The German-Jew x Swiss…

Russo\Masonic tragedy  😦

To Mother Russia from Yogi und der BooBoo  😉

Yogi Bear and GHW Bush

Facts are facts, fiction is fiction…

I’ll have to walk you thru some of this because parts of it may not be very widely known outside of intelligence or other oxymoronic circles ~ That’s not a picture of America’s 41st president above, yet most certainly it’s a man who had the legal right to call himself ‘George Herbert Walker Bush’ because that’s what his birth certificate said as distinct from his birth extract, yet even so, the real story goes much deeper like in the above vid ~ He had various nicknames in ‘CIA’ when he did odd jobs for them in between serving in the Texas legislature as well as giving his lookalike half brother an alibi ~ His odd jobs included eliminating troublesome female problems which he was quite good at even tho he was as camp as a row of tents at the Haj in Saudi Arabia ~ The one that stuck was FELIX (The Cat) while his half brother ‘Scherff’ who became the 41st president of the greatest nation in the world was called BUTCH because he bristled with threats of violence at any inference that he was gay like his half brother’s persona was, and was also called ‘Cowboy’ during his Vietnam years passing US Troop movement info to Viet Cong and finishing off any soldiers that made it to the hospital if Rumsfeld, also an off books ‘Odd jobs’ man for ‘CIA’ in the dirty war had fragged them yet they didn’t immediately die…

If there’s a grey area in the middle of what you thought you knew about any of this then that’s normally due to secretly Zionist Freemasons deliberately muddying the water of truth to those they consider outsiders with the politics of total denial, usually using a simple technique called ‘Plausible Deniability’ in the intelligence trade…

The Bush nicknamed ‘Felix’ reckoned he loved little old me…

That was after his niece ‘Robin’ was euthanized because she was a mental defective, retarded, and he took it pretty hard, replacing his affections for her with me in an understandable transfer of affections to me seeing I’d been a child also ~ He (Felix) was also the one who tortured me with electric shocks at age 5 years, he said because they’d threatened her (Robin) with death if he didn’t do that to me, then they (Zion) euthanized her anyway which left him bitter angry and seeking revenge till the day he died so it was all pretty twisted ~ After that was done to Robin he started fighting back, helping me in small ways, telling me all sorts of things which derailed many of the other lies I’d been told, making sense of lots of stupid things once the missing pieces were there and they (Zion) gave him a really hard time, a REALLY hard time, and he took up ‘YOGA’ to keep strong and center himself after bouts of torture and brainwashing among other pressures, most of which I’ve faced myself these last 50+ years ~ We were both soon tagged as ‘Yogi and Boo Boo’ because he said running into me was a ‘Boo Boo’ seeing I’d turned into a hard assed little bastard after the torture at age 5 and later, we were (Literally) tagged as ‘Batman and Robin’ both for the bleeding obvious, plus something else I’ve mentioned in a previous blog where he’d claimed to have seen something at ‘AREA-51’ that looked like a large bat…

True story, you could make this stuff up ~ Why bother when reality itself is so fcuking bizarre, so anyway, there’s the story behind the ‘To Mother Russia from der Yogi und Boo Boo’ pun and in a grand piece of circuitous pretzel logic, thus the ‘Water of love’ song below, tho the truth is I-just like the song and it’s my blog  😉

A simple truth that effects a wide range of greater realities, including ‘LOVE’, read the preamble preceded by a truly great song by a truly average band who could’ve been better had they shown due respect to an Aboriginal animist man sent to…

pass the Blessingstick  😉

And when you run out of Spirit in the bunkers yourselves Ivan?  😦

What then dear cousin-comrades?  😦

The spiritual Blessingstick will be long gone by then  😦

(And no Ejets ~ It doesn’t refer to sexual-occult)  😉

Now, some true history from Russia…

Russia’s true history (Of big Masonic treason) somewhat mirrors that of America  😦

In the modern age it began with treasonous Masonic identity-swaps at Crimea  😦

The Russian Czar who, to all reports was a big-hearted man, was played like a fool by the Masons in his royal court who used a lookalike to give idiotic orders to the troops who were then soundly routed (Defeated with extreme casualties) by the English Army, and English Masonry at that time was being controlled by German Jews in the English Lodges who used marriage and half breed bastards as pawns who acted on behalf of the Swiss Masonic Zionists ~ Does it sound complicated yet?

