The Masonic (Zionist) Caliphate

Think this thru, ‘QUICKLY‘   😦 Learn what governs you   😦 . Adolf Hitler was an illegitimate Astor Jew ~ It’s been German-Jew Masons that caused the evil thru their German-Jew ‘ILLUMINATI’ since the days of Adam Weishaupt + George Washington ~ It was Masonry acting as hidden hand of World German Jew Zionism all along… Continue reading The Masonic (Zionist) Caliphate

Redemption Songs Suck

. Thinking scares some people   😦 US Military Concerned ISIS Fighters Returning to Caribbean Could Reach Border KEVIN BARON Defense One March 13, 2015 A top US commander warns Caribbean and South American countries are unable to track 100 foreign fighters that could return from Syria. The war in Syria has attracted roughly 100 foreign fighters… Continue reading Redemption Songs Suck