“Holy Holy Holy, Lord Shamballa Almighty” ~ Thou who wast a gold thief, thou who is a gold thief, and thou who will be a gold thief…

‘Think laterally, act empirically’  😦

(Paraphrasing George Herbert Walker Toosh around 1964-5)   😉

You may need to be aware of this following three part ‘FACTOID’ if you’ve formed opinions of me based on any false accusations against me made by the guys who claim some Muslim Cessna pilots stole some jets and brought 3 skyscrapers down with 2 of them in an act defying physics and reason along with rationale and logic ~ The factoid is this, again, in three parts, and I’d sure be willing to publically debate the truth of it in real time with the producers of the fcuking insane Cessna fantasy ~ First, science is ‘ALWAYS’ between 30 to 50 years ahead of what you’re told ‘Viz-a-Viz’ the Nazi anti-grav ‘Foo-Fighters’ that many WW2 pilots witnessed firsthand ~ Second, thanks to unlimited amounts of Cold War money available for medical research I’d been born a literal ‘MENGELE’ child, conceived thru his brilliant pioneering ‘IVF’ work in the late 50’s (56) and was literally what’s known as a split blastocyst twin ~ Third, we (My twin) were of genuine German Jew Nazi stock on both paternal and matriarchal biological sides, identical twins because we came from the same egg  😉

Now this bit is more personal, so it’s not up for debate, period  😦

We were born by Caesarean section, with our birth mom literally ritually sacrificed to whatever gods of Valhalla (sic) were fronting to those running it at the time, meaning she carried us for 9 months, gave life to us, and was then literally tortured, butchered, cooked, and then eaten ~ (Really) ~ My step mom who raised me also had a child around that time, a boy called ‘ROD’ who, at the time I’d met him in the late 70’s thought that ‘HE’ was my twin, but he wasn’t ~ He was my step mom’s natural birth son, taken from the Broken Hill hospital and raised by whoever, with myself substituted in his place, and my biological twin raised somewhere by someone else ~ The fascist Masonic Zionist ‘Cessna Producers’ (Snicker) have occasionally used that lookalike twin to fool people already, attributing stupid shit he’s said to me, perhaps even on film, and were all along (Literally) planning on eventually pulling a swap at one time or another in an attempt to ride my reputation (For truth, hopefully) and then ‘FOOL EVERYONE’ ~ While it’s possible, thanks to Mengele’s scientific eugenic magic, that Rod and myself are biologically related as in the egg or the semen conceived in a different test tube, we’re not (The) twins he’d once thought ~ Don’t let this intended deception (Swap with my real twin) go on any further, either refusing to allow me to answer the fascist American Govt’s lies about me in real time or just waiting for Washington to fess up, which they never will ~ It’ll bring you nothing but grief, heartache, sorrow, loss, and even tragedy ~ It’s highly likely your so called (Fake) Charleston shooter is literally my step mom’s son Rod’s biological son, tho I’d only suggest that’s a possibility because he looks just like him and those fascists ‘DO’ like to treat children as chattel + adults as serfs pawns and slaves to their hidden agenda’s, almost like a ‘Once in always in’ thing, only the arrogant fcuk’s lost me forever in 1964 when they went too far killing a girl I’d liked and threatening my step mom, after already going too far by beating her up and torturing me ~ As for why it sounds so complicated, that’s because it ‘IS’ so complicated ~ These damn fool secretly Zionist fascists know most people aren’t looking for the dirty trick, as in Adolf Hitler literally being both a Zionist and a Mason, as well as an ‘ASTOR’ descendant too as well, thus they seem to equate using manipulation based on complicated layers of socio-political deception on all involved with cunning intelligent rational perspectives, only it rarely ever is   😦

Charleston Shooting Rod's BOY actor

Let me know when you think they’re lying   😦

Cessna Pilots?’ ~ You bloody idiots you   😉


Chicago Cop Under Investigation

for Video of Him Saying ‘Mike

Brown Deserved It’

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Josh Feldman
August 28, 2015

