Disneyland  😦

Domestic Terror and…

Other pointless illusions  😦

Commie Nigger Kike Islamist Alarm Clock

According to some Masonic ‘Male bimbo’ on ‘Cspam’ radio just now, the single biggest threat facing America today is Domestic Terrorism whereas a few short years ago the threat was what GW Bush called ‘The Terrorists’ with a subtle implication that long before the ‘Level Two Patriot Act’ covered up suspicious stories of too many coffins returning from Iraq to match the number of American dead, coffins that had to be moved via heavy duty forklifts for the first time in military history, along with questions over exactly who got the Air Force to fly off to Alaska and ‘NORAD’ to go to sleep for 2 hours for what we presume was a logical ‘Software Upgrade’ (Snicker) and further pointless questions over how someone acting from a cave in Afghanistan managed to get explosives into Building 7 of the ‘WTC’ while it housed a ‘CIA’ office just like they must’ve done for the ‘Alfred P Murrah building’ in Oklahoma City, then the 200+ vets suspiciously dying in VA hospitals after going in for minor procedures, well that could only mean one thing and one thing only…

“It was the Muslims what did-it, stupid”  😉

But that’s slowly readjusting now, because it’s being ever more openly said by all of the American Masonic elite political establishment that anyone who thinks the Govt was involved in ‘911’ is a terrorist too, and gun owners are terrorists…

and Pole Shift Prepper’s are terrorists, matter of fact anyone who seems to think that maybe everything Washington’s professional (Masonic) politicians have to say is bullshit, including the fact that America pulled ‘911’ on itself, is either a homeland terrorist or a potential homeland terrorist ~ That includes ME then you god damned fools, all of the way across the Pacific Ocean in Australia, along with the rider that I’m thinking it was the Masons in the US Govt who did it 😦

‘People are Strange’  😉

If the single biggest question threat facing America today is the issue of domestic terror, then surely identifying and dealing with The Terrorists and how they pose a threat to the American homeland should be the first duty of any person who dares call themselves a patriot ~ Speaking only for myself right at this juncture, I’d like to hear a sane simple truthful explanation of how my childhood friend of 15 to 16 years “Peter William Vanstone” managed to fake his death in the Australian country town of Mannum and then take the place of a Saudi Sheik called “Bin Laden”  😦

Peter Osama the Saudi Sheik Vanstone

I’m being mistreated here, badly mistreated ~ In a way, resource wise along with the grief of the rapes murders and pseudo ‘Suicides’ (sic) still being pulled here I’m being treated not much better than how Germany treated it’s soldiers in Russia…

Sure I’m not freezing to death yet, nor starving, but think of the ‘Masonic Zionist’ Nazi ‘High Command’ of Adolf Hitler’s troops in Russia and how they pulled them up 9 miles short of Moscow and then starved them for food fuel and ammunition…

Hell, although of German-Jew Nazi ‘DNA’ thanks to Joseph Mengele’s advanced ‘IVF’, my birth mom was actually a Russian born woman who was murdered the day of my birth, (Literally) sacrificed to the twin ‘Idiot-gods’ of cold hearted fascism and Teutonic Nordic ritual occult, so I’m sitting in between the two camps in a way and, thus far, as far as I’m concerned, both can go to hell ~ Neither has done right by me thanks to the ‘Bavarian Illuminati Masons’ running all sides of this charade   😦


Russia Prepares

For Dogfights With

NATO Over Syria

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Russian Air Force equips jets with air-to-air missiles

Kit Daniels
November 30, 2015

Russia is now equipping its Su-34 fighters with air-to-air missiles in preparation for potential dogfights with NATO over Syria.

Credit: mashleymorgan / Flickr

“Today, Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers have made their first sortie equipped not only with high explosive aviation bombs and hollow charge bombs, but also with short- and medium-range air-to-air missiles,” Russian Air Force spokesman Igor Klimov told RT. “The planes are equipped with missiles for defensive purposes.”

He also added the missiles are “capable of hitting air targets within a 60km radius.”

