The Big Bang…

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded

But evidently an Abrahamic Cosmic Magician did it…

Big Bang History

ISIS massacres

175 cement plant workers

captured near Damascus

– reports

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April 8, 2016

Islamic State militants have killed 175 workers who were captured at a cement factory situated to the east of Damascus, Sputnik Arabic reported, citing its sources. Reuters had earlier cited the Syrian military as saying that 175 workers from the Badiyah cement factory had been killed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants. However, the agency retracted its report shortly afterwards, saying that the sourcing on the story “was misattributed” and the report is “unconfirmed.” Sputnik Arabic’s sources said at least 75 plant workers managed to escape during the IS attack, while 175 others were reportedly killed. […]

This article was posted: Friday, April 8, 2016 at 6:38 am


All this began when an omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible Abrahamic cosmic magician deity told his chosen servant that all of that land there in the Middle East would be his, and then promised him that his offspring would rule the world ~ But then he (The servant) screwed his slave girl Hagar who got pregnant and gave birth to a kid with a terrible new religion, one with Cessna Pilot’s or something…

Planet of the Apes McCain cosmic magi deity

Video: ‘Refugee’

Threatens to Throw BAB

at Police in Greece

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Migrants continue to use children as human shields to elicit sympathy

Paul Joseph Watson
April 7, 2016

Shocking video footage shows the moment when a “refugee” threatens to throw a baby at police officers in Greece because they refuse to allow him to continue his journey to the welfare havens of northern Europe.

The incident occurred at the Greek port of Piraeus where migrants were told they were being moved to a purpose built camp near Athens. Furious at being unable to continue their journey into western Europe, the clip shows a man hold a baby aloft before gesturing that he is about to throw the toddler at police officers. The baby is jostled around like a rag doll as it screams out in terror during the ordeal. Subsequent footage shows the baby being re-assured by a woman who is presumably its mother. This is by no means the first time that “refugees” have used children as human shields to draw attention to their demands. […]

Jew Planet PP


100% fake


Just goes to show how stupid they believe the people to be,,,,,,, ha,,well I guess most of them are stupid,,, or we would not be in the mess we are in,,, and Watson would not get paid for posting fake news,,,


Fake REPEATED news stories, just to confuse the fake-terrorists  😦

Angry boy America AND CESSNA PILOTS


Send them to Dubai: It’s a wealthy Islamic country with a high standard of living; or Saudi Arabia or Qatar. None of them will take even a single muslim refugee – so neither should any western country. And neither should we.


But can Dubai or Qatar supply enough Cessna’s to train them as 757 fighter pilots Maddog? ~ Is that fair to send highly untrained Cessna pilots to those countries knowing full well they can’t fly in Allah’s Terrorist Air Forces? 😉

Oooh, here’s a thought, just train them all on toy Cessna’s maybe? 😉
You might even give your ME allies an old Apollo training module 😉
That way they can fly 757’s and fighter jets and even Space Shuttle’s  😉

If only Space Shuttles still flew Allah’s Airlines could hijack one and crash the fcuker right into the center of downtown Hooterville or Petticoat Junction, then Washington could finally finish your parallel reality off for good  😦



Their god is Moleck….those Sabbatean rejects.


SJWs Argue

‘Thomas The Tank Engine’



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He doesn’t have enough black friends

Steve Watson
April 7, 2016

In one of the most important issues of the year, social justice warriors are up in arms, having been triggered by the release of a new ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ film. Even though the new film has been “modernised” and Thomas has been given several “diverse” friends of different nationalities, some think it is not multicultural enough and is therefore RACIST.

While Thomas’ 13 new friends span multiple nationalities, including Mexican, Indian, South African, Italian, and Scottish, SJWs are arguing that they exhibit cultural stereotypes, such as an angry Russian, a brash American and a meek Chinese train. […]


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’,

and (The American President’s Cyber Security Subnet)

This article was posted: Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 10:57 am


There is always the BLM Thomas the Dank version to keep the SJWs happy..


Go-ahead, ‘Break my heart’ again, wont be the first time will it…

You have a ‘Deep Underground Military Bunker’ (DUMB) system that’s still swallowing children whole, but that’s only ‘IF’ they make it past the Marc Deutro style sex-slave ritual murder dungeon culture you’re in denial over…


Here’s a little bit of INFORAMBLE… No need to BELIEVE me either…

It’s said by some that your ‘SPIRIT’ is what you were a year or so before you were born, in other words your pre-conception state of being, while your soul is a mirror image of the body’s electro-chemical and emotional energy, and as such will pretty much fade (Cease) in between 3 to 100 days after physical death, with the Luciferin Light Giver liar thief and god of this world offering a semi-permanent existential extension of that soul experience post physical death on condition you surrender (Submit) your spirit along with all of it’s more subtle identity-energies to him (Them) in a Ponzi-scheme…