A Chicago police officer is under investigation for a video in which he makes a comment about how Michael Brown “deserved it.” The officer pulled over a car with black men inside, and during a heated confrontation, one of them said, “We don’t trust y’all. You heard about Mike Brown.” He was referring, of course, to the Ferguson 18-year-old who was fatally shot by Officer Darren Wilson. The shooting triggered national uproar, but the grand jury and Department of Justice didn’t find sufficient evidence to charge Wilson. The officer in the video responded, “Mike Brown deserved it.” The man shot back, “Mike Brown should’ve shot his ass in the face.” The Chicago PD got wind of the video and, according to CBS Chicago, opened an internal affairs investigation. A spokesman said, “CPD prides itself on fostering productive relationships with communities to help make Chicago safer. The comments in this video are troubling and do not represent the views of this department.”

This article was posted: Friday, August 28, 2015 at 10:04 am

This Michael Brown lie America ran to, America’s treasonous Masons to be precise, you don’t suppose that ‘LYING’ was a dumb idea in the first place and only served to further weaken what few truths you had left do you? ~ Patriot Actors 😦
Remember you losers, ‘JFK’ was dead 2 weeks before Dealey Plaza America 😦
So you’ve been lied to, Kennedy, Vietnam, ‘MLK’ and Apollo, Muslim terror 😦
A classic lie was the 3 skyscrapers x 2 jet story ~ C’mon assholes, give it up  😦

Here lies America ~ As in life, so in death ~

But he DID deserve it.

(My heavily re-edited reply below) ‘Et.Tu.Britass’ AKA ‘Thediplomaticwhore’  😉

Are you aware this whole Michael Brown thing was one of German Jew descent Mason John McCain’s lies meant to subjugate America’s pseudo constitutional-republic freedoms by crippling their (Your) functional truths like has already been done from the Kennedy’s on thru Vietnam and Apollo and the so called Al Qaeda Cessna pilot Muslim terror menace that now echoes with dismal crap about ‘ISIS’ and ‘ISIL’ planning to cross the Mexican border and take America over by force of arms, perhaps after they disarm you to protect you from the terrorists?  😦

That’s exactly what’s happened in the recent past and I’m not gilding the lily one jot tittle or iota in any way shape or form ~ In the obedient Mason’s ‘Secret society’ mind it’s done to make you more governable thru creating such a confusion of thought that only ‘THEY’ can effectively function as a cohesive group with a strong pyramid style authority structure to put perspectives for debate together, thus controlling the flow of political thought within a manipulative and subtly Orwellian long term very intense in house ‘Reality Perspective Control’ skillset which they’ve always excelled in since the days of feudal rule gave them the divine right of kings to talk shit ~ There’s been a literal avalanche of bullshit from the Masonic lodge covering Benghazi all the way thru to the US Fed and Patriot Act as well as the ‘NDAA’ to confuse everyone  😦

Did America’s kids deserve to have you older American’s literally ‘SUCK’ the ground out from underneath them with your ingenious lies about you only doing what’s best for the safety and security of the American people?  😉

Admittedly it’s always been your country Freemasons, but it’s theirs too 😦
Gonna ever tell the truth about shit? ~ Or just go to your gawd’s a liar?  😦

Here lies Hillary Rodham Clinton ~ Grave Stone ~ Tomb ~ Tombstone ~


Sieg heil, bro.

German Jew-Nazi Masons like Hitler and his post war ‘SS’ who never did have to hide too much in the real world literally let me down waaay too often, always with a wonderful excuse, the extreme and often acute necessity of fascism needing to appear to be feudal masters whose word had to be obeyed as if they were 12th century lords of the manor ~ I’d not had much problem with that until they hurt my mom and then kept on tripping me up by short sheeting me on resource, much like Adolf Hitler did to German soldiers in Russia  😉

Hitler Bunny Ears ~ Vot now ~

BTW, like lots of things such as the death of ‘JFK’ in Dealey Plaza when he’d really been shot in the back by German Jew Masons 2 weeks prior, Adolf Hitler’s death in the bunker was faked, the body presented that of his old (Lookalike) bodyguard\driver who died in 1939 and was kept on ice for 6 years ~ Reality sucks, then you die   😦


The Awful (Lying)

Truth About the TV

Reporter Shooting

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This tragedy was horribly predictable

(Horribly fake too)   😉

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 26, 2015

The contrived race war fueled by the leftist media & the Obama administration claims yet more victims.

