Everybody’s fool…

is dissenting again   😦

So, Umm, you think you know-me, right?  😉
Kind of like a database-aided occultism Huh?  😉
Gee, there’s almost an industry trying to deceive now  😉

I’ve a confession to make, I’d been awake and aware ‘BEFORE’ the Zionist Masonic fascists in ‘CIA’ got hold of me in 1959 ~ My step-dad, a 2 tour WW2 sergeant raised by the ‘GWM’ (Oddfellows) master of a mining town Masonic lodge, a man who’s occult was tested in both the front lines of real world war ‘AND’ the peace of a warped political and judicial system back home, taught me to read (Psychic) at both heart and head level by age two, meaning lying to me was pointless, pointless but amusing in some pretty weird ways, mostly because every fascist Masonic idiot in ‘CIA’ only ever saw in me the response they wanted to see which was nine times out of ten an illusion carefully crafted and shaped by me to fit their warped expectations  😦

In effect my persona became an illusion crafted by a child that often wondered what the hell they’d really wanted and, especially after I’d been tortured for the first time with electric shocks at 5 years old by the American born half brother of America’s German born 41st president, who then as an act of contrition told me everything the Masonic Zionist dogs running shit had planned for my entire life, it all became an illusion that was basically a childlike response saying “Hey, go to hell, fcuk-face” while hiding a hard core “Satanic” (Adversarial) response within as best I’d been able to do so, basically because I-was no taller than their groins  😉

At first it was a game because I’d been a kid and kids play games, and then mom got hurt in 1961, I-got screwed (In the ass) and then prostituted in a ‘CIA’ run political blackmail snuff movie brothel, two nobodies and a nice young 18 y\o blond woman got executed in front of me, I-got literally tortured for the first (Tho not the last) time, two kids my own age were both dissected as in decapitated and eviscerated in front of me, and then at age 6 years they hurt my sweet working-girl (Step) mom again by drugging her and severely beating her to teach me to fear them, before leaving her unconscious bloodied and bruised in a faked car wreck  😦

In all truth they should’ve shot me stone cold dead there and then on the spot as I’d already had ‘Clausewitz’ and a book on the strategy of Fabian General’s (Really) read to me by a well known WW2 Italian dictator who at the time had supposedly been dead for over 17 years ~ In response I’d literally gone to war on them idiot Zionists and their entire machine in my heart of hearts and in my higher (Spiritual) mind, but unfortunately for me, for all normalcy remaining, ‘ZION’ (International fascism) went a step further by getting me to form a friendship (Puppy love) with a young Catholic girl called Monika Cross before shooting her dead in front of me…

as some type of life lesson  😦

Sadly, it sent me ‘FERAL’ for 15 years with a 220 ‘IQ’ along with a gift for occult aided by tuition from an Adolph Eichmann who’s death had also been faked with a lookalike hung in his place in Israel, all part of the deception that world Masonic Zionism under German Jew Masonic Illuminati ran, one of the consequences being I’d developed a very foul, tho arguably fair Satanic attitude on everything where even those I’d loved had to be coaxed to watch their P’s and Q’s and excel in being truthful to me just to be on the safe side of what lurked within my inner being  😦

It was all kinda sad really, sort of  😉

Feral meaning

Cat ~ Yeah I-was a kitten ~

Please, mock-on Zion   😦

Due to my step-mom’s ‘Kookiness’ and step-dad’s insistence that a solid sense of humour was needed to see your way thru life, by age 7 years I’d become one ‘VERY’ interesting little man, a man for all seasons, a man ready to face all illogical contradictions and knock the fcuker’s right out of the fcuking ballpark, sometimes with funny, sometimes with truth and cold logic inside the funny, yet always with an underlying ‘Satanic’ twist that never sought harm to anyone who never harmed me  😦

“Harm none, do what you will”   😉

(Some have trouble with the ‘Harm-none’ bit, because they’re all assholes)  😉

It was what it was, and still is too   😦

I’d repented by age 22, tho by then the damage was done  😉

For those who never knew, the term ‘JUNKIE’ in the idea behind the song didn’t specifically refer to the use of heroin, even tho it could easily be argued so by the type of simple mind who thinks 2 jets actually brought down 3 skyscrapers  😦

‘CIA’ used to use that term (Junkie) for someone they were regularly shooting up with the “MK-Ultra” drugs on a long term basis, creating what to them they assumed was always going to be a personality that was nothing more than a pawn on a chess board, 100% owned and controlled by them and their Zionist masters thru pre-programmed kneejerk hypnotic response, and always would be  😦

