“I-got a (Mental) disease” now?

A quick overview of ‘THIS’  post for those who like to tell everybody else what ‘THEY’ make of what I’ve said here, those same (Secretly) Zionist Masonic pigs who’ve been pulling their ‘ON MESSAGE’  bullshit while they committed their treason on America, just like they’ve done so on every nation they’ve ever infested since they began using the name of ‘MASONS’ 400 odd years ago, after previously being elite offspring of post Norman post Crusader nobles left behind after the (British Israelite) pompous feudal pigs who ran France Germany England Italy and the Vatican for nearly 1000 years needed a name change to hide the evil they’d already done to the world ~ As to what I’ve said here in this post and the posts below, it’s complicated, and simple  😉

I’ve said they (World Masonic Zionism) pulled 911 as a full Coup D’Etat on the US Constitution and then started the Iraq War so they could steal the gold from Iraq Libya and even America itself after they emptied Fort Knox ~ And no suckers, that’s no joke and no exaggeration either because a full open audit of Fort Knox will soon show that America has been diddled by it’s masters, so it’s no wonder they’d try to call me mad as they’ve done on and off for 51 years now since German born GHW Bush executed a little Catholic girl in front of me with a bullet to the heart then told me to tell no one cause they’d merely say the little boy was making it up or mad  😦

(In a pedo political-blackmail brothel ‘CIA’ ran)   😦

It’s now been over fifty years since then and (Supposedly) I’m so mad they bothered to spend over $1+ Billion in American taxpayer resource after already having me lobotomised prior to their 911 as a threat to world peace (?) or as a danger to myself, and also gave me 3 very painful tumours to deal with via chemical means at the same time, as well as murdered every single person I’d ever loved over 5 decades and then blocked all due process after so slandering my character and reputation it’d never recover in time to matter much for anything that mattered to me anyway, so they got nothing to offer me ~ There’s a very interesting 30 year period ahead of humanity, one which I’m glad I’ll not be among the living to endure, because it’ll be heartbreaking enough to watch what these insane Looney Tune Zionists do to their species from outside of the fake Zionist paradise x light versus Hades x darkness lie  😦

If there were order truth justice and good order in this galaxy, then sometime over the next 10,000 years these pigs will likely wind up being thrown down the event horizon at the centre of the galaxy and thus out of this fcuking universe by whatever really runs the galaxy, because despite all the Jewish shtick whatever runs this fcuking solar system is pure evil ~ You can feel free to join them if you wish  😦


And the truth, shall set you free ~ Apologies to R-Truth AND the Christ ~


Maoist #BlackLivesMatter

Group Calls For

“War” Against


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Red Guards Facebook page advocates violent Communist revolution

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
May 22, 2015

The #BlackLivesMatter group that violently attacked a pro-life protest in Austin, Texas yesterday calls for a “war” against cops on its Facebook page, and dreams of a brutal Maoist uprising based on the Chinese Communist revolution that led to the deaths of at least 60 million people. As we documented earlier, militant agitators from the Red Guards group belligerently hijacked the peaceful pro-life protest, censoring free speech by blocking the signs of other demonstrators before violently assaulting pro-lifers and breaking broadcast equipment. A quick perusal of the group’s Facebook photos reveals what the organization is all about.

– A “people’s war” against cops.