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 4:32 pm



When a white man kills a black man he’s a murdering racist. When a black man kills a white woman, on camera, after writing a racist manifesto… he’s “disturbed”.


do you think he was having sex with the reporter?


Duh, he was having sex with his mother most likely, consensual sex where each one got paid the going rate ~ It’s the new thing in American crisis-actor realism  😦

You gotta do some dirty Linda Lovelace tapes with your dear old mom just to prove that you really got what it takes to get the public working onside with you  😦

(Yes, I’m implying he’s just another faked-out ‘Psy-Op’ mother-fcuker)  😉

Lego ~ Gee Mom


Barrack Hussein Obama, who are you? ~ Barry Soetero? ~ Bert Smythe? 😦
Are you Fred Schwartz? ~ Were  you born Giuseppe Zanotti or some German Nazi Jew called Arnold Schnitzelberger-Hoffer? ~ What’s your real identical split-blastocyst twin’s name, the one with the Hawaiian birth extract elected in 2008 who was born to a different mom other than the one who bore you in ‘Hawaii’ (Snigger) thanks to Cold War cash of the early 1960’s, the one who’s place you took in late 2009 or 2010 after he started to make trouble over the empty Fort Knox charade and shit began to get really real in the quiet changeover to full blown fascism, you fake? 😦
Englebert Mengele? ~ Daryl Weinstein Zanuck? ~ Enrique Grubelglasser? 😉
Malcolm Xavier Xenon Zapata? ~ (Snicker) ~ Who are you really, Barry?  😉


Here’s another awful (Not well known yet very well hidden) truth 😦
The ‘Holocaust’ should rightly be called the Swiss-‘Bunker’-caust 😦
Around 5.6 million missing holocaust victims were shipped there 😦
They built the bloody place ~ A truly ‘MASSIVE’ bunker system  😦

Underground bunker ~ Safe down here


They are here in the states too. It is called Dulce.


Vietnam and Cambodia + Laos freely gave ‘GOLD AND SLAVE LABOUR’ to help build those structures, Iran eventually volunteered a few 100,000 14 y\o boy soldiers to help, ‘OR’ the fascists running Amerika just commandeered it all, the truth of that fails to interest me as my health rapidly declines 😦
Whatever happens in the interval, uncle Adolf and uncle Adolph and me plus a few others are scheduled to have a big ‘Group encounter’ session (sic) mitt Germans who died in Russia for the ‘FATHERLAND’ or were simply handed over to Stalin for the same type of bunker building slave labour there in Russia, pencilled in for sometime in the 2040’s ~ Excuse me using your comment to make a statement here (sic) but if you have ‘EVER’ in any way interacted with me, especially if it was in person, then I’m 99.98% certain I’ll be able to draw you to myself (And those around me) across the River Styx in the 2040’s, and 100% certain that whatever then happens will be whatever I’m wanting to, and please, Bauch lachen” Liebchen  😦

That’s a pretty-good deal for those who did the right-thing by me  😉

And a fcuking ‘GREAT’ outcome for any who really loved-me for real  😉

I’m pretty-sure I’ll be able to repay most of the good, and all of the bad  😉

For those who fcuked-me over, it’s not such a good outcome all up  😦

At the moment, I’d rather walk-away than escalate ~ Shit’s bad  😦

No-doubt you’ve seen this movie Swede ~ Funny old black Teutonic humour  😉


Obama: “We Can’t Pay Attention”

To (The) “Folks Whose Ideologies Run

Counter To Where We Need To Go”

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P.W. Adams
Progressives Today
August 26, 2015

He positively isn’t interested in bringing the American people together. As a matter of fact, he has proven time and again that if you don’t believe in his vision for America, then he doesn’t care what you think. This “screw you” attitude was once again demonstrated on Tuesday as President Obama gave a speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. After making a joke about the Free Market (the joke was pretty hypocritical considering Obama has done his best to stack the ‘free market’ against fossil fuel while propping up ‘clean’ energy) he went on to say that “We” (meaning Clean Energy lovers) must ignore folks with different interests and ideologies while “he” (the President and his followers) shove their clean energy vision down the throats of Americans. Ok, he didn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s what he meant.