Most of you don’t know the half of it and never will either, unless of course you study all my blogs with respect ‘From the heart’ as well as the mind, like they were actually saying something truthful thoughtful wise and even deep ~ Few people in America seem to know or care that the American born ‘GHW Bush’ who was a great baseball player before becoming the Texas legislature lawman people associate with his name literally had a Russian born birth mom who wasn’t Prescott’s wife…

He was NOT the one who flew fighter bombers in the Pacific War because that was his German born half brother ‘Scherff” who was son of a German born woman, he took over his half brother’s identity in it’s entirety around 1970 and then became ‘CIA’ director and then Ronald Reagan’s ‘VP’ and ass kicker in chief before becoming US President and clobbering Russia at Chernobyl in league with treasonous Mason Gorbachev who looks a bit too much like Cheney’s cousin to be coincidence once you factor in the Zionist connection and understand the concept of ‘Bloodlines’ as they’re used in controlling the world in the grip of greedy moronic little inbred turds…

trained from childhood to be feckless creeps  😦

Some may claim this is either ridiculous or just old history and thus it doesn’t matter, yet if it’s not already ‘VERY’ obvious for the thinking Russian with illegitimate German Jew Masons inbuilt into their society from top to bottom, I’ll soon point out why it’s relevant before the end of this blog unless I-forget to, which is unlikely…

Anywaaay, again just for the record, the American born ‘GHW Bush’ who didn’t become the US president literally had a Russian birth mom with Prescott as the father, told you it was complicated ~ As for the Masonic pimps in the US Congress who claim this is all deluded insane bullshit yet still maintain that Cessna pilots stole 4 ‘757’ jets and brought down 3 skyscrapers with 2 of them, well, ‘Daaah’  😉

Russian Mock dildo 'NWO'

The Masonic Russo-tragedy  😦

The Russian tragedy starts with a horde of what, if you knew what you were talking about  you’d only ever laughingly call “White Russians” invading Russia from the steppes after a ‘HUGE’ worldwide pre-planned meltdown of power from the end of what the excesses of  ‘Julian’ (Jew) disaster caused to Rome, with that then cascading on down thru the slow rising of German tribes with warrior spirit but no far sighted strategy ~ When the invasion of Russia by the ‘White Russian’ (sic) finally occurred they were in fact fleeing from the conflagrations caused by the emergence of their own brothers from their 200 year stay in the Swiss Alps…

These Israeli 10 tribes ‘Diaspora’ the White Russians understandably ran away from were the Normans, the Norman Conquerors, with both groups coming all of the way from the Assyrian Diaspora of Israel’s 10 lost tribes, the Normans via Scandinavia via Switzerland under Charlemagne and god knows where for the ‘White Russian’ on their hunt for a land to claim as their own ~ The term ‘White Russian’ does tend to imply a Nordic bred ‘Volk’ of one sort or another, sometimes oft red haired Israelites who’d interbred with Nordic people’s prior to seizing Russia from it’s indigenous animist Aboriginal tribes ~  Again, in actual fact the ‘White Russian’ isn’t really Russian after all, they’re from the Diaspora of the 10 tribes as were Normans…

No Russian needs me to retell the early high tech ‘Tunguska’ incident which involved a square meter of crude uranium in huge concrete block being fired upon at close range with a 120 foot cannon with a shell of the same crude uranium, both refined with magnetrons with so many slave laborers dying in the process which was then used to leverage all of the gold bullion Russia had at the highest levels of the Masonic Lodge to create the ‘US Fed’ which then proceeded to defeat the US from within, and they don’t need to be reminded that a trainload of gold was sent to Marx or Lenin or whoever to fund the Bolshevik disaster, gold that was probably their own gold before it was loaned to their new masters, the Jews Marx and Lenin, and no Russian needs be reminded of the ten year cycle of those who offed Bolshie’s then being offed themselves ten years after, with another group offing them, and another (Secretly Zionist) Masonic group offing them, and so on right up to the present time where the Zionist oligarch’s of Russia offed all those who dared express dissenting opinion along the lines of ‘The inmates are running the asylum again’ as little people caught in the middle got crushed by illuminated secret society idiots in charge…

(Don’t forget lookalikes executed in place of Czar Nicholas and his family)

Mark Twain Stupid People JPEGFelix (GHW) Bush + Scherffscherff-41-gay-fcuker-prez1 680

And after the Bavarian Illuminati years…

There’s no After ~ It’s all still all run by them on behalf of the Swiss  😦



CNN Asks Trump

‘Are You A Fascist?’

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“We need a certain toughness, or we’re not going to have a country left.”

