Across the River Styx…

“A fair fight is one that I-win”   😉

Bratco Vitcovic (Robby Daniel), Melbourne Australia…



Fascist pigs

Thousands of Refugees

Walk from Budapest

to Austria

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Syrians set out on foot to travel the 105 mile route (Again?)  😉

Kurt Nimmo
September 4, 2015

Europe’s immigration crisis deepened Friday as thousands of refugees began walking from a train station in Budapest, Hungary to Vienna in Austria. The final destination, according to The Guardian, is Munich, Germany.

Blocked from taking trains to the destination for security reasons, the group of mostly Syrian refugees set out on foot to travel the 105 mile route. A social media campaign has been created to organize a convoy of private drivers to take many of the refugees to Austria, according to France 24.

This article was (Re) posted: Friday, September 4, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Avatar  11 minutes ago

Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Prison Planet.

While America keeps pointing overseas for media shock-value, there are 1000’s of kids falling off the radar every month ~ Many will never be seen alive again and it’ll never matter as long as America keeps playing the “Greatest nation in the world” game to the exclusion of truth to the contrary ~ 100’s of 1000’s of refugees are going missing too, yet they’re only ‘MUSLIM’ so they hate your freedoms, right?  😦

In addition to that the horror stories about Hispanic kids crossing the border only to then disappear have now been shut down using the same fake-patriot fascist-bastard tactics as being used to crush all other stories painting America in anything less than a positive light, which kind of reminds me of…….

“You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists”  😦

Hey fcuk-head, I’m with the new patriotic-front ‘OXYMORON-BRIGADE’ Okay?  😦

Mad Muslim terror man ~ Ham and eggs

Will you be dumb-enough to let treasonous-pigs interpret this for you?  😦

Jesus Christ loves you, cnut

I’ve mostly obeyed the teachings and commands of Christ for 36+ years  😦

I-do NOT believe an invisible cosmic-magician resurrected his cadaver  😦

That’s mostly cause he’d been butchered cooked and ritually eaten, fools  😦

I-don’ believe 2 jets into 3 skyscrapers either America ~ Do you? ~ Really?  😦

Christ ~ Knocking on the day ~

Well? ~ Eternal hellfire for cracking jokes you think?   😉
Or just hellfire for not believing all of the Jew lies?   😉
Or an NDAA for calling America lying fascist pigs?  😉

My step-father occasionally spoke of what was required of us step-kids ~ He’d remind us that our (Step) mom loved us, and sometimes he’d remind us without rancour that we were little shits and the only reason she loved us was because she’d chosen to, she decided to because she chose to decide to, or words to that effect which implied that if she didn’t want to, she wouldn’t ~ Heh-Heh, he must’ve run into her stubborn side once or twice, Heh-Heh-Heh ~ Anyway, he had a nice way of putting things so there was no way to wiggle out of it even if you wanted to and that was how he put us kids on notice not to take her love for granted, which we occasionally did  😦

A few years before that I’d asked my (Step) mom “What’s love Mom?” and she’d looked at me sagely and said “Love’s when you place someone else’s welfare” and then she stopped and looked into my baleful waaay-too-serious blue eyes  😦

She was going to say “Ahead of your own” but she knew I’d been a passionate little boy prone to taking things to the envelope stretching moment, and also knew the horrible situation ‘CIA’ and their German Jew Nazi Zionist Masonic masters were placing me in and so she ended that sentence with ‘JUST A LITTLE AHEAD OF YOUR OWN’ before adding something that was big thought to little boys ~ What she then said was that “There’s no love without justice, and no justice without truth”  😉

She seemed pleased with herself in saying that, perhaps cause she saw me scratching my head trying to wrap my mind around the concept ~ She loved making us think, and finished her words by explaining that her and my step dad Clem “Always treat each other with justice” plus “Always told each other the truth even if it was a mess” because they’d then “Get together to cooperate, work things out truthfully”  😉

My step-parents often made me feel I’d been a lucky little boy  😉

Myself, I-pitied any adult who had anything to do with me  😦
Think that’s an exaggeration? ~ Well, it had two sides to it  😉

“Vengeance is mine” sayeth the Lord in his holy Zionist-Jew bubble?  😉

Hmm, well then you better not leave the keys laying round next time  😉

Heart and Soul scales weighing feather 630 better Colour

“What does he think ‘HE’ can do about anything?” the fascist Jews and secretly Zionist Masons often throw around to others they’ve pussy whipped into a mass neo-feudal submission that globalism and fascist Zionism demands of them  😉

Eventually, without lying,  I’ll tip the scales for those who matter  😉

Some matter to me like my step-parents because mostly they genuinely put me just a wee bit ahead of themselves, some people sadly even died doing it ~ Others, well they went out of their way to wipe their ass with me like the fanatical Zionist low fascist Masonic fcuk’s they were, a problem I’d often tho not always forgiven knowing how faulted they were to begin with ~ Then there were times when loveless arrogant baby buggering Christ killing Arcadian Zionist bastards were so determined to put me down that they often pointlessly harmed or even killed those I’d loved  😦

Won’t ‘THEY’ get a shock when they find out Pollyanna never existed outside an illusion and it’s up to me, at my prerogative in consultation with those (Spirits) who never lied to me, manipulated me, or ever got it wrong (If I-wish to consult that is) to tilt those bloody scales in any direction I’d choose to, and all without lying too  😉

