Does it ‘EVER’ get any better?

Hey, it IS kind of a funny post, but you’ll have to think about-it a wee-bit…

(And don’t forget to save a few neurons to jack-off Tweeting about-it later)…

Trump Russia Hillary's Emails PP

“They have no idea if it’s Russia, if it’s China, if it’s somebody else,” the GOP nominee said in an interview aired Thursday on “Fox and Friends.”

“Who knows it is?” Trump said Democrats are trying to distract voters from a trove of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails leaked last week. “The real problem is what was said on those emails from the Democratic National Committee,” he told host Brian Kilmeade. “They talk about religion, they talk about race, they talk about all sorts of things, including women. {“} “What they said on those emails is a disgrace. It’s disgraceful, it’s disgraceful. They’re just trying to deflect from that.”

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This article was posted: Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 8:41 am


YOU TELL THEM Mr. Donald J. Trump..!




Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, wankers…

Calendar 2012Calendar 2016


Feeling flawed defective that aloneness shame of sickos?

Sadness of dis-Belief,…


Physician, heal thyself…

and don’t forget the “Trump of Drumpfness” either, wankaaa 😉

Rumsfeld Trump Calendar 2012 Bang


3-2012, 12-2016,….So wtf???

Pray Jesus your twisted souls…


“There’s a Drumpf in the Bucket” ~ (Dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a)

There’s a Drumpf in the bucket, dear Lies-a dear Lies-a,
There’s a Drumpf in the bucket, dear Lies-a, a Drumpf.

Then mend it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
Then mend it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, mend it.

With what shall I mend it, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a?
With what shall I mend it, dear Lies-a, with what?

With a straw for your blow, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
With a straw for your blow, dear Hillary, a straw.

The straw is too long, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a,
The straw is too long, dear Lies-a, too long,

Then cut it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
Then cut it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, cut it.

With what shall I cut it, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a?
With what shall I cut it, dear Lies-a, with what?

With a knife, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
With a knife, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, a knife.

The knife is too dull, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a,
The knife is too dull, dear Lies-a, too dull.

Then sharpen it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
Then sharpen it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, sharpen it.

On what shall I sharpen it, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a?
On what shall I sharpen it, dear Lies-a, on what?

On a stone, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
On a stone, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, a stone.

The stone is too dry, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a,
The stone is too dry, dear Lies-a, too dry.

Well wet it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
Well wet it, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, wet it.

With what shall I wet it, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a?
With what shall I wet it, dear Lies-a, with what?

Try water, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
Try water, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, try water.

In what shall I fetch it, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a?
In what shall I fetch it, dear Lies-a, in what?

In a bucket, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
In a bucket, dear Hillary, dear Hillary, a bucket.

There’s a Drumpf in my bucket, dear Lies-a, dear Lies-a,
There’s a Drumpf in my bucket, dear Lies-a, a Drumpf..

Get drunk then dear Hillary dear Hillary, dear Hillary,
Get drunk then dear Hillary dear Hillary, get drunk  😉

Trump 2012 don't forget nuttin


THREATS?? Or a sicko code,..?

W.T.F. have you intended for the 12th month this year? LooN..? If OnLy you would could RePeNt, you would feel better, immediately. then you could face Judgement, after showing by faith and good works you are in a new way…

Wouldn’t that be nice??


Avatar   😉

GW and the cherry tree


It was EL CIA Duh, cut the cherry tree papa… EL C.I.A. Duh,… and the former Director and his Ilk… Check This: The Mr. BIG Plans puppet Hilldabeast is in on, GERMAN TANKS going to RUSSIAS Japan to China ETC!!!?

Pray again…. and pass the ammo…


The length that certain sections of the American Govt are willing to go to try and fool America into cooperating in fake stories, in the process getting everyone involved in the lie, an “On Message” lie implying myself (Robby Daniel) would seek to cause a war or a terrorist incident is scary, in reality they’re really only fooling Americans and others to lie for them on such a regular basis that their core truth’s are lost in the process, a constant Orwellian conditioning of sorts, the death of their truth’s one truth at a time, conning them all into thinking it’s for a purpose, to contain me because they (The Masons who pulled the ‘911’ attacks) claim that I’d seek to cause some sort of trouble, an active section of a Psy Op not just on me but on the American people…

