A Jewish Santa runs this world…

The Grinch Jewish Santa


Stream When Trump Starts

Talking About Hillary’s

Support For ISIS

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Coincidence? Coverage flips to background music as

Trump labels Clinton “founder” of Islamic State

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 8, 2016

Video from Donald Trump’s speech last week in Daytona Beach shows ABC News cutting the live fed as Trump begins to talk about Hillary Clinton’s connection to ISIS.

Trump sham PP

“Take a look at Orlando, take a look at San Bernardino, take a look at the World Trade Center,” states Trump, before adding, “And we let ISIS take this position, it was Hillary Clinton that….she should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS. That’s what it…” ABC News’ live stream coverage then immediately cuts out and goes to background music. The video comes back in but…

with Trump muted before returning to full coverage. […]

PJW Trump Santa with a boner 680


Communist Party USA endorsed Hillary !


trump-security-rule-sm NAZI

Must mean the old Nazi ‘WW2’ camaraderie quietly endorse Trump then…

Avatar   (To)  

Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same penny

Total dictatorship


Indeed, surely there was never a truer word spoken Sahib…

Rummy Clinton Trump Left or right


THE STORY THUS FAR? ~ “Muslims hate our (Your) Freedoms” because Cessna Pilots knocked down 3 skyscrapers with 2 jets before Iraq’s gold disappeared under US occupation, and, “Santa Clause (sic) lives at the North Pole” cause Admiral Byrd couldn’t prove that he (Santa) lives at the South Pole ~ Right? 😉

Boo Santa Ghost boner

Trump: I’d

Be The ‘Last One’

To Use Nukes

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The Hill
August 7, 2016

Donald Trump on Saturday hit back at critics who question whether he should be entrusted with nuclear weapons, saying he would be the “last one” to ever authorize their use. “Believe me, I would be the last one to use nuclear,” Trump said at a rally in Windham, N.H. “Because I understand what it represents. I understand what it means.” Trump’s comments came after a report earlier this week that the GOP presidential nominee had asked a foreign policy adviser repeatedly why the U.S. could not use its nuclear arsenal. The claim was made by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” Wednesday. Trump’s campaign denied that report, with spokeswoman Hope Hicks telling The Hill “there is no truth to this” earlier this week.

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This article was posted: Sunday, August 7, 2016 at 7:32 am


of course he would ‘only someone completely insane would use such a world ending weapon unless it was a last resort’ that’s why we have to keep hilary OUT of the white house’ that crazy woman will start WW3 her first day in office.


Heads or tails, sounds like a $20 trillion dollar each way bet and I’m betting an illegitimate bloodline Rockefeller will be the one that starts that ‘WW3’ whenever that occurs, seems like you’ve got two on offer, and if only, if only, whenever that occurs one of the security detail goes feral on their criminal ass so they can almost immediately face their victims in the spirit world…

However, evil people often last, but eventually, they still die…
And when that happens they’ll ‘STILL’ face their victims…
Until then, watch the denials flow like a sludgy sewer…

David Rockefeller

Obama Slips Up,

Secret Group Running

Elections Revealed!

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Prison Planet.com
August 8, 2016

Alex Jones exposes the little known group that is secretly running American Elections and how they could steal the presidency from Donald Trump.

This article was posted: Monday, August 8, 2016 at 5:05 am


Was it Stalin who said: “It does not matter who votes , but, who counts the votes.”


Wasn’t it your German-born 41st who said “Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Aaaaah”…



Or was it you who said “Let them eat cake”

lol Marie never said that. It’s called propaganda….. the USA has suffered as the rest of the world by BANKER controlled information. period.


Your German-born 41st was a child rapist, I-know, it was firsthand experience, so was Rumsfeld, maybe more so, of course, that all would’ve been exposed if I’d been able to give evidence to the Church Committee, but instead I’d had another murder done in front of me, plus another threat to family, and more torture, real torture, look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word, shit you Americans like to claim only happened in Muslim countries like Syria, that kind of torture…

What a lying sham America has become…

robby-10 Guess Who me CIA pedo brothel Me, Robby, Identity-swap sick 680


we take your word for it


He’d have said “Ooooh, Aaaaah, Woooo, Waaaaaaa” if I’d have been older and not drugged, but, can’t always get what you want in life, so I’ll have to wait and see what opportunities for real justice the hereafter provides, I’ll see if Satan (Adversary) and some of ‘Scherff’s” more dissenting deceased (Murdered) ex-military victims…

want to do a trade-off…

And you know what, I’m kidding (Of-course) and yet dead serious…

Gun Control Doesn’t

Stop Anti-Trump


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Shooter ignores “No Guns” sign when he attacks Trump voter

Kit Daniels
Prison Planet.com
August 8, 2016

Despite a “No Guns Allowed” sign posted on the door, an anti-Trump bar patron shot a Trump voter inside Winston’s Place in Cleveland, Ohio. […]

Kit Daniels PP Trump shooter


So you gotta choice, vote for stupid Trump (He’s mad) or vote for crazy Hillary? 😉

Hillary crazy big Trump 2016 MAD Joker why so stupid ~ 2016


The best choice,,

is not to vote,,,


Riiiight… and how well has that worked in the past?

