America 2016…

Cocaine, Viagra, and Chutzpah  😉

Few people know and even less seem to care that America’s ‘CIA’ took the money it made from importing cocaine and turned it into “Crack” to wreck their white trailer trash and African American plus Latino socio-political family stability, then used that to fund “Hezbollah” as the so called terrorists who ‘Hated America’s freedoms’ were according to Masons in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and 00’s ~ That’s outright treason in any sane honest person’s viewpoint, however, while Masons who did it could often be accused of many things, SANITY is not one of them…

Ah treason, how sweet is is ~ Cheney and Rumsfeld

Cocaine along with Viagra and underage metrosexual rent-boys and rent-girls were also what the main Masonic gambit was with the insane Young Republican Bohemian Grove thing under Ronnie Reagan, tho in all truth it was “GHW (Scherff-41) Bush” who ran the whole show with Reagan little more than a Hollywood Cowboy glove puppet cum patriot-actor\saint as he was played according to world Zionism’s master plan, and, combined with the hard core heavy duty ‘Political blackmail’ set up within the laundered Israeli aid money flowing back to both sides of congress as well as various state legislatures and governor’s, the nearly always secretly filmed weird sex gave the whole thing it’s ‘Hook’ into their control of America’s hidden political process…

It’s the way the whole thing (The treason) that America and the world at large thru America is now stuck with was really set up from day one, it was the ‘Engine room’ of the corruption and Masonic control ~ It’s since been the one single dynamic which has brought all America undone in the post ‘911’ world…

It’s all conspiracy to commit ‘High-treason’ for those who wish to know…

Donald Trump

Praises Alex


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Trump discusses interview with Infowars

The Alex Jones Show
January 20, 2016

Alex Jones plays a clip where presidential candidate Donald Trump is asked about his interview with Infowars.

This article was posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 5:59 am


Read in the paper this morning, they want to run BLOOMBURG now against The Trumpster. Can’t have no WASP employing the truth as a strategy to get elected – nnooooo. Instead, they’ll throw a GUN-GRABBING, NWO PUPPET in the mix in an effort to grab some Jewish voters away from the front-runner. Bloomburg’s publications, print & media are biased, libtard-cowtow, toilet paper. He is the epitome of a wall-street insider. And he will follow NWO orders to the letter, if elected. There’s more dirt on the Witch of Bengazi too. And it looks like the agents of fortune are turning a cold shoulder in her direction. So they’re panicking. As much of an ego maniac as Trump may be, I’ve followed his career & headlines etc,.

It is my belief that he has a conscience and a greater degree of common sense then the rest of the candidates. Go Trump, Cruz 2016!!!!!!!!


So Ah, Err, you ‘BELIEVE’ that Trump has a conscience Huh? ~ Really? 😉
Heh-Heh, come-on Donald, cut it out, ain’t you got nothing better to do? 😉
Don’t lose your sense-of-humor America, you’re going to need it soon 😉


TRUMP / CARSON’ Cruz can’t be trusted .


You could have an old “Hoover Float-On-Air” vacuum cleaner elected as the next US President if it had the full faith and credibility of the US section of World Masonry that controls the ‘Super Delegates’ backing it, maybe, probably…

Old Hoover Vacuum Cleaner 2016


Please Share Cleo, Thanks
“The Real Donald Trump Story”
Trump Supporter Video, Ep. 3


If the Donald wanted to pump himself up as “The People’s Choice” then he’d freely publish ‘ALL’ of the documents on how he freely and without pressure or legal obligation returned ‘ALL’ of the lost 401k pension funds from that soured investment into one of his doomed companies in the late 90’s, the one where all of the members of the fund had all busted a gut to stop it and said it was pure fraud before the documents had even been signed, all going down just before it went belly up…

and he went bankrupt without losing a dime…

Now who wouldn’t want to ‘LUV THE DONALD’ for that selfless act because, as he keeps telling everyone, he’s a very wealthy man who owns a very successful company, so he can ‘VERY’ easily afford to act like a human being instead of…

a selfish greedy political animal…

Gee, if he did that I’d even vote for him and I’m not even American 😉
He’d be like some sort of honest morally courageous gay Superman  😉

Trump ~ Wankerman

Breaking: Hillary

Denies Email Hack

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Clinton refutes claim from ex-Secret Service agent

Mikael Thalen
January 21, 2016

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denied reports that her private email server had been hacked Thursday after being confronted by an Infowars correspondent at a campaign stop in Iowa.

“Secretary Clinton, last week it was reported on that your email server was hacked and you knowingly continued to use your email server,” Infowars’ Richard Reeves said. “Can you comment on that?”

“It’s totally untrue. Totally untrue,” Clinton replied. […]

This article was posted: Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 9:46 pm


Hacking? ~ Lot of it going around, maybe the president’s Cyber Security Network hacked itself, much like that old non-existent biblical saying which says ‘Let the whore without sin go and fcuk herself’ ~ Think Christ would’ve said that?  😉

Christ preaching Holy Grail Whore without sin

Perhaps that’s just what they ‘THOUGHT’ he was saying like in the vid below  😉


TRAITOR!!! She needs to be executed for TREASON!!!