“You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the” ~ (Yada-Yada) ~
(I’ve-got a disease assholes ~ My step-parents gave-it to me ~ It’s called integrity) ~
I’m ruined ~ They say I’ve lost ~ I’ll never lose this disease and I-don’t want to ~
This disease makes me think and say strange things ~ Truthful ruinous things ~
Is the establishment’s secretly Zionist International Masonry and Communism double talk gobbledygook about to con you one more time as it leads America into it’s next false flag to kick off WW3? ~ (?) ~ Here’s the real deal about the reflex action America’s treasonous secretly Zionist Masons have vicariously pre-programmed into the American psyche ~ It’s a fact (FACT) that all thru the Cold War, Masonic pawns Stalin und (sic) Khrushchev carefully guarded the looted gold which illegitimate bio-Astor descendent and Freemason Adolf Hitler had looted from Europe for his US Fed paymasters, ‘OR’ his Swiss (Octagon?) Masonic Lodge masters, whichever way you wish to look at things, while as for the rank soul destroying Communism or extreme rules leftist liberalism (Ha-Ha-Ha) that the droll Americans nearly always jump thru the hoop for, well that itself was created in Russia thru a trainload of Zionist gold to Jew Karl Marx, gold that had already been stolen from the Russian peoples themselves by Masonic German-Jew (Zionist) cousins Czar Nicholas the Kaiser and King George in the first place ~ Then ‘Praise be to Allah’ (Khazzam) in the 1930’s, just as the Fed was financing fascism to oppose Communism in Europe thru the mega-money they’d asset stripped from Wall St in the 1929 crash, the Chinese Communists were also being financed by these same world Zionist Masonic bankers at exactly the same time as Neapolitan biologically Jewish 33rd degree Masonic fascist Signor Benito (Avitabile) Mussolini was himself flying to Northern China for up to 3 months at a time to give Mao Tse Tong (sic) his marching orders (While the same near identical body double who eventually hung in his place in 1945 next to his beloved Clara sans genitals to take heat off him over the Tunguska nuke that him and Captain Erich Topp sailed into New York up the Manhattan River in the months prior to Truman, said lookalike double also covering for him in Italian political scenes) and all while Japan looted China of it’s huge horde of gold bullion for ‘THEIR’ financiers, the aforementioned Masonic (Secretly) Zionist British banks with such close Rockefeller and Rothschild ties to the US Fed financing the looting of Europe, in China’s case (The looted gold) having been collected over many 1000’s of years of the Chinese people’s feudal tear’s  😦

Again, remember, the Japanese looting China were also being financed by the same British (Zionist) banks who financed Italian fascism and the same game was played on every major and many minor countries of the world since the (Secretly Zionist) Normans sacked the Vatican treasury of it’s 1000+ year gold horde in 1084 too  😦

American running dog capitalist (Snicker) pigs, plz tell me one more time about the horrible leftist liberal socialist communist scum again? ~ Not that it’ll do me much good cause, you see, I’ve got this horrible (Mental) disease and… (Yada-Yada)   😉

Yankee suckers still buy into the capitalism versus Communism thing?  😦

33 1-3 Masonic Long Playing Broken Record ~ Patriot Act ~

The Three Stooges ~

Silly Masonic-fcuker’s insist I’m “Sick-of-mind”   😉

Sadly, it’s ill-health from ‘3 tumours’ killing-me   😦



The disease to which you refer is called a persecution complex. It is treatable, but like heroin, the feeling of being persecuted gives the afflicted pleasure. Your 1st step would be to contact a trained mental health professional. You may not think it now, but you may find the insights they can provide will be of great help to you.


Yes ~ The Muslims attacked you with box-cutters because they hate your freedom’s, right? ~ Let me know how your treatment goes, and which particular doctor and\or ‘Looney Bin’ was successful in their treatment of ‘YOUR’ disease, then I’ll look at the results, as in take a good long peeky-boo (Snicker) to see if you’re still whacko and think the Muslims hate your freedoms, and if not, then maybe you’re onto a good thing ~ I’m not American tho that can be fixed with Photoshop + a quick trip to Mexico. so let me know how it goes and maybe I’ll get my disease healed?  😦

Thru Obamacare maybe? 😉


Read-on for the big picture   😉

Biden Gold Heists ~ Woo-Woo Woo-Woo ~


Clinton E-Mails Reveal

State Dept Obsessed

With Toppling (a)

Foreign Leader

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May 23, 2015

A cache of 296 e-mails to and from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released by the State Department on Friday reveal US officials working overtime to orchestrate the fall of a foreign government. On March 27, 2011, Clinton’s longtime close adviser Sidney Blumenthal briefed her about allied special forces activities to undermine then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. “An extremely sensitive source added that the rebels are receiving direct assistance and training from a small number of Egyptian Special Forces units, while French and British Special Operations troops are working out of bases in Egypt, along the Libyan border,” Blumenthal wrote to Clinton. Blumenthal was never hired by the State Department in any office capacity, but he was one of Clinton’s closest and most influential advisers, the published e-mails reveal. “These troops are overseeing the transfer of weapons and supplies to the rebels,” he added.