(Cont)… It’s a little like trading a bag of gold for a bag of sugar-coated peanuts if you asked me, exchanging the extremely valuable extremely subtle energies of your spirit for an existential deception by the god of this world Lucifer, AKA Jehovah, or at least that’s how I’m seeing it ~ It’s also said the ‘People of the breath’ (Luciferin existential Judeo soul-trippers) will hate the ‘People of the spirit’ (Those who know of their state pre-conception) or so it’s said, and it’s more than a little like a big Luciferin-paradise liar’s deception paradox where the lying thieving murdering god of this world, thru those who serve him, will say everything will be fine (They say) if you surrender your spirit (Here and\or post rigor mortis) to their collective Luciferin soul, but, if you do, you’re gonna get ripped off, screwed over big time…

I’ll not tell you to follow my Tao, and bugger off if you want me following yours, however, some ‘DO’ want you following theirs, and their insistence that you do will eventually become violent once deception fails them, or in other words they’ll (Literally) kill you fulfilling their biblical prophesies….

Follow your own path, please, I’m just sharing a perspective with you…

Pharoah children gold itchy butt

Samsung patent reveals

‘smart’ contact lens with

built-in camera

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London Guardian
April 8, 2016

Samsung is exploring the development of a contact lens that can project images directly into the users’ eye, take photographs and connect wirelessly to a smartphone, a patent application has revealed.

The South Korean copyright authority has published a 29-page application made by the consumer electronics firm two years ago, reported the technology blog Sammobile, offering a rare insight into a science fiction vision of a future technology that could be closer than we think.

The lens could overlay internet-connected services directly into the user’s line of sight, in an example of what is known as augmented reality. It could also discreetly – even covertly – take photographs. The device would be controlled by eye movements or blinking, according to the patent, and it would connect with a smartphone.

It is not clear whether patent sought in the application, which was written in Korean and made in September 2014, has been granted, or whether Samsung has begun incorporating the technology into a product.

Read more

This article was posted: Friday, April 8, 2016 at 6:47 am


Could never quite remember if this was about you, him, or just them George 😉

Me and my sarcasm, accurate, lethal, bit like a Swiss Army Knife, but I’ll need to expand because of America’s Masonic dishonesty and it’s Bavarian Illuminati need to turn everything into a lie 1/ Prescott had at least the 3 sons below, but only one of those below was American born, the gay one 2/ Alan Parsons has illegitimate Jew German x Russian Jew parentage = like me a mongrel dog, but obviously a much better musician 3/ German born ‘Scherff’ or “Agent 03” as I’ve called him was the guy running America with Reagan as a glove puppet when the Bavarian Illuminati used their illegitimate German Jew descent Masonic Agent Gorbachev, who was German Jew Freemason Cheney’s half brother, to whack ‘CHERNOBYL’ to hold Russia back from gaining the Plutonium ion gas battery tech that powers the world’s real ‘WMD’ stock, one more act of international Masonic German Jew bastardry on the world at large…

and then Cheney did his bit on ‘911’ remember  😦

And the funny bit? ~ I-used to call them all ‘GEORGE’ too  😉

ghw-bush-early-1950s-narrow-skinny-shot #02 felix-leighter-bush-baseball-not-president 41 Bush GHW 003


Now some (Other) Serious Subjects (SS) related with humor  😉

Some say we’re orbiting a relatively immanent supernova ~ Could be too  😉

Supernova 2Pet Ch3


Again, what now? ~ Is thinking illegal?  😦

Little fish ME

Time to just throw me back, Zion  😦

Zionist Freemason fat mouthed Bass

You got bigger fish to fry  😉

You average people, you average humans, you ‘Really’ need to know the dynamics behind how World Masonic Zionism entrapped your leaders into a cyclical maze of political blackmail where each generation following the previous one was caught like a fat-mouthed bass on a bait of power greed anger and\or pointless revenge on both those who preceded them, and also recreate that same dynamic into those who follow them, effectively “Destroying the decade ahead with the lies they use to…

hide what they’ve done in the 5 decades previous”

Here’s another small piece of the puzzle for those seeking to understand..