This article was posted: Monday, November 30, 2015 at 2:16 pm


The leaders of this world just love to start wars and massacre millions of millions of people… why does anyone believe that the government is “here to help” you!?  I wish the militaries of the world would recognize how they are being used like pawns and all simply stand down and turn their eyes towards the slimy evil scum that sit on the thrown and in the halls of power…

these are the real enemies of the people and of peace.


the people are guilty also – they’re so ignorant, stupid and lazy they do not want to know what is going on…. they’ll argue if you tell them…

they’re idiots who allow all this to be…


the people FEEL and are helpless against so large and established of an enemy (criminal government)… on the one hand if they fight, cops will kill them…

and if they don’t fight the cops will beat, rape, torture, humiliate, coerce, blackmail, and brainwash them… if the media does NOT pick up ones cause (and fight tooth and nail with the criminal government), then one will be branded a terrorists…

and have a target put on their family!


oh please — people in the past dealt with bad politicians and rulers … today, people are wimps and we will all suffer because of it… no steel in their spines…


Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha ~ No steel in their spines ~ Waa-Ha-Ha-Ha  😉

But THAT’S SEXIST ~ Bwaaaaaaaaaa Haaa Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha 😦
Plz stop-it now Amerika, yer killing me a bit too slowly here 😦
Please Stupid Cat


not 2 bright, r u?


See Cessna Pilot buttmonkeys flying out of MY ass do ya?  😉


“Government” is the enemy of mankind: ALL government, for it is nothing but forcible control over other human beings. Government is NOT caring for the needs of society, for people can come together voluntarily and do so. When people voluntarily coexist, they have the ability to not follow those who are doing evil. When people are run by government, they cannot ignore their leaders and do what they deem is morally right without the threat of violence. Everything government does is with the threat of violence (direct or implied). If it didn’t use the threat of violence, it would cease to exist, as people would just ignore it and it would cease to be.


Sure, all Govt’s are assholes, and they pulled your ‘911’ too  😦

Mason ~ Govt's R-US


NATO will loose……


Better get all those 35 miles an hour aircraft carriers out of the way before a salvo of supersonic Moskit antiship missiles catches up with them. That Aegis system which was put on destroyers to destroy subsonic Exocet missiles was over thirty years ago.


Did you know Germany has 28 kilo anti-grav kinetic energy weapons that can pull Mach 56’6 with a half mile run up, meaning one could be sent straight thru the reactor room of anything on the planet which would thus either disable it first up or destroy it if the device was programmed to make a 2nd run thru the magazine? 😉
Oh, scusa-me for mentioning the REAL WORLD to an American  😦

Italian American Scusa


I think the bear will eventually have a turkey dinner.


I’m sure bear will have corrupt Erdogan gangster balls for a snack.


It’s the World Masonic network running this shit, both old faked stuff, and old real stuff, and the repeated old real stuff and repeat old faked stuff, seems as though America’s Masons think that post ‘911’ they can get away with any lie at all  😦

Myself, I-think McCain is having a massive 5+ year cocaine psychosis  😉

Yeah ~ They’ll kill me for saying-it ~ Just get-on with it, stupid  😉



Allow me to guide your thinking here just a little…

Bearing in mind the world ‘DOES’ both evolve when people in the herd as a group learn things, and also sadly devolve like what happened in Germany in between ‘WW1’ and ‘WW2’ due to the massive amounts of grief along with economic stress and, again sadly, the horrible deaths they faced at the hands of those enlightened illuminated Masonic clowns in the German Masonic establishment who treated them all as nothing more than serfs, all while the Masonic politicians and generals of other countries were bombing the crap out of them in a huge pre-arranged cover story among the world’s 33rd degree Masons to divert attention from the (Masonic) ‘SS’ looting all Europe’s gold, along with the aftermath in the German soldier’s heart of the (Masonic) German High Command who sent their troops into Russia with malice aforethought, planning in advance to starve them and freeze them into servitude as building foremen for all of the underground bunkers that were in the process of being built with the 5.6 million missing German Jew (Turk descent) holocaust victims, put to work in both Crimea and Switzerland to build the lodgings for the elite to survive ‘WW3’ and also ‘Pole Shift’ as well, don’t you think that you too in your comfy little safe area might just be in a little bit of immanent danger no matter how much you…

‘Obey the orders of (Secretly Zionist) Masonic madmen?’  😦

Kinetic energy weapons MACH 56.6 Rev 16-21

Expect a 2+ year ‘Nuclear (Style) Winter’ after they pull that stuff on earth  😦

Welcome to CATCH22 America, thank-you thank-you (Fcuk-you) thank-you  😉

Jim Jeffries amnesty America ~ Mason FCUKING COMEDIAN



Underneath is a photo of me aged 8-10 years old minutes after being raped in a ‘CIA’ pedo snuff-movie political blackmail brothel run by none other than America’s illegal German-born 41st president ‘GHW Bush’, better known as ‘Scherff’ on his German birth certificate if it still exists ~ It would seem that some loser Jew bitch in Oz is trying to say that me claiming I’d been a Nazi ‘Mengele’ child born to a Russian born-woman in Australia and swapped at birth with my step mom’s birth child is proof I’m so insane that an “Intervention” (sic) is required to ‘Help me’ (Snigger) ~

