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This blog is a heavy read, not intentionally so, just heavy subjects that require the kind of deep determined concentration commitment and dogged dedication to reading and eventually understanding in all of it’s parts, the sum of which to some will be greater than the whole, as one of those brilliant Asian students who studies 30 hours per week outside of school applies to become successful…

A timely word of warning, one of Zion’s tricks to derail confidence in your understanding of these subjects is to throw anything you say or question back at you and demand to know what ‘YOU’ would do to fix things, then, no matter what you say, they’ll just pick holes in it using a similar technique the Govt paid trolls began to use on YouTube after 2008 when the US Taxpayer began to subtly finance the castration of their 1st Amendment rights due to a charade of protecting American patriotism by remaining ‘ON MESSAGE’ in a massive lie ~ Don’t play their game, just sit back, absorb all the facts you can, don’t lie for them or allow yourself to be pressured to supply a solution to the deliberate mistakes the treason of Masonic Zionism has created, and wait for your understanding to grow ~ Nobody sane could still believe things are normal in Washington anymore, they truly are…

‘Not in Kansas anymore, Toto’  😉

Gee Toto, we're really screwed aren't we

Are Corporate Gatekeepers

Protecting Western Elites from the

Leaked Panama Papers?

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Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg
April 5, 2016

As someone who spends most of his waking hours trying to make sense of the world around him, the Panama Papers leak seemed to represent one of those stories that only come around once or twice a year, if that. However, unlike with the Snowden leaks, the more media coverage I read surrounding shell company assembly line law firm Mossack Fonseca, the more I was left with a nagging sensation that something was just not right. Something felt off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then along came an article by Craig Murray, which offered a plausible explanation of what had been nagging me. First, many of you won’t know who Craig Murray is. Here’s a quick description of the man from his own website:

Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist. He was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004 and Rector of the University of Dundee from 2007 to 2010.

With that out of the way, I want to turn your attention to the very interesting article he penned,

Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak:

Whoever leaked the Mossack Fonseca papers appears motivated by a genuine desire to expose the system that enables the ultra wealthy to hide their massive stashes, often corruptly obtained and all involved in tax avoidance. These Panamanian lawyers hide the wealth of a significant proportion of the 1%, and the massive leak of their documents ought to be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately the leaker has made the dreadful mistake of turning to the western corporate media to publicise the results.

In consequence the first major story, published today by the Guardian, is all about Vladimir Putin and a cellist on the fiddle. As it happens I believe the story and have no doubt Putin is bent. […]

This article was posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 6:26 am


I’ve got a shocker for patriots that makes this chicken shit ~ For those of you who know of me (For real) and know I’ve been properly trained to weigh shit up from my early years, let ‘THIS’ perspective sink in ~ As titular Illuminati head your Senator John McCain has a very cozy relationship with the Russian Mafia, to the point where they’re doing political seductions

(Ah, why mince words, rapes is what it is)

for him down in the town where I’m from ~ Remember him, McCain, the real one?

The German-Jew descent agent for the foreign power at the heart of the Forrestal cover story which saw 134 dead just to kill 3 Kennedy activists, and this guy McCain gets to head the armed services committee or whatever the fcuk it is? ~ You lost America, and you’ll keep losing as long as Bavarian Illuminati can con you  😦

Of course at times they (Elite Masons) like to brag they’re all on the same side…
The connection you look for is the GermanJew descent Oligarchs in Russia…

(Just bear in mind, those I’m talking about, their mommy wasn’t married to their bio daddy who was German-Jew descent ~ This eugenics shit used for power stacking the families of Masons with what became Bavarian Illuminati has been going on since the latter 1600’s and it’s reached saturation point everywhere)

It’s what was behind Russia pretty-well getting crippled in the Crimean War, because they (Bavarian Illuminati Masons) used a double for the Czar to issue what amounted to contradicting and confusing orders to keep the Russian forces from overwhelming the French who were in all truth being controlled by the English Masons who themselves were infested with illegitimately conceived German Jew descent Masons in their royal courts too as well, just as Russia was ~ Sound like bullshit does it? ~ Well excuse me, it’s just the way shit was, and is…

(Idiots, that wasn’t even the ORIGINAL Napoleon imprisoned on the Isle)…
(Just a 1\2 -brother cousin or natural lookalike-double put there in his place)…

If you’d just think about the humanity, all those pointless dead in their wars…
(Some of them died quite horrible deaths, well, truth is most of them did actually)
You call them Bankster Wars now? ~ Yeah, Bavarian Illuminasti wars…

And anywaaay, there’s your German-Jew descent titular Bavarian Illuminati head McCain giving American Masons one hell of a confusing headfcuk by making them lie about everything 24\7 to the point where they don’t know SquatDiddly 😦

McCain headMcCAIN HEAD 289


BRITASS, ARE ALL THE FACTIONS OF THE ILLUMINATI IN CAHOOTS? Or, are their warring factions between them? Aang stated that they’re trying to get this money back to the U.S and promote the U.S as the only safe haven. Turns out the father of the man running the offices in Panama was a CIA agent or wprked for them at one time.


Umm, if that’s a serious question, then the serious answer is the only real divisions among the Bavarian Illuminati controlled Masonic Lodges as ruled by the Swiss banking houses on behalf of those who are falsely claimed to have died out 12,000 odd years ago, are 100% artificial, they’re playing us all like soulless chess pieces…

That’d be they of the very large brain capacity and ancient years, those with an excellent memory for forgetting things they goofed up on, like causing the first great flood which brought down the 1000 mile water vapor canopy natural greenhouse around earth, the one that shielded us from high energy particle deterioration of our ‘DNA’ and thus causing massively diminished lifespan after building the pyramids as a power generation system to an impishly malicious and clever design by one of the earthbound reptilian species they’d offended (Wronged) yet always remembering all of the errors of their Po underlings (Us) which in a wordy way mean the only conflicts we got here are like those deliberately created among nations by Masons, and those created among the ranks of lessor Zionist Illuminati and Masons to keep said warring parties (Nations) and various lodges both weak and thru lack of knowledge confused and divided among themselves, effectively meaning subservient and of no real threat to whatever wants to mistreat us ~ Now if that’s too much info, cool, perhaps someone else’s perspective can be aided by it…

Ape “Gods” (sic) are faulted, and so are we, their lessor creation…
Now guess who the hell pulled the ‘911’ attacks in ‘THAT’ context…

The gods must be crazy ~ Muslim Cessna pilot Conehead Three black and white Loki says God = asshole


First thing the reports on this story mentioned was the name Putin – who wasn’t even named in the papers. CIA stink all over this “revelation.” Just another day in Putinphobia.


I just can’t see the CIA doing this. It isn’t their style. If the CIA were behind this, the data would never see the light of day. With this info, the CIA would: 1. Root out where the money actually is and go steal it. (What will Fonseca do, call the cops?) 2. Blackmail the names on the list. To the CIA, releasing all this data as a lump would be flushing larges amount of cash flow down the drain.


Close, but it’s more like this… 1/ ‘CIA’ would root something in the butt… 2/ Seek illumination… 3/ Root something else in the butt to seek more illumination… 4/ Steal the money and then root something in the butt… 5/ Blackmail ppl they stole the money from and root them in the butt, and then root them in the butt again until they give up terrorism against the USA … 6/ Then root something else in the butt while doing a little victory jig…

Head up Ass ~ Black Caucus CIA director


If you REALLY want to understand what the Panama Papers are all about, who wins and who loses, you will need to put your thinking caps on, (what is happening IS complicated) and then read this. The agenda behind the Panama Papers is the same agenda that the Empire used to bring down Switzerland. […] It is not about helping ordinary people being ripped off by the “rich”. It is not about “financial crimes”. It is not about “terrorism”. It is not about “money laundering”. It is about power pure and simple. Who has it and what they want.

Study this quote and understand it. It is what “offshore” really means. It never had anything to do with Switzerland or any other jurisdiction Washington didn’t or doesn’t approve of. ““Private banking has long since become virtual. So the term “offshore” refers not so much to the actual physical location of private assets or liabilities, but to nominal, Hyper- portable, multi-jurisdictional, often quite temporary locations of networks, legal and quasi-legal entities and arrangements that manage and control private wealth, always in the interests of those who manage it, supposedly in the interests of its beneficial owners, and often in indifference or outright defiance of the interests and laws of multiple nation states. A painting or a bank account may be located inside Switzerland’s borders, but the all-important legal structure that owns it- typically that asset would be owned by an anonymous offshore company in one jurisdiction, which is in turn is owned by a trust in another jurisdiction, whose trustees are in yet another jurisdiction (and that is one of the simplest offshore structures)is likely to be fragmented in many pieces around the globe. Ultimately, then, the term offshore refers to a set of capabilities.” […]

Switzerland with its huge banking system could not exchange Euros or Swiss Francs into US dollars at least digitally without using such intermediary banks. It was this threat that crushed the Swiss and forced them to buckle to Washington’s demands. And Washington is also pushing for an end to cash altogether so that all “money” will be digital and thus subject to state surveillance and control.


So in other words, England did it acting as Switzerland’s regent of sorts? 😉

Two headed dog Gordon Charles Germany Russia


Global Monopoly Finance Capital is centered in London and Wall Street.

Switzerland has been to a large degree subservient to it. But the Swiss are a small land locked country and the people there are quite aware of their dependencies on the rest of the world particularly Europe. They still manage to fight for and gain as much sovereignty as they can, given their circumstances and that is a heck of a lot more than the slave population of the UK have had in the past or have now.