Like the “improvements” that have been made due to the “non voters”?


How well has “voting” worked,,,, hmmmm,,??


Perhaps Masons understand that giving people an illusion of choice over who really makes decisions for them will act as a subconscious trigger point which allows their inner child to let the ‘Mommy Government’ make their decisions just as some will let the “Daddy God” (sic) concept direct their eternity and thus relieve them…

of the responsibility of personal choice…

Little child praying Donald and Hillary


That is exactly what they do,,,


You’d never believe who first stated that in simple terms…
My step-dad often hinted it, but the man who first said it…
(A Jew who the other Jews swore was long since dead)…
(The Jew who looted all the gold the US Fed got in 73′)…

Hitler photo three(1)



I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

(And all videos and graphics remain the property of their original owners)…

(All rights royalties and copyright used with community-welfare in mind)…

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)  😉

Kinetic Energy weapon (2)

Sadly, no-longer of much real concern to me…

Me, Robby, Identity-swap sick 680

Met all three of these below in the 1960’s, and, it’s three different men…

Two are German-born full brothers, one, an American-born 1\2 brother…

America, your Masonic Lodges don’t think much of your intelligence…

the-bush-babby-boys AMBIDEXTROUS


As has been clearly stated ‘MANY’ times on many different occasions in this blog thus far, the secretly Jewish German-born man just above this comment here at the end of the three pictures whom most of you will think of as George Herbert Walker Bush, a man who’s real name is “Scherff”, literally anally raped me three times in 1970 which was the first year since age two when the torture associated with their MK Ultra brainwashing and torture first began didn’t happen at their hands, again ‘THAT SHIT BEGAN AT AGE TWO YEARS’ you assholes, that was the first years since 1959 that your high and mighty fascist kiddy fcuking child murdering ‘CIA’ didn’t torture me in real terms exactly as the dictionary defines the meaning of the word, instead that year they had one of their old ‘WW2’ generals do it, a man most thought Israel hung in 1962, the same man that treasonous Masons Cheney and Rumsfeld helped to place a stolen US Air Force hydrogen bomb under congress while Israel pretended to have the man in custody awaiting execution ~ You were nothing but a bunch of lying treasonous Looney bitter twisted warped power hungry Luciferin whores and assholes back then American Freemasons, and that’s all you are still to this very day…

and that’s all fact…

Me, Robby Two GOT-IT YET


A story I’ve told elsewhere…

There’s a story I’ve told elsewhere about being strapped to a chair drugged shitless on their “MK Ultra” stuff by ‘CIA’ with my eyes pinned open with surgical equipment a few months after their murder of missing Australian bub Azaria Chamberlain in front of me by a ‘POS’ operative for ‘CIA’ known to some in Australia as “Little Hans” a week or so after her so called death by a ‘Dingo’ (sic) taking her from her tent…

In kindness to Mrs Chamberlain…

for an untrained victim it’s very easy to place fully believable memories into someone’s mind using those same drug based brainwash techniques, so she may very well have believed she saw a dingo take her baby…

Anyway, at the time of the baby’s murder both ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and Rumsfeld were in the house within the previous half hour of her (Azaria’s) murder with a literal ‘Bayonet’ to the heart, anyway, again, this part I’m relating here a few months or so after her murder was basically just…

torture to make me forget what I’d seen…

That included seeing Rumsfeld Cheney and your fake Kerry torture 9 babies to death, and then your ‘Scherff-41’ and one of his brother’s torture 5 older children to death, all Aboriginal and all 14 that I’d seen slowly cut up with knives…

until they either bled out or went into shock…
In contrast, little Azaria died a very-quick death…
That is not a CONDITIONED memory, it’s the opposite…
I’d been tortured and grieved many times to force me to forget…

Clockwork Orange ~ Two

This time (For the torture described above) only ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and one other I’d not known by sight was in the house from memory, and for what seemed like about an hour to an hour and a  1\2 ‘THE’ most violent video shit I’ve ever seen before or since was endlessly played in front of me, no way to turn away…

eyes wide open, brain turned to mush by ‘CIA‘ hypnotic drugs…
No, it’s not a fantasized Clockwork Orange scenario, it really happened…

So much in life and in the world itself isn’t at all as they claim…

And still Zion keeps trying to use a “Cheap Trick” with emotional manipulations…

Control of a so-called ‘Love Interest’ I’ve never even met, it’s all bullshit…

Some morphine for the tumors would be nice, if anyone really cared…

I’d need a lawyer for due process and justice or a mortician pretty soon too…

Before the Lord Jew Almighty  reigning in Zion repossesses my corpse..



PS: This is the short version…

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