US Soldier-boy and the now infamous Topp secret ‘CIA’ Pekinese dog gambit…

Just heard some pseudo-patriot retiring Texas senator come on ‘CSpam’ internet radio after Contra ‘Oliver North’ was talking shit about Muslims and Hezbollah, leaving out the fact that ‘CIA’ was the primary source of funding for Hezbollah from the creation of Hezbollah after the Shah’s exit was arranged by ‘CIA’ onwards  😦

Hezbollah? = ‘Party of God’  😉

Anyway, this Texas politician told a little story about the US Military based around some guy who bought himself a big dog, and the big dog (US Military) was the biggest baddest dog around ~ So then he says his dog was running around the front yard when some little old lady knocks on his door and says “I’m sorry, my little dog just killed your dog” ~ The guy says “Lady, I-don’t think so” but the little old lady says “Yes young man, I’m sorry, my dog just killed your dog” ~ And the guy says “Well what sort of dog ‘WAS’ your dog lady” and the little old lady tells him it was a Pekinese and it just killed his big dog ~ “Well how could your little dog kill my big dog” he asks, and the little old lady replies “He got stuck in your dog’s throat”  😉

Pekinese that's hurtful

Big laughs all around, only seeing as I’ve just stated that all this shit about Muslims, ignoring the fact that there were ‘NO’ kinds of WMD’s in Iraq and the American elite were only chasing the Iraqi gold and the US Constitution, both of which they got, I’d say that that ‘BIG DOG’ died when it suffocated, and it suffocated on it’s own dcik in it’s own throat ~ Like (Some of) the US Military talking shit about Muslims when they know damn well Washington is lying, the Pekinese\Muslim thing was likely just a cover story, ‘CIA’ style like Cessna pilots, and again the real story was ‘BIG DOG’ died when it suffocated sucking on it’s own patriotic dcik  😦

Big dog Erk

Least that’s MY perspective  😉

It’s the only one that fits all the facts, Maam  😉

(Facts like ‘CIA’ funding Hezbollah’ during the Lebanese Marine suicide bombing) 😦

It was a Mickey Mouse Clan (sic) Masonic-mambo from day one, and you know-it  😦

It was ‘ALL’ a bloody cover story for US Govt treason, get real soldier-boy and girl 😦

Congress (Privately) claims it’s got it’s ‘Real’ military patriots beaten  😦

I’ll take their word for that until evidence proves otherwise  😉


Black Lives Matter & F*** Yo
Flag Activist Arrested for Video
Threats to Kill White People, Police
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Gateway Pundit
September 25, 2015

A Black woman who goes by “Eye Empress Sekhmet” was arrested in Clayton County, Georgia on Thursday for making video-taped threats to kill white people and police, reported WSB-TV. WSB reported she also called for activists to ‘take over’ police stations.

Eye Empress Sekhmet Gun YouTube screen grab WSB

This article was posted: Friday, September 25, 2015 at 6:36 am

Lock that terrorist up make her disappear to one of those black sites we been hearing about.


Definitely ~ Send that foul-mouthed racist to Guantanamo where she can rub shoulders with Muslim Cessna pilot terrorists that brought down the Towers, with Cessna pilots that castrated the US Constitution, with Cessna pilots that spent the Social Security fund, with Cessna pilots that emptied Fnort Kapox, with Cessna pilots that pulled ‘NAADER(NDAA) in the name of the ‘Lui’ and with all the Cessna pilots who made all of that money from the Gulf War fighting the other terrorists that hate your freedoms like Washington said they did ~ So move over Cheney, Rummy, Dubya, you Cessna pilot terrorist bitches got yourselves a new cellmate  😉

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