When the walls…

come crumblin’ down…

Is this video below true? ~ I’ve absolutely no idea  😦

What I’ve given witness to underneath-here IS 100% true  😦
I-know that’s so because I’d personally witnessed it all  😦
If it was YOUR mom or YOUR kids, would you care?  😦

(A YouTube reply to)…….

+Komorusan ~ I’ve seen this baby-torture nine times in the 1960’s, conducted by men that went on to the highest offices in American politics ~ All four had erections at the time, erections they wanted me, a child under ten with the babies, to notice as if I’d give a damn ~ For reasons unnecessary here it meant absolutely nothing to me whatsoever ~ What ‘DID’ matter to me was what they did with the corpses, one of them specifically telling me they were cooked and eaten, which as a child still meant nothing to me ~ Then, they got someone dear to me, my own sweet step mom, and tricked her into eating what she thought was fried lamb’s brains, a dish she often enjoyed when it was real lamb ~ Then about 2 weeks later like the heartless loveless pieces of shit they were, they told my step mom what she’d eaten and, for near 6 months I-thought we’d lose her, and tho I’d tell my family “Mom needs your (Our) help” I-couldn’t tell them why without putting her life in danger from these men ~

She eventually pulled out of it, tho these evil swine also eventually took her down ~

Here’s a bit of a prophecy from someone who knows the Jewish god and the Jewish devil are the same being, and knows ‘Paradise’ is merely a place where people surrender their spirits for an existential delusion in their soul’s, and Hades just a place where people surrender their soul’s for the privilege of telling the truth with their spirits ~ These elitist occultists following the ritual child murder occult that Moses described Abram as practicing already understand that their ‘Grand Lodge in the Sky’ or their paradise as the Judeo Xtian religion calls it is merely like the protection wing of a ‘Supermax’ gaol, ~ In mid 2040’s at the latest, that place is going to be just as if an earthquake hit a standard protection unit in a standard ‘Supermax’ gaol here among the living, then all of those predator’s are going to be right out there in the “General Population” or ‘GP’ as real world prisoners call it, without ‘ANY’ defence ~

Ask some real world prisoners what happens then ~ It’ll be the beginning of something bad for them, not the end of something good ~ These words of prediction (Prophecy) are grossly laconically understated, not elaborately overstated ~

‘THERE WILL BE VENGEANCE’ so why make it any worse? ~ Cease your doings and repent to avoid an even worse fate you fools, you evil accursed fools  😦

(These madmen are currently planning WW3)  😦
(They fool everyone into supporting it by lying)  😦

War Drums Beating:

Bulgaria Blocks Russian

Access To Its Airspac

For Syria Flights

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Zero Hedge
September 8, 2015

On Monday we flagged a notable escalation in the build up to the geopolitical “main event” in Syria where, thanks largely to the West’s ambition to break Gazprom’s leverage over Europe, the US and Russia are one “accidental” run-in away from taking the “proxy” out of the term “proxy war.”

With the Kremlin now ramping up its military presence around the Assad stronghold of Latakia, the US is scrambling to do anything and everything in its power to slow the Russian build up – including putting pressure on Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria.

This article was posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 9:54 am

Send Bulgaria some of those so called refuges.

They will think differently shortly.

Sometimes I’m totally lost for words, but rarely ever for a wry pun or two  😉

Brave Bulgarian Bear-trainer


We have many refuges. Mr Unpronounsible. And if you open up the map you will see that Russia does not need to use our air space.


Ами тогава си г-н Уърдсуърт, имате проблем с това ще искате да не са ги преди да е свършило другарю

In der Schweiz werden diese Fragen nicht relevant sein, sobald die 1000 Jahre Reich beginnt seine zweite Jahrtausenden, weil Sie alle tot sein…….
Translation? ~ I’d like to tell you, but I’d have to kill you  😉


Avatar Blank Nikolai 5 hours ago

Aylan’s family had hoped to settle in Canada to escape the poverty of refugee camps, but due to an absence of international support, his family was doomed to rely on human traffickers in an attempt to get to the West.

Combined, the 8 countries that sent the most weapons to Syria since 2011 only accepted 2 percent of the refugees Germany has taken in. This $16 billion in so called “military aid” has been entering Syria since the beginning of the civil war in 2011, providing support for various warring factions within Syria. Yet, the destruction these countries are waging on Syria comes not only in the form of war, but also in the callousness with which they treat those most affected by the war.  UK campaign to bomb Syria is designed to make more $$$$ from arms sales

Cameron blitz them to hellCameron missiles

Another WARCRIME for Mason’s of the London Square Mile?  😦

Sunni gun Shia gun 'ISIS' ass

Images Show

Jihadist Militants

Entering Europe

as “Refugees”

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Photos stoke concerns that ISIS is exploiting crisis to infiltrate terrorists into the west

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
September 9, 2015

Images of “refugees” arriving in Europe who previously fought for jihadist rebel factions in Syria are stoking further concerns that ISIS could be exploiting the crisis to infiltrate terrorists into the west. At least three individuals have been identified entering Europe who have previously been pictured fighting for Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups. The most widely circulated photos are these images of Laith Al Saleh, who was profiled by the Associated Press last month.

Al Saleh was the commander of a 700-strong FSA rebel unit in Syria.

This article was posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 7:05 am


Zionism is like a runny fart, fascism like a lumpy fart, and Jewish morality? 😉
Jewish morality is like farting in a lift, it’s silent and deadly with no way out 😉
And Muslim morality? ~ Weeeell, seems like a bad case of the rubs to meee  😉

Smily in Hades ~ Whaaa ~

Comment on a YouTube post   😦

UFO's attack Columbia YouTube screenshotGold-Berg UFO Columbia updated screenshot

Here’s a fuller comment the site wouldn’t let me post…….

“Gold——-Berg?”   😉

“Gold——-Berg?”   😉

“Gold——-Berg?”   😉

“Gold——-Berg?”   😉

Just for the sake of warped politicians who just ‘LUV’ crying ‘PATRIOT’ any time the old “Our boys in uniform” or the other golden (sic) oldie “Our wounded warriors” thing gets old, Goldberg is one of the top ranking ‘WWE’ wrestlers, and damn good at his craft, but as most of us know his craft is called ‘Sports Entertainment’ because it’s scripted, it’s not fake, it’s scripted, simply because if those boys were fighting you’d get ten to fifteen deaths every year minimum along with a shitload of cripples ~

“GOLD-BERG” is what fans used to call out when he came into the arena ~

America also found some ‘GOLD’ in Iraq which wasn’t theirs, then before you know it’s true soldier patriots started saying that Fort Knox had been emptied ~ Knowing what I’ve long known about the state of tech at places like ‘AREA-51’ as well as what ‘REALLY’ happened as far back as the USS Liberty (Really) my sarcasm responds with “GOLD-BERG, GOLD-BERG, GOLD-BERG” as if this was just another one of Vince’s extremely well crafted scripted ‘WWE’ shows ~ Get-it?  😦

Vince McMahon in 2016?   😉

Vince Hunter Mr President x Ahmadinejad

No, none of this is a joke   😦

Bits of it are pretty funny tho    😉

Brave Bulgarian Beartrainer?’   😉

Brave Bulgarian Bear-trainer

Mom would’ve laughed her tits off  😦

You did nothing but evil in MY life America, nothing but evil  😦

And you still don’t have no amnesty for treason  😦

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