An Inconvenient Proof

. How dumb are you, America?¬† ūüė¶ . US-Israel Wage War on Iran in Syria Tony Cartalucci¬† NEO April 4, 2015 (McCain’s Mid East fiction = Rocking-horse poop) The ongoing conflict in Syria has always been a proxy conflict aimed at Iran, as well as nearby Russia, and more distant China. As far back as… Continue reading An Inconvenient Proof

Oh the irony of it all, Zion

. Flippant? Or funny? You decide, suckers . Dear Willem Buiter: If Gold Is A 6000-Year Bubble, Then What Is This? Zero Hedge December 5, 2014 Citi claims gold is a 6000-year-old bubble,¬†perhaps Mr. Buiter has not seen this chart? ‚Ķand¬†funny how Mr. Buiter never wrote any extensive essays about the bubbleness¬†of Citi at any… Continue reading Oh the irony of it all, Zion