The Happy (US Congress) Hooker

. . Live: Infowars’ 2014 Mid Term Election Coverage Tune in for the latest live updates and more Prison November 3, 2014 . .   Thought_Crimes • a day ago Yawnnn..zzzzzzzzzz Oh wait, after the elections, some new puppets, and business as usual. What a joke! . . .   Bruce Thought_Crimes… Continue reading The Happy (US Congress) Hooker

“Truth? ~ You want the Truth? You can’t ‘HANDLE’ the Truth”

. . Washington Is Destroying The World . Paul Craig Roberts Prison October 7, 2014 .   HISTORICVS • 12 hours ago . “The 1941 German invasion of Russia was a response to Stalin’s positioning of a massive Soviet army of conquest on Europe’s borders ~ A former GRU military intelligence officer writing under… Continue reading “Truth? ~ You want the Truth? You can’t ‘HANDLE’ the Truth”