In my case, well, they were dead wrong  😉

They first started that (Highly illegal and arguably immoral) drug based hypnosis shit on me as a 2 y\o (Really) late at night in the children’s ward of the hospital in the western New South Wales mining town of Broken Hill where’d I’d been recovering from a mild liver toxin given to me to get me out of the family home for a few weeks so they could get at me ~ Their first goal was, while drugged, trying to create a false eschatological (Angelic) religious spiritual and occultist experience in me for the same long term black op deception I’m still in now but, for some weird reason, I’d always remember the whole thing the next day after it was over, even from an early age  😦

That definitely wasn’t supposed to happen by the way, one of the side effects of the drug being that, in addition to the irresistible hypnotic effect it also produces amnesia for the time it’s at serum level in the blood ~ In me, not so, after I’d always spend a few days thinking shit thru and sometimes even laughing (To myself) at the clowns doing it who thought it was working, but making a point of doing what they’d said to do while hiding my knowledge of same so as not to provoke more serious consequences, consequences such as (More) rape, torture, threats and\or murders in front of me, along with more of their intensive intrusive ‘MK-Ultra’ shit  😦

Anyway, my point here is whether adults or children ‘CIA’ used to call us ‘Junkies’ and claim that we were all “Like a setting sun’ in that our fate was certain ~ In the song, whatever leakage of the phrase went over to the heroin thing, initially it always referred to the fact that according to America’s premier spy agency (sic) our fate was sealed and there weren’t nothing (Jackshit) we could do about it  😉

‘WRONG’   😦


Who-ya gonna believe now America?   😦

Magic terrorist Cessna-pilot fairies?   😦


Exclusive Interview:

John McAfee Announces

White House Bid

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Tech pioneer reveals presidential run exclusively to Infowars

Mikael Thalen
Prison Planet.com
September 8, 2015

Successful tech entrepreneur John McAfee officially announced his 2016 presidential bid to Infowars Tuesday following an interview on the Alex Jones Show.

The McAfee anti-virus software founder said his “team actually filed today formally” with the Federal Election Commission in response to requests that the former NASA computer programmer enter the presidential race.

This article was posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 5:04

Getting on the ballot on just a few States is a monumental task.

I wish him well.

Here’s an “Electoral College” ~ Oh, sorry, it’s a Square and Compass 😦
Here’s an “Electoral College” ~ Oh, sorry, it’s a Square and Compass 😦
Here’s an “Electoral College” ~ Oh, sorry, it’s a Square and Compass  😦

Here’s a snicker and a snigger too ~ Oh, it’s a Square and a Compass  😉

Gee, typed electoral college + snigger and snicker ~ What went wong?  😉

Compass and square Mason ~


Only two can play checkers, the hecklers will always be hecklers, but the Hand moves the piece onto the square where a lowly checker becomes a King.

‘Checkers’ mate, this subnet was a silly idea in the first place, one which I’m glad I’d suggested ~ After all I’m such a simple soul it’s easy to imply to everyone that I’d be ‘tupid to post here as it’s not in any way been open for well over a year 😉
And if I’m so obviously ‘tupid (Snicker) then those who defend the American people from Cessna pilots and other threats to their safety und (sic) security are obviously extremely smart, mostly because “I’m ‘tupid” right? ~ Simple pretzel logic  😉

The Patriotic Pretzel knows all

At least he has a brain and he is not a liar. Can’t say that about the others.

He sure sniffs a lot like he has some serious Columbian drainage.

It’s called “Columbian Marching Powder” by Aussie comedians who don’t believe in god, you heard about those guys, comedians who don’t believe in god? ~ The pope used to put them on the rack and then cook them up in a barbecue and serve them to bishops with an aperitif along with white wine and vintage cheese 😉
I’d like to see this cnut below talk his smug anti-god shit during his first gig in Dubai or in Mecca ~ I’m thinking some parsley and sage along with some rosemary and thyme plus a Foster’s Larger ~ Matter of fact, I’ll do the booking myself and we’ll do a package deal, make a night of it for one and all ~ All you can eat of an aged atheist comedian plus a keg or two of the best beer in the world Huh?  😉

Yeah, his material is shit, but just like American politicians talking about Cessna pilots flying 757’s his delivery is professional, the word ‘REALITY’ in connection with the word ‘REALITY’ doesn’t enter into the picture, cause he’s a fcuking comedian  😦


