Senator Shnott and Company

. Goon Thug Cops Murder At Will Paul Craig Roberts Prison December 4, 2014 A gang of goon thug gratuitous murderers has been let off by a racist grand jury and a racist prosecutor. Read the verbiage spewed by NY mayor Bill de Blasio the Obama Puppet: They are so sorry about the collateral damage… Continue reading Senator Shnott and Company

The Anarchist Professor

. AMERICA? = PATRIOT? (US CONTRADICTIONS) . They’re all just fruit pickers: Obama’s immigration speech ‘most racist’ ever? BizPac Review November 21, 2014 President Obama’s primetime speech Thursday night caused feelings of anger for many, and not only because he granted de-facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. During the speech the president referred to illegals as… Continue reading The Anarchist Professor