Americans… Total fakes? Or total fools? Or a nice gay patriotic mix of both?


Gun-rights group calls background

checks ‘utter failure’ after failing

to flag Dylann Roof

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Valerie Richardson
The Washington Times
July 11, 2015

That Dylann Roof was able to purchase a firearm despite a drug arrest comes as evidence that background checks have been an “utter failure,” says a leading gun-rights group. “Background checks for purchasing firearms have been an utter failure,” said Gun Owners of America spokesman Erich Pratt in a statement. “Arguing that we can make background checks better to stop criminals from getting guns is the very definition of insanity.” FBI director James Comey said Friday that the National Instant Check System failed to pick up Roof’s admitting to possession of a controlled substance following a March 1 arrest in Columbia, South Carolina. The admission should have disqualified the 21-year-old Roof, charged in the June 17 slaying of nine churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, from purchasing a firearm. Mr. Comey called it a “mistake in a matter of heartbreaking importance to all of us.”

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This article was posted: Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 9:27 am

Screenshot Texas Gun Groups July 11


Better not forget to watch out for the commie liberal pinko fascists (sic) America 😉

Remember, everyone hates your freedoms, even ‘CIA’ so be careful ~ The Al Qaeda group whom your ‘CIA’ created as a bit of a joke gambit for their 911 deceptions which flew 2 jets into 3 skyscrapers in New York and 4 jets into one barely sane constitutional republic in Washington still hates all of your freedoms  😦

In case you didn’t know, GW Bush’s German born dad ‘GHW’ was the man who’d literally taken the place of his lookalike American born half brother occasionally during his work for ‘CIA’ in the 60’s and permanently in 1970, taken over the identity of the one who was the son of Prescott Bush who had the lawful American birth certificate which read “George Herbert Walker Bush” (sic) simply because he was Prescott’s son and was born in America (sic) unlike his half brother, Fritz ~ It may seem confusing to you if you’re only an ‘American Idiot’ (Snicker) and have never aspired to be anything other than that ~ Anywaaay, he was the one elected to the Texas legislature, while his German born half brother from another (German) mother yet was also still (Most likely) Prescott’s son too as well, well, he was the one who became the 41st US President and was running shit behind the scenes for JJ (Fag) Angleton in Dallas that fateful fag day fag America lost it’s fag president John (Fag) Fitzgerald Kennedy to two well known fag Grassy Knoll shooters ~ Now why call you fag America?  😉

I’m referring to all those going along with all of the idiot-lies 24/7  😦

Have fun marrying your brothers you inbred hillbilly whack jobs  😉

German born Bush US Gay ~ Bush ~ Felix ~ Cletus and Clitoris Inbred Cousins ~ Batter Up ~


Yeh, and “Wind Up Toy” Patsy Dylann Roof has BLACK FRIENDS which is extremely unusual for a “White Supremacist” which proves that this was a Staged Op:


Basic-premise was a lie, a cover-story to distract from a single political hit 😦
‘THEN’ came the wider crisis-actor Psy-Op just like with the Georgia Church bombing back in the 60’s where kids had already disappeared and a big stink was brewing, then came the bombing cover story ~ The Negro’s like Rev Jesse Jackson who tried couldn’t get past the wall the ‘OFFICIAL STORY’ created, just like the ‘WACO’ story where a lot of kids had already disappeared, the stink was brewing, then the wall of treasonous media pushing the official story drowned out all of the brave little people’s truth (s) about what they knew really happened ~ And the kids? 😦
And all the kids? ~ Like with the Oklahoma baby-story ~ The KIDS?’  😦

Christ and child




Texans organize

‘Operation Counter

Jade Helm’ to keep an

eye on the federal troops

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Dylan Baddour
Houston Chronicle
July 11, 2015

When the troops land in Texas for Operation Jade Helm next week, someone will be waiting for them. Hundreds of people have organized a Counter Jade Helm surveillance operation across the Southwestern states and in an effort to keep an eye on the contentious military drill that’s sparked many suspicious of Uncle Sam’s intentions. Eric Johnston, a 51-year-old retired firefighter and sheriff’s deputy who lives in Kerrville, is a surveillance team leader in Texas. He’ll coordinate three groups of volunteers, about 20 folks in total, who hope to monitor the SEALs, Green Berets and Air Force Special Ops in Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction when Jade Helm kicks off on July 15. With media prohibited at the drills, the volunteers could be a main source of information for the highly-anticipate seven-state exercise. But locations more precise than the towns around which troops will drill remain unknown. For the citizens’ surveillance operation, therein lies the first challenge.

Full article here

This article was posted: Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 9:36 am

Screenshot Texans organise July 11

Texans couldn’t even protect president Kennedy from the German Jew Masons in the CIA who shot him 50 years ago ~ The rest of America ‘STILL’ can’t even force it’s old boy network of illuminated treasonous pig Masons to come clean about ‘THAT’ let alone something more recent like Cessna pilots ~ If you can’t just tell the truth about something conspiratorial which is as old as that WTF are you going to say about the rest of the lies you’re going along with in the “New American Century”  😦

You fell in love with spin America  😦

Dylan ~ Rainbow ~ Rummy and Cheney Head shot Throat shot American Flag ~

You still need a 100% 55+ year amnesty for treason  😦

Otherwise truth is dead and only liars are promoted  😦


2 thoughts on “Americans… Total fakes? Or total fools? Or a nice gay patriotic mix of both?

  1. I copied and pasted the below, not to scare or harass you but for myself anyways to give credibility to your past not that you need someone affirming what you already know.. You suffered things one would hope no one has to go through. We all have a story but yours is really bad and very painful to read, for me anyways.Took me to many years to see what is reality and what is fiction. Not that I could change any of it, but a truthful understanding of it through time would have been nice. You are a brave soul to come forth knowing it could mean your demise anytime they feel like it.On your writings I have read you do believe in an almighty. You have seen evil firsthand, man and his sin is capable of utterly despicable things. You throw the demonic aspect into it and well you know the rest. I have spent many years trying to educate my fellow man here in the U.S. Unfortunately during that time period my fellow man could not give a dam.. While things today look much worse on the plus side people are waking up, a little late to the dance but better late then never. My reason for contacting you , get ready to laugh at me, have you ever attempted or thought about writing a book of all the Hell you have been put through. Would require names obviously and no I am not one of them trying to bring you out. With all you have experienced those of us in the know would get a better understanding of them, the evil ones. Which I would hope would help us in fighting there agenda. That said I do believe in End Times, course that means what is going to happen will happen. Anyhow do appreciate your writings and your guts.

    You may have purchased a set with the names blacked out from dirty FBI-CIA blackmailer Ted Gunderson, a known thief, liar and killer — a true “Daddy Bush FBI Troll, who surfaced in the 1990s to run cover for Bush and to identify those children who still may be living, who could be a liability to Bush, Gunderson and CIA George Pender’s Congressional Child Sex Blackmail Operation known as “Brownstar”.


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