Hokaaay, still rather see Jim Carrey run for president, and Joe Rogan for your ‘VP’ along with the entire cast and crew of “THE UNTOUCHABLES” as his Washington Press Corp, and perhaps you get Stephen Colbert to be the new Secretary of State, and maybe even John Stewart or someone who looks like him appointed as the new ‘Secretary of Secret Shit’, the delegated authority for doing shit no-one wants to own up to because it’s illegal ~ Least that way you could begin to keep it all real once again, like, (President) Jim Carrey announces that a new group of Iranian terrorists he calls the Iranian “Al-nuclear weapon Cessna-pilot” brigade has just attacked the US Military base in Okinawa, only it’s all on the “World of Warcraft” level where Muslim binary bits that hate freedom loving American binary bits launch a surprise attack, and the new “Secretary for Defence” (John McAfee) retaliates with a massive attack of Java Applets that send the Iranian computers back to the stone age 😉
I-suppose you think ‘THAT’ is being stupid Huh? ~ Oh-really O’Reilly? 😦
Well, then get some ‘REAL’ Cessna pilots (sic) to steal some 757’s again 😦
Excuse me while I-puke in my own throat and snicker myself to death  😦

Rogan Binary Cessna pilots stupid

I wonder if those election tally computers are running McAfee?

He might have a backdoor to winning.

If anyone could prevent the elections from bein’ rigged, it would be McAfee. The Trumpet runs the slot machine.

If anyone already had the contract for dying-bold, it’d be J McAfee 😉
Which reminds me, how come fwaggoots run this warped subnet? 😉
You think it’s a new ‘BACK-DOOR’ culture that’s snuck-up on you? 😉
I-recognise America’s right to crap-on, but why all da-fwaggootry?  😉



In these days, doing the right thing, following the laws will either get you killed or at the least put in jail.  If you do become president… please shut down the white house the cia the fbi the irs  and most of all the united nation.  Then you get a good pest control company and get rid of all the rats and vermin.   Next mission.  Give back Hawaii and Puerto Rico to their people and now the Cuban border is open, send the Cuban refugees back with a bill. ( Make sure they pay in cash or gold).

I like Jews, they can stay as long as they behave themselves. Muslims, if they want to stay they may only after a intense lock down in a room with a tv on 23 hrs. a day on and forced to watch the Jerry Springer Show.  I will send you more of my objectives for you to carry out when you become president.

(Edited for excess crap)   😉


All Jews are allowed to make fun of Jews, if they’re tough enough to do it 😉

Most people wouldn’t know Springer is a Jew, and tough enough to do it  😦

Here’s the Killswitch moment…….

Austrian-born Adolf Hitler, Italian-born Benito Mussolini, Palestinian-born Adolph Eichmann, plus so many other German-born Masons like Rudolph Hess and Captain Erich Topp etc, all with biological Jewish ‘DNA’ traceable all of the way back to the Jewish lost tribe Templars via the English ‘STUART’ line, were all part of a massive world wide Zionist plot which used the Masonic lodge as a stalking horse for the goal of world Zionism, pretty well leading up to the train wreck the world is today with one group claiming to be fighting for the best outcome possible, while the ones in power now pursue what can only be described as a literal act of…….

“Treason against the human species”   😦

You tortured-me as a 5 y\o America, you’d tortured me 3 times by age 13 as well as tortured 9 Aboriginal babies and 5 older Aboriginal kids to death in front of me by that same age in one of the sicker secret parts of the Jewish kabala that Moses hinted even the patriarch Abram performed, as well as prostituted me in the pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel ‘CIA’ ran in the town I’d grown up in, and all up, tortured me ‘NINE’ times by age 46, just now remembering one extra time your German born 41st president personally tortured me at around 15 years old just to get a reaction of me manifesting a weird (Satanic) voice 3 octaves below my normal voice, just like some idiot savant freak in a freak show he could show to someone else  😦

Like an ‘Exorcist’ kind of moment, really   😦

You been messing where you shouldn’t have been messing for quite a while now 😦

I-got you back by 2006 without breaking the law  😦

Hell ~ Zion's true fate ~ White Cat White Snake

I-never once allowed ‘ANYTHING’ to get in the way of my longer-term goals  😦

Which were?   😉

A healthy unbelief…

in all things Zionist…

Jews lie ~ Snake dove cat ~ Eye Skull Masonic square and Compass Star of David Pentagram

“Everyone Preparing for the

Wrong Outcome”: Schiff Says QE4

is Coming, Not a Rate Hike!

