me, one minus it’s head, to which I’d felt a twinge of sadness straight away cause the little girl held both fire and ice in her eyes at the same time, even better than me, and I’d thought it a terrible waste of human potential, even at that age ~ Then, my (Step) mother was severely beaten and left unconscious in a fake car wreck, all courtesy of good old Uncle Sam and to put it mildly, even tho only 6 yrs old I’d gone to war ~
And then, perhaps because I’d played a solid deadpan ‘COLD HAND LUKE’ to the provocations like I’d been told to by others, as a 7 y\o a sweet little 11 y\o Catholic girl name of Monika Cross I’d spent a few months bonding with was shot dead right in front of me with little warning beforehand and no chance to bargain on the day, despite the (Famous Grassy Knoll) ex Army Ranger stating she would be safe because he’d kill anyone who hurt her ~ (He was rooting her) ~ Well, that sent me feral for 15 bloody years with a 220 ‘IQ’ and a bad attitude after the torture as a 5 y\o anyway, and by the time I’d turned 13 there were another 17 children dead in front of me, 14 by torture, 9 of those mere babes in arms, and I’d been tortured myself another two times, and raped as well as prostituted so many times I’d lost count, again, all courtesy of Uncle same-old same-old Sam ~ (sic) ~ Now, over 50+ years after this, good old Uncle Sam is still trying to act like they’re the good guys and I’m the enemy of world peace and all that’s nice and good in the world, and I’m just wondering, in the opinion of those watching this played out by the Masonic Lodge bastards doing it, are they ‘TYRANTS’ for doing all this, or are they ‘STUPID’ for thinking I’d just accept the inevitable without (Literally) getting even in the real world? ~ For the record, even tho they claim otherwise, I’d gotten even by 2006 and didn’t break their law doing so like I’d promised my Mom and given my word of honor to my dad over, and have been trying to walk away ever since 😦
Does this count as tyranny on the part of America, to still be trying to browbeat me into submission over 5 decades after the beginnings of their crimes against humanity towards me, and towards others in front of me, or are me (sic) missing something in the bigger picture because it’s really ‘ME’ that’s stupid? ~ Put simply, myself, I’m unable to absorb anymore of their ancient wisdom, period, and my health is failing fast from some tumors given me courtesy of good old Uncle Sam and his taxpayers via some chemical injections, so I’m kind of starting to wonder exactly who the tyrants are? ~ Is it America, or just it’s manic paranoid treasonous Govt that made ‘Babes in arms’ enemies of the state? 😦

I-want you ~ Biblically ~ Uncle Sam ~

Still claim you don’t understand?   😦


‘…the most despicable forms of tyranny are often the most subtle; the kinds of tyranny in which the oppressed are deluded into thinking that because they have “choices”, that necessarily makes them “free”. Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Saw Bruce Springsteen in Canberra (Australia) once back round 1996 as he was walking past me near a block of offices called the ‘CIVIC CENTER’ and dude, even from 70 feet away he was strutting his stuff, throwing his at that time still very fit old ex roadie frame in an aggressive manner, as well as giving me what could only be interpreted as a deadpan dead set filthy fcuking dirty look to the point where I’d gotten ‘MORE’ than a little scared about where this was gonna go ~ Now what was scaring me wasn’t that he was a relatively big guy compared to me, nor that I’d had no idea why he was so obviously angry at me (Never met him) but simply this ~
Back then, 19 yrs ago, I’d still pull over 3 g’s on my left calf muscle in a kick and could still punch 100% maximum power with a 4″ punch with around 5 or 6 punches per sec, each one (Literally) sounding like a 38 going off next to your ear a foot away ~ Here’s what scared me ~ I-thought he was gonna hit me and I’d had ‘NO IDEA’ what he was angry about ~ What scared me was how many times he’d hit me before I’d spit the dummy and hit him back once or twice (Or thrice) hard enough to disable him and stop him, and would he get hospitalised and would there be charges cause there was all sorts of heavy political shit being said about me by your govt at that time, including involvement with the Oklahoma bombing (Literally) and tho it was all bullshit (Their allegations) one big guy believing it and lashing out can really fcuk up what otherwise would’ve been an average boring day ~

And then, ‘NOTHING HAPPENED’ ~ He stayed agro until about 10 feet away when I’d smiled at him with my little-boy look and, well, my little boy look is pretty harmless, yet it hides a lurking menace ~ Think he looked back once as he was walking on with a look that would kill your cat but seem to think better about it, hung his head a bit and kept walking, as far as I’m aware not looking back after that ~ Those were still my glory days as a poor man’s martial artist, I’m older now, almost to the point where I’d pull a hamstring rather than pull 3 g’s on my calf with a fast kick, yet still I’ve never got the chance to answer one single thing the lying crap-assed US Govt has accused me of over the last 36 years ~ If someone who knows him reads this, Email him a copy and let him know that day he saw me it was our lucky day, cause the way the guy moved showed he’d throw a mean punch ~ Me on the other hand, mostly nothing much showed till I’d wanted it too 😉


So here’s me, 53 years after America first tortured me  😦

I’ve learnt nothing at all apart from telling them this   😉



TPP Emails Show CEO

Joked About Making

“Royalty Payment”

to US Officials

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“These are our rules,” bragged Chemical company boss

Paul Joseph Watson
June 5, 2015

Emails released under a Freedom of Information Act request show how one chemical company CEO was so pleased with the rules being set by the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal that he joked about making a “royalty payment” to U.S. government officials before bragging, “these rules are our rules.” 400 pages of confidential emails between industry advisors and USTR officials were obtained by Intellectual Property Watch. The USTR (Office of the United States Trade Representative), is the U.S. government agency responsible for developing the United States’ trade policy.


Those running America spent over $1+ Billion of State Department money in the last 7+ years ($250+ Million on books, $750+ Mill from slush funds) corrupting the entire free (sic) world media to run fake and repeated and even repeated fake stories (Lies) in what they’ve claimed was a complicated gambit to protect the American people from me, a man they’ve claimed is a threat to national security cause of what are (Presumably) evil illegal intentions, by confusing me about the who what when where & why ~ They’d arranged to have me lobotomised prior to 911 because of that same sham when in reality it’s really all about suppressing what I’d learned about the treason behind what they’re lying about, all of the way back to Rummy and Cheney shooting Kennedy, onto your 911 sham where they claim the Muslims hated your freedoms ~ ‘YOU IDIOTS’ ~ Your lies defeated you America 😦
Now the ‘TPP’ ~ America has some serious debt issues since Reaganomics, and the only (Real) reason the ‘TPP’ has been put in place is to facilitate what’s left of the American Dream being handed over to those who (Conspiratorially) own the debt ~ Gee, and it’s only been 42 years since the US Fed got the looted European gold which the Russians had stored at ‘ODESSA’ for the Nazis ~ Would you really have a clue if a bull a bear a lion or an eagle was ‘UP YOUR BUTTS’ would you? ~ It’s only been 13 1\2 years since Kennedy’s assassins pulled 911  😦

Big Treason requires big lies ~

Peter ~ PWV ~ Vanstone ~ Osama ~

You basically let Rummy and Cheney off of the murder of ‘JFK’ by allowing the ‘MAGIC BULLET’ lie to shut down the investigation long enough for those 70 loyal (Patriotic) Dealy Plaza witnesses to be politically and\or socially isolated and then murdered, and you’re also swallowing their 2 jets into 3 skyscrapers story (sic) hook line and stinker at the same time you believe their (Masonic) lies about who their fake Osama really was from 1997 thru to 2004 ~ For crying out loud America, after everything else they’ve lied to you over you still swallow the lies? 😦



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