In reality what I’m actually needing in the way of help is a loan of funds necessary for a paying a proper ‘Silk’ (Lawyer) plus some off duty cops I’d find useful for investigation and communication of facts to certain groups (Black-op Cults) to quietly and proactively nip any trouble in the bud diplomatically, as well as private health care for the tumors ‘CIA’ gave me in the decade prior to the lobotomy (Illegally) performed at Calvary Catholic Hospital in Canberra not long before ‘911’ ~ So tell me, are Australia’s police and it’s legal community really so uninformed and, perhaps, corrupted, or have they all turned into ‘Glock-suckers’ (Snicker) with short memories?  😦

Robby 8-10

Allow me to remind Australia of a few further FACTS you assholes  😦

In 1960 late at night while at ‘Escort House’, a respite unit for kids not expected to live, an annex of the state government ‘Adelaide Children’s Hospital’, employees of the American ‘CI of A’ with strong American accents tortured me twice in what amounted to preconditioning for their god damned ‘MK-Ultra’ shit, and again (Torture) in 1962, in 1963 those pieces of American Masonic Jew shit in ‘CIA’ with that ‘Scherff-41’ in the room dissected two kids (Boy and girl) my own age (6) in front of me, with future South Oz Police Superintendent Paul Schramm (1963) in a blue hoop clown suit (Really) leading them out of the room they were in looking very sad indeed, before they were both raped next to me and thrown down after being dissected, one headless and one eviscerated, with future ‘AFP’ Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester part of that evil group of illuminated Masonic pedo cultists…

the one who threw both bodies a good 5 feet thru the air next to me ~

I’d only been a tough smart little 6 y\o at the time  😉

That next year in 1964 ‘Scherff-41’ (The guy you wrongly think is Bush) shot Catholic girl Monika Cross dead in front of me without warning in cold blood, a studied act of terror in anyone’s book, especially so as I’d been sweet on her for a few months ~

In 1967 two months after the abduction of the Beaumont children by cinematographer ‘Maslyn Williams’ he (Scherff-41) screwed young 8 y\o Anna Beaumont not ten feet away from me before all three were shot dead by a ‘CIA’ guy called ‘Little Hans’ using “41’s” little silver .22 auto ~ That was already after him (Scherff) along with Rumsfeld Cheney and the fake Kerry had tortured 9 Aboriginal babies to death in front of me, an act of state terror and ‘Crimes against humanity’ that not even the Nazis themselves were ever openly accused of, at least not to my knowledge ~

Then ‘Scherff-41’ personally tortured another 5 older Aboriginal children to death in front of me before raping me himself 3 times in early 1970 ~ I’ve been thru hell right through my childhood, prostituted in that evil ‘CIA’ child brothel supposedly because of my biological father, punished for who my ‘DNA’ came from according to them, those hypocrite German Jew descent Masons who either worked directly for ‘CIA’ or odd jobbed for them like ‘Rumsfeld’ and like ‘Cheney’ and the ‘Fake Kerry’ who took the place of the original Vietnam veteran marine ~ I’d been (Literally) tortured at least 6 times by the bastards in ‘CIA’ by 1972, with ‘Scherff-41’ torturing me himself then at age 15, in the process warning me never to tell about the things I’d seen, plus at least another 5 times since then, the last time on or about April 22 2004 after being abducted for 32 hours from a public dentist after being given a hypnotic sedative instead of novocaine ~ I’d screamed unashamedly at the top of my lungs with every breath for 3 minutes straight, then was given a muscle relaxant which made it impossible to scream tho didn’t render me unconscious ~ I’d then quietly screamed on the inside for what would have been around 25 to 27 minutes, desperately trying to keep count of the passing minutes to distract myself from the pain…

Damn you America, damn you…

My only question now 55+ years after America first tortured-me as a 3 y\o is…

“When does the bullshit end, Zion?’  😦

Felix (GHW) Bush + ScherffScherff 41 Bush

Those 2 mongrel German-Jew bitches above regularly covered for each other  😦



Einstein Mason Jew 911


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

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