In plain Englaise? ~ Im Klartext?






DEVIL?   😉

GOD?   😉

“Tomorrow is the price you’ll pay, for the bullshit of today” is a cute little phrase I’d literally come up with as an 8 y\o busy plotting planning and scheming against Zion to avenge the death of my step mom and pointless waste of my own life after one of their own (American-born 1\2 brother of their future German-born 41st president)  told me their entire plan for me over 50 years ago back in 1962 😦

It occurred while I-was being terrorised, intimidated and jerked off emotionally, as well as being bullied, bossed around, buggered prostituted tortured brainwashed and lied to by American Zionist Masons of German Jew descent in their CIA who were (Seemed to be) obeying German Jewish Masons in the high command of the Illuminati, nearly all of them literally ‘SS’ survivors of WW2 etc, the same ones who’d committed such devious acts of treason on the German nation and especially on the German soldiers in WW2 who’d fought in Africa and in Russia and other places under the dubious yet admittedly viable excuse of there having been a nuke developed at Tunguska placed in Berlin in time for the 1936 Berlin Olympics 😦

Along with these secretly Zionist Masonic men who were always wise in their own eyes came some royal Pommy perverts who seemed to be their immediate superior’s bosses for one reason or another, people not so distantly related to these German Jew and German Jew descent American fascists in the CIA who’d effectively taught me nothing more than the humiliation of being laughed at after someone ejaculates in your 7 y\o face to teach you your place in the Zionist pecking order   😦


As well as the Yanks and the occasional Pom, royal or otherwise, there was also a butt hurt Italian fascist who’d been financed by the British, a man still grieving for his one true love, his biological cousin Evita Peron, and his one true consolation, his common law wife Clara who was hung by the Partisans next to the same body double who had often stood in for him during the 30’s when he was off to China for months at a time schooling Mao Tse Tong on his role in subjugating greater China to the Zionist ‘NWO’ plan for the Chinese people, the same plan that saw Chinese brutally relieved of their gold by a Japan financed by Zionist banks of the London Square Mile  😦

Each one of these (Illuminated) knowledgeable fools had at one time or another lost the love of their life at the hands of the conspiracy they served, a shadowy group best called International Zionist Masonry, and they all seemed determined to repeat in me all of the mindless endless emotional humiliation and spiritual feudal subjugation which they themselves had experience in what they’d (Privately) assure me was a pointless march to power over others, all while quietly telling me over and over they were giving me the chance of something better for myself and others 😉

Like they’d told me, I’d accepted by age 7 that the good lord above who was surely in overall control of this sham (sic) was either completely incompetent or was a total fcuking Looney while the devil he held in his hand was either an illuminated loser or a Satanic whack job, or both were simply the same good guy bad guy Zoroastrian dichotomy game played by vicious occultist Zionist criminals on those in the world who knew no better, to the point where I’d seriously and sincerely begun a lifelong attempt to play both off against each other whatever each turned out to be in the long run, any time either of them lied to me in word spirit or action, meaning both their god and their devil as they were in reality and as they were said to be in religion, as well as playing off their CIA against their WW2 fascist Illuminati masters and Visa Versa yet remember, only where either lied to me first in pursuit of manipulating me for some purpose or agenda they’d failed to ask my permission for 😦

Adolph Eichmann, one of my early occult teachers and one of those mentioned above, a man who’d overseen a future US Defence Secretary and a future ‘VP’ help stick a stolen nuke under congress prior to the Cuban Crisis, had personally insisted to me that I’d been free to do whatever tha-fcuk I’d wished in response to whatever the fcuk was done to me or anyone I’d cared about, yet only once I’d thought it all thru and had a clear concise purpose and rationale in the process and outcome ~ All of that would be complicated enough on it’s own for an adult let alone an angry little 7 to 8 y\o adept (sic) to work out in the middle of serial CIA brainwashing, threats, torture, humiliation sexual subjugation and prostitution, along with terror in the middle of learning about insane Zionist world politics, both past present and future, but sadly you then need to add to that there was a genuine ‘ET’ perspective which these grossly pompous ‘FASCIST FUGGERS’ lie about to this very day, along with some pre human life forms like what’s pictured here below running shit behind the scenes planning to substitute our species with something akin to (Really) a hybrid sexless soulless more obedient servile species, and all up you have one hell of a head-fcuk played on a not so innocent highly aggravated and disillusioned little boy which has surely warped the last 50 years to the loss of the next 50 already ~ Yet still these insane illuminated Masonic Zionist losers keep playing ‘HIDE THE SALAMI’ with my heart, soul, eternal hopes, and especially my earthly human rights and my health etc too  😉