Oh fcuk off. Switzerland’s been running shit since Normans…
(Here’s a little hint for you, tho you may need to think about it)

Jesus Christ ~ Give to Putin ~ Switzerland Russian JesusConehead priest Zionist


If left alone it would be the best place on earth. With a pelosi, feinstein,boxer,gov.brown, gavin newson show it is being run down. Pensions beuracrats, illegal occupiers, homeless, highest tax rate in nation has business moving out. The kooks from the whole us. Moved here voted with there hearts and gave the store away. If hillary is elected there will be a giant sucking sound as conservative minded folks will fire sale there lifes work to move out. Daily chemtrails, modified weather, h1b visas for tech workers over locals and every kind of security and support for illegals over locals and a artificial housing scarcity crisis fueling a new home flipping boom.


It’s a conspiracy…

It's a conspiracy ~ 560

(A simple man, not a simpleton)  😦

(Pre-edit post)

Soros and Ford

Foundation Behind the

Panama Papers

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Financial elite hijack investigative journalism to attack Putin.

Kurt Nimmo
April 5, 2016

The corporate media has seized upon the so-called Panama Papers linked to the law firm Mossack Fonseca to heap condemnation on Russian President Vladimir Putin. “ICIJ [International Consortium of Investigative Journalists] and an international coalition of media outlets investigated the trove of papers, which allegedly reveal a clandestine network involving associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and business ties between a member of FIFA’s [Fédération Internationale de Football Association] ethics committee and men whom the United States has indicted for corruption,”CNN reports this morning. Panama Papers: Unprecedented leak reveals $2-billion offshore trail to Putin.

Putin is headlined in the emerging scandal, although he is not directly connected to the scheme to move billions of dollars into offshore tax havens. 12 current or former world leaders and 128 other politicians and public officials are directly implicated, but they play second fiddle to Putin in corporate media news stories. […]

This article was posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 10:30 am


Do you hear the call?‏

As it was then, so it is now!!

When will you take a stand, that is the question?


Except this is what they want… Revolution is the tool for the elite to bring the social/political changes they want to see. And kills off the population. And both sides go into debt borrowing from the banks. Not to mention, govs don’t use sabers and muskets in war. What chance does an average person have against a fighter jet? Historically, revolutions have always been used by the elite to regain political power… most modeled after the French. Those FEMA camps and coffins are waiting for your “revolution”.


You need to understand that there are peaceful revolution. That can change the world. You do not need to pick up a gun to change the world. Look what the Messiah did. He was just one man. He said we would do greater things then him.

Meaning that we would not die in the process.


Someone must’ve forget to tell his disciples about not dying? 😉

Anywaaay, here’s how a 100% amnesty for 100% truth works ~ The treasonous politicians, which is damn near all of them, are invited to face a grand jury with a 100% amnesty in return for 100% truth, those who take up the amnesty can confess ‘ANY’ crime at all whatsoever and face zero jail time, it’s a true 100% amnesty in return for 100% truth, but turn down the amnesty and face a firing squad of 100 serving or ex military, each a true-patriot volunteer crack shot, and they die…

Those who accept the amnesty and tell 94% of the truth and 6% of what they say is, for one reason or another a lie, then they face the firing squad, but 94 of the squad have blanks placed in their rifles, while 6 of the 100 have live rounds, so, they get their 94% amnesty for 94% of the truth, and 6% death (Snicker) for 6% lying…

And let the collective community-knowledge influence jurors 😦
You know, 2 jets, 3 skyscrapers, ‘WTC-7’, the whole 9 yards 😦
2 Towers with asbestos fire-protection for their steel girders 😦
Only time in history such a construction technique was used 😦
‘Nyuk-Nyuk Nyuk’… But who’s fcuking joking? 3 Stooges? 😦

100 percent Treason Amnesty in exchange for truth KIller Move 100


If you want to know EXACTLY what the Panama Papers are about putting on your thinking caps and read on;

The agenda behind the Panama Papers is the same agenda that the Empire used to bring down Switzerland.

It is not about helping ordinary people being ripped off by the “rich”. It is not about “financial crimes”. It is not about “terrorism”. It is not about “money laundering”. It is about power pure and simple. Who has it and what they want.

Study this quote and understand it. It is what “offshore” really means. It never had anything to do with Switzerland or any other jurisdiction Washington didn’t or doesn’t approve of.

““Private banking has long since become virtual. So the term “offshore” refers not so much to the actual physical location of private assets or liabilities, but to nominal, Hyper- portable, multi-jurisdictional, often quite temporary locations of networks, legal and quasi-legal entities and arrangements that manage and control private wealth, always in the interests of those who manage it, supposedly in the interests of its beneficial owners, and often in indifference or outright defiance of the interests and laws of multiple nation states.

A painting or a bank account may be located inside Switzerland’s borders, but the all-important legal structure that owns it- typically that asset would be owned by an anonymous offshore company in one jurisdiction, which is in turn is owned by a trust in another jurisdiction, whose trustees are in yet another jurisdiction (and that is one of the simplest offshore structures)- is likely to be fragmented in many pieces around the globe.

Ultimately, then, the term offshore refers to a set of capabilities.”

Think for yourself why the Empire wants to control all of these capabilities and for what reasons.

Even the 1% rich, today (the equivalent of the lesser aristocracy) can access “offshore” which is what the Panama Papers reveal. And no the principles, (investors) don’t handle any of this.

Interlocking legal papers across jurisdictions connecting with physical places to store assets is a huge ongoing and constantly changing environment. Corporations like Mossack Fonseca, (from which the Panama Papers was leaked) utilize these fluid environments to the benefit of their investors.

The likelihood is that the vast majority of what is done is perfectly legal. In fact the entire reason why this industry exists is to insure that their investors can legally minimize their taxes in whatever country they reside in, or are citizens of while maximizing their net returns using the varying legal systems of multiple jurisdictions.

This is not news. It is what corporations do all the time.

Long term what the Panama Papers are about is Washington ratcheting up its desire to control every US dollar everywhere in the world. This all started with “money laundering” laws that the Americans ushered in globally through the UN more than 25 years ago.

Those laws were supposed to stop the flows of monies earned through criminal activities, the biggest of which are the illegal drug, and arms trades, which are together dwarfed by global political corruption.

While there are endless laws and regulations in place now in endless jurisdictions, (pressured by Washington) to prevent money laundering, not only has there been no diminution of the illegal drug or arms trade or political corruption, these businesses have continued to be hyper growth industries.

The monies from them still get magically laundered.

The “war against money laundering” was ratcheted up using the excuse of “terrorism”. But what is called “terrorism” today is mostly state sponsored. And it is sponsored by the very same people who are pushing so hard to get control of dollars everywhere on the planet.

Today state sponsored “terrorists” like ISIS are to one degree or another self funded through oil sales. Even before Erdogan shot down the Russian jet and Moscow blew the whistle on the “terrorist” oil trade, it was obvious that every major intelligence operation on the planet through their spy satellites, planes and drones knew every element of the routing of how ISIS got their oil to market.

Moving oil in quantity is a physically very large operation and very easy to track.

Not only that, but what “Russia Today” hasn’t reported is that because of past money laundering laws it is very easy, for especially Washington to know what bank accounts the money for the oil sales went into, (stolen oil money = money laundering). That is because these are huge cash flows.

The same is true with illegal drug sales which are mostly controlled globally by the CIA and illegal arms sales which are winked at by countries trying to sell them as per the film “The Lords of War”.

That happens when the arms in country A are effectively sold to country B through black channels, because the ruler of country A cannot get permission to ship the arms to country B using the political processes within his or her own country.

States like the US also use back door money flows when they want to finance “terrorists” like ISIS and cannot do it openly. Gulf State sources front the money typically through Turkish banks and then are repaid in “specially priced” oil deals or for US weapons.

Then the argument to clamp down on the offshore financial industry talks about global cash flows that can “destabilize” global markets.

This is another bogus and hypocritical argument. Global US dollar cash flows, frequently called “hot money” can be very destabilizing to global finance and economies around the world.

But those cash flows are the results of Washington’s own policies of exporting dollars globally so that the dollar would be the most used currency in the world. To that end Washington has de facto policies of structural trade deficits in which the Americans are always exporting hundreds of billions of dollars annually abroad. Naturally that hot money is moved around to maximize return by those who earned and control it.

But because of past “money laundering” laws that are in place in most jurisdictions the Americans already have a good general knowledge of global US dollar cash flows. And since they and only they control the US dollar through the Federal Reserve System they can adjust for those global dollar cash flows, whenever they wish to do so.

So what is all of this about? What is behind the money laundering and anti terrorist financial laws?

It is about power and control pure and simple. It is about Washington being able to have complete surveillance of every single human beings US dollar assets worldwide.

Surveillance comes first, then policing follows according to Washington’s dictates.

As has been their model through FATCA the US Treasury will want governments, (which based on the Panama Papers) it deems to be in violation of the spirit of controlling “money laundering” and “terrorist funding”, to report the names of all companies used to move US dollars, (including the creation of legal papers intended to support such movements) globally, with those companies having to report who the beneficial owners of the accounts are, or the individuals in whose names such legal papers are drawn. And of course where all such people are resident.

The threat Washington will use to force governments and corporations to comply, (at their own expense) is the same one that they used against Switzerland. That is they will cut off that country’s capacity to do business in US dollars, (80% of global transactions are settled in dollars) because they will cut off their ability to exchange any currency at least digitally into and out of dollars. This is done through intermediary banks which Washington controls.

Switzerland with its huge banking system could not exchange Euros or Swiss Francs into US dollars at least digitally without using such intermediary banks. It was this threat that crushed the Swiss and forced them to buckle to Washington’s demands

And Washington is also pushing for an end to cash altogether so that all “money” will be digital and thus subject to state surveillance and control.


