Maybe it’s Apollo rocket science?

Two different Kennedy's

Yeah that’s it, Apollo rocket-science, the missing piece of the puzzle is it?

On Memorial Day, remember serviceman John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

What arcane Luciferin bewitchment have Freemason’s placed on the American mind that makes the people of America keep on acting like they believe those who’ve so consistently lied to them ever since the Masonic members of the Odessa conspiracy covered up for the World War Two Nazi’s who whacked the 35th president down in the old Masonic tunnels deep under congress, then pulled that Dealy Plaza sham 11 days later featuring the murder of one of Kennedy’s Secret Service identity doubles, a well orchestrated sham that also included the dupe commie sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald armed with magic bullets and the Grassy Knoll shooter followed up by the allegedly suspicious murders of 70 witnesses who did indeed see what they saw, but what they saw wasn’t what they thought they saw, all done with the help of ‘CIA’ as a kind of rope-a-dope strategy for the average Joe Schmuck? ~ Whatever it really was, whatever kind of Luciferin enchantment Mason’s have placed on the American mind it must have been a beauty, a real doozy, perhaps regularly topped up with energy from fresh ritual murders of innocent kids in Young Republican pedophile dungeon networks the people of the greatest nation in the world stubbornly ignore?

So yeah, Memorial Day, what are you forgetting today America?

Butt monkey Cessna Pilot's


What do they put in your water to make you this dumb America?

You A-Grade idiots for these treasonous scum 24\7?

Meanwhile, once-again, a shout-out to the kiddies…

Wonder if they dumb enough to think anyone cares?

Thunderbirds reference? ~ I-was a kid once…
Terrorized tortured rape and prostituted by ‘CIA’…
Yeah, that’s right, United States Central Intel…
First met Rumsfeld thru that in the 1960’s…

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