Don Rumsfeld shot JFK

Don Rumsfeld shot JFK in Dallas ~ Literally ~ His was the neck shot from the Grassy knoll ~ America is dysfunctional till it finally faces it ~ Sarcastic or not, it’s simply 100% fcuking true ~ . . . . . . . . . Ferguson Aircraft Ban: No Fly Zone Instituted as St.… Continue reading Don Rumsfeld shot JFK

Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

. . Report: Army Special Forces in Ferguson For Verdict Men outfitted in suspicious attire appear to provide security for courthouse Prison November 22, 2014 Members of a covert military outfit, most likely U.S. Army Delta Force, have been spotted outside the Clayton, Mo., courthouse where a grand jury is convening to decide whether… Continue reading Simple ~ Factual ~ A Psy-op ~

White is black ~ Black is white ~

. . Mob of Black Teens Brutally Beats Elderly Man, Smashes Cars in Memphis . WARNER TODD HUSTON Breitbart September 30, 2014 . .   Rumplestiltskin • 21 hours ago Is this what we get because Blacks voted in a Black President who then brought in a Black man, (Holder) as head of the DOJ.… Continue reading White is black ~ Black is white ~