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SICK: EPA Promises to Work With

Navajo Leaders on Toxic Spill –

Then Tries to Swindle Them


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Gateway Pundit
August 13, 2015

The EPA is reportedly trying to strong-arm Navajo Indian leaders to sign away their rights to future claims against the agency from the Gold King Mine disaster. The EPA promised to work with tribal leaders – Then tries to swindle them. On Wednesday’s show conservative talker Mark Levin explained how the EPA was going around the Navajo Nation and attempting to pressure the Navajo Indians to sign a waiver so that they cannot file any future grievances against the government. The extent of the damage of this EPA-created catastrophe is still not clear.

Hat Tip Mara

** The Navajo Nation has vowed to sue the EPA over the mining disaster.

This article was posted: Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 10:19 am



Hmmm ~ Swindle? ~ America? ~ America? ~ Swindle? ~ What do you mean? ~ Nah C’mon, seriously ~ America? ~ A swindle? ~ A swindle in America, Huh? ~ Notice Trump’s statement below is attributed to a recent presidential debate? ~ Fact is it was in the run-up to America’s 2012 elections, so everything is a lie now?  😦

Bernie Madoff Trump ~ 2016 ~



Sure they will………… all this destruction of our planet is on purpose. And the people are too cowardly to rise up and take back their country. Just listen to the first ten minutes. Friday August 14, 2015 Dane is having a meeting in Redding California – Dane’s site: http://www.geoengineeringwatch…

Avatar   (

We are considered bugs and rats and the elite plan on exterminating us. This river incident was planned as was the one in Ohio a couple months ago……. our water and air supply is being messed up ON PURPOSE. This will continue unless we unite, rise up and physically rebel. Prison Planet should sound a alert and do a entire program on this issue NOW. This involves every single man, woman and child on Earth. Alex should have gone to this meeting in Redding California tomorrow – this is news.

(Video for context only ~ It’s mostly crap)  😉



The deception within the (Zionist) spin never ceases? ~ Listen-up and try to just cut the bullshit a little ~ No matter what other effects it has, all the nano particle aluminium + barium oxide is simply to make air a better medium for the big laser sourced hologram deceptions planned ~ If this was the 14th century then under the same ruling feudal (Zionist) mindset you’d be very likely to see your ‘GOD’ (sic) appear in the skies ~ However, this is the 21st century and requisite illusions are 100% certain to revolve around Zionist Masons pretending a massive ‘MOTHER SHIP’ is over your area  😦

So this sounds pretty whacky? ~ Well shit guys, it’s not ‘MY’ bloody plan 😉
It’s those international Zionists planning the greatest deception in history 😉
Technology for smaller craft has existed since Nazi ‘Foo-Fighter’s’ fools 😦
There’s a truly-massive plan afoot to deceive you over the return of ‘ET’ 😦
You go-along with the lie? ~ Or, you can be forewarned and forearmed  😦

Wanna know where Masonic (Zionist) America is really at?  😦


Sound cool? ~ Tell it to kids screaming to death at Bohemian Grove  😦

Bohemian Grove (2) Bohemian Grove

A wonderful brave new world awaits?   😦

In the middle of all of the occultist human sacrifice bullshit behind the scenes which Masonic Zionism and their old Swiss Illuminasti-masters use to distract the foolish and fool the stupid, there’s a few hard core facts you need to know within the overall picture ~ First, there’s nothing on this world or in this solar system that hasn’t been here for over 400,000 years already, meaning ‘ET’ can’t arrive because ‘ET’ never left, in addition to all of pre-human Ancient Arcadian eggheads (Conehead hominid) beings which sort of act like our gods ~ These beings have never fully died out, they merely (Literally) live underground because that lengthens their lifespans by many 1000’s of years ~ The skulls of the Coneheads are an archaeological fact, other non-hominid ‘ET’ stuff is rare on the ground yet the Nazis laid hold of it  😦


Conehead Zionist ~

Rest assured ‘JOSEPH MENGELE’ was over 50+ years ahead of what people thought, meaning work in trans-human eugenics, combining human and animal ‘DNA’ was successful ‘BY THE 70’s’ and not just ‘IN THE 70’s’ but rather long before, with some truly hideous experiments surviving as examples of viability  😦

Sadly, the plan behind the plan seems to be to replace the human species with a mix of literal alien ‘DNA’ and (Literal) reptile ‘DNA’ and\or alien + human ‘DNA’ and\or human and reptile, or all the above, and this has already been successful hence the warning about a hologramatic arrival of ‘ET’ implied, suckers, yet don’t be expecting ‘ET’ to turn up for real, because one way or the other they’re already here  😦

Excuse my occasionally humorous posts   😉

It don’t mean the subject is just a joke   😦

In the section underneath you’ll learn some pretty weird and pretty challenging political facts, yet in the following blogs you’ll learn some shit that is almost beyond belief along the lines of what’s immediately above here, but there’s the hook, you don’t ‘HAVE TO BELIEVE’ any of it, simply because every single fact within previous blogs can be checked, can be double checked, can be triple checked, or even quadruple checked if you squeezed your butt cheeks really-really tight like me as a little 7 y\o boy your ‘CIA’ was prostituting, brainwashing, terrorising, and even torturing 50 years ago in a pedo snuff movie political blackmail ring they were running in the city I’d grown up in, and then you can either tell the fcuking truth about it all, or just go into Masonic ‘Always Conceal and Never Reveal’ mode as you become a total fraud thru watching your culture race nation and species slide into the intellectual oblivion of fascism and the moral and spiritual abyss which irrelevance to all genuine truths brings to any civilisation ~ What I’m describing in these blogs in the best way my feeble (Literally lobotomised) mind can describe the reality from perspectives inside of the 150+ years of German Jew Masonic Illuminati treason that has already ruined America, as well as greater Europe and large parts of the rest of the world, and now conducts a literal real world treason against the human species itself  😦


