The problem being that…….

White House Lit Up in Rainbow

Colors For Gay Marriage Within

Hours, But Took 5 Days to Lower

(The) Flag For Dead Marines

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Obama finally makes the decision after intense criticism

Paul Joseph Watson

July 21, 2015?   😉

July 21, 2015?   😉

July 21, 2015?   😉


The Obama administration lit up the White House in rainbow colors within hours of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, but it took five days for flags to be lowered to half mast in honor of the four murdered Marines in Chattanooga. In fact, the official White House Twitter account still has the rainbow colored building as its main background image weeks later. “President Obama has ordered flags at the White House and other public buildings to fly at half-staff after mounting criticism over the delay in honoring five armed forces members killed last week by a gunman,” reports Politico. Numerous conservatives expressed confusion at why Obama had not ordered the flag to be lowered like he had after previous mass shootings. Various governors across the country had already given the order. As we reported last week, before Obama even took time out to honor the dead Marines – who were gunned down by an Islamic extremist – or comment on the shooting at all, he sent out a statement lecturing Americans about how Islam was a religion of peace that needed to be respected, prompting a furious reaction. Several Twitter users also noted the discrepancy about the flag lowering.

This article was (Re) posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 3:56 pm?  😉
This article was (Re) posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 3:56 pm?  😉
This article was (Re) posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 3:56 pm?  😉


And at no time did the Administration ever light up the White House in Red White and Blue for our Independence Day celebration. Just sayin.


I’ll actually share my heart with America for a bit, tho plz no matter what your insane ego’s or insane politicians tell you, don’t mistake it for ‘Buddying-up’ to you because, truth be told, you (Your Govt) murdered every single person I’d loved from 1964 to, well, 2009 to be precise, and deaths are still occurring so I’d not be too sad if you all just dried up and blew away like that wicked old Witch from the Wizard of Oz did  😦

It’s not strictly the gay thing I’m really posting this for either, tho heaven knows ever since the Young Republicans you’ve been pretty bent, but considering the crazed wander your politicians are taking you thru with gay marriage and all of the sex cult activity located around your butt-holes, it’s as good a place to put this heart felt comment to an already highly confused dangerous country  😦

America, what I’d say to you in simple terms is that just before a mental breakdown the average human will have told ‘WAAAY’ too many lies covering up things they were already lying about to the point where you drop your bundles big time ~ I’d had a bit of an emotional wobbly myself in the 70’s for a few months after the shooting death of a girl I’d loved followed by the murder of a baby in front of me by bayonet (Azaria) and then torture just like you’d see on the ‘Clockwork Orange’ movie, with the actual torture consisting of an hour and a 1\2 of the most violent ‘MONDO CAIN’ type of film you’d ever see, only more so, all courtesy of good old same-old same-old Uncle Sam after around 5 previous events of actual physical torture as a child, but, as I’d often kept lying to an absolute minimum due to the old fashioned way my step parents raised me I’d had a strong solid moral and intellectual base to fall back on, steadfastly refusing to allow simple ‘FEELINGS’ of emotional distress whatever they may be to be confused with solid rational ‘THOUGHTS’ like the very opposite of what your very evil and dishonest govt structure is now pressuring you to all get involved in almost 24\7 to do in what amounts to a constant non-stop attack on your moral and political sanity and your national political truth 😦
All in the name of “Protecting America” or so they often try to tell you  😦

I’m writing this for two main reasons, 1/ To expose liars and 2/ To try to, in my own small way, allow any who feel motivated to grasp the true reality by the horns and stand up to the insane psycho-occultist Masonic Zionist ‘NWO’ feudal fascism that’s daily putting the world in danger thru an America that has (Almost) lost it’s mind in pursuit of excuses for what it’s already done and who it really is 😦
Guess it’s right to say (Almost) “Lost it’s soul” all things considered  😦

There’s a much slandered form of psychology\psychiatry that sees all mental issues as moral issues ~ I’m not even sure what the name of that type of real world psychology or psychiatry is called in a professional sense, yet it bases recovery loosely around the 12 steps (Principles) of ‘AA’ or the other group with similar structural modus-operendi in treating those with disorders known to some as ‘NA’ (Narcotics Anonymous) with the basic premise that too much lying after or before making poor moral choices is the true cause of mental breakdowns, substance abuse being treated with a true moral regeneration thru applying the principles of the 12 Steps, one of which is ‘TRUTH’ in all of your dealings, eventually extending 24\7 to everything you think do and say in your interaction with others ~ Listening to America’s current run of $ Billion Dollar+ fake repeated and even fake-repeated news stories about civil strife and terror right now, it reminds me of the Christ in his day saying “To what shall I-liken the people of this generation? ~ They are like children in a market place calling one to another saying ‘We played a wedding song (Happy) but you wouldn’t dance, we played a funeral dirge (Sad) but you wouldn’t mourn'”  😦

He accused them of playing ‘GAMES IN THE MARKET PLACE’ much as you’re all doing now like your wise men and masters (Masons) tell you to, rather than simply telling the whole truth which they seem to have convinced you not to do if you genuinely wish to ‘GET AHEAD’ in their ‘Brave New World’ as the saying goes  😦

Or else it’s ‘MOVE-FORWARD’ which is an equally vacuous cliché  😉

My point here isn’t as convoluted as it may sound, it just requires more thought than an old 500 Char Youtube post or a 180 Char Twitter post, my point being that you are forcing a potential psychosis onto the only people who could possibly rescue your country (You and your children) and you do this thru lying too much  😦

Sure, it’s been a hell of a ride with the Kennedy’s and Vietnam and Gulf War One and Two plus the ‘War on Terror’ along with the Patsy Riot Act, yet seriously, if you wont institute a form of national repentance for yourselves and your children, and that’d be, for the most part for you citizens, a ‘REPENTANCE FROM LYING’ for yourselves, a goal you’ll need to hold your politician’s feet to the fire to see them fulfil too, and if not is there any chance you could pass a law in congress (Snicker) restricting the WW3 you seem hell bent on causing thru creating a dysfunctional America to the 52 American states only and just let all of us non-privileged Un-Americans ungrateful foreigners all just quietly die in our beds? 😉
Nah that’s a bit sarcastic, the reality is you’re in mental trauma from all of the emotional shocks you’ve had that you haven’t yet processed to the point where you’ve got closure thru confession and true self-realisation simply from telling yourselves the whole truth and nothing but the truth, instead, you’re still letting the criminal ‘CLOWNS IN CHARGE’ pull your strings in moments of unresolved grief or fear  😦

You need those “12 Steps” to be first nature and first response before you can ever truly heal America, but first you need a serious almost biblical amount of non religious ‘NATIONAL REPENTANCE’ in the form of a national effort to create a determination to have ‘NO MORE LYING’ period, along with a 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason that have already gone down before you can ever hope to look in the mirror and see anything other than the biggest fcuking bull-shitter’s on the planet  😦

Clockwork Orange ~ Yes Yes Yes ~

You need a 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason   😦

You need a 100% amnesty for 55+ years of treason   😦

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