If you hadn’t have seen it yourself you basically wouldn’t have believed it…
Trouble is, like the “Patriot Act” even those who saw it couldn’t believe it…
It was decided the ‘PM’ of the time Gough Whitlam had to go, not so much because he’d actually done anything to be sacked over apart from seeking to borrow $1 Billion Dollars to buy back Australia’s mineral rights from the multi national mining companies who been given them for a pittance, but what was actually wrong was that as a progressive people’s power social activist socialist profile Govt there were some really serious issues such as the truth behind Vietnam as well as ritual child torture murders at Prince Charles old Alma Mata school ‘TIMBERTOP’ in the Blue Mountains that people expected action on, and so ‘CIA’ made up a wonderful little Psy Op melodrama called “The Khemlani Papers” where Gough Whitlam was said to have lied thru one of his minister’s statements in parliament, ‘CONNOR’ the guy’s name was, and was supposed to have sought to borrow said billion from a rogue Pakistani Muslim petrodollar middleman and, well, it was all pure ‘BS’ and it’s doubtful he (Khemlani) even existed, the Govt fell, the Masons including Whitlam had their bit of street theater to justify a big ‘NOTHING DONE’ on the ritual child murders or other ‘CIA’ crimes in ‘OZ’ like child prostitution, the Masons in the Australian Federal Police and in parliament sat on their dignity with a guile that might have shamed the US Congress, while in America a circle formed as “The Church Committee” heard nothing from me on the child murders I’d personally witnessed ‘CIA’ do in Adelaide South Australia in the 1960’s, and as a man-child somewhat in the middle of a ‘CIA’ pedo snuff movie child brothel, you had to be almost in biblical awe of the Hollywood production cum\symphony orchestra manipulative psychological standards of the Masonic sham shill in full volume…

So our Governor General sacked Gough Whitlam’s Govt and thus we got another establishment ‘PM’ of whom nothing was expected but the pomp of nothing happening, and the Masonic establishment’s ass was covered, and as far as I’d been concerned, again, you had to admire Zion’s chutzpah 😦

It was truly awesome, the only thing missing was Cecil B Demille and god 😉


“It is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong.” Voltaire…

It appears to be coming to a head, the bubble is being blown up so big, I do not know for sure when, but it seems like there is going to be a pin prick that will set off some kind of a shitstorm. Thank you for the info, if it helps one more person to wake up it is well worth it.


Yeah, no Masonic treason on ‘911’ or the Patriot Act castration of the US Constitution, no Orwellian 2004 ‘ON-MESSAGE’ reduction in the rights of the 1st Amendment, noooooooooooo, all good Captain, a quick change of clothing from our ‘WW2’ Masonic ‘Zaonist’ civvies to uniforms, turn reality upside down for the infidel outsiders, nothing to see here citizen, all is as it should be, move on, move forward…
So (Again) it’s quick everybody, a “Financial shitstorm” is coming 😉
“‘Zaonists’ (sic) are evil and need to be stopped for der farderland” 😉


Great post Robert,,,very informative,,,,


Thanks share as you like. It is important that people understand what is happening, especially financially because it is an arcane area to most.


Hey, Robert – I don´t see how “the Empire brought down Switzerland”…? As far as I know, switzerland has always been very central in their operations – and to me it seems like they´re just re-organizing the whole system for the cashless one that´s right behind the corner – along with “basic income” –

“The Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is a government ensured guarantee that no one’s income will fall below the level necessary to meet their most basic needs for any reason. As Bertrand Russell put it in 1918, “A certain small income, sufficient for necessities, should be secured for all, whether they work or not, and that a larger income should be given to those who are willing to engage in some work which the community recognizes as useful. On this basis we may build further.”…

“Lord Bertrand Russell wrote in his 1951 book “Impact of Science on Society” that the electronic cashless society will be a form of social control.

“Credits” will be given to you on a weekly basis, and they have to be consumed by the end of the week, and cannot be saved up. If you are against the system and do not follow orders, you don’t eat. Nobody will be able to help anyone else because all will be dependent on the system.”…

Aldous Huxley


You are right that the Swiss have always been integrated with the system of London and Wall Street finance. But they have mostly used that system for their own benefit. They have not been the originators.

When I used the word “crush” I didn’t mean to infer that the Swiss people were crushed. What was crushed was the country’s resistance to continue their system of truly private banking, (at least in US dollars but more and more in Euros as well) where a Swiss bank account was the equivalent of putting your money in a hole in the ground.

The Swiss banks continue to do well even without truly private banking and the Swiss people have per capital incomes almost double those of Americans who have vast natural resources and coastlines that the Swiss do not have.

Your quotes were great particularly those of Huxley.


I believe the templars (=medieval economic hitmen wearing “red shields” and no underwear for quick gay sex – and I´m not kidding here) founded switzerland in 1291 – not only for its central location but for the fact that it´s a great place to hide and relatively easy to defend – with one single goal in mind –

“Back to 1815, this is the year Nathan Mayer Rothschild makes his famous statement, “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

The Rothschilds’ also use their control of the Bank of England to replace the method of shipping gold from country to country and instead use their five banks spread
across Europe to set up a system of paper debits and credits, the banking system of today.

By the end of this century, a period of time that becomes known as the, “Age of the Rothschilds’,” it is estimated that the Rothschild family controls over half the wealth of the world.

Indeed in a letter to Nathan from Soloman dated February 28th of this year, Soloman states, “We are like the mechanism of a watch, each part is essential.”

[the swiss cuckoo clock – may ring a “baal” here…]

However something that did not go as well as the Rothschilds’ would have liked this year is the Congress of Vienna, which started in September, 1814 and concluded in
June of this year. The reason for this Congress of Vienna, was for the Rothschilds’ to create a form of world government, using the debt that many European governments owed them as leverage to give them complete political control over much of the civilized world.

The Congress started well, when the Rothschilds’ managed to get Switzerland declared forever neutral in wars, in order to provide them with a sovereign territory from which to finance both sides in their manufactured debt creating wars. They also had Switzerland’s borders extended to include within its’ territory: Valais; Neuchatel; and Geneva. However their ultimate plan for world government fails when Tsar Alexander I of Russia, one of the few great powers who had not succumbed to a Rothschild central bank, refuses to accept world government…”…

Now, I´m having a “deja-vú” here – how about you…? LOL

Anyway – red shield = rothschild = templars etc…



Blah, hum-diddly, poppycock, hornswaggle, Baal-ah hoo-hah with the biblical Shambaalah, the Normans spent a few 100 years bivouacking in Switzerland after leaving their Nordic lands about 1500 years after the Assyrian Diaspora, preparing for conquest of Europe after Charlemagne prepared the way for them in his reign around 700 to 800 AD or thereabouts, but apart from that, pretty damn accurate most likely 😉

Norman says he's not a Mason CLEAN 680


Sounds like a mixture of some very good points with a bit of speculation. No harm. No foul.

In any case it is a good background view. I believe however that your comments are only peripherally related to the global dollar crackdown that the Panama Papers today forebodes.

Of course you may be right that the Rothschilds are somehow behind it, but again I believe that would just be speculation. In any case I don’t believe that modern Switzerland is controlled by he Rothschilds.

The Swiss National Bank is actually publicly owned unlike the Fed or the Bank of England.


Thank you, sir – I appreciate your input as well, even if I don´t fully agree.

But you´re forgetting the BIS – the central bank of all other central banks – located in basel aka “baal”, switzerland – and just like the city of london, or vatican, or washington dc – it´s practically a sovereign entity within a less sovereign state…

Besides – “publicly owned” means very little these days… 😉

The circle of life dogs


Right you are. While London and Wall Street are at the heart of Global Monopoly Finance Capital the Swiss are past masters at using the system to their advantage. They will help at every opportunity as long as there is money to be made for them.

Unlike Americans or the Brits the Swiss live in a small country where global leadership is not an option. They survive and thrive not by leading but by adapting to the geo political structures of the powerful.

If Hitler had won in WW 2 the Swiss would simply have adjusted to that as well, keeping their values apart as much as would be politically possible. They are the ultimate pragmatists.

You are correct of course about the SNB, while it is publicly owned, NWO financial interests control it.

But Switzerland has the most direct democracy in the world and because of that there is only so far their governmental institutions and non governmental institutions can go to sell the Swiss people down the tubes the way Brits and Americans are traditionally sold out.


Switzerland as a whole was a tool they used very
effectively over the centuries – afterall it´s the templar money masters
who trained & indoctrinated them – and that is why they are extremely hierarchical, bureucratic & masonic – and now, it seems as though it
has served its purpose and they, perhaps, don´t really need it anymore…

Same with america – it served a purpose too – mainly a military one – but now the us is becoming obsolete to them as well… that is why they´ve been building up china over the past 100+ years – to be the model state and the next world police for the nwo –

“The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history” — David RockefellerBut as I said – they are “re-organizing the whole system for the cashless world order” – meaning that once it´s strictly digital, and they own and totally control it all – they don´t need any of the other tax havens as hiding places either…

Summa summarum – the swiss were used – just like any other nation on earth – they were just used a bit differently and in a way that for a long time benefitted them more than the other nations…

Now, below´s a rather long and somewhat “heavy” video on the swissies – the guy, I belive, makes a lot of mistakes and may even be an apologist for the zionists etc. – but there´s a lot of info about switzerland no one else is willing to touch –

(Don’t bother with the vid, it’s a mask, a con, a ruse, just there for context, it’s really just the Freemasons)


I would doubt that that the Swiss Bank is really publicly owned,,,,that might be the story told to the public,,,just as the story is told here that the Fed is controlled by the US government,,,which would make it technically publicly owned,,,but we know that is not the case,,,,


No the SNB is publicly owned. You can buy shares in it.

