The shame of America’s sham

. So Masons are claiming this is all a joke? ~ Some of it is said in humour, yet the subject is definitely 100% ‘NOT FUNNY’ in any way shape of form ~ Stop letting them manipulate your hearts and minds so easily   😦 . Sa’ll good ~ Two choices ~ One is bad, the… Continue reading The shame of America’s sham

The Anarchist Professor

. AMERICA? = PATRIOT? (US CONTRADICTIONS) . They’re all just fruit pickers: Obama’s immigration speech ‘most racist’ ever? BizPac Review November 21, 2014 President Obama’s primetime speech Thursday night caused feelings of anger for many, and not only because he granted de-facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. During the speech the president referred to illegals as… Continue reading The Anarchist Professor

Intellectual terrorism? Mockery?

. . Putin: Russian Economy Won’t Be Dominated by ‘Dollar Dictatorship’ Sputnik November 14, 2014 Russia plans to leave the “dollar dictatorship” of market oil prices and turn to using the country’s national currency and the Chinese yuan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday. “We are leaving the dictatorship of the market where oil goods are based on the dollar and will… Continue reading Intellectual terrorism? Mockery?