Steve Watson
December 8, 2015

In an appearance on CNN this morning, Donald Trump defended his comments about banning all Muslims from entering the US, and was asked straight up if he was a fascist. ‘New Day’ host Chris Cuomo told Trump that his political rivals have been galvanized into agreeing that Trump’s idea “is un-American, it’s extreme and it makes you a fascist.” He then asked Trump to respond. […]


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’

And (Bwaaaaaa Haaa Haaa Haaa) (Eck) (Haaaa Ha-Ha Ha-Ha)  😉

This article was posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 10:24 am


It’s not an interview if the host ask a question of the guest and then talks over him when the host doesn’t like the answer.


Then it’s a circus maximus.


Russians spent 100+ yrs honing the fine art of satirical wit with only a rough 50\50 chance they’d be sent to the Gulags for being a fascist smartass, then along came the Zio-Masonic Oligarchs and sunk it ~ Well, they didn’t actually sink it, they just kind of beat it up and raped it and then strangled it before cutting it’s corpse up and taking it out to the local pig farmer to, and…

Oh, hang-on, where’s this going?  😉

NB: For context on the following graphic, Rumsfeld is Trump’s illegitimate father  😦

Rumsfeld is illegitimate (German-Jew) Rockefeller JJ McCloy’s bastard offspring  😦


MSNBC Host Furious at

Publication of Tashfeen

Malik’s Photo Because it

Could Offend Muslims

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Melissa Harris-Perry slams NY Times for showing terrorist’s face

Paul Joseph Watson
December 7, 2015

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was furious at the New York Times’ decision to publish a photograph of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik, fearing that the image could offend Muslims.

After Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab Association of New York, complained about the newspaper publishing an image of a Koran found inside the terrorists’ home, Harris-Perry went further down the rabbit hole of politically correct lunacy. “That image and then right next to it an image of the shooting suspect there in a hijab – and the idea that OK, this is what terrorism looks like,” said Harris-Perry, arguing that such treatment was only given to “specific communities”. In the case of Malik, it’s exactly what terrorism looks like – she helped Sayed Farook brutally gun down 14 people and injure 21 more. Some even suspect that… […]

Malik was responsible for radicalizing her husband…
and was the ringleader of the attack.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

This article was posted: Monday, December 7, 2015 at 5:04 pm

“Na Da-Da, Na-Da DaDa, Na Da-Da, Na-Da DaDa, Na Da-Daaaa, NaDa NaDaaa,
Na DaDa NaDa Na Da DaDa, Na-Da Na-Da DaDa Da Na Da-Da, NaDa DaDa”

Bwaaaa Ha Ha (Nada) Ha Ha-Ha ~ The big joke’s on YOU soldier-boy, it’s on you…
Ignoring the 200 dead in ‘VA’ hospitals due to minor procedures, there’s banana’s…

Lethal Muslim-terrorist bananas ~ Or, just a distraction from 8000 ‘NDAA’ victims that you won’t ever know about because it’s against the law to report ‘NDAA’ deaths, or the neat new surgical procedures where microwaves are used to lobotomize you while you’re drugged, or just the permanent detention in black-hole prisons…

“Greatest country in the world” right? ~ Yeah, greatest parallel universe in the…


Melissa Harris-Perry = Insanity personified. Also a Marxist to the nth degree.

MK Ultra Mind Control spy – poor thing……  I’d love to give her the boot, but I would have to do it……  Before I deprogrammed her 😉


Hmm, she’s a Marxist? ~ Then you’re a ‘Faaaaaarxxxxxist” you dill…
This ‘San Bernandino’ deal just like Fergusson and Sandy Hook and Colorado shootings and even Ukraine and the 5 y\o thing in Syria along with the 5 y\o Arab Spring ‘ISIS’ x ‘ISIL’ crap is McCain’s blow psychosis at full song, it’s an idiot Masonic Zionist distraction from the 8000+ NDAA victims described elsewhere in this blog  😦

America’s ex-military lawyer-boys didn’t have the heart or the balls, or maybe after the microwave surgical procedure ‘THE BRAINS’ to take me up on my 5+ y\o offer to ‘Dig-up’ proof of who their fake ‘CIA’ patsy ‘911 Osama’ 1997-04 was ~ Instead, all the ex-military just sat around and bitched about Mooozlums?’ = ‘Tupid  😦

Peter ~ PWV ~ Vanstone ~ Osama BETTER QUALITY 680


In our Bizarro America, the sheep pretend to stay worrying about who’s offended and zero about being defended!
”We are at WAR, ‘it’s just not the Hollywood version!’