Our Conehead Ancestors



Maybe they’ll claim they’re ahead of that curve and in control, yet, I-doubt it for the simple reason these stupid men (Mostly) keep acting as if they’re badder than me when in reality all they are is dumber crueller colder stupider more perverted and more subjugated to pointless endeavours than me, something which I’d put down to them having been subjugated to those who were dumber crueller colder stupider more perverted and more subjugated to pointless endeavours than them with no way out of it ~ They claim they gave me the knowledge and the opportunities to get out of what they themselves were entrapped by, then every single time I’d sought to do so they’d tripped me up, in the process harming some of the sweetest people in the world, all while guaranteeing the stupidest possible status quo continued it’s forward march to the literal oblivion of the present human species  😉

It’s probably right to defend my actions in cursing them here in writing, so, for the record, mostly cause Masons lie so much, here are the things they did early on that pushed me too far, at the time I’d cursed them (1964) during 3 ‘VERY’ angry weeks after they’d hurt my step mom (Twice) pretty bad, after they’d already tortured me with electric shocks like you’d literally see on the old Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon movie while I’d been strapped to a metal table face down  (Five years old) naked from the waist down, all the while they’d been serially raping and prostituting me in their CIA pedo snuff movie political blackmail ring, killing one sweet 18 y\o in front of me while I’d still been a 5 y\o by blowing her brains out, plus 2 kids my own age when I’d been 6 y\o just literally butchered on the spot like fresh kill lambs, the losers then deliberately tried their best to either break my heart or get me angry thru the murder of a 10-11 y\o Catholic girl called Monika Cross whom I’d gotten to know and become a bit sweet on when I’d still only been a 7 y\o, all murdered in front of me, and then I’d literally flipped a bit, knowing I’d been gifted in the occult and already a practicing spiritualist of sorts capable of calling in old spirits to join purposes with 😦

That’s what occurred too, I’d joined purpose with at least 400 years of the dearly departed (Deceased) with vengeance to seek, and they in turn connected to others many 1000’s of years back, all for the most part literal hard core dissenters from the Judeo Xtian hypocrite’s paradise ~ I’d literally gone feral on the stupid suck-cocker Masonic Zionist swine and stayed that way for 15 fcuking years, every day, every single day ‘HERE A LITTLE THERE A LITTLE’   advancing those curses I’d cast in that first 3 week period after the little 10-11 y\o’s murder, while those evil Zionist Masons thought it was ‘THEM’ who were fooling ‘ME’ (Snicker) with all of their damned drug based eschatological MK-Ultra style brainwashing, yet really I’d just jerked them off all of the way thru ~ I’d been awake to those Jew tricks by age 4 years  😦

Every single time I’d sought reason from them throughout my childhood, the idiots would pull the fascist feudal thing, hurt someone else or say they’d hurt my mom again, which they did by the way, and it never ceased ~ There wouldn’t be too many adults who could handle ‘THAT’ and I’d just been a kid ~ Never repented til I’d turned 22 and by then those curses were well crafted, then fully ‘SET’ in 2006 and the damage is done, with laconic understatement ~ What a fcuking waste, but shit can (Will) get a lot worse if these fool fascist World Masonic Zionists don’t just let me go  😦

If they tell you it (The curses) was all my imagination, they are completely fcuking deluded, and who could look at America now and not already know that in their heart of hearts as the saying goes? ~ Put simply, they picked on the wrong kid, a smart one and a mean one ~ Much of what they are now (For real) is pretty close to what I’d cursed them to become, yet they’ve still only got their toe in the water, so to speak, an I’m no longer offering Zion’s pigs ‘ANY’ solutions whatsoever  😦


