The $2+ Billion…

Subnet Lie  😦

The US taxpayer funded 24\7 repeated\fake stories bullshit from America now is meant to do two things in the short term, the first of which is distract America from the reality of America’s Masons being the sole instigators and executors of the ‘911’ attacks, and secondly, keep America powerless to call them to account so as to hinder or delay their next Masonic Zionist false flag, one which will see close to two billion people dead in a week, and then as many as die in the 2 year nuclear winter event that will follow use of the kinetic energy weapons they (Zion) intend to use  😦

Kinetic energy weapons MACH 56.6 Rev 16-21

How Turkey Exports

ISIS Oil To The World: The

Scientific Evidence

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Zero Hedge
November 28, 2015

Over the course of the last four or so weeks, the media has paid quite a bit of attention to Islamic State’s lucrative trade in “stolen” crude. On November 16, in a highly publicized effort, US warplanes destroyed 116 ISIS oil trucks in Syria. 45 minutes prior, leaflets were dropped advising drivers (who Washington is absolutely sure are not ISIS members themselves) to “get out of [their] trucks and run away.”

The peculiar thing about the US strikes is that it took The Pentagon nearly 14 months to figure out that the most effective way to cripple Islamic State’s oil trade is to bomb… the oil. Prior to November, the US “strategy” revolved around bombing the group’s oil infrastructure.  [….]


The most effective revolution possible in a world full of liars thieves murderers baby buggerer’s and stone cold Christ killers is SIMPLE TRUTH ~ It’s the technique of a soft kill against a system from within which the Christ himself pioneered, such a real world revolution does however require a full reset with everyone shunning lies 24\7 out of a true understanding of just how morally and spiritually crippling and politically disempowering lying really is, cause THAT is the game the “God of this world” plays to keep us all confused and separated, and it’s what he does best 😦
Better be careful starting it though, they say it’s what killed the Christ  😉

Christ ~ Was it something I-said ~

Collapse of ‘comatose’

Schengen will wreck euro,

admits Jean-Claude Juncker

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Matthew Holehouse
London Telegraph
November 26, 2015

The Schengen zone is “partially comatose”, Jean-Claude Juncker conceded on Wednesday, as he warned that its collapse would take down the Eurozone. The single currency cannot survive if the free movement of people granted by the passport-free travel zone ends, the president of the European Commission said, in the starkest warning yet. Mr Juncker could only watch this summer after state after state reintroduced border controls in a desperate attempt to halt the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. The Paris terrorist attacks led France to announce indefinite border checks. “We have to safeguard the spirit behind Schengen,” Mr Juncker told the European Parliament. “Yes, the Schengen system is partially comatose.”

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This article was posted: Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 7:55 am


It’s possible to create full employment and refloat currencies by simply preparing for Pole Shift with each state issuing it’s own currencies based on the number of able bodied workers it has seeking or already holding a job ~ It’s easier to motivate people to give when there’s something in it for them ~ Asian families often set a kind of a selfless benchmark of 12 family members working hard while living in shit so that just ONE family member could succeed in life thru higher education 😦
In the same sense of the many in the larger human group sacrificing for the few the entire world could easily be motivated to prepare for Pole Shift for real tho knowing there’s only enough time left to truly prepare for one in 13 of those alive now, yet the illuminated Masonic establishment would rather piss in our pockets with crap about Muslim terror and then shit in our faces with a false flag to start a ‘WW3’ that will effectively wipe out 2 to 4 billion people over a two to four year period  😦

And if they (Illuminated bankers) still feel a need to force us onto a total computer-chip system of monetary exchange (Mostly for the sake of dirty politics) when they know damn well ‘EMP’ pulses from Pole Shift will fry all of the chips when it goes down making the whole system a bad joke in poor taste anyway, can’t we agree to just discuss it in a game of Russian roulette in front of a large crowd of informed citizens where each lie sees the liar obliged to pull the trigger once? 😉
Hands up who wants to die, then go to a ‘PARADISE’ run by the clowns who’d rather keep us distracted with bullshit until they’re ready to kill us? ~ You better all start stubbornly asking the right serious questions ‘BEFORE’ you die, dreamers  😉

NSA begins new phone

surveillance program as bulk

metadata collection ends

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November 28, 2015

The National Security Agency will end its mass metadata surveillance program this weekend, two and a half years after Edward Snowden’s revelations. NSA’s replacement “reasonable compromise” is far from being celebrated by privacy advocates. […]

This article was posted: Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 9:27 am


Sunday 4:40 AM Nov 29th…. From AUS, Tell me, is down?
All I have been getting is a blank page for the last 3 hours.


‘Mary’ had a little subnet, it’s fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, her subnet was sure to go ~ It followed her to school one day, the ‘NSA’ was surprised, now Mary and her subnet are no longer in disguise  😉

Mary Jones and her Infowars subnet


There is no oversight concerning NSA … It is its own Policeman …. So you actually think they are gonna disconnect all the surveillance systems connected to our cell traffic… land line…. cable… telex …. e-mail…. text messages …????  Hell No… its business as usual and we the people should act accordingly …

Uncle is still listening….


