They hate us because we’re free…

Hmm, no jokes here, well, just a few diplomatically implied one’s maybe…

AAADDO Patriot ActSeig Patriot Masonic MouseADDO SPAMMED


America’s political media have all been co-opted by Odessa’s pawns sillies…

You don’t find any of their political media’s talking about the things that matter like who how and why America’s Freemason’s participated in the Sept 11 attack because, even if the show’s owners or hosts wanted to, the moment they did their advertisers would probable hint they were thinking of cancelling and Washington would get their media washer-women professionals cooking to squash the story under what would soon become an avalanche of what if’s Ah but’s and various other banal Masonic controlled distractions ~ The key to unwinding the treasonous gordian knot that Odessa slowly placed around your necks since they assassinated Kennedy is to place a rope around theirs, or to be more precise place a rope around roughly 2000 of their pawns in the Masonic Lodges, and you do that thru a pedophile dungeon grand jury, a grand jury into the Young Republican pedophile dungeon network America’s illegal German born 41st president created in America, initially using Nazi gold junk bonds and then using his conspiratorial Reaganomics asset strip leverage, and then finally using simple political blackmail which was the real reason those pedo networks were expanded, to control American politics via blackmail…

Gonna con Jesus f***ing Christ (Link) one day soon America?

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