Hell, as I’d listened to America’s neo-political media talk about Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton on  CSpan just now the thought occurred to me that if you’d just be reasonable, it’s obvious that ‘ANYONE’ could’ve accidentally shot their president in the throat from the Grassy Knoll couldn’t they Don, cause, as you know, shit happens (Snicker) in a complicated world, yet to then go on and accidentally shoot his brother Bobby in the Hotel Ambassador kitchen while Sirhan Sirhan was shooting blanks is just plain clumsy don’t you think Pal? ~ And Dick, ‘ANYONE’ could’ve accidentally blown JFK’s brains out over the Limo that sad day in Dealey Plaza after Don immobilised him with the throat shot, yet to go on to pull a ‘PATSY RIOT ACT’ after your absurd post 911 Muslim box cutter bandit gambit is almost, well, it’s almost a clear signal that you and Don are both NUTZ‘  as-in ‘Whacko De-Looney‘  😉


Here’s my immediate problem in this ~ Although never Pollyanna by nature or by design myself I-was also raised by my beautifully flawed step parents to be a decent loyal loving kind faithful upright and (Mostly) law abiding citizen, yet not raised by those two beautifully flawed individuals to be subservient to fools faggots bullies metrosexuals or any kind of dumb assed droll fascist moron in submission to Zion’s illuminated lord of the manor bullshit, whether in spirit and in essence or merely in day to day practice ~ Bearing in mind it’s an imperfect world that was run by Christ killers for the last 2000 odd years, within all of that I’ve just outlined, within a larger world political dynamic we’re in, there’s ‘STILL’ a plausibly deniable sexual subjugation Jewish kabala based Pagan ass-rape cult in the city I’m stuck in, literally set up by CIA operatives over the previous 3 decades using US Taxpayer money and now self funded thru various forms of business fraud and drug dealing as well as prostitution blackmail and anything else illegal that comes to mind 😦

With that as a baseline for overall context of this entire blog as well as this post, and after a literal lifetime of sexual abuse of myself and others I’d loved in the sense of loving more than myself or merely caring about in the sense of being truly equal to myself in value, plus taking into account the number of serial murders in front of me of people I’d never even known much as well as some I’d known a bit going back over 50 years (23 by age 13) which these fcuking idiots in America lying about me now (Fascist secretly Zionist Masons) said were to teach me to submit to a kind of feudal domination and humiliation often based around having to bow to someone that’s an idiot who themselves are already obeying someone that’s even stupider than they are, the problem for me here is that while I’m pretty good on lateral thinking and creative problem solving while avoiding an escalation of hostilities, I’m not much good at ‘SUBMITTING TO STUPID’ or submitting to anyone intent on submitting to stupid whatever their reason may be, which pretty well describes the entire fascist secretly Zionist ‘NWO’ to a tee in my personal experience ~ In the midst of all that,  since those early days there’s been the murder of everyone I’d ever really loved and\or many of those who’d loved me, along with a sometimes forced prostitution of sorts based on one form of blackmail threat or drug based seduction of one kind or another, often leading up to what amounts to either a group gang bang of any girl or woman who’d showed any interest while not wanting to fcuk me over like world fascist Zionism demanded of them, and sometimes even their deaths  😦


That, along with (Really) serious acute pain from 3 tumours which are (Probably) killing me means in effect there’s a constant elitist Jew bastardry hiding behind America’s feudal globalism and world Masonic fascist Zionism which although not always based in America  always flows thru it, to which, quite frankly I’m now numb, as in my heart’s no longer in it cause I-no longer care anymore, yet am still likely to feel much of the grief of genuine hearts (Little-people I-call them) who always get hurt because they aren’t like the evil ones who do the harm 😦