Yeah Jack be nimble, and Jack be quick, Jack jumps over the patriot act shtick  😉

##### @@@@ #####

This was me minutes after being ass-raped in your CIA snuff-movie child-brothel  😦

Robby 8-10

The tumors your ‘CIA’ gave-me are killing me America ~ You tortured-me at ages 3, 5, 8, 12, and age 15 too you fakes ~ You prostituted me for my entire fcuking childhood too assholes, and now, every day over and over you’re just burying-me under what amounts to a ‘$2 Billion Dollar‘ wall of 24\7 subnet bullshit  😦

Although they may deny it, the self-confessed “Greatest Nation in the World” has just spent over $2 Billion Dollars in corrupting containing and controlling free (sic) world media and, sadly for myself, they made large parts of that Orwellian gambit revolve around proving to the American people that I’m a danger to them, and a danger to the world at large without me ever ‘ONCE’ hearing what so called “FACTS” (Snigger) they’d based their assertion on, and thus obviously also never once had the chance to answer whatever they claim was justification for this conspiracy involving most if not all electronic and many written word medias world wide 😦

From their replay of the South Ossetia versus Georgia war of 2001 (?) in 2008 and their replay of the Ukrainian revolution years after it was all over, to the replay of the ‘Arab Spring’ a few years after it was all over, and then the Syrian trouble near 3 to perhaps 5 years after it was pretty much all over too, they (America) have justified the whole charade thru supposedly showing the world how much of an idiot I’m supposed to be 15 years after they got the Govt of Australian PM “John (Kiddie fcuker) Howard” to have me abducted from the street and literally surgically lobotomized in the private section of Calvary Catholic Hospital in the capital city of Australia  😦

Sadly (For me) it’s been 55+ years since America first tortured me in pre-conditioning for their dead serious ‘MK-Ultra’ shit begun as a 2 y\o in 1959 and then expanded on as a 3 y\o back in 1960 ~ In these last 7 years they’ve not only pulled rapes of women who supported me as a matter of human principle, a girl I’d loved who was peripherally involved in support for the Arab Spring from 2006 thru to 2008 or thereabouts at the latest was murdered in 2009 within this long running black op 😦

In addition one of my illegitimate nieces whom I’d cared deeply about was murdered, and a biological ‘Mengele’ half sister of mine (Her mother) was pushed to suicide in fear of going thru one of the Jews ritual Templar kabala murders ~ This was all 100% hardcore full bore ‘CIA’ black op bullshit bastardry from day one, and not one single part of it is morally justified while little if any of it was ever even remotely legal, especially the 14 torture murders of Aboriginal babies and children Rumsfeld Cheney and the fake Kerry did in a ‘CIA’ pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel in Adelaide Sth Australia in the 1960’s (64-70) under the control of America’s German born 41st fake president ‘Scherff’ ~ America, THAT was the town your fake ‘Osama Vanstone’ (sic) was born fools ~ You’re a total sham now aren’t you America  😦

To put it bluntly America, you’re a nation of often uncaring pretentious hypocritical assholes ruled by one of the most corrupt lying fascist regimes on the planet  😦

Peter ~ PWV ~ Vanstone ~ Osama BETTER QUALITY 680

Pretend all you want America  😦

Felix (GHW) Bush + Scherffscherff-41-gay-fcuker-prez1 680

You know what you’ve done  😦

True Patriot's Gospel ~ Building 6 ~ 911

And you know why too  😦

Iraq d America shrt mees

And supposedly The Terrorists did it, right?  😉

Ah-treason, how sweet it is

Rat's ass Mason ~ TIDY 680

Which is all you are  😦


 PS: To fully understand the sometimes complicated subjects these blogs deal with there’s one ‘Nettle’ you need to firmly grasp ~ Freemasons lie and they lie all of the time about everything 24\7 even when (If) they’re occasionally telling the truth on one small perspective, because they’ll only be telling that particular truth to either distract you from their other lies, or misconstruing it to the point where they know you’ll take it the wrong way and will therefore be in error on everything else in this complicated world you try to understand ~ ‘Liar thief and murderer’ the Hebrew Christ called the ‘God of this world’ and that’s exactly what he is, Freemason’s seeing themselves as his true (Occultist) high priests in the outworking of the malevolent influence he has on everything ~ Think about it, a ‘God’ that murders his own human son so he can forgive humans for their ‘Sins’ (Errors) wasn’t it? ~ Better think shit thru BEFORE you get to the “Great Ponzi Scheme in the Sky’ and realize just how stupid you were to believe what you knew in your heart of hearts all along was nothing but an extremely old well crafted kosher Luciferin lie  😦

Conehead Zionist Super TylenolBaalbek 1200 ton stones pre iron age Conehad Egyptian

Then speaking of lying again  😦

Cessna 911 Smoke and mirrors Mason


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

(Except for that photo of me which is mine)  😦

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