You may wish to call it “The psychology of control” or, you may just wish to call it the (Illuminated Luciferin Zionist) “Masonic machine that can’t be beat” ~ You may wish to claim they can’t be beat so you might as well join them, or, you may wish to avoid sharing their eternal fate down the event horizon of our galactic black hole, one which begins poorly when they get stared down by the vengeful spirits of the near 7 billion people they’re about to murder, and then goes from bad to worse…

That’ll be up to you, the choice you make, I’d made MY choice 52 odd years ago, and that choice was to dissent from what really rules this solar system, both in the light and darkness, yet dissent thru “Not resisting evil” as the Christ once put it, while also not submitting to it thru a Mahatma Gandhi style of ‘Passive resistance’ as my step dad and especially my step mom had taught me in their wisdom…

The three “George Bush’s” I’d encountered by age 13…

FELIX (Leighter) BUSH BASEBALL Not presidentGHW Bush ~ Early ~ 1950's ~ Narrow skinny shot

That’s two different men above, both Prescott’s son’s, and a third one below too…

America has been soundly tricked and deceived by Bavarian Illuminati Masons…

Now have a little think about things America, truly enlighten (sic) yourselves…

Political blackmail How do you thinkBush ~ Story

Do you remember these children George, little 4 y\o ‘James’ whom you were fond of, quietly sleeping until the bullet from your little silver .22 auto took him out of harm’s way, tho not from you pulling the trigger, young 8 y\o ‘Anna’ quietly whimpering and crying to herself until you twisted her ear and warned her of much worse things happening if she didn’t shut up, that possibility was removed by a single shot from your trusty .22 silver auto but, again like with ‘James’ not by you pulling the trigger, and do you remember ‘Jane’ screaming the worst screams I’d ever heard anyone ever scream for 5 minutes till she went into shock from blood loss, then another single bullet from your little silver .22 auto before she also went to ‘Neverland’ with James and Anna to be with Peter Pan, and maybe even with Jesus Christ himself guiding them on their eternal journey? ~ Excuse my sarcastic way of retelling this (True) story those of you who still have a functioning heart soul and conscience…

it’s merely a coping mechanism…

Beaumont kids plus dad

Hey ’41’ you fake, forgot raping 8 y\o Anna Beaumont that day did you?

Obviously you forgot those 5 Aboriginal babies that Rumsfeld tortured to death with you there for most, along with the 3 that Cheney ‘OR’ Sanders (They looked alike and I’d always been drugged) killed, and the one your fake Kerry ritually murdered, and forgot the 5 older Aboriginal kids you also slowly cut up with knives in front of me between 67 and 70, the last one screaming for a good 25 minutes before it finally expired or went into shock from blood loss, and maybe you even forgot raping me 3 times in 1970 too? ~ Gee old man, you sure are getting forgetful, but it’s probably not deliberate tho (sic) is it, and you also must’ve forgot you and Prescott’s other two non acknowledged bastard offspring were prostituting me for my entire childhood in that damn pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel you ran for Zion, and perhaps you even forgot the number of times you used “MK Ultra” on me along with physical torture and even the constant emotional (Psychological) torture ~ You sure did a great job or ruining my life and the lives of those I’d loved old man, now I’m pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that you’re already damned like you once claimed to me in 1971, so really all you and yours are achieving by dragging this out is increasing the depth height level and intensity of your damnation, yet all I’m seeking myself is simple justice or simple euthanasia, as far as I’m concerned I’d fulfilled my word of honor to my dad and promise to my mom of ‘Getting even lawfully’ in 2006 ~ Tilting at windmills was never my thing, and although I’d easily be able to shoot your denials down in cold blood like you did to Monika Cross in front of me in 1964 if I’d had real time real world knowledge of them, I-don’t have such real world real time ability due to this constant ‘Black Op’ electronic Orwellian bastardry the US taxpayer funds, but know this old man, in Hades, once paradise falls, I’ll be a handful, waaay too much for you, your gods, and your devils to handle ~ See you there ~ This situation is stupid beyond words, especially as I’ve offered a firm honorable ‘Nolo Contendere’ the moment I’ve received either a liberal fully repayable usable loan for lawyers and off duty coppers to use to peacefully step out of this labyrinth of insanely dishonest world Zionist politics using the black op skills political knowledge and psychology I’d learned in those wasted 20 years growing up in a Zionist university of death, or 5 lousy grams of heroin to euthanize…

Either way, there’s just no reasonable excuse for continuing this 57 years of US taxpayer funded abuse of my human rights other than the small minded hatred spite and feudal elitism and bastardry present within world Masonic Zionism…

(Me below age 9 or 10, raped prostituted tortured terrorized, and brain washed)  😦

Robby 10 y-o

Me at age 59 very much worse for wear after 57 years of abuse by the US Govt  😦

me-robby-two-got-it-yet KIlling Me

Sooo, I’m an individual, ya-can’t fool meee…  😉

My sweet German-Jew step-mother ‘Eleonore Seiglinde Hass’ (Hess) was a brilliant woman intellectually before a (Deliberate) brain injury courtesy of ‘CIA’ in 1961, a very strong woman, a woman of high moral standards despite being what was euphemistically called ‘A working woman’ at the time, literally a strong willed whore with a heart of gold, she had more impact on me than every act of state sponsored torture the ‘US’ ever pulled on me from age 2 which is at least and probably more than 15 separate occasions, not something I’m anxious to delve into nor fearful of remembering…