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 5:23 am

Communism always works the same way, ”Change by demand!’

“We cannot defend freedom abroad, by deserting-it at home” the dude says on this short clip I’ve posted here for my blog ~ Umm, do you think anyone is going to tell all of the American “Patriot Actor’s” about this amazing new concept, the one that says that you “Cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting-it here” cause it sure looks like they missed that one, what with all the panic about the large number of mad Muslims learning how to fly Cessna’s on the internet  😉

Look America, there’s no-way to say most of this without the sarcasm 😦
There’s (Literally) no-way to make sense of it without being sarcastic 😦
Besides that, I-like being sarcastic, damn-it all with peas and gravy  😉

Truth is I-really ‘LIKE’ being sarcastic ~ It’s not illegal yet is it guys?  😉

Has America passed an “Anti-International Sarcasm” law already?  😉


(This thread below was on hanging Obama)   😉


Don’t forget Young Republican rent boys surgically inserted into the old Democrat rectums back in the gay heady days of the 80’s when an alkaloid addled Ronnie Raygun could still ride his talking horse George the German ‘Super Sea-Biscuit’ off into the patriotic sunset ~ You’ll have to take them all as a package deal when it comes to hanging the lying thieving suck-cockers seeing as many of them Young Republican rent boys now work in American political media ~ Them + their Masonic political masters would need some extremely complicated surgery to get out of each other’s patriotic buttholes unless you hung the lot  😉

Reagan's horse George ~ Giddyup

Your German born 41st president Booosh (sic) once said to me that Muslims would never achieve nothing because they had no unity, he said they can’t stand together as one to defend their positions against Zionism, Viz-a-Viz the Sunni Vs Shia sham, then went on to say that ‘THEY SMELT’ (Really) as well as metaphorically describing them all as “All sitting around in a circle giving each other hand jobs” ~ Sadly, he was often pretty damn dry and accurate in his assessments of political situations, tho usually out to lunch when it came to the humanities 😦
So how about ‘JEB BUSH’ or ‘HILLARY CLINTON’ in 2016 America, then we can all stand around (In the cold) waiting to watch you guys give each other a fraternal reach-around ~ Matter of fact, it don’t matter ‘WHO’ you (Think you) choose, we’ll all be standing around in the cold waiting to watch you give each other a fraternal reach around ~ The least you could do is hire Vince McMahon and the ‘D-Generation’ crew like ‘HHH’ and Shawn Michaels to write stuff so you can make it funny 😉
You could call it the ‘WWWE’ maybe, that’s ‘World Worm Wrestling Entertainment’ and we can all have a hoot and a holler and a few laughs about stupid Satanic shit  😦

Jeb ~ Me or the dyke ~


God you are a moron .

Your god is a moron? ~ You must be a Mason, if you were a Jew your god would be a “Liar thief and murderer” just as the (Jew) Christ stated, so…….

Goodnight, and good luck with that, Pal  😉

(You metrosexual ‘CSpam’ taxpayer-funded pansie you)  😦

You can tell him that when you stand before him to answer for your sorry excuse of a life ‘ I don’t think you will be doing much talking though ‘ you will more than likely be peeing and shitting yourself as you realize how stupid and blind you have been .

So long loser.

