The mortal coils…

of tortured babies   😦

Good-old Uncle Sam   😦

The world’s biggest frauds…..          LADY LIBERTY LARGE 200

I’d personally witnessed these same four evil sicko herpes-ridden German-Jew descended faggot Masonic Zionist creeps Rumsfeld + Cheney and the fake Kerry and ‘German George 41’ pictured above torture and murder babies and children ~ These men who’ve so ruined America are occultist devils, criminals of the worst kind, fifth columnists doing their evil and shitting in their own nests ~ Yet still corrupt media control means America just lets these evil German Jew descent Masons con them as they overturn every single real world normalcy America once stood for, normalcies which are now almost always the things they don’t in truth ever truly defend  😦


Swastika Israeli Flag

None of this is simple, except for the simple bits which were pretty simple 😦

Where would Israel have been without the Astor-Jew Mason Adolf Hitler?  😦

In a Palestinian Templar-commune where Adolph Eichmann was born?  😦


German-Jew Masonic Illuminati did-it all   😦
Around 200+ years of total disaster now  😦

After torturing 9 babies to death in front of me as a child in the 1960’s beginning in 1964 which itself was already after ‘German George 41’ oversaw 2 kids being sliced up in front of me after a single death blow was given to each first and then one other (Whom I’d been sweet on) was shot dead in front of me, all butchered cooked and eaten according to Rumsfeld at the time, with those who tortured the babies and children doing a sick form of sexual human death ritual Jewish occult where ‘Often tho not always they had erections showing’ which they seemed to want me to notice, all while babies or children screamed til they either went into shock or bled out  😦

‘Often tho not always while they had erections’   😦
‘Torturing little bubs while they had erections’  😦


These evil men who performed these crimes against humanity were illegitimate German Jew descent Masonic pigs, all financed by the US Taxpayer, all continued their abuse of myself begun by age two until the human rights abuses of today where they’ve spent over $2 Billion off books in the last 7+ years alone trying to convince the world that I’m the danger, not them, while the tumours they gave me slowly kill me and any fool woman showing an interest in me gets raped and\or killed  😦

So don’t look back in anger?   😦

Ah-sure, see you in hell Zion   😦

I’ll (Literally) see you in hell   😦

By age 13 after being prostituted since age four and tortured 3 times I’d seen employees (Operatives) of the ‘CIA’ kill 3 adults and 20 children, 14 of those children I’d again remind you (Fakes) were Aboriginal kids ritually tortured to death in Jewish kabala occult, torture murders funded by the US Taxpayer which literally included 9 mere babes in arms, all literally murdered within ritual Jewish kabala occult torture murders where the last one your fake Kerry did lasted a good 15 minutes as he peeled the left hand side of it’s face back, all courtesy of good old Uncle Sam   😦

Wake-up America   😦

American Nazi 220Your (Literal) German-Jew born 41st president was there overseeing all of the baby tortures the others did in front of me, then tortured 5 older Aboriginal children to death in front of me himself before I’d turned 14 as well as sucked my dick as a 7 y\o and fcuked me in the ass 3 times by age 14, each of which was every bit as welcome as the three times I’d been tortured courtesy of German Jew descent Masons in ‘CIA’ which the taxpayer was, and still is, funding, meaning all of America, Masons and non Masons alike are equally culpable “After the fact” as soon as you’ve heard about it all and then turned around to suck another patriotic dcik  😦

Exactly how many ‘CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY’ is the world supposed to wink at, cause while doing those things they were committing espionage against China Russia Germany and Australia (Harold Holt’s murder plus the Sydney Hilton bombing) as well as committing treason against you that has stretched from ‘JFK’ all the way down to ‘911` on a long march ‘Coup D’Etat’ that’s now also emptied Fort Knox too  😦

In addition to all of that which is no light matter, they also have a very dirty little secret they’re been lying about on top of everything else  😦

They’re human cannibal practitioners of the Jewish kabala occult that have been practicing their evil child murder shit at places like Bohemian Grove for many decades already, they’re nothing more than common criminals performing simple cases of human rights abuses against babies an d children, only they’ve taken it to the level of baby torture and child torture while sexually aroused, along with committing human cannibalism on the tortured flesh after which is claimed to be packed full of endorphins to give those eating it a high ~ This is what the US Taxpayer has really been supporting all these years they’ve allowed their politicians to talk shit about the Commie dominoes in South East Asia and the Muslim terror menace which threatens all of the German Jews in Israel, it’s been supporting the highest (Lowest?) forms of human perversion possible, in the sense of the fcuking torturing killing and eating of human flesh as part of their Jewish kabala occult, literally  😦

(All killers above were illegitimate biological German Jews)  🙂
(And Killers below? Merely some offspring of WW2 Nazis)  😉

 For the record, the story above about me witnessing firsthand those particular men doing ritual occult torture murders on Aboriginal babies and then on older Aboriginal children is 100% true, and it’s 100% true in the sense that it’s all 100% true and I’d both witnessed and experienced the rape and torture myself ~So that said, in addition to that if I’m lying about any of it, or exaggerating ‘ANY’ of it which in my mind would be the same as lying, then here’s a unchangeable “Word of honour” from the same boy who saw those things, a boy raised by my folks to be an honest man, a boy with the brains to make sure German Jew Masons and their American supporters eventually pay a hell of a price ~ If any of what I’ve said about what they did were an outright lie or mere exaggeration then I’ll unequivocally agree here and now to take the place of each one in the only real eternal hell that exists, the one for imprisoned spirits thrown down the event horizon at the centre of this galaxy, and furthermore I’ll agree to carry the eternal damnation of each and every last one of them evil baby torturing cannibalistic German Jew descent Masonic Zionist bastards on my own heart and within my own consciousness forever and ever…

“So Mote It Be”  😦

Ain’t gonna happen, cause all I’ve said is 100% true  😦

Black hole ~ Hell is down there

Your US Govt lives on it’s lying-denials now  😦

If you wish to share their eternal-fate, cool  😉

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