“Means Motive and Opportunity” goes the old saying, and when it comes to ‘ALL THE GOLD THEFT’ from Iraq and Libya along with the main crimes before during and after the ‘911’ attacks, especially shutting ‘NORAD’ down for 2 hours for a software upgrade (sic) and sending their Air Force off to Alaska for a drill so their 120 Mile attack radars wouldn’t detect ‘NO PLANES’ plus their many crimes against humanity, war crimes against both the Muslim and against the American soldier in Gulf War One and Two plus the Afghan War, sending the Sunni and Shia that $500 Million Dollars to purchase explosives for ‘IED’ attacks on the black market in Iran, sending it’s soldiers there without proper body armor and armored Humvees, using Predator Drones to kill entire wedding parties to break the Muslim spirit, and last but not least that multi Trillion dollar no bid contract for Afghan rare earth minerals like Lithium etcetera if that indeed is the case as America media once reported it…

before legislation was passed (?) to ban talking about it…

so you got a “Means Motive and Opportunity” question still in play 😦

Maybe the Muslims had a motive to perform the impossible feat of 2 jets downing 3 skyscrapers if you discount all of Bernie Madoff’s files that went down with the Bldg 7 demolition, but they never had means or opportunity without Allah turning steel to dust with direct energy technology cause with steel beams in the Towers turning to dust it defies laws of physics, so if the Muslims had opportunity to steal their own gold and Lithium then maybe all things considered ‘Razzle the mighty Masonic Clown’ would soon have the opportunity to turn himself into a hell of a president for the greatest nation of lying hypocritical frauds on earth today too…

or then again, maybe not  😦

Razzle Sound Stable MasonSkull and Bones LODGE 322 Iraqi Libyan gold Lithium NO Imgflip.LODGE


Dead on !!! … unusually straight forward, comin’ from you ET.
Was Billary in on it ( 911 ) ? Personally, I uh, well, er …


‘911?’ ~ America’s Masons under German-Jew Illuminati control were the ones who did it ~ She’s a Mason, so you draw your own conclusions yet, yet, yet (Yet) you Americans better start to rethink the role of Masonry in America ever since the Civil War days when they played both North and South off against each other, gutted the nation of 600,000 of it’s best brightest and bravest citizens, made a shitload of money, rearranged the entire country’s political situation thru the most callous and heartless heavy handed stupid and clumsy way possible, then stole the equivalent of $1 to $8 Trillion in cash bearer bonds thru Tammany House Masonic Lodge head Boss Tweed which had been placed aside so the new nation wouldn’t start off in debt to the international bankers (Ooh, that was cold) and then they took ‘THAT’ to Europe to fund the theft of Russia’s gold, used Russia’s gold to start the US Fed as well as crush the Russian people’s normal hopes of their nation’s progress with first Communism and (Then) Stalinism, crushed the German people twice, ‘WW1’ then after the 1929 Wall St crash to get the money they finance Astor Descendent (Adolf) Hitler to loot Europe of it’s gold as well, then came the (Masonic) Roosevelt treason of Pearl Harbor before ‘WW2’ during which America also lost 100’s of 1000’s of men needlessly, and then, and then, once you ignore their Korean and Vietnam gambits…

they pulled the ‘911’ attacks  😦

So, Umm, Err, Hillary is a Mason but just little fish, look to German Jew (Bio) illegitimate descent Rockefellers like Rumsfeld and his bastard Trump as well as other (Bio) Rockefeller Masons like Ashton Carter etc as well as your Bush’s and Sanders along with the Chinese (Bio) Rockefeller “Jingpin” to be…

the most dangerous players of the future  😦

Oh dear, now THAT was a rant, and it all started off with…


not Muslims, yet the R-souls still claim…

Ancient Wisdom guides them?  😦

PS: ~ Umm, Err, bit of money missing since ‘911’ isn’t there, there was a few Trillion went missing with Bernie Madoff plus the $2.3 Trillion Rumsfeld reassigned, and then there’s the ‘REAL’ debt to the US Fed which sees the American people now borrowing $19 Trillion per year just to pay the interest on the real debt which is many $100’s of Trillions of dollars, so in reality nothing has changed since the 1860’s and the Masons are still the real enemy of America, not Muslims…

they’ve just ass raped America for over 150+ years in total  😦

McCain Ancient Wisdom 680


I wonder whether hacking is only the alibi so that patrons of US govt secrets could go in amd out with ease. I bet she gave away more than Robert Hanson. Why didn’t Obama already throw her under the bus to just clean his hands of this mess entirely and why is Obama exempted from any of the flack from this. Was he not privy to knowing his Sec.State would be haphazardly trading/losing national secrets? It’s funny how eager the feds are to use “national security” as an excuse to literally do anything and then not give 2 shits and go out of their way to do nothing…

when national security was clearly violated


If you think about-it, ‘Figureheads‘ rarely get to make decisions about shit…
Some people forget mighty-intellects (Snicker) like ‘Reagan’ only got the gig in the first place on a nod from bankers, said ‘NOD’ on the understanding that he was merely an actor, he didn’t get to write his own lines ~ It’s all become a “Game in the market place” and it’s gone pear shaped ~ “But the enemy I-see, wears a cloak of decency, all non-believers and men stealers talking in the name of religion, and there’s a slow, slow train coming, coming round the bend” goes the old Dylan classic ~ It applies to everything political now, tho he made that comment on a spiritual perspective…

America needs to repent, but it can’t ~ It’s leaders have piled up that many lies since the Secret Service security double for ‘JFK’ got whacked in Dealy Plaza to cover up the president’s murder around 2 weeks previous that now the whole political dog and pony show is just ‘Staying On Message’ to get ahead, get ahead to get along, get along to move forward, all crap meaningless phrases for lying when you’re told and not asking questions in case you’re seen as a troublemaker, yet to accept the officially accepted official story (sic) means the bullshit just piles higher and higher  😦

The Great Al Qaeda Train Wreck crash



I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated nobodies ~ All past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) plus all past present and (Also) any future royalties remain those of the original lawful owners  😉

Oh-yeah, you can repost at your leisure, yet it’s still MY blog, right?  😉

PS: I’m still just chasing liberty or death, justice or simple euthanasia  😉

Don’t forget I’m only doing-it in the most constructive way possible  😉

Jim Jeffries treason magic god hand idea 680

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