The 12 Federal Reserve banks on the other hand are not just privately owned, under law it is forbidden to know who has beneficial ownership of them.

The Federal Reserve Board on the other hand is a public institution. Its members are made up of representatives of the private Federal Reserve banks and appointees of the US government.

In reality however in the US, since the US government is de facto owned by Global Monopoly Finance Capital, they appoint people to the Federal Reserve Board who are pre selected by particularly the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

There is a reason why landlocked Switzerland with few natural resources has about twice the per capita GDP as Americans have.

And that is because for the most part the Swiss government serves the Swiss first and foremost, (even if local ruling elites get the lion’s share) while the American government serves Global interests first like Monopoly Finance Capital, the Military industrial complex, Big oil ad nasuem.


“There is a reason why landlocked Switzerland with few natural resources has about twice the per capita GDP as Americans have” – well, in fact there are 2 reasons –

1) money laundering and 2) tax evasion + they also have a role in the military industrial complex, where swiss francs are also made…

On the other hand – if switzerland had 300 million people instead of just 8 million, it would look quite different…

See, money laundering and even tax evasion is big in the us, too – but – the petro dollar and dollar´s status as the main reserve currency of the world are what keep the us still afloat, barely…

Anyway – it´s “funny” how the “investigative journalists” (paid by the ultra rich foundations) from all those different countries missed this one back in january –

“The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States” –…

US becoming world’s biggest tax haven…

Cognitive dissonance CROPPED LARGE 680 CROPPED

You can check on the Swiss stock market or talk to your broker but you can buy shares in the SNB. The other side is what I wrote to “Just saying below”

“You are correct of course about the SNB, while it is publicly owned, NWO financial interests control it.

But Switzerland has the most direct democracy in the world and because of that there is only so far their governmental institutions and non governmental institutions can go to sell the Swiss people down the tubes the way Brits and Americans are traditionally sold out.”

Especially if you are an American Hangtheowl you have every right to be cynical about your institutions. But you should understand the US is not the world.

While there are many countries in much worse shape than the US, there are many countries in much better shape. That usually is a function of their ruling classes doing a better job of managing their country for the people and in Switzerland the unprecedented power that ordinary citizens have through direct democracy.

All ruling elites wish to benefit themselves. The wise ones have a long term vision, the foolish ones such as exist in the States, have a slash and burn mentality of maximizing their wealth and power now and forgetting about tomorrow.

Avatar (To)

I see it differently. This Empire of the City actually has its hub in Switzerland.
Where is CERN? Where did the Templars run to form their redoubt nation that has avoided, yet profited for all European wars? Remember, even Caesar knew Helvetia was divided in four parts!
FOX IMGFlip one of us

Excellent Post.

The technocracy wants their cashless system now.
Musso ~ Stupid 5 decades
Putin has been under constant attack for quite some time. Apparently he will not follow the orders of New World Order planners. He is an obstacle they are trying to overcome. I think the so-called Arab Spring was part of the NWO implementation plan including the overthrow of Saddam and Gaddafi. Those rulers would not play their game.
That’s not the original Putin ‘POSS’ = Half-brother or cousin or something…
Hasn’t been since 2002 or around about, word is the original is somewhere safely ensconced in Crimea’s massive holocaust-labor German Army in the Russian winter conscript-built bunker system (Really) and has been ruling thru this puppet pawn lookalike, or at least that’s one story floated behind the scenes in their shadowy intelligence service world, the other being that he’s dead, or worse ~ Saddam Hussein was dead by 1993 dude, that’s one of his 9 security doubles that your English Bavarian Illuminati monarch had your ‘CIA’ playing as the bad guy with the fake ‘WMD’ stash right up until they got all of the gold bullion from Iraq and then hung him (The fake) and near the same with Gaddafi, a lookalike illegitimate cousin or half brother taking the place of the original after ‘DELTA MERCS’ helped get Libya’s 30+ year hoard of gold traded for oil out ~ Nothing is what you’re told…
Countries like Iraq Libya & Afghanistan treated as dog-crap on their boots…
Spy Vs Spy ALL (2)
What is it missing here? Humm. Something is odd. Oh yeah now I know. There’s not a single American politician or businessman listed. I guess no Americans are hording money offshore. They’re all pure as driven snow.
What’s ‘Missing’ here is a few 100,000 children who just disappeared and will never be seen alive again, disappeared into the ‘DUNGEON CULTURE’ the sick underbelly of Christian America has in all major and most medium cities, and what’s also ‘Missing’ is gold the US Military stole from Iraq for their domestic and foreign Bavarian Illuminati masters, while the integrity and dignity of the nation along with it’s ‘Innocence’ is still ‘MIA’ somewhere in between Vietnam Iraq and then Afghanistan as America just rolls over and slobbers like Pavlov’s servile dog for it’s Masonic Zionist masters yet again…
So-many fakes, everywhere they look, all your poor bloody children Yank…
100’s of 1000’s lost to your hidden ‘Ritual-murder’ culture, you damn fakes…
We got a similar thing here ~ It’s a sad tragedy beyond word’s expressions…

Gap Apologizes

for Ad Accused of


  • Print The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV Twitter Alex Jones' Facebook Infowars store

Clothing company removes seemingly innocent photo

Mikael Thalen
April 5, 2015

Clothing manufacturer “Gap” apologized Tuesday after being accused of showing a “racist” advertisement.


According to a small group of outraged Twitter users, the ad, which shows four young females, offensively depicts a white girl leaning her arm on a black girl.

Speaking with, Gap spokeswoman Debbie Felix promptly apologized for the situation before promising to remove the seemingly innocent photo.

“As a brand with a proud 46 year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended,” Felix said.

Gap’s announcement immediately sparked yet another backlash by many who instead felt the company was cowering to extreme political correctness.

Ironically, Twitter users sarcastically demanded another apology after finding a separate Gap advertisement depicting a black girl resting her arm on a white girl.

As stated by

This article was posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 5:16 pm


why not show bunnies dressed in GAP clothing? or maybe purple wire figures wearing the clothes?

I need a safe area and a blanket.

Avatar   ??? 😉

Linus and Charlie Brown blanket I-feel your pain


Remember back when life was so much simpler, back when a Muslim was maybe someone you learnt about in high school where they taught you that Israel was only invading Palestinian land to protect itself, and all you had to worry about was dead Nazis hiding in South America and the Cold War, along with the constant threat of immanent thermonuclear destruction? Gee, I-really miss those days, don’t you 😉

Now it’s ‘Muzzie-Terror’ this and ‘Gay-pride’ that + ‘Don’t-ask don’t-tell and don’t drop the soap in the shower at boot-camp’ if there’s (Supposedly) large numbers of good old boy gender-confused equal-opportunity sailors enlisting ever hour 😉


The ad was just created to sell clothes. No more, no less. Any other interpretations are just a product of the viewers deranged mind

Go back under your PC rock


If I-was a bored American kid I’d be on the computer right now with a flash cartoon program where the superhero (With lots of thrash-music breaks) is a muscly female dude called “PC-Crock” ~ She busts out of the traditional girl oppressive status quo, is married with 2 adopted kids but bonks Madonna during yoga classes and still finds time to mercifully nurse her common-law wife, no doubt one of the Kardashian girls, thru bouts of depression over her long term weight problems while single handedly defeating all forms of the neo state sponsored role-forming brainwashing, yet deep down she quietly dreams of having kids with Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert, and she even used to daydream of having 12 of Jon Stewart’s Jewish children, but ever since she’s been on ‘Zyprexa’ those feelings about Jon Stewart faded…
Yep, she’s nuts, but she’s only a cartoon character, so chill out, or, maybe you’d better start to get worried, start to get real worried, get really-really worried, cause she’s based on psychological computer profiles of over 30 million American women struggling to find their identity in this passive aggressive male dominated paternally dominant patriarchal society…
Tho the real problem is, “Adults suck”, kids are cool until adults mess with their head and try to control their thinking for the sake of warped political agendas rather than inspiring their self awareness and personal choices based on the truths they bond to, but, “PC-Crock” will eventually prevail because, again, deep-deep down, she’s all fcuking woman, rock-on  😉



I am so sick of this crap. I’m so sick of the race baiters that seemingly have taken over media and America. Someone explain please, how we allow these mouthy little marxist bitches to dictate to our society absolutely everything now? Since when did the 0.0000001% of Americans that call themselves “SJWs” take over the media and convince government and even corporations that their opinion is of any importance to the rest of us? It’s like a scabies mite screaming at a herd of elephants just trying to get under their skin. I’m sick of their whining and bitching and sick of media lending them a voice.