the whole thing is out of hand and has to stop…

It must be getting to the point where even their clinical psychiatrist’s (Snicker) are getting nervous, they’ve now spent on the cusp of $3 billion in black op slush funds and on books taxpayer money in the biggest lie outside of Cessna pilots flying a ‘757’ and knocking down skyscrapers that the world has ever seen, all coming down since McCain took over as Titular Head of the Bavarian Illuminati…

from “Scherff-41” around 8 to 9 years back…

Over your head ~ MY BIG SARCASM BUG

Imagine a game of naked ‘TWISTER’ with an octopus high on the fumes of it’s own illuminated farts packed full of ancient wisdom that always knows better than you do because they’ve screwed more things up in their ethereal international naked twister game over the last 200+ years, an ethereal international  game of illuminated Luciferin twister where each arm of the octopus acts like the other arms of the octopus are the enemy and your moist dark hairy smelly Goyim butthole is it’s only friend…

Then get it into your head each arm is in on the joke..
(They’re all only pretending to be contesting each other)….
Each octopus-arm is “On the square and in the circle” too…
With John McCain as titular head of the octopus’sKNOB

NWO rainbow octopus gay Mason


I saw a profile of you shooting a shotgun, is this you?
Has your gun an interchangeable barrel? I have a duck gun that barrel changes to a home defender…Quick-change barrel…Mossberg 12Ga….as also others.

(NB: ~ This poster is just a Troll, and an idiot-one at that)…

Listen all the sarcasm and tearing each-the-other’s-flesh, through deceptive communications… I donna care for to try and work around that! My FAITH and DUTY Come from a higher plane…. I am a chronic injuries (multiple) long-term-inoperable-chronic-pain-sufferer, as also suffered repeat fractures concussion, and have to be to the point;So yes many evils go over MY HEAD, which is bigger than Alex’s… I have no use for the OLD WAYS of thinking; TRADITIONS of MEN,… are DEAD and DEATH! THAT is how most are fooled,…through “F A M I L I A R I T I E S”…. They wanna try and gt inside your mind and especially your heart… They care-not for your bung-hole… but they will take that tooo.. PLEASE use a lil’ holiness in that we are divine beings, etherial-ones….BUT we are lost and undefended… OBVIOUSLY,… Yes? GOD JESUS CHRIST defend and inform you Robby….

“C.L.” PS WE need to use a new way of thinking, to overcome these pathetic TICKS!
The new way of determinations attitudes and potentialities, are actually VERY-OLD!

Holy too!



So yeah, a higher plane ~ Here’s a couple we prepared beforehand 😉
Your German-born ’41st’ president’s brother trained me in this shit 😉

Inshallah Airlines vcessna

At various times in the 1960’s your ‘GHW’ was three different men, they were all Prescott’s sons, two were German born and used to kill people for a living (Really) while the third was a failed gay baseball player who used to kill people for a living, it was one of the German born two that became president…

As-Zit-is ~ Allah Inshalla ~ Holy War ~

“No dancing or deception?” ~ No “Beating around the Bush?” 😉


Gay voter mean things


Heh-Heh-Heh, and, she’s so masculine…

Clinton Obama muscles




Trump ~ Bad hair day ~ You're fired 680


Sarcasm is entirely wasted on liberals. They believe everything they’re told.


Hmmm, a “Sarcasm-challenge” maybe? ~ Like a rap-battle with a joke?

Two kind caring Hillary-voting ‘Don’t ask or tell’  US Military liberals were both sitting down to share morning tea together when they began discussing what would happen if that man Donald Trump became president, and first one says to the 2nd, “Well dear, I-think he’d protect gun rights” and the 2nd one frowns, pouts, then says…

“True, he’s just an evil small-handed man”

Gay Pyle


this isnt difficult to figure if you arent slave of judaicized worldview. Putin is a nationalist, trump we hope is one. Thats bad for the Jews who as you know are internationalsists meaning they can’t control nationalist governments. Islam is a fake threat that can be buried easily as soon as we bury Judaism. But at end of Jesus is our messiah not Donald trump or the united state government which is under satanic


Well Brother Nate,,

I do not believe the Jews have anything to worry about with Chump or Put-in,,, they are both kosher , it is rumored that Put-in is actually a Jew from his mother side,,,,,



and just in case you think that is anything new,, here is good old Gorby,,



Their good-intentions? = ‘FAKE’… Their evil-intentions? = ‘REAL’
The death of the Goyim has been in the pipeline for 2500 years…
(As a biological German-Jew\Finnish-Russian Jew, just saying)…