It’s a strange world, I’m a peculiar man, weirder shit goes down in around and under the world in the ‘UNDERWORLD’ (sic) than most would ever believe, all you gotta do is come from a position of authority earned in a previous life (Few do) and then cross your eyes, dot your Tee’s, keep your P’s and Q’s in perfect order, then, after you gain understanding to do with why you should neither ‘RESIST EVIL’ as the Christ stated, nor submit to it as he implied, you go with the flow and only concern yourself with things that will matter for the rest of all eternity  😉

Many people pissed me off, yet I’ll forget-em once they leave the universe  😦

A small number impressed me so much I’ll want them around forever  😉


Clinton Aide Refusing

To Cooperate With FBI

Probe Of Server

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Bradford Richardson
The Hill
September 4, 2015

A former aide to Hillary Clinton who set up and helped manage her private email server is not cooperating with the investigations of FBI and State Department officials, according to Yahoo Politics. Bryan Pagliano was first contacted by the State Department inspector general’s office in June, but declined to speak to investigators at the time, Yahoo reports. The FBI also tried to question Pagliano in July when it opened its investigation into whether classified information had been transmitted over Clinton’s server, but he again refused to cooperate. Yahoo cites unnamed sources who say Pagliano could be a central figure in the investigation with knowledge of the private server’s purpose and what protections were used to guard it against hackers.

Read more

This article was posted: Friday, September 4, 2015 at 3:38 am

A White house aide refuses to cooperate and walks freely while a county clerk in Ky. who refuses to issue gay marriage licenses sits in jail?!? WTF??

America is experiencing the 2nd stage of “Fahgootass-Maximus” disease 😉
It’s not considered fatal until it kills you via treason in WW3 ~ It’s a new little known ‘STD’ condition that piggy-backs the herpes virus ~ You can only get it when you’ve practiced butt-sex and politics at the same time with an illuminate  😉

Lez-Bosses (sic) can get what’s called “Reality Perspective Control” disorder which is basically the same disease with the same symptoms butt different name ~ The only known cure is tell the truth and quit cocaine fuelled metrosexual orgies, which pretty well means that for about half of your nation, you’re doomed to die in WW3 cause telling the truth is almost illegal isn’t it? ~ Ah don’t mind me, I’ve now been in the latter stages of ‘Telling-the-Truth Cynical-itus” disease for about 36 years  😉

It’s another fatal condition that’s thus far taking too damn long to kill me   😦

Jews lie ~ Snake dove cat ~ Eye Skull Masonic square and Compass Star of David Pentagram

Now you just consider the graphic above with a little bit of honest lateral humour plus a small amount of thoughtful curiosity at what it ‘MAY’ be saying, or, just look at it like it’s poor wit, just a computer generated intellectual aberration by an old guy who hasn’t yet learnt to paint like Picasso did when high on a peyote cactus  😉

NDAA cat stalks Patriot Mouse


Anyone associated with the Clintons are LIARS! State Department; LIARS! Aids; LIARS! Hellary; LIAR! Bill; LIAR! Oh, did I mention they are all LIARS????


Anyone associated with America’s secretly-Zionist ‘FREEMASONS’ is a liar 😦
I-seem to remember some Republicans ‘AND’ the Democrats walking round talking about Cessna pilots, Cessna pilots that were Muslim, Muslim Cessna pilots hijacking 757’s then using 2 x 757’s to bring down 3 skyscrapers 😉
And as for Fort Knox? ~ The US Fed deficit? ~ The Patriot Act? ~ Hmm 😉
So, liars? ~ Democrats? ~ Hmmm, America, the Clinton’s are American 😉
Looks to me like America is reaping what it sowed from lying too much  😦

Bush penis pump 2001 ~


but I never hear you talk about the dancing 911 jews why is that?

Nonsense ~ Here’s the New York Jewish Tabernacle Choir doing a Yiddish rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” after counting the Iraqi gold and cash brought back to America in the coffins of soldiers that no one was allowed to count  😉

The New York Jewish Tabernacle Choir ~ Yoi Yoi YoiWHACK ~ US ARMY COFFINS

Oooooh, extremely accurate sarcasm  😉

Such a comedian, that ‘BRATCO’ could’ve been successfully famous ~ (Snicker) ~ Now back to the serious political shit which needs to be taken seriously, unlike the serious socio-political and spiritual shit above which needs to be taken seriously unless you’re stupid and the Greek god ‘LOKI’ gave you his undying unconditional promise of his eternal grace over your insane Jewish-kabala butt-sex occult  😉

Now that that’s said (What’s said?) if the fags nag-lesbos and metrosexual leaches of the New American Century politics continue with their US taxpayer funded, thus far successful cold hand bluff of stopping the remaining American military patriots, active or retired, and the average little people in their country from forcing congress to pass legislation for a 100% amnesty for treason, and\or if they succeed in crushing the resolve of any seeking to save what’s left of their personal sanity and\or national safety by lawfully hanging those who decline the 100% lawfully enacted amnesty for all of the treason (In exchange for 100% truth) after they’d all first faced a lawful firing squad (Snicker) then there’s no possible way of further delaying WW3  😦

If that proves to be the case, most of you will go to your ‘GAWD’ (sic) as pretentious hypocritical assholes, or as fools, idiots, frauds, fakes, or as failed heroes and the occasional (True) murdered patriot who was defeated by the illuminated secretly Zionist treasonous dogs within the Masonic Lodge who pulled 911 and made a complete mockery of you and everything you claim to stand for  😦

McCain amnesty for treason

Get an amnesty passed, or pointlessly die, fools  😦

Are all of your children’s eternities worth so little to you?   😦
All forced to accept the lying-sham’s you’ve settled for?   😦

 Bush ~ It's the Cessna pilots ~ Bush ~

(It was the treason all along, stupid)  😦

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