And that scabies mite carries a dreaded ‘Reality Perception Control’ virus…

Sarcasm bug Muslims hate your freedomsElephant Stampede the terrorists are coming

And thanks for the interesting childhood America…

it was, Umm, it was really-really interesting  😉

Now look, don’t spend two weeks reading all of what’s underneath the red line…

If you do, you may learn something, and European Zionists hate you doing that…


Hey, what’s the Big Idea lamebrains?  😉

Bank Amnesty killer move Mason

This really is serious shit, think about it all  😉

Yaa-Hee WaaHee God casting dice ~ Hillary or Trump

Now I’m inviting you to think for yourselves 😉

Two Rumsfeld bitches

These are heavy perspectives for serious people…

Allow them to cause you to question all things…

TRump Clinton Rockefeller Rumsfeld ROCKEFELLER (2)

Some people are weak in the sense of their herd mentality seeks to override their moral or intellectual senses, they’ll subjugate whatever they know in their spirit to whatever group belief or experience as gives them acceptance within the group even if they know it’s crap, tho in all truth crap is never presented openly ~ Imagine if the gospel had begun a little more honestly, like with a question such as, “Do you believe in a Jew called Christ by Goyim, he who was double crossed, beaten, raped, scourged, crucified, bled dry in occult ritual by the high priests while hanging on the cross, then was butchered cooked and eaten as the Passover lamb by the same Jews as sell Jehovah to you? ~ And furthermore, do you believe after three days he rose from death, believe the angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent Jewish god called Jehovah resurrected his incomplete cadaver even tho all flesh had been stripped from it and eaten by Jewish high priests in ritual Jewish kabala cannibalism?” ~ At the point in church or at the political rally where you say ‘YEAH, YOU BELIEVE’ the lying sham priest of the bible believing quasi religious political herd says…

Trump election Homer Trump Time Share

“Then I-believe this will interest you also, for a short time only we’re offering some great Trump Time Share deep underground bunker apartments in the sunny Catskill Mountains area not more than five days forced march from New York for 20% down”…

In the real world Gunny also says to the Civvies…

“Here, you might need these Mother Fcuker’s”  😦

Cyanide Explosive 'AP' round

They’re lying to you, far more than you think…


Now a simple man’s overview…


Same people pulled BOTH of these attacks below…

911 attack sky shot ~ Coup D'Etatchernobyl war crime

And Freemasons pulled 911

All thru the last 100+ years of catastrophe, Freemasons screwed everyone…

Look out for the NEXT act of ‘911’ state-sponsored Masonic Zionist terror

Kinetic energy weapons MACH 56.6 Rev 16-21 CROPPED

Woe, seriously, time to really start planning a position post rigor-mortis…

Yet for a while we’re here still, and, America is 100% batshit Luciferin-crazy…

Those insane nutterz spent over $2000+ million dollars to prove I’m crazy 😉

So skip straight to the bottom and read about the time American operatives of their intelligence services tortured 9 Australian Aboriginal babies to death in front of me in a ‘CIA’ controlled World Masonic Zionist run pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide I’d grown up in, and also read about how America’s German born 41st then also tortured another…

five older Aboriginal kids to death in front of me…
Myself I’d been tortured at least 8+ times by age 15 years…
Those scum prostituted-me throughout my entire childhood…

electric_shock_torture for kids ~ 'CIA' 1962

What of America’s Masonic politicians invoking God at election time now?  😦

God devil Dave Allen

Better stop believing the Jew’s lies now…

You probably already know parts of this, but if not, allow me to guide you ~ The Jews stole their entire religious perspective from other older religions, using it as one of the greatest con jobs in history ~ It began when “An angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician” they call ‘YHWH’ or “Jehovah” told them to steal Egypt’s gold and jewels while he (The angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician) killed all of Egypt’s firstborn, which even today is still one hell of a cover story that many people choose to believe against their better judgment if you just think about it for a minute, as in an invisible guy in the sky told them to steal all Egypt’s riches while he killed all of their firstborn to teach them who was boss, and supposedly even told their patriarch Abram to roast one of his sons on the fire for a barbecue ~ If that’s not a grim ‘Grimm’s fairy tale’ then I’d sure like to know what is ~ Later versions of this same race’s fantasies have a bunch of hateful spiteful Muslim terrorist Cessna Pilot’s knocking down 3 skyscrapers with only 2 jets which must have had the Islamic angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician pitted against the collective might of the Christian angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician and the Jewish angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician ~ Some Christians claim they’re the same angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician being, while other Christians and many of the Jews often imply the Islamic angry invisible omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Abrahamic cosmic magician is really SATAN in disguise…

But any-waaay, that’s just a wry observation of mine meant as a lead in to the true reality behind some of the biblical myths that imply this earth was once surrounded by a 1000 mile water vapor canopy, it watered the earth each night thru dew fall and also shielded earth from the high energy particles of old supernova elsewhere in the galaxy and probably universe that constantly bombard us breaking down ‘DNA’ and shortening life spans, so with that in place lifespans were long and conditions for growth excellent, but once it crashed the reverse became true, atmospheric pressures dropped to 1\6 of their previous levels meaning less efficient oxygen and nutrient absorption as well as leaving no protection from high energy particle bombardment wrecking ‘DNA’ and thus resulting in less growth and far shorter life spans…

The 1000 mile water vapor canopy literally caused atmospheric pressures over 6 times what we now have leading to the types of giant life forms the bible and many of the other scriptures it borrows from speak of ~ Then, well, so I’d heard, the giants mistreated (Killed) some of the reptilian life forms and forced them to give over their knowledge, part of that knowledge being what became the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, at least 40,000 and despite what some claim, maybe even as much as 400,000 years ago simply as a pure piece of energy (Power) creation technology, only the serpent people were not dumb, plus, they were very poor losers, very very poor losers, the design they gave to the giants for the pyramid power generators was deliberately faulted, in effect it so unsettled the earth’s harmonic energy fields that the planetary harmonics went right out of whack and the entire water vapor canopy crashed, causing the great flood ~ This was the revenge of the serpent people on our human forefather’s and seems to have been a lesson which humans are still yet to take heed of, Viz-a-Viz “Thou shalt fcuk nothing over if it’s not fcuking you over lest it fcuk thee back big time” ~ Ha-Ha-Ha ~ The dude who told me that story was reliable, it was a matter of pride to him, and, I’ve taken the time to check shit out and it seems to have been pretty accurate, at least 95+% accurate to say the least…

them serpent people sure are poor losers, don’t mess with them…

Nearly everything you’ve been told is a lie…

I’m not seeking to justify the veracity of that video, I’m merely trying to give you reason to want to try to begin to question every single thing you’ve ever been told about anything, but that’s only if you have both the intellect and the courage to be able to, as well as the inner truth to need to be placing the rest of your eternity on a rock of truth rather than the shifting sands of the anti intellectual  idiocy which omnipotent omnipresent angry invisible Abrahamic cosmic magician 12,000+ y\o deception of the Zionists, something they’ve used Jews Christians Muslims and Masons…

to promulgate these last 1000 very odd and dishonest years…

Baalbek 1200 ton stones pre iron age Conehad Egyptian

In the modern era look at the obscene ‘Muslim Cessna Pilot’ gambit of 2001 and then slowly and methodically work your way back, remembering of course that the Hebrew Christ stated (Implied) that the god of this world, that which the 12,000 y\o cult known as ZION gave them, that which the Jews worship as ‘Jehovah’ was (Literally) a ‘Liar thief and murderer’ from the very beginning ~ And then once you’re on that path, once you find the courage to doubt official stories and then question things, be brave, be strong, be true, and be YOU you fools, above all else, be true to yourselves…

Tools specific to Dan 2:20

Dan 2:19

Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.

Tools specific to Dan 2:20

Dan 2:20

Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:
Tools specific to Dan 2:21

Dan 2:21

And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:

I-don’t know the whole story, do you?  😉


So you believe the Lord’s people do you?  😦

Pharoah children gold itchy butt

There’s so-very many reasons not to do so…

Whenever life gets you down, Mrs.Brown
And things seem hard or tough
And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft
And you feel that you’ve had quite enough

Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour
That’s orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it’s reckoned
A sun that is the source of all our power

The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour
Of the galaxy we call the ‘milky way’

Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars
It’s a hundred thousand light years side to side
It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick
But out by us, it’s just three thousand light years wide

We’re thirty thousand light years from galactic central point
We go ’round every two hundred million years
And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions
In this amazing and expanding universe

The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding
In all of the directions it can whizz
As fast as it can go, the speed of light, you know
Twelve million miles a minute and that’s the fastest speed there is

So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure
How amazingly unlikely is your birth
And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth  😉


Meanwhile, things in ‘Our’ time and space here are confusing for kids…

Lies Zionists use to cover-up yesterday’s lies create tomorrow’s lies…

George Orwell Newspeak CESSNA Cuba BETTER even more

Is world truth as dead as America makes it look Russia? China? Europe?  😦

Around 52 years ago after America’s future 41st president had (Literally) shot my young friend Monika Cross stone cold dead in front of me in the pedo snuff movie political blackmail ring he ran for (Literal)‘WW2’ Zionist Masonic Nazis and their Swiss Masonic Zionist bosses, in a punishment for me refusing to say to two other Middle Eastern clowns what he’d told me to say, something about ‘Pushing Jews into the sea, you’ll win’ to the Arab Mason and ‘Fight to the last drop of Palestinian blood, you’ll win’ to some Jew Mason, that was after Rumsfeld who had been screwing my young 10 y\o friend Monika Cross on (CIA) company time had told me he’d protect her, he’d literally said to me face to face he’d ‘Kill anyone who touched her’ ~ After that, after Rumsfeld talked shit (Did nothing) and America’s future ’41st’ shot her dead in front of me, their future ’41st’ had (Literally) said to me that he’d shoot my (Step) mom dead too if there was anything he told me to say and I’d refuse to say it, and that included dumb shit he’d demanded I’d say to her as a test…

in the then-dead privacy of our own home 😦

When I’d asked him how he’d know if I’d said what he told me to say to her or not, he’d (Literally) stated there were ‘CIA’ microphones in the family home and that if I’d loved my mom I’d just do just what I’m told to do ~ That was around 52 years ago, and STILL the US Taxpayer is paying for it’s fascist ‘American Masonic Zionist’ clowns to rape my human rights and hinder due process of justice 24\7 ‘Psy-Op’ in a spend that’s now well over the $2+ Billion mark since 2008 alone, using me to corrupt and control all who interact within it, both those few for me and the many pack dogs who suck up to them ~ That this Orwellian electronic surveillance is happening is provable to a civil court standard as far back as the mid 1970’s tho as I’ve just said it’s been going on since the early 1960’s because, in all truth, it (Literally) began in 1964…

within the week of Monika Cross’s cold-blooded murder  😦

Literally screenshot meaning precisely exactly verbaitim

I’ll grab any lawful opportunity I’m able to grasp to pursue my human rights in this 5+ decade headfcuk of America on my human rights, something that (Literally) began in 1959 with ‘MK Ultra’ hypnosis and which saw them (Literally) physically torturing me for compliance as a child at ages 2, 3, 5, 8, 12 and 15 and then just as many more times since then ~ Got that? ~ I’ll talk back to their fcuking fascist ‘Masonic American Zionist’ US Taxpayer funded microphones any chance I’m able to if in my opinion it promotes my cause (Justice) but I’ll leave you on this subject with a rather curly question to the fascist ‘American Masonic Zionist’ pigs who’ve been saying I’m CRAZY for talking back to microphones while listening to ‘CSpam’ and the ‘Alex Jones’ internet radio shows ~ Without the fcuking microphones, how the fcuk would you lying jerkoff fascist scum know what the hell I’m either saying (Commenting as in a monologue) or not saying because, harking back to the said microphones, how in blazes would you know anyway you treasonous assholes?  😦