Avatar  (Edited)

You’re at war alright America ~ Saintly dynamic heterosexual Judeo Xtian Masonic America with it’s ‘BONER FOR A TRUE PATRIOT’ illusion is at war with the guys who pulled ‘911’ who were the same (Zionist) Masons 😉
Confused yet? ~ Well you should be ~ I’ll break it down for you…
Freemason (Zionist) German-Jew Nazi Prescott’s old company who were the building supervisors for the ‘Twin Towers’ on orders from ‘ZION’ built what are best called ‘Tesla Generators’ into the towers, they pull electrical power from earth’s magnetic field ~ What actually brought the towers down was indeed small explosive thermite charges, however the whole structure was first weakened using “The Hutchinson Effect” generators which has been 100% proven in heaps of vids even on YouTube still…
These ‘Hutchinson Effect’ generators were delivered to ‘The Towers’ prior to Sept 11th in those infamous crates of ‘Coca Cola’ and\or ‘Printer Ink’ (sic) that no one was allowed to touch and were soon also ordered never to talk about to this very day…

The actual impacts of the planes were indeed ‘CGG’ and ‘CGV’ which had been prepared beforehand ~ The inbuilt ‘Tesla Generators’ in the ‘Towers’ themselves powered the little “Hutchinson Effect” generators which then weakened the structure to the point where small explosive thermite and shaped high-heat nano thermite packs placed under the insulation around the steel girders at the time the buildings were constructed with Prescott’s old company being the ‘Building Supervisors’ are what brought it all down ~ It’s why that famous New York high rise steel worker said the day after the crash ‘I-DON’T UNDERSTAND ~ WHERE’S THE STEEL?’

Now “Al-Muslim Terrorist High-Tech Treasonous Masonic Pig” may have had a hand in what the Bavarian Illuminati Masons did that day but, like my childhood friend who was their fake Osama from 1997 to 2004 even tho he was dead by 2002…

it’s likely Al-Muslim ‘THTTMP’ was a patsy for Zion  😦

The video itself ‘MAY’ be true faked rigged or whatever ~ The concept itself is called “String Theory” and under the right Magnetic type of carrier the actual frequency of the waves is what will weaken steel as well as turn solid concrete into dust and aluminum into pools of glowing plasma ~ I-repeat, ‘Tesla Generators’ built into the ‘Towers’ themselves powered the little “Hutchinson Effect” generators which then weakened the structure to the point where small explosive thermite and shaped high-heat nano thermite packs placed under the insulation around the steel girders brought it all down ~ Again, it’s why that famous New York high rise steel worker said the day after the crash ‘I-DON’T UNDERSTAND ~ WHERE’S THE STEEL?’ because what occurred was simply beyond the (Known) laws of physics…

Has ‘STUPID’ (America) forgotten those videos of a 120 x ft 52″ x 3 ft near solid steel girder just turning to dust before their eyes? ~ There’s no second prize for ‘STUPID’ soldier boy and real world patriot, just the shame you’ll likely face in Hades one day unless you man up, hunker down, and fight for truth…

America’s German-descent Masons pulled ‘911’ and the rest helped them  😦

You wanna trust Masonic Zionist Judeo Xtian clowns with your eternity? 😦
Those bastards will steal your ‘Soul’ from you as sure as your ‘Parachute’  😉


First video was fake, if you can find some of the first photos right after it happened, you can see where Mossad cut the structural steel at 45 degree angles, it’s done the same way in most to all demolition jobs…

inside or other.


Ha-Ha-Ha ~ Sarcastic incoming…………

I’m not too sure if you noticed the “Catch-22” vid at the end of the comment because ‘CSpam’ was in your rear as a kind of big brother ‘Cyber Security’ congressional patriot actor ‘Catch-22’ metaphor, I’d just like to point out 3 things, one from your comment and the 2nd from my comment and the 3rd from my rather dismal life in a ‘CIA’ run pedo snuff movie political blackmail child brothel the United States Govt ran in Australia in the 1960’s ~ For the Mossad to have been involved in planting explosives in the towers and by extension Building 7 where a large ‘CIA’ office was based, ‘Mossad’ would’ve had to have been balls deep[ in ‘CIA’ or visa versa which means ‘Deep Throat Butt Sex’ America ~ The second point from my comment about Prescott’s old company being the building supervisor for the Towers means the Masonic Lodge of America was involved in selling the story from day one 😦
That whole “CATCH-22” was something I’d been up to speed on back in the 19650′ in that pedo snuff-movie political blackmail brothel and, I’d just like to add that once you die Masonic America, you’re eventually going to the deepest darkest baddest place in Hades after paradise falls and, when it does, I’ll be waiting 😦
I’ll be waiting with bitter spiritually effective payback Masons 😦
Then, some time after that, you’re going to ‘HELL’ Masons 😦
Meanwhile, this video is ‘YOU’ now America ~ This video is you  😉


Hades, a soul, Hell, who the F are you posting under my friends avatar? LOL!


