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Jew Nazi American ass

Why Capital Is Fleeing

China: The Crushing Costs of

Systemic Corruption

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Pollution and environmental damage is driving away human capital, i.e. talent.

Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds
September 5, 2015

What China will be left with a poisoned land stripped of talent and capital.

Corruption isn’t just bribes and influence-peddling: it’s protecting the privileges of the few at the expense of the many. Rampant pollution is corruption writ large: the profits of the polluters are being protected at the expense of the millions being poisoned.

This article was posted: Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 11:08 am

Lemme tell you something about mirrors, and about corruption you arrogant pawns of the stupidest fascist German Jews in history ~ What you see in a mirror is what’s looking at the mirror you fools, not the mirror itself ~ You want to talk about real world real time corruption, talk about little babes + kids that German Jew descent fascists within ‘CIA’  had literally ritually ‘Killed in Australia in occultist torture murders’ that their bosses took the trouble to film and then blackmail them (Over) and then talk about those German Jew descent Masons in ‘CIA’ killing American soldiers in Vietnam by fragging and poisoning them in hospital and then killing them stateside too, then talk about them getting a company together among ‘CIA’ employees to refine plutonium ion gas with one of their number made an assistant defence secretary in the 70’s to seal the contract between that company and ‘DOD’ with George Boooooosh (Sen) und Dick Heneeeeey (sic) und Don Rahmsfeld (sic) etc picking up trillions in contracts plus billions in profits from sucker America, then pulling 911 too  😦

Zeus Seuss Cat ~ Holding company

“S-U-C-K-E-R-Z” ~ Go-on, say it smartasses ~ “S-U-C-K-E-R-Z” America 😉
Now please America, you better keep letting the treasonous pieces of German Jew Masonic Zionist shit who pulled 911 continue, otherwise they won’t be able to continue, and you know what that means don’t you? ~ Well don’t you suckers? 😉
You’ve been looking in the mirror here you arrogant American assholes  😦

Sucker America ~


You mad bro?

Sure…   😉



Says the british scumbag, a country that has engineered more human misery than any other in Mankind’s History. Their cowardly genocidal insanity in Africa is a perfect example. Using grapeshot on men armed with spears and shields, typical british warfare. By the way they can only own a 2 inch penknife, their government considers them too stupid to own a gun like we can. It is a cesspool of muslim infected inbred saxon scum, nothing resembling the former pack of scumbags from earlier centuries. Get a toothbrush, try using it and then pay back the money your worthless british scum ass owes us for bailing you out against the Germans who were kicking your candy asses into submission.

Ha-Ha-Ha ~ Excuse me a minute while I-rewrite this a little Pal  😉

God save our gracious Kangaroo,
Long live our noble Kangaroo,
God save the Kangaroo!
Send it victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Kangaroo!

Kangaroo fcuk off

Now tell me the one about the ANCIENT WISDOM again Fritz  😉

America Sunset

And the amnesty for treason?   😉

Just file-it under gutless Huh?   😦

 (Or, you file-it next to your Hawaiian ‘Proof-of-anal-virginity’ extract)   😉

Two evil idiots ~ Cats ~ 2016

Yeah, just a joke, Huh?   😦

America, I-was only 5 years old the first time your ‘CIA’ tortured me in 1962, strapped naked from the waste down to a metal table with an electrified wire brush passed up and down my legs for 5 minutes on a low voltage, and then cranked right up on legs and buttocks for the next 5 minutes, and was 47 years old the last time the greatest nation on earth (sic) tortured me in it’s filthy fascist politics after they abducted me from a public dentist for 32 hours and tortured me (Literally) for around half an hour where I’d (Literally) screamed for 3 minutes with every breath as hard as I’d been able, with no breath in between (Literally) before being given a muscle relaxant which rendered physically unable to scream audibly, yet still screamed on the inside  😦

I’m no weak man you fcuk’s, yet screamed without restraint with every breath while being punished extra-judicially for something I’d never had the chance to answer, whatever it was ~ Just prior to 911 your Govt arranged to have our corrupt Australian Govt surgically lobotomise me, intending that that would ensure I’d never be able to articulately complain, or point out the ‘LIES’ (Damned lies) that your Govt says about me to, in part, distract you from their treason ~ There’s some very good reasons for them doing that like in the following graphic, but still they seem to get away with it because you’re choosing to believe these “Known proven liars” over the word of a simple (Not stupid) honest man (Me) who’d prepared his entire position years (Decades) ago prior to the lobotomy, back when I’d still had a full 220 ‘IQ’ (Really) but you just still accept their word without question like Pavlov’s dogs?  😦


You’re accepting the word of men who sold you a “2 jets into 3 skyscrapers” charade when you know damn well it’s all a lie? ~ You lying hypocritical assholes  😦

And still Masonic (Secretly Zionist) members of your Govt and their political media pawns mock me as a fool while they’ve just spent over 2 billion of your tax dollars off books in a non stop avalanche of lying Orwellian media bullshit intended to make me look stupid? ~ Jesus fcuking Christ you frauds, if I’d had the resource for lawyers here I’d have very professionally disengaged from the Machiavellian machinations of the treasonous pieces of Masonic shit who govern you via the never ending lie, and they’d have let me go too, simply because 1/ I’ve never broken your law in 51 years since my mom made me promise not to as a 7 y\o and 2/ You’re a mass (Mess) of contradictions you stupid servile feudally subjugated fools, and I’m a poor man’s expert at the level of top shelf analyst on every one of them contradictions too  😉

My local support sagged when your ‘CIA’ assassinated my reputation, but just know this, I’ve pursued a very unusual, lawful goal, so why are you so determined to make an innocent man suffer for the lies you hide your treason behind, and why are you so determined that your children should carry the can for your stupidity, and culpability in supporting the cover stories that the treasonous men mentioned above wove around you leading up to and following on from the ‘Coup D’Etat’ of 2001?  😦

Without that amnesty, American truth is dead  😦
(And you’re still no longer anal-virgins either)  😉

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