Anyway, she once said to me “Only liars need to lie, boy” and then gave me one of her special looks which implied she thought she’d just made a very witty deeply profound statement which eventually I’d find profound too, even if not particularly witty…

She wanted me to be a writer of all things, in part to avenge myself for the fascist Zionist abuse of myself constructively and creatively and, in the process, avenge her ~ She got what she wanted as indeed often she did when it came to what she wanted of me to make her efforts worthwhile ~ In our family, in my adopted family that is, lying was considered a character flaw, a weakness, something which implied that deep deep down, you were weak minded, so from age 7 I’d made a point of trying to never get caught lying (Tee-Hee) and from age 22 to the best I’ve been able…

 not lying, period

Meaning, my writing has to be truthful, in word and in spirit…

Currently America, or to be precise Zionist Masons who pulled ‘911’, have just rerun a piece of sham theatre of the absurd where they pretended the New Hampshire primaries were being held, a pretty weird move on it’s own if you consider it was held under the basic catchall premise of “The Safety and Security of the American People” and even more so once you realize that they also did the same thing back in 2012, using the public purse under a deceptive justification to run an absurd devious and ill-defined cyclical lie for a purpose that seems to change every few weeks…

whenever titular Illuminati head John McCain feels the need

Alas poor truth in American political media

I-have the freedom to be  🙂

Jim Jeffries angry magic fairy MASON AMNESTY

Telling the Truth  🙂


PS: Overall, none of this is really meant to be overly funny either…

It’s just sometimes I’m of a mind to make the odd humorous quip…

My position was Always reasonable, period, you Masonic turds…

Now sing one for the Abo-kids who died screaming blue murder…

I’m still just chasing simple liberty or simple quiet death, simple justice or a simple euthanasia, and don’t forget I’m only doing-it in the most constructive way possible, thru the offices of grace and good humor, plus some acid wit and sarcasm ~ It’s now been 57 years since the self confessed greatest nation in the world, the US of A, first tortured me as a 2 y\o to force my submission to their damn ‘MK Ultra’ shit, torture that occurred at least 8 times by age 15 along with witnessing 23 murders, 20 of them kids, 14 of those kids Australian Aboriginal children tortured to death in front of me by your American illegitimate Rockefeller bastard Rumsfeld (5) and your Cheney (3) and your Fake Kerry (1) and your German born 41st president you call George Herbert Walker Bush but who’s real (Birth) name in Germany as many Americans now know is more likely to be “Ulrique Scherff”, pictured above with his brothers, all Prescott’s sons, with ’41’ doing the five older children ~ These innocent children were murdered by being slowly cut up with knives in ritual Jewish kabala murders, and again, nine of those torture murders only mere Babes in Arms as the saying goes, all murdered in front of me in real time while I’d been raped prostituted tortured and brainwashed myself, and it’s only been a little under 12 years since the last torture of myself by American controlled operatives after a 32 hour abduction from a public (Govt) dentist where I’d screamed a full throated scream with every breath for three minutes, then screamed one long internal scream for the next 25-27 minutes after a muscle relaxant was administered as the torture continued unabated ~ Damn you Freemasons, especially American Masons of often illegitimate German Jew descent, literally damn the lot of you  😦

Not of the dreaming ‘I-am’ my Aboriginal friends, I’m a little to the left of that…

You just go out to the dark, find your traditional elders, or rather, they’ll find you…

Maybe the souls of the ritually sacrificed babies are lost, or just not found yet…

I’ll find their spirits tho, one way or the other, and return them to you…

Keep your distance out there

Your elders were friends to me, I-don’t forget…

Keep your distance anyway, shit’s bad…

Skull good totem bad totem ~ Scales ~ Depends

Another of my Totem’s below  😉


A Messenger of death to some…

Totem meaning screenshot 250

So traditional ‘Abo’s’ say  😉

 ### ### ### ### ### ### ###


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated nobodies ~ All past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use)plus all past present and (Also) any future royalties remain those of the original lawful owners  😉

Oh-yeah, you can repost at your leisure, yet it’s still MY blog, right?  😉


White snake 250

Zion uses these blogs for phishing…


White snake 250

Zion uses these blogs for phishing…


White snake 250

Treason-amnesty would’ve worked…

Jim Jeffries angry magic fairy MASON AMNESTY 250

Freemasons pulled 911

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