Did you know Gaddafi had a near-identical cousin who disappeared at the time the free world’s media (Snicker) displayed what was supposedly Gaddafi’s corpse with a bullet to the head? ~ Did you know that prior to that Libya’s massive gold bullion disappeared and ‘BENGHAZI’ only occurred after Libya’s people had begun to gain traction in the aforementioned free (sic) world media about ‘THEIR’ missing gold from over 30 years of Libya trading oil on a gold exchange standard, all at great cost and loss of life to the Libyans, only to then be told by ‘STATE DEPT’ head Hillary Clinton that due to their participation in Benghazi they were no longer to be given any access whatsoever to said free world (sic) media to voice their grievances? 😦
Oh-yeah, did you know some of Hillary Clinton’s Emails are missing? 😦


Redneck ~ Annuit Coeptis ~ 560




Clinton Email Shows Amb.

Stevens Was (sic) Worried

About Libyan Security

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Mark Tapson
Truth Revolt
May 23, 2015

Newly released emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal server reveal that a full eighteen months before his murder in the 2012 Benghazi attack, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was so concerned about poor security in Libya that he was considering leaving the country. Clinton turned over  about 30,000 emails from her personal server to a House committee investigating the Benghazi attack. The New York Times published about a third of the 850 pages of emails. The New York Post reports that one of the emails was sent on April 10, 2011 to the then-Secretary of State’s private account with “high” importance, described the shelling and snipers surrounding Stevens, who at that time was serving as a special envoy:


Too much lying seems to be driving America ‘NUTZ’ ~ That’s just sooo sad ~
Won’t somebody think of the squirrels? ~ All of the patriotic little squirrels? ~


How big is Hillary’s _______? (fill in the blank) ThoughtCrimes.biz


Did Adam Weishaupt, the German Jew Mason who, like many of his kind had all changed their names before or during the formation of Masonry out of the old post Templar feudal gold-theft guilds in the 17th century create his big Illuminati movement inside of Freemasonry before or after Boss Tweed of the Tammany House Masonic Lodge stole the equivalent of $1 to $8 Trillion which became seed money for Tunguska ~ It was before, as in the chicken and the egg, and then the Tunguska experiment nearly 40 years before it’s time probably put a similar mechanism to the Tunguska apparatus in Moscow in the time of the Czar, itself being the tool used by the new secretly Zionist order of Illuminated Masons who served under (Alongside?) his bio-German cousins Czar Nicholas King George and the Kaiser ~ All combined their illuminated intentions to steal Russia’s gold for the creation of the US Fed in 1913 from that Russian gold, and, in turn, that created the subjugation of America and then, thru the Fed financing Adolf Hitler and then sticking an early nuke in Berlin in time for the 1936 Berlin Olympics, used illegitimate (German) Astor descendent and Freemason Adolf Hitler and his Nazi dupes for the subjugation of Europe and then the theft of it’s gold and (sic) ‘THAT’ then became what began writing cheques in 1973 to finish off the American dream, and thru America begin the total subjugation of the entire world to illuminated Masonry’s real gods ~ Do you think that’s the worst of the illuminated ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’ (sic) bad news suckers? ~ Well it’s not, cause the bad news is those illuminated men of German Jew descent (Illuminati Masons) who’ve so ruined the world morally and intellectually weren’t just committing treason against a state, as you’ll soon enough discover as their insane master-plan progresses, they were committing what amounts to ‘HIGH TREASON’ against the species itself 😦

Three Masons kings, Czar Kaiser and English king ~

So it’s all a matter of “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” then huh? ~ right? 😦
Okaaay, How about ‘SERENDIPITY’ and the Lord Shall Reign in Zion? 😦


This almighty Jewish god nothing but a klutz is he?   😉

The true Creation Story ~

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