Dresden Bombing Dresden


I don’t trust freemasons and trump and putin are both that means allegiance to the brotherhood and can be on opposites with the same goal and even if you don’t have that same goal the ppl above you do


Don’t forget “The bloodlines” ~ Time is getting shorter…

Trump and Putin lookalike “Opposite clubs” you claim? ~ Au contraire mon ami, both descend from German Jew antecedents and are part of the Bavarian Illuminati, and it’s been nothing if not multinational these last 200 years as it’s wrecked everything it messed with, like Crimea in 1812 and the American Civil War in the 1860’s, the various wars with China Vs the West and then the so called Boxer rebellion, ‘WW1’ and Russian communism courtesy of the German Jew Masons in the Bavarian Illuminati…

then Japan raping Nanking for it’s gold for the German Jew British monarch, ‘WW2’ with the German Jew Masons using the German Army and nation to loot Europe’s gold, and then the illegitimate German Jew descent Mao Tse Tung with the carnage he wrought under Masonic Jew Mussolini’s secret tutelage, on and on…

But Putin and Trump members of associated lodges?
Bavarian Illuminati, rulers of World Freemasonry…

Mao Tse Tung Gun


Boys and their clubs,,,, do you think Beelzebub is a Mason,,??,,,

I wonder how they are going to like his club when they get there,,,,???


Perhaps it’s all just as they say Owly, “Boys will be boys”

Iraq Libya gold American Mason Zion FORT KNOX Israel Tragic America Britain where dat gold



I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated assholes, and all past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) and all past present plus all future royalties also remain those of the original owners  😉

(And all videos and graphics remain the property of their original owners)…

(All rights royalties and copyright used with community-welfare in mind)…

(PS: Watch out for ‘NSA‘ phishing using these blogs)  😉

Kinetic Energy weapon (2)

Sadly, it’s no-longer of much real concern to me…

Me, Robby, Identity-swap sick 680

Met all three of these below in the 1960’s, and, it’s three different men…

Two are German-born full brothers, one, an American-born 1\2 brother…

America, your Masonic Lodges don’t think too highly of your intelligence…

the-bush-babby-boys AMBIDEXTROUS


A story I’ve told elsewhere…

There’s a story I’ve told elsewhere about being strapped to a chair drugged shitless on their “MK Ultra” stuff by ‘CIA’ with my eyes pinned open with surgical equipment a few months after their murder of missing Australian bub Azaria Chamberlain in front of me by a ‘POS’ operative for ‘CIA’ known to some in Australia as “Little Hans” a week or so after her so called death by a ‘Dingo’ (sic) taking her from her tent…

In kindness to Mrs Chamberlain, for an untrained victim it’s very easy to place fully believable memories into someone’s mind using those same drug based brainwash techniques, so she may very well have believed she saw a dingo take her baby ~ Anyway, at the time of the baby’s murder both ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and Rumsfeld were in the house within the previous half hour of her (Azaria’s) murder with a literal ‘Bayonet’ to the heart, anyway, again, this part I’m relating here a few months or so after her murder was…

basically, just torture to make me forget what I’d seen…

That included seeing Rumsfeld Cheney and your fake Kerry torture 9 babies to death, and then your ‘Scherff-41’ and one of his brother’s torture 5 older children to death, all Aboriginal and all 14 that I’d seen slowly cut up with knives…

until they either bled out or went into shock…
That is not a CONDITIONED memory, it’s the opposite…
I’d been tortured and grieved many times to force me to forget…

Clockwork Orange ~ Two

This time (For the torture described above) only ‘GHW (Scherff) Bush’ (41) and one other I’d not known by sight was in the house from memory, and for what seemed like about an hour to an hour and a  1\2 ‘THE’ most violent video shit I’ve ever seen before or since was endlessly played in front of me, no way to turn away…

eyes wide open, brain turned to mush by ‘CIA‘ hypnotic drugs…
No, it’s not a fantasized Clockwork Orange scenario, it really happened…

So much in life and in the world itself isn’t at all as they claim…

And still Zion keeps trying to use a “Cheap Trick” with emotional manipulations…

Control of a so-called ‘Love Interest’ I’ve never even met, it’s all bullshit…

Homer and god don't exist

Still need a lawyer or mortician “Lord Jew Almighty”  (sic) who reigns in Zion…

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