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Mac Slavo
September 9, 2015

The printing presses are firing up all over again… err, at least the digital ledgers are, anyway. Financial expert and infamous goldbug Peter Schiff was interviewed by Fox Business from the floor of the U.S. Stock Exchange. Schiff warned viewers that “everyone is preparing for the wrong outcome with the U.S. economy.”

That outcome? The financial world has been waiting with feverish anticipation for “the big day” when the Federal Reserve finally raises interest rates – a quiet move big enough to shift economic tectonic plates.

But contrary to conventional wisdom about when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, and thus turn the page on a new era of the economy, Schiff says they can’t and won’t raise rates anytime soon – though they should have several years ago. It didn’t happen months ago when many expected it.

It won’t happen now in September, and likely not for a long time. Why? Because the Federal Reserve can’t raise rates without Collapsing the bubble economy. Hold on for as long as you can to whatever makes the most sense to you.

This article was posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 5:23 am

When I-was a much younger man I’d wanted to prick Madonna Ciccione’s bubble  😉

Nowadays, I’d be content to do some slow yoga with her, maybe write a few lyrics for her, a skill (Lyrics) with which I’m gifted any time I’m of a mind to call the spirits up and ask for their feelings within thoughts that (For them) contain no words 😉
But be careful messing with the spirits kiddies, you’ve got to cross your eyes and dot your Tee’s 24\7 any time you play with that area ~ There’s some shocking shonkies out there outside of the material world, spirits who’d surely be elected president in ten seconds flat if they could find a host dumb enough to let them in  😦

(Most of the spirits in paradise couldn’t lie straight in bed)  😉

(You gotta step outside of a light Vs darkness dichotomy)  😉

(Find the spirits that NEVER lie about anything, period)  😉

(There’s a few in Hades, and pretty-well zero in paradise)  😉

As Above So Below Beware

If you don’t see truth in your politics, and you don’t see truth in your media, and don’t see much truth in religion beyond the hype of some pompous bully\fool trying to make you feel guilty if you dare ask questions about what’s really going on, then what makes you think there’s anything in an afterlife that will be any different than what the same illuminated clowns (Assholes) pull here?  😦

Myself, I’ve been animist and spiritualist since my early childhood, so I’m pretty sure, near certain actually, that a conscious part of our being shaped by our life experience and moral choices made here survives us ~ But as for the idea that some omnipotent omnipresent omniscient angry Abrahamic guy in the sky has everything here under control but will burn you forever with hellfire if you either get stuff wrong because you were misled or you find you can’t accept the word of liars who claim to speak for him, it’s absurd ~ It’s possible that every single lie you’re told in the public sphere today has a (Spiritual) mirror image in any so called afterlife, so I’m hoping you’ll have enough common sense to realise that whatever the final truths prove to be, liars aren’t the ones who could safely guide you to them  😦

To quote an old phrase, when it comes to god, “Something is rotten in Denmark” kids, because anyone could see that nearly everything is based around a transaction of liars accommodating other liars with the lies each uses to fool those outside of their particular group, in America’s case it went extra weird and warped ever since it’s illuminated Masons pulled their 911 fiasco which is a prime example of those in a (The) circle of power who are skilled at keeping things complicated, keeping those outside of their circle confused ~ In case you are told I’m trying to harm your faith, whatever that may or may not be, that’s just not so, cause as far as I’m concerned I’m thinking the historical Christ had really (Really) really ‘BIG BALLS’ ~ (Really)  😉

Xtianity? ~ It has little to do with him  😦
Xtianity is mostly a Masonic veil of sorts  😦

In all truth I’m trying to warn the young ones of the world, including America’s children, perhaps pointlessly, perhaps not, that you should not expect to find things any different in any “Afterlife” you may experience or aspire to experience  😉

Try to gain a fully truthful perspective about everything here and now if you can, one that’s open to all opposing views yet solid on your own truths, because if you can’t stand on what’s true here and now, well you’ll never be able to do so in any post rigor mortis consciousness should one occur for you either  😦

Again, if there’s “Something rotten in Denmark” within ‘EVERY’ political religious and spiritual exchange presented here, and in ‘MY’ 55+ years of experience there is, then why expect anything different in an afterlife run by the same fools?  😦

Better accept the “As above So below” principle is relevant, and try your best to find out here what works for you outside of what a Washington whore’s media minder or some world banker’s successful Wall St bum-boy spokesman says  😉

Least that really IS my cousin’s ugly-mug in ‘Everclear’  😉
The deception-industry’s gone a little warped since  911  😉
America still needs an amnesty for 55+ years of treason  😉

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