As the rest of my eternity is ahead of me and I’m already a flawed character myself who’ll more than likely have to step outside of both paradise ‘AND’ Hades to find some allies 7 times badder than myself who are capable and willing to do what needs doing for me from my perspective in exchange for me facilitating whatever they desire or need (Whatever) for me the choices made now greatly affect the realities I’ll expect to endured post rigor mortis across the River Styx (Snicker) and thus, already being bad but not bad + stupid (Evil) I’m completely unable to absorb any more of this fascist quasi-Zionist ‘NWO’ stupidity of theirs into my soul or spirit any longer, anymore than any of you could afford to drink poison and expect your body to spark up and say thank you internally, yet still, on top of all of that there are those who claim to represent the American Taxpayer who are busy spending a fcuking fortune in the electronic media’s trying to justify spurious allegations I’m never allowed to answer and lay to rest, repetitively denying me my rights to justice and due process, all the while the offspring of various WW2 Camaraderie who are themselves trapped within the same dynamic under International fascist Zionism are busy doing the outright aforementioned rapes and\or drug-based seductions (Rapes) of any silly woman they can sucker to have an interest in an old Satanic half dead die hard bastard like myself ~ They just won’t stop, and their masters haven’t tried to stop them, they seem unlikely to stop til I’m able to quietly euthanize (Preferred option) or simply obtain a fully repayable loan to hire myself some heavy hitter lawyers at $7000 a day plus some hard boy off duty coppers occasionally at $2000 a day if the job is a wee bit complicated but they’re required to not break the law 😉

(And they WILL be required not to break the law)  😉

(It’d prove easy on some tasks & harder on others)  😉

I’m not so naïve as to think I’d stamp this stuff out of the community, and even tho I’m literally planning on not (Technically) breaking the law myself, I’d soon then be able to get out of pain from these tumours, begin viable solutions for healing, create some workable way out of the fascist group dynamics for the sweet things who tried to care, and metaphorically cut the fcuking nuts off of any damn fool doing the rape shit to anyone that happens to still matter to me ~ And yes “GERMAN GEORGE 41” you sure did train me well, extremely fcuking well old cock, meaning basically, after what I’d personally seen you do and get away with, it’s against the law to break the law in the context of it only being a basic misdemeanour to cause the police paperwork, yet it’s a fcuking FELONY to actually get charged for something, right?  😉

Robby ~ Hades ~ What ~






As a young boy, the age described above, some occultists mildly connected to the man called Adolph Eichmann came to me and asked me to be careful, some saying I’d need to be badder to find out what my best could be, and others (One) warning me to try to do the opposite, as in find out what my worst spiritual potential was, then try to do the exact opposite ~ I’d immediately been suspicious of ‘BOTH’ approaches, because in my mind I’d considered this approach to be both a minor encouragement, albeit a sneaky one, to extend myself, and perhaps a trap within the Zionist (Zoroastrian) dichotomy of light versus darkness and good versus bad when both of my step parents had already warned me that the real dichotomy of this world was always going to be ‘TRUE’ versus ‘FALSE’ every time ~ That said, the 2nd man told me that, in effect, Eichmann was a knowledgeable idiot in love with his own fascist occultist abilities (Sorry Uncle Adolph, they were HIS words) and also blinded by his own grief to the trouble he was creating ~ The man with the opposing viewpoint who said that stated Eichmann had called up what he described as ‘DARK FORCES’ while doing ritual enchantments and straight up Satanic witchcraft over my birth mom’s belly as myself and my twin bro’ were developing in the womb, something I’d already heard elsewhere, once in veiled terms from Eichmann himself and had little doubt were true, however the man who was trying to warn me said Eichmann had called up very dark forces to achieve revenge and, seeing in his words Eichmann was just a ‘KNOWLEDGEABLE IDIOT’ who was ‘BLINDED BY HIS OWN GRIEF’ he’d implied Eichmann didn’t understand these forces would always turn out 7 times badder than he’d intended for them to be and be uncontrollable by him or myself 😦