“Lost my heart, when I-found it, it had turned to dead-black coal”


Until I’ve received ‘Real Justice’ you’re pretty-well cursed, ‘Amerika’, really  😦

A brave German doctor RECUT CORPSE Patriot Actor pulse

Below? ~ Some funny officially unsanctioned free-thinking humor…

Igor ~ Foreskin

Don’t let the funny-bits cause you to ignore the serious parts though…

Kasparov or someone crying

Practical solutions for the lies you’re all told?

Bank Amnesty killer move Mason


Meanwhile, there’s reasons for their lies, plenty of dirty reasons…

Identity-swaps? = Three different men used the GHW Bush name…

Bush ~ StoryFELIX (Leighter) BUSH BASEBALL Not presidentGHW Bush ~ Early ~ 1950's ~ Narrow skinny shot

### #### ## #### ###

Off the record (Snicker)  😉

I-still have the freedom to be  🙂

Telling the Truth  🙂

Mengele ~ What we do to you Nazi SwastikaJoe Mengele Jnr ~

Don’t be surprised to learn that not only have the Nazis perfected split blastocyst ‘IVF’ twins and triplets as far back as the late 50’s or very early 1960’s for their Masonic Swiss Zionist masters, they’ve also perfected cloning as well as full blown trans-human creations combining human\animal + human\reptile as well as, so I’d heard, fully functional literal human\‘ET’ combinations made from old ‘ET’ pieces of ‘DNA’ sourced from cold places like Siberia and Antarctica etc ~ In addition to that it’s been well documented and proven that the technology of the old Hindi Vedic Scripture “Vimana’s” was back-engineered from as far back as the 1930’s (Foo Fighters) to create working flying saucer technology (Really) which, knowing the propensity of Zion to deceive with anything it can, could easily turn out to have humanity successfully tricked and deceived into submission to a return of our ‘ET’ brothers in space to this ‘Prison Planet Death Row’ solar system when really, it’s just another cheap trick from the creator’s of ‘YHWH’ which is “Zion Internation”, a 12,000+ y\o corporation of elite ‘Conehead’ assholes who just can’t seem to find better ways to do things…

conehead-priests-of-yahweh-priests-of-baal 680 ZION

Don’t be so trapped in the sociological socio-political historical and religious lies of “The Lord who reigns in Zion” (sic) that you allow your ability to laterally think to be crushed and\or snuffed out by the need to conform to either ‘Daddy God’ (sic) or to ‘Mommy Govt’ (sic) or even just to the other idiot-assholes around you…

### #### ## #### ###


Look what awaits you (Us all) in their plans  😦

Although you don’t hold the spouse or children guilty for the sins of the fathers if you’ll excuse the pun, husband president Clinton’s illegal deal to give nuclear secrets to China back in the 1990’s should, all things being equal, debar all Clintons from ever serving in political office, just as ‘GHW Bush’ (Illegally) giving the same tech to Germany in the 1980’s while Reagan’s ‘VP’, said tech involving high discharge short cycle plutonium-ion gas battery knowledge should, all things being equal, do the same there, as in bar all Bush bloodline from holding office for the rest of eternity…

America, you’re a danger to the free world, if one even exists…

Kinetic energy weapons MACH 56.6 Rev 16-21 CROPPED


Freedom?’  ~ Or ~  Redemption?’  😦

America, or to be more precise the ‘District of Criminals’ in Washington has just spent well over $2+ billion dollars in State and for the time of employees from ‘DOJ’ and ‘CIA’ and ‘FBI’ and even ‘DHS’, using the taxes of hard working Americans gleaned from slush funds and official funds from State to corrupt world media to plant fake and repeated stories, all in acts of apparent ‘REDEMPTION’ which bring no freedom, where they claim that according to them I’m guilty of some sort of ‘Terrorist crime’ which I’ve never yet been allowed to hear let alone officially respond to in real time, meaning instead of America bringing any real world real time ‘FREEDOM’ to one of their child abuse survivors from the 1960’s and 70’s they’ve waged a never ending ‘War on my Human Rights’ to the point where I’d simply be better off dead, and that’s not taking into account the pain from the 3 tumors ‘CIA’ gave me via chemicals ~ Again, instead of a response gained from a respect for human rights and due process, they keep trying to accuse try convict and then pretend to forgive and redeem me from shit that I’d never been guilty of in the first place ~ ‘It’s just plain nutz’  😦

So what’s really going-on in this US taxpayer funded 24\7 head-fcuk?  😦

Tweety Pie Clinton and Trump Nazi bavarian

Here’s a very purposeful rant, maybe worth a read to thinkers and seekers…

Adolf Hitler Masons 20th Century Fox

I-have (Personal) permission to (Re) tell this following story about a part of what went down behind the scenes of Zion’s world chess play of ‘WW2’ using secretly Zionist mostly German Jew Masons where the story involves so many convoluted twists and turns that the average 180 Char Twitter poster may as well, whether male or female,  just toddle off to bed right now and after taking a bottle of ‘Dr Feelgood’s congressional cocaine and Viagra’ pills, jerk off for a few hours while watching old ‘Gary Glitter’ videos rather than continue reading ~ That’ll be far more enlightening to your political spiritual and philosophical understanding than what I’m saying here, and it’ll be more uplifting to your soul rather than reading any further, because this actually requires you to think, and to think for yourselves too ~ Anyway, a favor was asked of me while still both a child in years and a mildly naïve adult-child to do so, to re-tell this story, a favor asked by their Fuhrer, and by their Italian Stallion, and also by Uncle ‘Eichie’ tho not necessarily in that order and, although naïve enough to respond affirmatively I’d still been smart enough to place an unchangeable condition on the first person who asked, one where I’m under no obligation to keep retelling this factual story, or cease, whatever, until I’ve received justice ~ A  wry smile on the face of the person that asked me showed me that he’d perhaps rightly assumed I’d never get justice, but had, to put it pretty cynically, ‘Taken the bait’ anyway, that much was obvious, although in all truth that was just their perspective  😦

After all, the dictionary meaning of the word Justice has two parts to it…

Of the other two times following that, I’d complied with the request on a lessor, yet greater, condition, said condition being that I’d only be obliged to cease mentioning these facts when and if my good will, good faith, and higher nature (Spirit) concluded it was right to do so, and as for what constituted ‘Right’ that also was to be left to my judgment, and mine alone ~ It was on that basis I’d agreed to, whenever the time was right, to tell this story about a small part of the hidden parts of ‘WW2’ and how this mostly hidden behind the scenes reality has impacted world history ever since, in a way, how it warped the hopes of ‘ANY’ true hearted little boys like I’d been the first time I’d been asked, and also warped the hopes of any true hearted Mason if such a thing existed in the real world, and left both them and me somewhat dazed and disillusioned and in my case literally bleeding from the butt at the feet of World Masonic Zionism and it’s ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ masters who rule World Freemasonry on behalf of a shady Swiss Zionist group I’ve heard called “The Octagon Lodge”  😦

