Don’t be so patiently waiting?

Bart deserved that for asking LARGE

Forty years ago the CIA budget was around $1 billion+ dollars a week….

It’s a ballpark figure, accurate enough, $1000+ million dollars per week you were paying the intelligence service controlled by the Prussian descent World War Two fascist Knight of Malta Masonic Sept 11 plotters to beguile you, deceive you, seduce you, launder more of your taxes in the form of Israeli Aid to both finance Hezbollah for the purpose of beginning the build up of the Muslim terror profile to help them (Eventually) sell that idiotic Cessna Pilot skyscraper-demolition story that provided the smokescreen to remove 2\3rds of the US Constitution via the Patriot Act, as well as using that laundered aid money to corrupt both sides of state and federal politics not to mention beginning the run of Colombian cocaine stateside to corrupt City Hall and the judges police forces governors plus other state and federal politicians…

Fascist NDAA Boot 560

Currently they outspend me over one million to one…

My needs are modest for the hack political-jackass-activist role the Mountbatten’s controlling the Central Intelligence Agency (Still) forced upon me from my terrorized early childhood years on, they thought they were making a straw man out of me who could always be relied upon to provide false hope for the resistance to tyranny and then usually be used as the buffoon fall guy butt of all of the jokes for it’s failure after while providing an example in the form of a warning to others, yet despite what all of those (Phagg) Luciferin Prussian descent Knight of Malta Masonic frauds claim I’m not a troublemaker and I’ve never overreached in my goals because my goals weren’t what those lying bastards claimed, they cruelly murdered  my birth mother and twin sister and then set about ruining my step family too, in the process aggravating humiliating and provoking me no end, in turn I’d set about derailing some of their more pompous plans in the solar system (Really) and ruining their eternity but none of that helps anyone in the immediate future, nor was it ever meant to…

If you really wanted to help America and\or the rest of the world yourselves you’d better get busy and help get a #fascistpedodungeongrandjury into the systematic abuse the Knight of Malta fascists have committed on the world’s children including America’s since the 1950’s going and then give yourselves a chance to hear the rest of the (Hidden) truth’s of the past 60 years by instituting legislation for a 100% treason amnesty in exchange for a full 100% honest confession into their treason with nothing held back, that and all of the related crimes, all of that confessed to a grand jury in return for amnesty ~ Myself, ever the practical minded yet still spiritual man and thus never much overly expecting such a logical approach from a nation of cocksockets sailing along with a ship of fascist fools, I’ve long been (12 years) quietly waiting for death to end this sad madness of hypocrites expecting me to do something about a problem not of my making when no one even bothers to help with the practical resources to do so ~ All I’d ever set out to do as a kid was avenge the murders of my mother and sister and achieved that 12 years ago already, if idiots expected more and I’m not totally averse to a strong community minded positive outcome based around a return to genuinely truthful principles and a morality which doesn’t prey on the meek weak and innocent little ones, then where was the practical support you fakes?

Regarding the support that didn’t come, Australia, unlimited access to a fully funded lawyer (Silk) after 2 years top shelf private health insurance, America, top shelf lawyer and the full facts behind me being placed on the proscribed person’s list of the ‘NDAA’ provisions of the Patriot Act, Russia, my Russian born birth mother’s ‘KGB’ files and a pack of 200 Mg slow release morphine which would last me around three months, and finally China, I’d asked you Kung Fu killer types for a lousy few grams of Kaiser Fox’s processed Afghan opiate so I’d be able to quietly, calmly, end this farce of people led to expect me to do what they themselves couldn’t, with no resource either, but you don’t bother to show mercy, you just sat back and watched as they screwed over and\or even killed part Chinese girls who genuinely tried to help?

Robby Redneck Comedian Nazi Flag Cessna 600

Screw the lot of you with your own dcik’s…

10:00 AM AEST Nov 16
Re-EDITED 12:50


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