There was little old me, a child in years yet not in mind, wondering how the hell adults could be so fcuking stupid ~ Later on, reading parts of the Christ’s words I’d concluded, yes, mess with dark forces and expect 7 times what you thought would occur, only, that didn’t bother me that much simply because the man was right, and as I’d already been told I’d never get justice anyway it suited me just fine ~ It’s 99.98% certain that I’ll reject the spiritually oppressive fascist paradise of the Jews which so oppresses the human spirit, and be completely (Effectively) disruptive in their Judeo Xtian Hades which so oppresses the human soul, and within 100 days of death move right outside of the Zoroastrian light versus darkness good versus evil (Judeo Xtian) dichotomy to find something 7 times badder than myself which seeks some sort of outcome whereby it gets what it wants, and I’m able to do what I’ll need to do for those who kept good faith with me, whatever that may turn out to be 😉



Little boys dreams, or old men’s schemes? ~ Time will tell, tho the outcome is already certain, simply because I’d stepped outside of ‘ALL’ of their circles as that young boy, using my ‘FEEBLE’ (Snicker) abilities and raw 220+ ‘IQ’ to achieve both the equal best and if needs be 7 times worst of what they’d all thought was fcuking possible, and the deed (Enchantment) has already been ‘SET’ (2006) meaning despite whatever Zion’s lying smartasses claim, it’s a done deal already, so much so that whoever was right, and whoever was wrong, we’ll eventually see won’t we, while whoever thinks they can control it or defuse it thru fcuking me over any further is very highly likely to eventually ‘DIP THEIR LID’ (Hat) to me in the sweet bye and bye 7 times in acknowledging my skill if justice remains no stranger, and 70 times 7 for how bad I’d been able to be without damning myself if justice does remain a distant mirage because of Zion’s bastardy ~ Are you confused yet? ~ Never mind, I’m NOT  😦






Now listen-up clowns, ‘I-BELIEVE’ (In not treating Christ like a jerk) and the one true reason I’ve found to think that way is I’d studied his words for around 2 years 36+ years ago after memorising Mathew and John ~ Once you can get that into your heads, whether you’re religious or not, just accept that I’d assumed he was both an intellectual and a radical anarchist full of big thoughts and the kind of morals his mom would have been proud of, along with the kind of courage that the man who raised him, Joseph, would’ve been right to be extremely proud of ~ Now again you religious and you atheists as well,  ‘I-BELIEVE’ he was a smart hard tough bastard that I’d never want to cross mano-on-mano for no sound reason as a man whatsoever, and he was one who approached his problems laterally, and one of the problems he had was he was living in a fascist country ruled by superstitious myths cynically and conspiratorially manipulated by those who knew better, yet used superstition and myth to keep people under the boot of feudal fascism ~ Feel free to see him as you wish, yet don’t presume to think for me in any way, especially if you’re…….
1/ Someone who believes in any omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible cosmic magicians, or ~ 2/ You’re someone who actually (Literally) believes that 2 jets brought down 3 skyscrapers, OR, ~ 3/ You’re one of those illuminated assholes who cynically promotes those two prior myths (Lies) as if they were anything other than somewhat malicious fairy stories designed to deceive people ~ This last section makes this blog kind of unwieldy and long yet needs to be said for context, never forgetting that to me the Christ was a man with big balls, a big heart, plus a mind like a steel bear trap, yet he definitely isn’t at all of what’s been made of him, and he never even remotely pushed the crap that’s spread in his name, he merely tried to make the best of the lie his people were burdened with by bringing abstract idiocies to light, mostly thru following on from the work of Moses with a sound set of moral principles inside of a mindset that demanded that people think for themselves ~ And then along came Saul of Tarsus to derail much of it with more idiotic occultist superstition ~ Anyway, enjoy this last bit, it’s meant to be humorous and mildly thought provoking 😉

The Christ implied we’re ALL gods  🙂


Something Big Is

About To Happen

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Humanity faces unconscious fundamental shift

Alex Jones
May 18, 2015

Scientists have proven that humans and animals can sense events and energy sources that are beyond the reach of the five senses. Alex Jones’ sixth sense has been going off in recent weeks and he wanted to take some time to share his thoughts and call for a discussion on what the future has in store in for humanity.