Firstly, a few facts ~ Best as I’m able to ascertain the world’s first modern day nuclear explosion was in Tunguska in 1907 after a shell of relatively crudely refined Uranium refined simply using the old Tesla earth energy grid pulling electricity from earth’s magnetic field to power magnetrons to refine the metal, at great loss of life to the mostly Armenian and non White Russian slave labor who worked on it, and that was then fired down the barrel of a specially made 120 meter high velocity cannon into a meter square block of similar material placed in a 100 ton concrete block meant to absorb all impact and allow maximum the maximum kinetic effect (Impact) between the shell and the block to create nuclear fission ~ Immediately, or perhaps concurrently, the same type of device was built in Moscow at one of the major arms cartels there, an arms cartel in large part financed by that $100 million ($1 to $8 Trillion) in cash bearer bond tax monies that Tammany House Masonic Lodge head Boss Tweed stole from America immediately after the civil war ~ This device in Moscow was used by the German Jew descent Russian born high ranking Masons in the Czar’s Court who were in overall charge of Russia to steal ALL of Russia’s quite massive gold reserves under threat of the destruction of Moscow in one massive explosion without a single shot being fired ~ This gold was then used to created the US Federal Reserve which in 1929 asset stripped Wall St and in 1933 used that same money to finance (Illegitimate) Astor descendent Adolf Hitler to begin both the looting of Europe’s gold as well as begin the political and social deconstruction of Europe in order to bring it to heel under the hidden hand of World (Feudal) Masonic Zionism, in effect ruled, as stated above, using high ranking emissaries including Jesuits etc from within Switzerland, ‘NOT’ the Vatican, while also providing the gold needed to turn full circle from Boss Tweed’s Masonic theft in the 1800’s to complete the subjugation of America itself to the world order as feudal chattel, something that in this part of this convoluted shemozzle began with the (Illegal) 1973 US Fed so called ‘Chinese Gold Loan’ which did indeed involve a huge amount of looted Chinese gold which the Japanese had stolen on Britain’s behalf in the 1920’s and 30’s, but also contained those 10’s of 1000’s of tones of gold which the Nazi ‘SS’ had seized on behalf of the Swiss, or the Russians, or the US Fed, or the British monarch, or whoever the fcuk they claim was really running shit in this ‘Crime of the Century’~ That gold from both China as ell as Europe was mostly stored in Crimea and in Switzerland from ‘WW2’ onwards for 30 odd years up until 1973 and was then the leverage for the creation of Reaganomics, the asset stripping of Wall St and American industry thru junk bonds, then laying the groundwork thru blackmail of both “GOP’ and Democrat via perverted sex dugs greed and blackmail in the Young Republican movement (sic) for the Machiavellian Zionist purpose of…

the full blown Coup D’Etat America underwent on ‘911’  😦

Now, the fake (Non-functional) nuke that was placed in Berlin in time for the 1936 Olympics, placed there by I’ve no fcuking idea whatsoever, and the fake nuke in London which Rudolph Hess placed opposite the House of Commons after sailing it in on a Portuguese smuggler x fishing vessel a few weeks prior to the Scotland crash landing cover story, with a similar non functional device placed in New York up the Manhattan River by none other than Mussolini and Captain Erich Topp, well that’s what allowed the greatest military bluff in modern human history over the last 12,000+ years to succeed, once you factor in the (Stolen) US Air Force (Non functional) hydrogen bomb that Rumsfeld and Cheney helped Eichmann place under congress via the old Masonic tunnels there, Rumsfeld claiming, perhaps truly, that he never knew what it was all about, just using his friendship with the military man guarding the entrance to get the group past the guard and placing ‘ANOTHER’ nuclear bluff under congress right up until the latter 1980’s or thereabouts ~ (No shit) ~ As for who really ran it and who really knew, it’s a 33rd degree Freemason thing, yet maybe not as much a secret (That the nukes were non functional) as some like to pretend, and it was what high ranking German Jews on the British throne and Nazis in Germany and perhaps even Stalin in Moscow used as their justification among lower level Masons (Partly) in the know to just throw up their hands in despair and go along with what Zio-Nazi puppets of the Swiss suggested (Commanded) after the war because, whatever you think you think you know, it was in a sense the ‘Nazi SS’ that won ‘WW2’ while both Axis and Ally powers lost, totally lost, even tho up until 1972 it’s been said a nuclear weapon capable of being launched from a bomber had yet to be perfected, in effect meaning those rumors of 1 to 200,000 tons of “TNT’ in Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with a firebombing attack by the US Air Force were what really caused the destruction of both cities, all to introduce the fear paranoia slavery and mindless compliance…

of the Zionist nuclear age  😦

They’ve got nuclear bombs and missiles now, real ones, but it wasn’t until 1972  😦

It was a massive lying cold-hand bluff by Zionist Masons on the world at large  😦

Thanks for supporting me with legal + medical expense, not  🙂

Fcuk, come-on you creeps, you were on test after what you did to the German Army in Russia and, depending on whether you’re Lucifer the light giver or Lucifer the devil today, you’re either winning or losing right, or both you lousy low rotten sneaky conniving Machiavellian Masonic Zionist fascist cheapskates…

Fact remains you cheated me on resource (Supplies) to do this stupid task just as you did to your army in Russia in ‘WW2’ and although I’ve got one hell of a sense of humor, I’d really like to inform you that when paradise (Valhalla) falls I’ll be waiting for you, me and many others, and, to put it bluntly, in between me AND them…

Where the hell do you think you’ll be able to hide in Hades dudes?  😦

So now America, how many lives did Iraq’s and Libya’s gold cost you?  😦

Where do you Zionist types think you’ll be hiding from ‘Your’ army?  😦


Learn from history, both ancient and recent  😦

SHIT Baron Rothschild

Central banks the world over have illuminated Masonic Zionist controlling interests that always connect with various often illegitimate bloodline German Jew descent Masonic politicians in their respective countries who together make a literal killing using your money against you to fund an expansion of credit to ten times what you placed there, loaning 10 x that amount out while collecting interest on it at the same time, all done to enslave yourselves and others in what amounts to a net (Trap) that expands and contracts to squeeze the last drop of blood out of it’s victims, and yet, in balance, cause an American Mason just reminded me of the balance, China makes fcuking ‘GREAT’ nylon ropes you could use to hang both Masonic politician and banker with in a bet to see which one rots and drops off the rope first…

Then, the Masonic-bookies could make a killing when you place your bets…

Mossad '911' Connect the 'CIA' Masonic Rockefeller Rumsfeld

“After the Great Depression began to take hold in U.S. markets, massive rallies unfolded over the span of weeks and sometimes months, only to end in a collapse to even lower depths. For example, in 1930 the Dow Jones enjoyed historic rallies twice, gaining 48% only to lose it all, then gaining more than 16% and crashing down to a 50% loss for the year”. ~ What the article doesn’t say is in 1933 the secretly Zionist Masonic controlled US Fed took it’s Wall St asset strip winnings to Europe and funded illegitimate Astor descendent and Zionist pawn (Uncle) Adolf Hitler and his ‘SS’ to loot all Europe’s gold, said gold stored at both Crimea and Switzerland until 1973 when the US Fed (Illegally) took the gold as a loan, calling it “The Chinese gold loan” ~ They then used that to fund Wall St junk bonds to further asset strip America via corporate raider takeovers, outright ‘S&L’ rorts…

and then Reaganomics as well…

The result was the defeat of America from within by the Masonic Lodge…

The seed-money for that was Tammany House Mason Boss Tweed’s &100 million in stolen cash bearer bonds from the 1860’s, the equivalent of $1 to $8 Trillion in today’s money, gold backed money converted to paper that was put aside to pay the post war banker debt so the new American union could be financially viable and debt free (Gee Masons are cold) and then taken (Stolen) to Europe where it was then used to finance the theft of Russia’s gold in 1907 which was used to create the US Fed in 1913…

America recently looted Iraq’s and Libya’s gold for them in Gulf War Two…
You’re a whore America ~ My mom was a whore too, but an honest one…

Never trust a Jew, a Jew god, or a Jew devil  😦
Those that do soon enough regret doing-so  😦

Pharaoh ITCHY BUTT Moses (2)

(It’s all serious by the way, it’s just some of it is expressed in sad caustic sardonic wit)

Iraq d America shrt mees

You’re a pack of assholes MasonicZionist America, a pack of dishonest assholes…

One of the shams pretending to run in the (Fake) sham primaries that Mason McCain has created as a piece of pure Orwellian (Lying) theatre to sucker the American people into thinking “Lying is smart” stated America was built on true Christian values…

It bloody well was not built on Christian values, America was built on a culture of Masonic ‘SECRET SOCIETIES’ where every single Prez you ever had from Washington onwards was either a Freemason or a member of a lodge that was under the Masonic umbrella of which there are somewhere between 23-27 depending on which person you quote, and that includes the ‘KKK’ (Order of the Golden Circle) and the Catholic lodges like ‘Knights of Malta’ and the ‘Knights of Columbus’ etc ~ America was founded on Freemasonry, Luciferin Freemasonry, and ‘THAT’ answers waaay more questions than it asks these last 150+ years since Masons in the North and Masons in the South got together behind closed doors, started a war that killed 600,000 of your finest, and put the country into permanent debt finance to European banks after Freemason ‘BOSS TWEED’ stole $100 Million Dollars in cash bearer bonds placed aside to pay all Civil War debts, the equivalent of $1 to $8 Trillion in today’s money ~ Those same old same old Machiavellian Luciferin pig queen’s servant Masons are the ones who pulled ‘911’ leaving you with 2\3rds of your constitution gone under “The Patriot Act” (sic) and in a massive debt spiral which has made you slaves…
Anyway, Freemasonry is, at it’s core, ‘Luciferin’, it always was 😦
And the American nation was founded on Freemasonry, period  😦

Albert Pike Lucifer is God

A bunch of treasonous lying murdering Luciferin pricks  😦

Where to now, you illuminated fascist bastards?  😦

If I’d respond to the perhaps genuine yet heavily mentally enslaved and spiritually deceived sweetheart ‘Love interests’ these cocksuckers have already secretly drugged brainwashed and (Literally) gang banged while they were unconscious it’s plausible I’ll feel good for a short while, then become entrapped and go into a form of lifetime servitude (Slavery) just like the survivors of the German Army in Russia who surrendered, the only other option being to keep my pride and integrity by metaphorically freezing to death in the cold, denied all true love, all true due process, proper medical care, and even real world simple pain relief along with the kind of real world love that mostly only comes by two people talking, perhaps emotionally bonding thru spending time together, and then, and only then, making what amounts to a mutually negotiated  ‘Commitment of the will’ to each other, face to face of full free will to place the other’s welfare and wellbeing ahead of their own, something that occurs between two people, not 20, 200, or 2000 dominated within a feudal Jewish kabala…

kangaroo-style black-op gang-bang fcuk circle  😦

Kangaroo gang-bang

So, Umm, about those three tumors your US Politicians claim I-don’t have  😦

Those 3 painful tumors their CIA gave-me, one’s they claim I-don’t have?  😦

The legal-medical community down here is as corrupt as US ‘VA’ hospitals were at any time in their murky muddy bloody black-op history you arrogant evil lying pieces of illuminated Luciferin Masonic dog-shit ~ The ability of ‘The system’ under direct technically illegal influence and control by Masons performing what a lawyer would call ‘Conspiracy to pervert the Course of Justice’ has turned everything upside down into a sick fascist joke ~ The Torture that America performed on me in 2004 which had me screaming full throated screams with every breath, one incident well described elsewhere in other blog posts, was actually performed in a bloody hospital  😦