Oh piss-off, your ‘GAWD’ is a 400,000 y\o gaggle of dead guys who only have the ‘POWER’ that you yourself give them when you lower your spirit, plus what they steal from others, the living and dead ~ Nah dude, a few wise men in history state Jews were worshipping a “Liar thief and murderer” from the beginning, like the Christ even, and that’s all your gawd is, 400,000 years of dead liars thieves and murderers, along with (No-doubt) a live ‘ET’ or two to sucker the eugenically evolved apes  😉

You secret society types will see paradise fall when the number of surviving humans drops below 200 million and there’s not enough energy left to steal  😦


Wait and see you douchebag’ YOU’LLE BE SORRY .
Muslim Terrorist Great Cessna Pilot in the Sky

Piss-off ~ The first act of the “Jewish-god” was the murder of Egypt’s firstborn and the theft of all their gold and jewels ~ Funny thing, ‘THE LORD’ (Supposedly it was him) just stole all the gold from Iraq and Libya, killed or caused the deaths of a few million Arabs who worship Abram’s deity, took 2\3 of the US Constitution, and then America’s illuminated patriot’s emptied Fort Knox, ran up a debt so high the $18 Trillion is merely what’s borrowed each year to pay interest and, we’re facing a blind wounded giant superpower (America) that can’t speak truth to save itself, need we go on?  😦

Plus, there’s an angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent cosmic magician gonna stomp me out cause I’ve come to the conclusion he’s merely a bunch of dead guys who were liars thieves and murderers in life, and now pretend to be omnipotent omnipresent angry Abrahamic cosmic magicians in death to fake out the living?  😉

Geeze, Quasar dude, you Wally, Heh-Heh-Heh ~ FCUK OFF will-ya, ya-fool  😉

You are ready for a rubber room .

Yes, Room 757 please, better alert all the Cessna-pilots I’m coming wankaaah, and better call out the national guard too, plus place the nation on ‘DEFCON-1’ and pass a Level 3 patriot act so you can ban skateboarder’s just in case they become radicalised by the Muslim’s and begin to think they can fly Cessna’s in Allah’s war ~ By the way Pal, according to ‘Doctor Robert’ you’re suffering from a ‘Reality perspective control’ disorder, and the only known cure for such a malaise is to (Lawfully) hang the entire US congress til they say sorry (Snigger) and then start again  😉

Give it a miss douchebags ~ Your credibility is maxed out  😦

YIPPEE ~ I'm a Cessna pilot

INCOMING ~ (Serious sarcasm in the first paragraph here kiddly-winks)  😉
But just cause something is expressed sarcastically don’t mean it’s not true  😉
That something is badly wrong in America is obvious to all except the most manically decapitated eviscerated lobotomised treasonous random killer-corpse Republicunt Demonrat Zombies shot dead cause America had waaay too many guns to defend itself from it’s ruling fascist secretly Zionist elite Masons lording it over you in congress on behalf of their overseas masters, so even tho the actual cure or practical solution to the problem is pretty fcuking simple, your ruling Masons fear it  😦
To fix anything in this cluster-fcuk requires the knowledge of an entire community, even the lying treasonous German Jew descent Masons who pulled the treason or used political blackmail to get others to cooperate in the first place ~ That solution is a 100% congressional amnesty for treason, enacted in congress under the pressure of the people simply in exchange for the accused telling the truth, along with a cold steely-eyed determination to hang the bastards who lie about it, hang them from the highest tree you can find til their corpse rots and drops off the rope, but only after they face a firing squad first ~ Can’t be too careful with Zombies you know  😉
Beware the ‘Great-Lie in the Sky’, kids = German-Jew Masonic Illuminati   😦
And all financed by the US Fed in the 30’s, pretty-well running everything   😦
They’ll pretend to be ‘ET’ (Really) and pretend to be god’s with their occult   😦
Masonic Ring President statement ~
Now if you’re gonna listen to the denials, even over the graphic posted immediately above after all that you already know, then there’s just one thing I’ve got to say to you and, as words occasionally fail me due to a serious (Intentional) brain injury I’d sadly acquired thanks to what rules Washington, and due to the fact that according to them I’d been born stupid in the first place, I’ll have to rely on the following droll graphic to get the point across to you about the true reality you’re in here  😉
Cletus und Brandine
“All rights reserved to the original owners of songs cartoons and other media used in ‘ALL’ of these blogs, fair comment and fair use is claimed with no expectation or intent of personal profit thru their use herein intended or sought”  😉

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