This article was posted: Monday, May 18, 2015 at 9:27 pm



I know we were in the time of divorce meaning to shake off the things that we do not need like baggage. Things that have no spiritual meaning to us. Things that can tie us down can hold us back. People that cling to material matter will suffer more when they start opening to their spiritual being. Like a tug of war against yourself. The less you have the easier to let go. Makes sense. This was also the story of Moses if you know it from the old book. Moses came down the mount to find his people holding on to the past, (Torus) as Moses was bringing in Aries. Jesus replaced the age of Aries and brought us the fish. The changing age is nearing us and we are in the middle of a polar shift and we need to let go and relax. Enjoy the ride and the presence of everyone and living thing that is with us. Some people will feel light headed, head pain, paranoia, visions sightings. The less garbage that we are bonded to, the easier the transformation. That’s the best I can explain what this may be and I don’t mean to insult any ones Religion or anything. From what I know this is not a bad thing. Most of you quote the Bible allot so why the fear? If you are in Gods presence, why the fear? Whatever happens happens and if God wants us let him have us as he wishes.

(What a whack-job)   😉


Yes, it is all out of our control, proving we must empty our minds & open our hearts so we can truly see with our inner retard ~ We will open our minds to allow Jesus & the Buddha plus Mohammed and Allah along with Moses and Jehovah and Confucius and Zoroastor (And Randy ‘Macho-Man’ Savage + Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts) as well Joe Pesci, Jim Croce, Madonna, and Elvis ~ If they haven’t all gone over to the Dark Side, then they can all try to lead us onto higher ground, if we’re willing to be led  😉

(Won’t work for me tho, I’m NOT a follower of superstition)   😦



“Hi folks ~ I’d like to tell you about Alex Jones’ Super 6th Sense Virility Pills”  😉

“Folks, these pills are made to a special 6000 year old recipe by a tribe of pigmy Tibetan’s hidden deep in the world underground bunker system ~ These pills are the very best that money can buy ~ Not only will they help you develop a 6th sense way above what you previously had in past lives, you’ll also get a permanent erection that will last for the term of your natural life, and be high as a kite yet it won’t show up on any standard breathalyser ~ Act now and we’ll send you a special Avatar Pack containing Alex Jones’ Super 6th Sense Virility Pills and a bonus pack of Alex Jones’ Super 7th Sense Virility Pills for free” 😉
Warning; Surgeon General says erections lasting more than a week may kill you  😉



‘THEE’ occult has their claws in him to destroy everything WE have done to discredit ALL!!! Shit is going to be nuttier than usually around here! Oh well, I hope it ain’t time to find another.


“Thee America” is Cuckoo   😉

.Cuckoo ~ Patriot Act



Warning: You WILL be

interrogated for driving

within 100 miles (?) of

the Canadian border

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May 18, 2015

Random checkpoints are being set up by U.S. Customs [DHS] agents in the northeast within 100 miles of the Canadian border. The Border Patrol operates a national network of internal checkpoints, illegally stopping motorists up to 100 miles inside our border! These illegal checkpoints allow DHS to stop and search law-abiding American citizens without justification. It’s about to get much WORSE, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved Bill S.750 which gives Border Patrol/DHS agents “immediate access to federal land within 100 miles” of both national borders and prohibit the “Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture” from impeding any CBP activities. “Border Patrol already has unfettered access to protected federal public lands along the border,” Dan Millis, borderlands program coordinator for the Grand Canyon Chapter of theSierra Club. “In fact, Border Patrol currently has more access to the border and surrounding lands than the public.”



f—–g Reagan amnestied 15,000,000 criminal invaders, and the current Traitor-in-Chief is flying Somalis and other hugely risky foreigners into the USA to settle and suck off our benefits system, and we have the Gestapo now expanding their “right” to infringe upon a citizen’s freedom to travel within his/her own country? There is no law, therefore there is no lawful order. Period. End of discussion.


