Mars attacks? ‘Tack-em back!

Here’s a personal opinion of mine ~ It’s possible, nay probable, that before this next 30 years passes this species may wish to hang 95% of it’s politicians and political media and their minders, either for the sake of self preservation, or simply to punish them for their treason ~ I’m not saying you should or you shouldn’t mind you, I’m merely saying that one way or the other you’ll either want to, or wish you had  😉


West Point Professor

Calls For Military Strikes

On Journalists Critical Of

War On Terror

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Cassius Methyl

September 3, 2015

An assistant professor from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point recently declared that professionals critical of the “War on Terror” constitute a “treasonous” opposition that should be subject to military force. He believes the U.S. should have the right to attack people who are critical of U.S. military operations — specifically, professionals, legal scholars, journalists, and other people effectively spreading ideas that oppose war. Professor William C. Bradford went as far as to publish a long academic paper in the National Security Law Journal that aggressively promotes suppressing dissent about military force, civilian casualties, and expanding military operations in the Middle East.


They found the biggest foaming at the mouth rah rah military guy who has no other contributions to society and human kind to spew hysterical religeous crusader nonsense. Not too mention criticism is central to a free and open society, so is the first amendment and the right to a free press, also I might ad the US has a horrible record with respects to waste fraud abuse death destruction bad intel black ops rabbit holes 50$ dollar toilet seat and 100 hammers.

‘West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalists Critical Of War On Terror’ Huh? ~ Yeah, well, ‘Rah-Rah Military guy’ ~ Seems to meee those who run the US could’ve stolen the gold from Iraq (Which they did) and transported Libya’s gold out of Libya with Gaddafi’s help (Ex-Delta Merc’s) with less collateral damage  😦

I’d say they could’ve done it with round 10% of that self same collateral (Dead people) than they did, all things considered (They rarely are) except arrogant secretly Zionist egotistical fascist Masons with their hearts and minds in their groins ever since the Young Republican sexual perversion took over were running things and, weeeell, not the tastiest cookies in the cookie jar says Cookie Monster  😉

Ooooh, Scusa, meant not sharpest PatriotKookies in PATRIOTKOOKY jar  😉

Cookie Monster 123 get the guns

Unless you’re all dumb, you’ve seen the treason played out in America already  😉

So how will the 12,000 odd years of our humanity be remembered in the galaxy?  😉

Like a failed ‘Mathesar’ from a ‘Galaxy Quest’ movie the way things are headed  😉


Conehead ~ Priests of Yahweh, priests of Baal


John Paul 2, Jesse Christo almighty ~ Fishhead Conehead hat


Please try to think, you dumbass simpleton’s  😉

Cyanide x Sodium Armor piercing round

A moisture sealed 100% dry Potassiumcyanide x Sodium amalgam etched or layered into grooves cut into the tungsten carbide penetrator, then sealed from moisture with a high quality bees wax or something similar are what makes this ammunition fatal for any ET that gets the hungry’s on your human frame and wants to make a meal of you, literally ~ Such ammunition also serves a dual purpose in perhaps being capable of penetrating any weak robotic soldier gooey bits if hit in the right spot, and take it for granted robotic soldiers are very old tech by now, very old tech, only they may not always be being controlled by what protects you  😉

The treason is everywhere   😦

Any well prepared species in today’s day and age would have the tech capable of launching a large number of anti grav vehicles carrying multiple warheads into space, or may choose to station them there at the ready, with a tetragram shaped series of spy in the sky satellites around 500 kilometres apart capable of seeing across the solar system in ‘ANY’ direction ~ Those multiple warheads within those anti grav vehicles would be capable of turning a 333 kg lump of aluminium into plasma 10 miles from it’s target in the vacuum of space, then be travelling at a minimum of least 1800 kilometres per second at the time it hits it’s intended target, whatever that may be  😦

A kinetic-weapon capable of taking out a ‘DEATH STAR’  is what that is  😉

Ordinary folk won’t have access to that type of tech because of treason  😉

They may be limited to the comparatively ridiculous piece of kit above, a minimum 100 rounds per person alive today and obviously designed to be fired from a simple rifle, something that as a mechanical device relying on a chemical reaction for propulsion as well as a chemical kinetic reaction to penetrate small armour along with a chemical (Cyanide) reaction to kill whatever is within it’s intended target, something which will still prove practical for personal defence (Die Hard) after ‘EMP’ pulses during Pole Shift take down all high tech stuff within earth’s magnetic field  😦

Such a real world preparation would be the minimum required for average folk, while the species as a whole needs the techy stuff in the paragraph above, and don’t let those treasonous fascist Zionist bastard in charge fool you, the tech exists  😦

Once again, listen ~ There is obviously 200+ years of treason against the peace of nations since the Crimean War, yet now there’s treason planned against the species as a whole, the entire species fated to be wiped out and replaced by something sexless and more servile, and ‘THAT’ is the truth, the awful truth ~ In addition to that there’s been some (Brilliant) work in eugenics where the Conehead species ‘DNA’ have crossed with literal reptile ‘DNA’ and literal alien ‘DNA’ (No shit) with the end result our (Human) species faces it’s greatest peril ever from those who talk the most non-stop ‘BULLSHIT’ about god country and patriotism ~ Better beware  😦

A 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason in exchange for truth  😦

Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha ~ Get-it?   😉

Kill anything not trying to fcuk kill and\or eat you (sic) and YOU need to die  😉

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