The Judeo Xtian thing is a crock of shit…

The ancient Greeks with their concept of Hades along with the Chinese ancestor worship idea of the post rigor mortis consciousness is closer to reality ~ They’ll have the illusion of ‘SOUL’ stripped from them pretty damn quick once they’ve fallen from the paradise\light deception in darkness, then, it’ll just be a ‘SPIRIT’ (Essence) which is what they were a year before they were born 😦
Excuse me talking of ‘REALITY’ to a “Cyber Security” hack here boyo  😉

These things are hard to explain outside of metaphysical allegory 😉

Robby final massage


You should start a tent revival or a snake handling church.


I’m not Xtian’ I’m animist\spiritualist, you should start a kiddie brothel 😦
Pretty big business in Washington’s “THE CIRCLE’ America, big business 😦



Who says that you don’t have sense of humor…
I’ll call them a low down, snake handling liar!


McCain says I’m a liar, I-say I-saw him in the flesh in Adelaide South Australia in 1970 in the pedo snuffmovie ‘CIA’ run child brothel I’ve mentioned above…

One of us is definitely lying ~ Taint meeeeeee  😉

Blasphemy in Masonic German Russian American Masonic Bullshit

This graphic is just a pun on my German-Jew Nazi biology along with my Russian born surrogate birth mom, one of Mengele’s specialties in the 50’s over 30+ years before the rest of the world medical community caught up, and guess what, they’re ‘STILL’ 30-50 years ahead ~ Beware planet, ‘DNA’ from old ‘ET’ and ‘EGGHEAD’ were crossed with reptile ‘DNA’ in an attempt to fool you into submitting to an ‘ET-Returns’ scenario when all it’ll be is the world’s biggest Jewish Zion-con since they claimed the Christ’s butchered cadaver had risen from death ~ Humanity, my birth-mom gave birth to identical twins just before those German Jew Nazi cocksuckers ritually murdered her, one fool called ROD long claimed that that twin was him ~ It’s not, me and my twin were were identical and the ‘POS’ is still out there somewhere, Zion will try to pull an identity swap to place a lying defeated fool in my place  😦

‘Barack Obama 2008’ versus ‘Barack Obama 2012’ ~ His was what’s called a ‘Split-blastocyst’ twin with each separate embryo placed in a different (Kenyan? = Snigger) womb whereas mine? ~ Probably not but maybe could be ~ Don’t know apart from we were identical but it was me that had the spark and fire in my eyes ~ Wake-up  😉

And the (Not all dead) big-brained baddies who started Zionism 12,000 yrs ago?  😉

The ones from Switzerland Tibet and Antarctica now ensconced in Crimea?  😉

Conehead Zionist Super Tylenol

There’s a few thinking-allegories for any German or Russian readers above  😉

My (Real) birth-mom was Russian-born, my biology German-Jew Nazi  😉

Can’t recall anyone actually asking-me my permission at the time  😉


I’d list all of the identity swaps for you, however, I’m tired and a bit cranky  😦

Topp and Putin's father + Masonic symbol

I’ll not swear to the veracity of the photo immediately above this paragraph, yet the deeper inference is 100% accurate in that you can easily see Putin’s father there, what isn’t so obvious is that Vladimir Putin like the Bush’s and the Cheney x Sanders brothers along with Czar Nicholas and the British monarch as well as the real Vietnam marine veteran Kerry and that fake who took his place as the US Secretary of State had half brothers or cousins who were lookalikes ~ These two above are just two of many Masonic Zionism used to confuse the population in a convoluted matrix of lie damned lie and outright treason, in Russia’s case all of the way back to the Crimean War and the 200+ year tragedy that brought them while in America’s case the Obama from 08 and the one from 2012 are different people too…

To the people of Russia at the ‘Missile Command Center’ in the early 90’s  😦

WTC 6 Treason


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

Robby 8-10

PS: Self-praise ain’t worth diddly, but bearing that in mind, this is a pretty good blog once you factor in the fact that those same moronic Masonic assholes who pulled ‘911’ and tortured me at least ‘FOUR’ times by the time that photo above was taken just after I’d been raped (Again) for the god knows how many times since age 4 in the ‘CIA’ pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel they ran in Adelaide South Australia, and also had me surgically lobotomized with a glass fiber optic laser up the nose which cauterized 90% of the blood supply to the frontal lobes just prior to the ‘911’ attacks, then this blog is a brilliant fcuking effort, period, and…

‘Fcuk you in Timbuktu’

if you think otherwise, lets see your work, pinhead  😉

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