Exclusive: Jeb Bush Linked to

Cartel Money Laundering

While Serving CIA

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Jeb should explain his association with violent cartels

Wayne Madsen
August 13, 2015

During the recent Republican presidential candidates’ “debate” in Cleveland, former Florida Governor John Ellis Bush (JEB) wanted to recount his eight years as governor of the Sunshine State; however, it is not Bush the politician who should be of interest to voters but Bush the Central Intelligence Agency “non-official cover” banker in Venezuela and Miami-based real estate businessman/money launderer who should alarm the American electorate.

Credit: iprphoto / Flickr

While Jeb’s brother, George W. Bush, glossed over his AWOL status with the Texas Air National Guard, Jeb does not h, ave a military record to defend but he does have a CIA employment record to fess up to. Jeb’s early work in Venezuela and south Florida is much more troubling than Dubya pretending to be on active duty in Texas while he was actually off in Alabama helping a GOP U.S. Senate campaign and getting sloppy drunk in redneck bars. Jeb should fully explain his relationship with Alberto Duque, a Colombian national who laundered drug money for the Medellin and Cali narco-cartels and Nicaraguan contras while serving as owner of City National Bank of Miami and president of the General Coffee Company of Colombia. Apparently, there was more than coffee arriving in sacks of coffee coming into Miami from Colombia. Duque financed a $30 million real estate development project run by Jeb Bush. After serving as vice president for Texas Commerce Bank in Caracas from 1977 to 1979, Bush joined his father’s presidential campaign in 1980. Serving with Bush on the campaign was the CIA official who gave him his in-brief at Langley in 1977, Robert Gambino, the deputy director of security at the agency.

Jeb Bush CIA

(Jeb’s thank you letter to Gambino after his 1977 CIA in-briefing at Langley. Texas Commerce Bank was owned by the family of James Baker, an early George H W Bush adviser as well as close friend)

2 x GHW BUSH’s   😦


Here’s Jeb Bush’s first prize in the 4th grade Diorama contest in 1962 😉
Jeb was a close 3rd right up til the other two kids mysteriously died  😉

Jeb Bush Diorama 1962 ~



Can’t say what really happened to ‘JFK’ yet America? ~ You’re screwed  😦

Shot in the back 2 weeks before Dealey Plaza plus a double in the limo 😦
Like, nah, can’t be, yet it’s almost like your leaders think you’re stupid  😦

The 1\2 truth   😦

And his father was involved in killing JFK. His brother bought and signed off on 9/11. The entire Bush family should be brought up on charges of treason and hung. But here in America we promote these demonic buzzards to President. One story that sticks in my mind, the Bush boys, George and Jeb use to take little frogs and insert firecrackers up their anus and watch them explode………. yes these are the kinds of psychopaths we allow to rule over us. And no, this deal with the frogs is not normal for boys. it’s cruel and shows that at a young age these individuals had no empathy, no heart. Americans were smart they would have hung the entire Bush and Clinton family.

(He’s so full of shit I-just mock him)   😉



Like the Lord Gawd Almighty saith, America now “Rapes what it owed”  😉

(That’s a wee-small pun there on Reaps what it sowed with it’s debt crisis)  😉

Or was it maybe more like “So blessed are the cheese makers, for they shall all be called the ‘Children of frog'” or something like that ~ Sounds good on the vid  😉



Don’t forget Pappy Bush was head of the CIA at one point….. mmmm there have been alleged connections to death of JFK… fish rot from the head… remember son Marvin and the bank scandals…….. friendship with Saudis’ royals…… the adoption without papers of slimey Billy Clinton…… so does this info about Jebby surprise anyone? The arrogance of the elite ruling class personified……. It has to end



 He denied being in town that day, but there was I believe a picture of him standing on the steps on city hall.

GHW CIA Bush Dallas

The real story   😉


Your ‘JFK’ was shot in the back 2 weeks before Dealey Plaza, with one of his security doubles having his brains blown out in the limo as part of that cover up ~ Fcuk “German-George 41” as you pictured him above, fcuk him and damn him, and fcuk Cheney and Rumsfeld and damn both of them too for what they’ve done and haven’t done, yet that was still a double in the limo in Dealey Plaza ~ Americans are the biggest fools liars fraudsters fakers and hypocrites on the planet up until they grab the bullshit by the horns and begin to stubbornly tell the whole truth about the last 55+ years of state treason ~ You got it yet? ~ 41 + Rumsfeld and Cheney? = Pawns and patsies  😦

The real ‘JFK’ murder was 2 weeks before Dealey Plaza, idiots  😦

Like sands thru the hourglass, so are the days of our treason 600 ~

A 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason   😦
Simply in exchange for 100% of the truth   😦
Or, it’ll be 100% WW3 and WW4 too, fools   😦

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