Here in the Twilight Zone…

Donald Trump: Spokesman for birthers, truthers, and Internet trolls Anne Applebaum Washington Post August 22, 2015 “It’s probably the same person, writing 16 different comments under 15 different names.” That’s how a friend’s son recently shrugged off a social media spat he’d been involved in at his university. There had been some nasty name-calling and a… Continue reading Here in the Twilight Zone…

Washington’s lies look like patriotic newborn baby-angel’s farts, right?

Thanks to the secret German-Jews which the Illuminati slowly inculcated into the American political system ever since the treasonous ‘OSS’ became the ‘CIA’ after the faked ending to WW2, the basic fabric of morality in American politics has become Luciferin, as in literally worshipping Lucifer the liar thief murderer and Jewish kabala (Sexual-pervert) deity behind closed… Continue reading Washington’s lies look like patriotic newborn baby-angel’s farts, right?

A Question of Balance

. Zion is ‘LION’ again ~ (They’re lion-large) ~ . At the end of this shortish collection of sometimes sarcastic and often witty yet very occasionally extremely deep and meaningful comments on the reality of modern fascist America on a fake sandbox-site the US Taxpayer has been supposedly funding for the maintenance of the safety and security… Continue reading A Question of Balance

Don Rumsfeld shot JFK

Don Rumsfeld shot JFK in Dallas ~ Literally ~ His was the neck shot from the Grassy knoll ~ America is dysfunctional till it finally faces it ~ Sarcastic or not, it’s simply 100% fcuking true ~ . . . . . . . . . Ferguson Aircraft Ban: No Fly Zone Instituted as St.… Continue reading Don Rumsfeld shot JFK