Zionist Conspiracy?

Let the sunshine (Truth) in  😦

Ever heard that old joke about how to confuse an Irishman? ~ Give him a spade and a shovel then tell him to take his pick? ~ Well this post may confuse you Yanks cause it requires you to think for yourselves ~ This one requires lateral ‘Deep-thought’ and some very quick responses, but really guys, if you can’t work it out, perhaps you could just ask an Irishman to interpret it’s fcuking meaning for-Ya?  😉

Bush and BushOriginal The Bush's

(JFK was dead 2 weeks before Dealy Plaza)  😦

(That was his security double in the limo)  😦


The Punishment Society

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Paul Craig Roberts
Prison Planet.com
November 4, 2015

Once upon a time, a dental or medical exam was an opportunity to read a book. No more. The TV blares. It was talking heads discussing whether a football player had been sufficiently punished. The offense was unclear. The question was whether the lashes were sufficient. It brought to mind that punishment has become a primary feature of American, indeed Western, society. [….] The police violence extends beyond the schools. Any American unfortunate enough to have a police encounter risks being tasered, beaten, arrested, and even murdered. Protesters, war and otherwise, are beaten, tear gassed, arrested. The American police state is working hard to criminalize all criticism of itself. Violence has become the defining hallmark of the United States. It is even the basis of US foreign policy. In the 21st century millions of peoples have been killed and displaced by American violence against the world. With our public schools and police forces working overtime to teach the children who will comprise the future generations that violence is the solution and submission is the only alternative, expect the United States to be unliveable at home and an even worse danger to the rest of the world. [….]

This article was posted: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 11:47 am


What a story, just how was ”FASCISM” and the ”TPP” involved in it again?


Uranus dude, Uranus ~ Remember that old ‘HAIR’ song “Aquarius” from the old hippy days? ~ “When the moon is in the 7th house… and Jupiter (Jehovah) aligns with Mars… (God of war) then peace will guide the planet… and love will rule the stars” ~ Well, looks like Jupiter (Jove or Jehovah) needs to orbit Uranus to pull it off  😉

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha ~ Bwaaa-Haa-Ha ~ I-kill myself some days ~ Ha-Ha  😉


I really like the music you put out! I was in kindergarten here…lol

‘Niggaz’ brought me back from the brink of despair ~ Yup 😉
When I-was a scared little kid just getting hair on my balls 🙂
Irrespective of what happened between me and a certain well known negro who appears elsewhere in this post when I’d been a far younger child, a really bad thing, it’s an undeniable fact that it was ‘Niggaz’ as in African Americans who brought me to the full intellectual realization of my own divinity, and although they were all free thinkers in their own right it was probably beyond them to fully know just how evil Masonic Zionism was being by choosing them to do it, almost like putting a hex on it from the beginning, hamstring it with crossed transactions sort of to always stay in control of the eventual outcome ~ It’s just like them Masonic bastards to deliberately mess up anything they do to keep it under their control  😦

Anyway, try this version, listen to the words of the tenor, cool  😉

NB: As for ex Army Ranger ‘Rumsfeld’ fragging or shooting politically active soldiers in the back with ‘Scherff-41’ poisoning them in hospital if they made it that far, both working for that part of ‘CIA’ that insists it’s all a national security matter and therefore it’s ‘Topp Secret?’ ~ Fcuk-off Zion, I’ll take a loan for lawyers or 5 grams of heroin to euthanize, but either way, no more stupid, you get it yet?  😦


Wow!! I have NEVER heard that. Thank you!! It was good! It was the Vietnam war. It was over then, I think…you know what, blacks on the West coast of this country are nothin like the blacks here in the South. I like the west coast blacks. When I moved to the east coast of the USA, I had tears because i didn’t understand them. I do now. Do you know what it is? It’s the Civil war that still runs through their veins.


These ones who helped me out were ‘Panthers’ and friends of badd ass ‘Niggaz’ in the ‘FBI’ ~ All cool, gentle, consoling yet challenging as uncles ‘SHOULD’ be, very VERY tough men, patient, kind, sweet even, yet the kind you don’t pick on  😉

Interesting story they told me ~ Said that if I-was gonna believe in a god, then really, I-should believe in the god that’s in me (Me) then believe ‘THAT’ god believes in me too, which funnily enough is the Christ’s teaching ~ When they tried to put that in the song, as in “I-believeTHAT GOD’ believes in ‘THE GOD’ that’s me the establishment put a stop to it and the lyric was re-written as…….

“And I-believe that god believes in Claude, that’s me” 😉
Least that’s what they told me at the time ~ Life was complicated 😉
Sweet it was, anything else would’ve washed off me like Teflon  😉

So-many dead sweethearts already in this 50+ years of evil  😦
Worked out what you want from me yet Zion, realistically?  😦


Hamtramck, Michigan is 1st

American city to elect MUSLIM


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Pamella Geller
November 5, 2015

The reporter and all of the Muslims quoted in this news report herald the diversity of America’s first Muslim majority city council, “the Hamtramck City Council is going to reflect diversity.” What’s diverse about a Muslim majority? Is the anything less diverse and more oppressive than Islamic law? What Muslim countries are diverse? Muslims won’t even let Jews pray at the most holy of Jewish sites. Muslim countries under the sharia subjugate their religious minorities.