Listen Billy-Bob, tell it to your proctologist, your Obamacare proctologist 😉
Nobody out here in the wider world gives a damn America no longer gives a damn about America, yet if you’ll just go and see your local proctologist, your official Obamacare proctologist, and tell him you’ve been taking it in the ass from Uncle Sam for so long now you got serious medical issues arising (From too much patriot ass-sex) and if you’ll slip him a bribe, maybe he’ll give you a doctor’s certificate exempting you from any further intrusions into your A-Hole by the (Patriot’s in the) US Govt? 😉
Try it, Bobby-Bill, and if it don’t work, well, you’re screwed then aren’t you 😉



This terrorist-funnies is-it?   😉

Or only Satanic snickers?   😉

A 3rd of the way thru this post is a plain offer to either accept simple euthanasia, or a loan for lawyers etc in the pursuit of simple justice, said loan easily repayable once some unnamed insurance companies in Australia quietly roll over without ‘ANY’ publicity to pay public liability compensation for what those they’d insured illegally did, and then book themselves into the same fcuking hospitals they’d insured to have their bleeding and bruised testicles treated  ~ (Snicker)  REALLY  😉
In the light of what’s (Illegally) gone down here in Australia courtesy of CIA since the early 1960’s, temporarily discounting the illegal shit the American taxpayer paid for directly, that’s not just being reasonable, to my (Honest) way of thinking about things, that’s being downright “Mahatma (Fcuking) Gandhi” about it, as in the best I’m able to do in responding with ‘HIS’ style of passive resistance to the ignorant stupidity of America’s fascism as it’s been expressed to me these last 55 years  😦
I’ve made this (Genuine) offer of euthanasia or justice easily more than 1000 times since 2006, roughly, followed by the statement that with a practical response from them on either of those 2 offers my response in turn can be best said with the Latin phrase “NOLO CONTENDERE” which basically expresses my overall position well, as it translates best in it’s literal meaning of “I-do not wish to contend”  😉
The problem seems best summed up by a great political thinker and grandson of the 19th century Neapolitan Jew ‘AVITABILE’ mentioned briefly above and known to the world at large as Benito Mussolini, a man who once (Literally) said to me face to face in 1973 with more than a little wry dry humour and droll wit, perhaps with just a wee bit of dishonest Machiavellian intent while in the process of doing so, “Fascism only promotes stupid people” and in truth he was “Dead right”  (Nice pun there) too America, cause you’ve done it hand over foot since 1971, you damn fools 😦

US Declassifies Osama

Bin Laden Docs as


to Expire

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Documents released following Hersh revelations challenging Bin Laden narrative

Kurt Nimmo
May 20, 2015

Intelligence agencies in the United States have decided to make public more than 100 previously classified documents purportedly seized during a raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. “Today the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) released a sizeable tranche of documents recovered during the raid,” Jeff Anchukaitis, spokesman for the ODNI, said. The alleged tranche of documents was announced days before the US PATRIOT Act is set to expire. The documents appear as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul promises he will do “everything humanly possible” to keep the Senate from reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act. Paul says he will try to filibuster a reauthorization of Section 215 of the act which was used to justify NSA surveillance of the American people.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has characterized the raid that purportedly killed Bin Laden as “one big lie.” “Not one word of it is true,” he said. According to a report by the AFP the documents show that Osama bin Laden was grooming his son to take over leadership of the al-Qaeda terror network. “More than 100 newly declassified documents were provided to AFP by the Central Intelligence Agency, including two letters to Bin Laden from his son and one from Hamza’s mother imploring that he follow in his ‘father’s footsteps,’” The Telegraph reports. Moreover, Osama urged his followers to focus “on killing and fighting the American people and their representatives.” If the documents can be believed, the Saudi read a wide variety of books, including Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s Wars” and Noam Chomsky, a noted critic of US foreign policy. “Bin Laden was interested in books with a conspiratorial bent, and he had tomes about the Illuminati and the Freemasons and even, somewhat ironically, a book that asserted that 9/11 was an ‘inside job,’” CNN reports.

This article was posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 9:52 am


The real (Fake) Osama (sic) on television from 97′ to 04′ (PWV) would’ve had a large joint of Hindi Kush tween his fingers whenever a camera wasn’t on him ~ I’ve never seen a goy (Snicker) smoke as much weed as ‘THAT’ dude did in the early 80’s, and he would’ve been watching “Cheech and Chong” on the DVD player too  😉

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