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Rumsfeld lead gold god 911

Trump: The Problem is Not

Guns, It is Mental Illness

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“I’m a very strong 2nd Amendment person”

Kurt Nimmo
August 27, 2015

During an interview with CNN on Thursday, presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said the issue in the wake of the shooting in Virginia is not guns, but mental illness.

“This isn’t a gun problem, this is a mental problem,” Trump said.
“It’s not a question of the laws, it’s really the people.”

“In the old days they had mental institutions for people like this because he was really, definitely borderline and definitely would have been and should have been institutionalized,” Trump told CNN. “At some point somebody should have seen that, I mean the people close to him should have seen it.” Pressed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo on the gun issue, Trump said he supports the Constitution.

“I’m a very strong 2nd Amendment person,” he said.

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‘Trump: The Problem is Not Guns, It is Mental Illness?’ ~ So Umm, do you think Rumsfeld was insane when he trained Malcolm-X, the real bio-daddy of your fake prez, to do the sharpshooting bit on ‘MLK’ Huh? ~ Could be  😦

Now, Err, that’s no joke ~ That’s simply that way it was, the way it is  😉

Yeeaaaah-fcuk heads ~ Supposedly Malcolm-X was ‘DEAD’ in a shooting in New York, and supposedly according to America’s ass-clowns in chief 2 jets flown by the insane Muslim Cessna pilots brought down those 3 skyscrapers ~ And the army engineers blowing up ‘DYKES’ (Snicker) in New Orleans didn’t cause the flooding  😦

Honestly America, exactly where do you draw the line? ~ ‘Woo-Woo Woo-Woo?’ 😦
You’ve been lying about everything 24\7 since ‘JFK’ ~ You’ve let your kids down  😦

America admits fake JFK ~

Read the following blogs, learn a thing or two  😦

America’s servile acceptance of it’s treasonous professional political liars (Masons) in Washington as they cover up what they’ve done to America itself and to the rest of the world over the last 50+ years make the USA ‘THE’ most dangerous nation in the world without exception ~ Every nation has bad guys America, every nation has it’s fair share of fools, liars, losers, fakes, fascists, illuminated arrogant baby buggering child molesting occultist idiots, and treasonous pigs, but America, seriously…


Madness 2016 ~ Must Vote Must Vote Must Vote

Read the following blogs quickly, time is short  😦


The Rise Of The


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Paul Craig Roberts
September 3, 2015

America’s descent into totalitarian violence is accelerating. Like the Bush regime, the Obama regime has a penchant for rewarding Justice (sic) Department officials who trample all over the US Constitution. Last year America’s First Black President nominated David Barron to be a judge on the First US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston. Barron is responsible for the Justice (sic) Department memo that gave the legal OK for Obama to murder a US citizen with a missile fired from a drone. The execution took place without charges presented to a court, trial, and conviction. The target was a religious man whose sermons were believed by the paranoid Obama regime to encourage jihadism. Apparently, it never occurred to Obama or the Justice (sic) Department that Washington’s mass murder and displacement of millions of Muslims in seven countries was all that was needed to encourage jihadism. Sermons would be redundant and would comprise little else but moral outrage after years of mass murder by Washington in pursuit of hegemony in the Middle East.

For the last 200 odd years it’s been executed by German Jew Masons under Swiss control mostly, unless you’d care to go a step above which is Lucifer’s Conehead priests, but there’s one fly in their almighty ointment ~ According to the Christ and St Peter, as implied by the Christ and almost stated outright by Peter in 2Pet Ch3, we are orbiting an immanent supernova, and despite what they tell you with all their fancy hidden space tech stuff, even those 36 foot tall hominid giants that became Lucifer when they died, beings with brains the size of a cow, couldn’t escape 😉
Those 36 ft hominid’s began dying out 400,000 years ago after the flood? 😦
Or, don’t be too surprised over what lurks in ‘ANCIENT BUNKER’S’ losers  😦

After all, you been building bunkers too  😦

You got short-term memories because you’re fcuking imbeciles? ~ Cool 😦
This is ‘STILL’ nothing more than ‘PRISON PLANET’ death row, fools  😦

Big Star, massive universe, small minds ~ Prisoner behind bars


Hey stupid, try to not go ‘Baa Baa Baa’ cause it makes them think you’re the black sheep ~ Then they’ll send out the Cyber Insecurity people, and the ‘NADA’ people, and the US Airborne, and the Navy SEAL’s and ‘Delta’ and ‘CIA’ and the Freemasons and their pagan pawns, along with the Muslim Jew and Xtian pawn’s to get your sad sorry rebellious savvy honest yet Shaitanic Australian ass  😉

Lucifer's priests Conehead Baa Baa Black Sheep ~

“For we are his cattle” and the ‘Sheep of his pasture?’  😉

Hey, go to hell fool   😦

Sheep Yeah Praise the Lord Wolf in sheep's clothing ~ Priest grid view ~ Lamb Sheep Bound ~

And me? ~ Waiting for a lawyer or a mortician   😦

And a 100% amnesty for American Masonic treason?  😉
Watch-out, they’re distracting you by tormenting me  😦


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