This article was posted: Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 6:25 am


Has Pamela-zionist goddess ever brought up 9-11 zionist criminals or the Central Banker’s thievery at all? 

We just create money


Speaking of “Selling her (Your) soul to the devil” you knew that according to the 33rd degree 19th century Freemason “Albert Pike” the real god of the Masonic Lodge is ‘LUCIFER’ ~ Crazy Huh? ~ Not crazy me saying it cause that’s what he himself put in writing ~ In all truth it’s pretty fcuking crazy the Masonic god being Lucifer the devil and Albert Pike putting it in writing ~ But he ‘DID’ put it in writing, so next time all you morons in Washington and other places obey 33rd degree Freemason and titular head of the Bavarian Illuminati John McCain, or obey anyone who themselves obeys him, men like Paul Ryan or ‘Narco (Snicker) Scubio’ etc, then you’d better say a few extra “Hail Mary’s” at church on Sunday if that’s your thang, fools 😦
And if you’re already a Pagan or Satanist? ~ Well, if worshiping Lucifer the devil with his ‘CHEAP (Sexual) TRICK OCCULT AND BIG LIE’ way of doing things floats your boat, you should know that true Satanist’s used to claim that Jehovah is really Lucifer in drag doing another cheap trick, pretending to be an omnipotent omnipresent angry Abrahamic cosmic magician who loves sinners but hates sin  😦

Titular Bavarian Illuminati head McCain? ~ Cheap trick and a big lie too  😦

McCain Patriot Burger


Speaking of ‘Titular’ in context, the queen of England was titular head of the Anglican’s at the same time Prince Phillip was titular head of World Freemasonry, and that’s more than a little bit of a cheap trick any way you look at it…

which is how “The God of this world” rolls  😦

Same dynamic of ‘Opposites-attracting’ operates in congress, fools 😦
How the hell do you think Bavarian Illuminati pulled off their 911?  😦

Titular meaning screenshot


‘F**k you racist f**k!’: Pro-Clinton

PAC Uses Foul-mouthed Hispanic

Children to Attack Trump

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PAC bribes activists to disrupt Trump’s Saturday Night Live appearance

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
November 4, 2015


“If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for get the fuck out of my country,” one of the children says. In reality, authors of the 14th never intended it to provide amnesty to the children of women who cross the border. [….]

This article was posted: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 2:45 pm

Should be a new ‘Dallas-type’ show on TV or cable ~ Produced and directed by the ghosts of who Stewart + Colbert used to be ~ It’s rumored they’re both buried under the foundations of 4970 Bridgeport Way West, Washington DC ~ We’ll go dig them up and grab some writers that aren’t quite dead yet, a few who’ve sold their soul to the real “Priests of Aton” (Satan) but puke at the thought of the lying dishonesty behind the dichotomy of Jehovah and Lucifer ~ Then, we do a very funny show, not really telling anyone anything, just making funny with what they don’t know 😉
Here’s the first show underneath ~ We’ll call-it “Father’s and Sons” ~ Ha-Ha 😉
And best of all, it won’t be racist ~ We wont tell anyone about nothing kosher 😉
We don’t tell ‘ANYONE’ that Donald Trump is a bastard as well as a prick, in that his real pater wasn’t married to his mother, we certainly don’t say nothing about who his father really was either, nor say nothing about who his father’s father really was, then, and here’s the killer-funny, we don’t say nothing about who JJ McCloy’s pater really was either, nor point out Rockefeller was as secretly totally Zionist kosher as a Rabbi sucking the blood off of his freshly circumcised bio-Jewish Weiner 😦
Nobody will get nothing, we’ll just make jokes about what they don’t know 😉
And as for ‘Grand Lodge Central?’ ~ Well, ‘Grand Lodge who?’ we respond 😉

Donald Trump fires his most intimate advisor ~Rumsfeld x Iraq ~ It's the terrorists, stupidJJ (Rockefeller) McCloyGrand Lodge Central Washington CENTRE

It took 2000 Freemasons to pull ‘911’ America  😦
So who was US Defence Secretary at the time?  😦
Rockefeller need a 100% treason amnesty yet?  😦

Rat's ass Mason ~

“There’s a war on for your mind” soldier  😦

Jews Masons Alas pooor Yorick Skull 911 Cessna

Sometimes you wonder just how dumb Homer Simpson can be in the real world (Snigger) cause after they pulled the 911 Cessna Pilot attacks the Ancient and Esteemed Order of Stone Cutter’s suckered po’ Homer with a ‘FEELING’ of patriotism and a ‘FEAR’ of dissenting from officially approved stories and, well, Homer’s not much of a thinker  😦

MMMmmm Cessna Pilots ~ Homer Simpson 666

That full 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason?  😉
Your truth is stone-cold dead without it America, dead  😉
You’ll be the death of us all if you don’t man-up  😉

####### ####### #######


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)   😉

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