Oh-really O’Reilly?

Choirboy? Me? Nonsense  😉


Ave Maria?’ ~ A song about the Christ’s mom?  😉

She was probably a nice lady ~ Don’t think I’d like to argue with him on THAT‘  😉

It’s not over til ‘The Choirboy’ sings for the “Church Committee’ assholes  😦

Gareth Williams

Was Killed To Protect

Their Identity’

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UK Mirror
September 27, 2015

A Russian spy who infiltrated Britain’s top secret GCHQ base is passing secrets to Moscow, a former major in the KGB says.

Defector Boris Karpichkov claims to have has new evidence backing his dramatic claim that body-in-a-bag victim Gareth Williams was murdered because he knew the Russian mole’s identity. Maths genius and GCHQ codebreaker Williams, 31, was found dead, padlocked inside a holdall in the bath at his London home in August 2010. At the time of his death he was on secondment to MI6. Karpichkov, 56, who by coincidence lived near Williams’ flat in Pimlico, south London, has been investigating the mysterious death ever since.

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This article was posted: Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 6:54 am


Here’s the best way to describe International Zionism’s complicated circle of very screwed up relationships with various pawns in countries the world over including Britain Russia America and China ~ It’s always incestuous ~ It’s like if you were an illegitimate biological German Jew in one of these spy situations in Britain and you’re regularly fcuking your sister in the ass cause she’s a good root, and ‘SHE’‘ gets pregnant to a female Russian eugenics scientist when they have an affair one long weekend, and you? ~ ‘YOU’ start fcuking her little boy in the ass 😉
You do that because you’re illuminated and you’re in the circle and he’s too young to complain anyway, and you think he’s a good root cause 3 y\o boys passively laying there is what really turns you on ~ Tthat pretty well describes illuminated real world Masonic Zionist circles in politics religion ‘AND’ spying to a Tee 😦
This dilemma of screwed-up (Illegitimate) German-Jew biological descent ‘Spy versus Spy’ stuff being mocked by meeee is solvable with 5 grams of good quality Afghan American heroin to quietly euthanise, or a very generous loan for lawyers and off duty coppers to extricate myself from Zion’s stupidity ~ Then the tragic comedy of deliberate errors it creates can go on (And on and on) without meeee mocking it because me and my admittedly warped tho extremely fcuking accurate humorous perspective will toddle off to some seriously obscure privacy somewhere and wait for the 2016 elections, when one more illuminated Zionist asshole of (Often illegitimate) German Jew descent inevitably gets elected to the highest office of American politics  😉

MASONS ~ PUTIN ~ All on the square ~

Explain the illegitimate part.

Everything was as it should be, the marital-bed was sacrosanct, all except for those moments when the elite and their serfs (Us) were obliged to mate with someone we weren’t married to, all for the sake of modern eugenics much like a dog breeder mates his ‘BITCH’ with any dog he chooses, and the ‘Olde Worlde’ political Zionist ‘KAOS’ versus ‘CONTROL’ gambit where someone could work for ‘CONTROL’ yet their real world biological ‘Pappy’ (Snicker) may have metaphorically been head of ‘KAOS’ (Get-it?) can work in secret for the greater good 😉
And then along came ‘Mengele’s Silver Spoon’ and syringe with his eugenic ‘IVF’ science there between 30 to 50 years ahead of what most people knew, thus doing away with the need for penis and vagina to have even met, let alone risked enjoying the exchange, and then “Allah Shazzam” and the Lord who reigns in Zion could mix und (sic) match or even make two or three or more of the same unit so that little German Jew “Fritz’s” und (sic) “Helga’s” (Schniker) could all work for the Swiss Jews in the Octagon Lodge using the German Jew Illuminati as their cover ~ Hope that explains things in a more convincing enlightening illuminating way for you, leaving you with zero responsibility for anything plausibly deniable  😉

Medev ~ Looks just like me, Huh Medev ~ Looks just like me, HuhJeb ~ Me or the dyke ~


Must have been a left over from Philby’s days…..

“A Perfect Spy” John Le Carre

I’m thinking this gay stuff goes back a whole lot longer than that Obi, back to the days when Adam was playing with himself in the garden of Eden, back when he still had 13 ribs or whatever the fcuk it was ~ This stuff about a viable occultist experience in the human anus is ancient, older than any of our modern day religions 😉
Those who are ‘On-the-Square’ and ‘In the Circle’ know all about these things so it’s not that they’re all gay, it’s not that all Masons in the Govt and the spy networks are all gay, it’s just that they always (Seem to) worship “He who was” (In Adam’s asshole), “He who is” (In Adam’s asshole) and “He who will be”, (In Adam’s asshole)  😦

Adam and the Jewish god

And the real-truth is…

Just for the sake of the liars in Washington who often wheel out their fake professed faith in the Judeo Xtian religion and it’s angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent cosmic magician deity to distract people from their treason any time they feel the need, I’m ‘NOT’ an atheist or a theist or a deist or any other tag you or they may wish to place on me so that people can more easily easily pigeonhole me and dismiss everything I’ve said as the ranting’s of a bitter twisted atheist  😦

Truth is I’m a poor man’s animist of sorts, something I’d slowly picked up from my natural love for simple things living like birds and bees and flowers and trees and all that stuff, but especially birds, something St Francis of Assisi was said to have had, along with an accelerated learning curve in animism after I’d gotten some help from some very smart Australian Aboriginal people at around age 7 ~ I’ve also been a practitioner of the ‘Spiritualist’ faith ever since the age of four when I’d seen ‘Scherff 41’ shoot two guys dead in front of me, and one of them seemed like a nice man, even tho truth be told they were of zero relevance to me because these Zionist dogs had just hurt my step mom real bad ~ Anyway, ‘Scherff 41’ encouraged it (Spiritualism) probably because he thought they could use their fake ‘MK-Ultra’ (Post hypnotic command) eschatology to fake me out on it and, even at the age of four I’d been pretty damn confidant that sooner or later (Sooner) I’d be the one doing the trickery on ‘ANY’ fool human ‘OR’ spirit trying to trick ‘Meee’ ~ (Really)  😉

That’s how it turned out too, cause these (Nearly always German Jew) Masonic Zionist fascist frauds in ‘CIA’ and Masonic WW2 Nazis running shit completely underestimated me as I’d soon developed intellectually and spiritually while discovering I’d had quite a gift for communicating with the deceased, which is what ‘ANGELS’ really are anyway for those who never knew, and with many of those whom I’d communicated with pretty pissed off at Zion for murdering them I’d accidentally found myself a little ready made spiritual army, one which turned out to be quite propitious actually, so it’s big ‘Snickers’ all round on that one, Zion  😉

I-want justice, or my euthanasia, now assholes  😦

Stick your fake American-state patriotism along with your fake god where it fits  😦

 #### #### #### #### #### ####

Bush ~ Pow, right in der Mund ~

That’s America’s Germanborn 41st president ‘Fritz Scherff’ (sic) just above  😦

What a nation ~ All daft hypocritical fools ruled by foolish lying hypocrites?  😦


(Official disclaimer)

I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humour and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)  😉

America’s children have my deep sympathy ~ Their govt is batshit-crazy, period  😦

Repeat of facts Red border

It really-is time to just let me go, Zion, to just let me go  😦

Go-off to pursue ‘My own’ interests, and avoid yours  😉

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