Great Men Often Die Young

. Just for the record, I’m an animist & a spiritualist ~ I’ve great respect for the ‘REAL‘ historical Christ ~ He was a radical truthful anarchist with a heart ~ As-far as a Jewish god goes tho, it’s all a big lie ~ . BREAKING: Germany’s DW Reports ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO’s Turkey… Continue reading Great Men Often Die Young

Lateral literal linear & logical

. . How Did this 9/11 Truth Art Make it into the Museum? Museum art connects the dots Prison November 19, 2014 The National September 11th Memorial and Museum is a shrine to the official narrative, so why did they want Anthony Freda’s 9/11 Truth Art? . .   Lewie Paine • an hour… Continue reading Lateral literal linear & logical

They just can’t stop lying!

. . Russia Demolishes Australia’s Kangaroo Court: Sends Four Warships To G20 Michael Thomas Prison November 15, 2014 TONY ABBOTT’S POLITICAL BOXING IS NO MATCH FOR VLADIMIR PUTINS GEOPOLITICAL JUDO ~ RUSSIA SENDS FOUR WARSHIPS TO AUSTRALIA NE COASTLINE IN ADVANCE OF G20 MEETING (Infowars repeats stories & lies on cue for world Zionism) Whether… Continue reading They just can’t stop lying!