So you think they just went away?

HENRY Ford ADOLF Hitler Mussolini Benedict Queen BW

Most believed it when told World War Two Nazi SS were defeated…

eichmann-diana-william-600BETTER CICERO Schwammberger treason from within 600schwammberger-much-america-atta Haspel 600Atta Kavanaugh Schwammberger all seeing eye Masonic G 600Schwammberger clan 100 percent 600

Most folk are dumber than 2 dog’s whose tails are tied together…

TWO Dog's tails tied together 600

Most believed it when told Bavarian Illuminati no longer existed…

Bavarian Illuminati Masons Patriot Act 800

Masonic Lodges are merely a front for them, always have been…

Abe Lincoln depressing 600

Get at the truth before they do this to you America, moron’s…

Trump Nazi assassination FAKE Red 600Dave Trump Google STRIKE RED 600trump-and-fake exact lookalikes 600Kushner Trump Kutschmann 600

Remember they done it more than once before already…


If you let them do it all again here’s what they’ll do…

Martial Law Patriot Act REASON 600 (2)kinetic-weapons-masonic-symbol 600

Here’s what you can do about it, or just die trying maybe…


If you think it’s a joke still you’re 2x dog’s-stuck-together dumb…

Redneck comedian gold old LARGE

3:00 PM AEST Nov 9th


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