Gee, Ooh… ‘Politique?’  😉

Kangaroo Australian Flag ~ What

Assad’s Enemies May Be

Portrayed As Opposition, But He

Fights Terrorists – Putin

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The only way to settle the Syrian conflict is to support the existing legitimate government in its fight against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin told CBS’s ‘60 Minutes,’ adding he wants to see a united effort to fight the threat in the region. Veteran journalist Charlie Rose sat down with Putin to discuss his much-anticipated address to the UN, the global terrorist threat, the situation in Syria and ways to tackle it, among other things.

“Today, terrorism threatens a great number of states, a great number of people – hundreds of thousands, millions of people suffer from its criminal activity. And we all face the task of joining our efforts in the fight against this common evil,” Putin told Rose.

This article was posted: Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 7:09 am


What a difference a few months can make…Or is it that Syria’s war became too much of a palpable reality for Western capitalism to handle . Could it be that Europe is now willing to break bread with the man it has demonised for the past few years to stem the tide of refugees on its territories…Europe should really take a page out of President Putin’s political handbook because his foreign policies happen to make sense…Rather than preach wars he has worked to build economic ties and to weave a network that is so tightly intertwined that military interventionism will lose its appeal.

Shifting winds

World Zionists playing chess

Zionist-morality is like farting in a lift, you can’t see it, but you can smell it 😉
How about ‘Game-over’ over 3 years ago and it was “Check Mate and ‘Shit on your face’ for the liars of Washington” as the entire gambit fell back into the kind of idiocy that just makes shit up at the drop of a hat and then repeats the lie anew over and over as if repetition equals truth ~ All it is now is the old Masonic Lodge rallying round an insane old butt-sniffing coke addict who shouldn’t have been handed the keys to a Tonka truck let alone be made Titular head of Illuminati like he was  😦

Get real, stop lying, America  😉

McCain Tonka truck Nazi American flag

(Don’t bother with the vid below, it’s from Langley, it’s just there for context)  😉



Look, it’s not a “Conspiracy” as such, except whatsisname’s real name from 1997 thru to 2002 wasn’t ‘Tim Osman’ it was “Peter William Vanstone” and as for the ‘Osman’ character America ran with, well, a Syrian ‘Cessna-mechanic’ was he? 😉
It’s 100% certain the fake Osama from 97-04 on the television with old pre recorded vids replayed over and over was him (PW Vanstone) and ‘ANY’ time American leaders deny it, aren’t they the ones who claim 2 jets downed 3 skyscrapers?  😦

It's NOT a conspiracy Peter ~ PWV ~ Vanstone ~ Osama ~

Now that’s pretty plain and straight forward isn’t it? ~ I’ve said your so called ‘CIA’ fcuking Saudi Osama was a press ganged Australian, forced into service to the Zionist ‘CIA’ after staring in a pedo snuff movie they put him in  😦

Now, a story about the guy who ran him, but first, more Manhattan Transfer  😉

Je vous accuse   😦


Je vous accuse   😦

‘GHW Bush’ who is really a German born illegitimate son of Prescott Bush who took his American born 1\2 brother’s identity over completely in 1970 once claimed he saved my life, but without health justice peace and the freedom and safety of those I’d choose to love, and the financial and political resource to pursue those things, all things I’m without, what’s the fcuking point in being alive anyway you fcuk?  😦

Je vous accuse   😦

Thanks to the pig ignorant Swiss Octagon Lodge controlled German Jew run world Masonic Lodge fascist creeps, I’m slowly and rather painfully dying of some tumours I’ve developed, one via an injection of chemicals up the ass and into the bladder thru the bowel wall, saturating all of the connective tissue in between and creating a painful bowel obstruction ~ So anyway, again, what with saving my life for that, what was the purpose of doing so old man? ~ To live like this? ~ As to wether he did save my life, that’s debatable, but what he did do was sent me feral for 15 years from 1964 to 1979 thru shooting a young girl I’d been sweet on, shooting her dead in front of me, a young Catholic girl called “Monika Cross” who lived in a big old red brick house on the north east corner of North East Road and Hampstead Road Hampstead Gardens ~ She was only about 10 or 11 years and was just starting to get her titties  😦

Je vous accuse   😦

He shot young Monika stone cold dead in front of me with a bullet to the heart in 1964 when I’d been a somewhat tough yet still tender 7 y\o looking to make sense out of the German Jew Masonic fascist madness I’d grown up in during his time running (Overseeing) a ‘CIA’ pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel in the town I’d grown up in, a town full of WW2 ratline Nazis ~ I’d certainly acknowledge he taught me heaps of shit which I’m using now, but really old man, before you die, show me some real love with justice or some simple mercy from euthanasia thru a gift of 5 grams of Afghan American heroin, easy peasy Mr President  😦

That’s 5 grams or a loan for lawyers + off duty coppers  😦
And immediately afterwards, either way you old fcuk?  😉

Smily in Hades ~ 'NO-COMMENT' in Italics ~

Until either a loan for lawyers or preferably the heroin to euthanize materialises, not much to ask in return for the American fascist faggot Masons of ‘CIA’ conducting the abuse of my very early childhood and then on thru the literal prostitution of my entire childhood, then my entire life since then, I’ll continue to write blogs to remind America of their sins ~ Note my previous posts accuse your German born ‘Scherff 41’ of literally torturing 5 Aboriginal children to death in front of me himself in person, plus overseeing the torture murder of 9 babies by Rumsfeld Cheney and your fake Kerry, along with being present for the deaths of 5 other kids in front of me in addition to shooting Monika Cross dead in 1964 + torturing me at age 15 years in addition to the 3 other times I’d been tortured by others in the US taxpayer funded ‘CIA’ and\or their world Masonic faggot fascist thing before then  😦

I-want justice or euthanasia, faggots  😦

Star Spangled Faggot American flag

In case you don’t get-it yet, damn your evil baby-torturing child murdering old fascist Masonic-Zionist dog nation America ~ I’ve just insulted your flag, your president, your nation, your congress, your military, and your god, ‘DAMN YOU ALL’  😦

 For over 50-years American Masonic-Nazi pigs have denied me justice  😦

For the last 9 years straight I’ve offered to euthanize in lieu of justice  😦


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