I’d rightly imagine their insurers will quietly bleed from their testicles without shame or undue protest if I’m ever able to afford the $7000 per day legal representation and $1200 per day off duty coppers I’d need to deal with the whole thing in a quiet efficient law abiding and business-like manner, and their insurer’s lawyers will all most likely helplessly hang their heads and submit without undue protest as their anal virginity is surgically removed from them in court for the rest of all time…

or at least until the Lord Jesus returns  😉

Those tumors hurt, it’s part of America’s PsyOp on me ~ You’re evil, America…

It’d take in the vicinity of 230 mg’s of slow release morphine to remove the pain…

It’s hopeless without the real world resources of paying for lawyers, off duty coppers, proper medical care and (Of course) pain relief, along with the ability to both defend the one you compact with which may or may not include ‘Whatever it takes’, always mindful a good citizen tries never to create international incidents, nor paperwork for coppers (They hate that) while keeping outside influences in their place…

German Jew descent Masons, in erstwhile times known as the ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ by those who read too many crime fiction novels, have not only been the biggest assholes on the planet for 200 years, they also made my own life a living hell by fcuking me over ever since they murdered my Russian born birth mom the day I’d been born 59 years ago, then tortured me at age 2 using ‘CIA’ operatives\employees…

Currently they seem determined to create an unsolvable dilemma in this city I’m in, where either humiliation provocation submission to feudal stupidity or eternal loss are the only outcomes possible ~ Other German descent Jews of the fascist kind taught me (Trained me) well in how to skillfully deal with the dynamics, basically so they could ‘Get even’ with their bosses thru me, but it does take resources, lawyers + off duty coppers working with their police commissioner’s permission (In writing) etcetera, yet 57 years after first torturing me to gain compliance to their damn ‘MK Ultra’ rather than just let a decent mostly law abiding man like myself go to take care of my own business in the best way possible America’s treasonous ‘911’ Masonic Zionist madmen are still just trying to scapegoat me ~ As individuals they’re rarely very smart, collectively they’re nuts, dumber than moldy horseshit most days…

Thus I’m obliged to hold out either for justice or euthanasia…
Otherwise it’s a Zionist trap where I’d lose either way  😦


Again, what now?  😦

Little fish ME

Time to just throw me back, Zion  😦

Zionist Freemason fat mouthed Bass

You got bigger fish to fry  😉

You average people, you average humans, you ‘Really’ need to know the dynamics behind how World Masonic Zionism entrapped your leaders into a cyclical maze of political blackmail where each generation following the previous one was caught like a fat-mouthed bass on a bait of power greed anger and\or pointless revenge on both those who preceded them, and also recreate that same dynamic into those who follow them, effectively “Destroying the decade ahead with the lies they use to…

hide what they’ve done in the 5 decades previous”

Here’s another small piece of the puzzle for those seeking to understand..

You may wish to call it “The psychology of control” or, you may just wish to call it the (Illuminated Luciferin Zionist) “Masonic machine that can’t be beat” ~ You may wish to claim they can’t be beat so you might as well join them, or, you may wish to avoid sharing their eternal fate down the event horizon of our galactic black hole, one which begins poorly when they get stared down by the vengeful spirits of the near 7 billion people they’re about to murder, and then goes from bad to worse…

That’ll be up to you, the choice you make, I’d made MY choice 52 odd years ago, and that choice was to dissent from what really rules this solar system, both in the light and darkness, yet dissent thru “Not resisting evil” as the Christ once put it, while also not submitting to it thru a Mahatma Gandhi style of ‘Passive resistance’ as my step dad and especially my step mom had taught me in their wisdom…

The three “George Bush’s” I’d encountered by age 13…

FELIX (Leighter) BUSH BASEBALL Not presidentGHW Bush ~ Early ~ 1950's ~ Narrow skinny shot

That’s two different men above, both Prescott’s son’s, and a third one below too…

America has been soundly tricked and deceived by Bavarian Illuminati Masons…

Now have a little think about things America, truly enlighten (sic) yourselves…

Political blackmail How do you thinkBush ~ Story

Do you remember these children George, little 4 y\o ‘James’ whom you were fond of, quietly sleeping until the bullet from your little silver .22 auto took him out of harm’s way, tho not from you pulling the trigger, young 8 y\o ‘Anna’ quietly whimpering and crying to herself until you twisted her ear and warned her of much worse things happening if she didn’t shut up, that possibility was removed by a single shot from your trusty .22 silver auto but, again like with ‘James’ not by you pulling the trigger, and do you remember ‘Jane’ screaming the worst screams I’d ever heard anyone ever scream for 5 minutes till she went into shock from blood loss, then another single bullet from your little silver .22 auto before she also went to ‘Neverland’ with James and Anna to be with Peter Pan, and maybe even with Jesus Christ himself guiding them on their eternal journey? ~ Excuse my sarcastic way of retelling this (True) story those of you who still have a functioning heart soul and conscience…

it’s merely a coping mechanism…

Beaumont kids plus dad

Hey ’41’ you fake, forgot raping 8 y\o Anna Beaumont that day did you?

Obviously you forgot those 5 Aboriginal babies that Rumsfeld tortured to death with you there for most, along with the 3 that Cheney ‘OR’ Sanders (They looked alike and I’d always been drugged) killed, and the one your fake Kerry ritually murdered, and forgot the 5 older Aboriginal kids you also slowly cut up with knives in front of me between 67 and 70, the last one screaming for a good 25 minutes before it finally expired or went into shock from blood loss, and maybe you even forgot raping me 3 times in 1970 too? ~ Gee old man, you sure are getting forgetful, but it’s probably not deliberate tho (sic) is it, and you also must’ve forgot you and Prescott’s other two non acknowledged bastard offspring were prostituting me for my entire childhood in that damn pedo snuff movie political blackmail brothel you ran for Zion, and perhaps you even forgot the number of times you used “MK Ultra” on me along with physical torture and even the constant emotional (Psychological) torture ~ You sure did a great job or ruining my life and the lives of those I’d loved old man, now I’m pretty sure, but not 100% certain, that you’re already damned like you once claimed to me in 1971, so really all you and yours are achieving by dragging this out is increasing the depth height level and intensity of your damnation, yet all I’m seeking myself is simple justice or simple euthanasia, as far as I’m concerned I’d fulfilled my word of honor to my dad and promise to my mom of ‘Getting even lawfully’ in 2006 ~ Tilting at windmills was never my thing, and although I’d easily be able to shoot your denials down in cold blood like you did to Monika Cross in front of me in 1964 if I’d had real time real world knowledge of them, I-don’t have such real world real time ability due to this constant ‘Black Op’ electronic Orwellian bastardry the US taxpayer funds, but know this old man, in Hades, once paradise falls, I’ll be a handful, waaay too much for you, your gods, and your devils to handle ~ See you there ~ This situation is stupid beyond words, especially as I’ve offered a firm honorable ‘Nolo Contendere’ the moment I’ve received either a liberal fully repayable usable loan for lawyers and off duty coppers to use to peacefully step out of this labyrinth of insanely dishonest world Zionist politics using the black op skills political knowledge and psychology I’d learned in those wasted 20 years growing up in a Zionist university of death, or 5 lousy grams of heroin to euthanize…

Either way, there’s just no reasonable excuse for continuing this 57 years of US taxpayer funded abuse of my human rights other than the small minded hatred spite and feudal elitism and bastardry present within world Masonic Zionism…

(Me below age 9 or 10, raped prostituted tortured terrorized, and brain washed)  😦

Robby 10 y-o

Me at age 59 very much worse for wear after 57 years of abuse by the US Govt  😦

me-robby-two-got-it-yet KIlling Me

Sooo, I’m an individual, ya-can’t fool meee…  😉

My sweet German-Jew step-mother ‘Eleonore Seiglinde Hass’ (Hess) was a brilliant woman intellectually before a (Deliberate) brain injury courtesy of ‘CIA’ in 1961, a very strong woman, a woman of high moral standards despite being what was euphemistically called ‘A working woman’ at the time, literally a strong willed whore with a heart of gold, she had more impact on me than every act of state sponsored torture the ‘US’ ever pulled on me from age 2 which is at least and probably more than 15 separate occasions, not something I’m anxious to delve into nor fearful of remembering…

Anyway, she once said to me “Only liars need to lie, boy” and then gave me one of her special looks which implied she thought she’d just made a very witty deeply profound statement which eventually I’d find profound too, even if not particularly witty…

She wanted me to be a writer of all things, in part to avenge myself for the fascist Zionist abuse of myself constructively and creatively and, in the process, avenge her ~ She got what she wanted as indeed often she did when it came to what she wanted of me to make her efforts worthwhile ~ In our family, in my adopted family that is, lying was considered a character flaw, a weakness, something which implied that deep deep down, you were weak minded, so from age 7 I’d made a point of trying to never get caught lying (Tee-Hee) and from age 22 to the best I’ve been able…

 not lying, period

Meaning, my writing has to be truthful, in word and in spirit…

Currently America, or to be precise Zionist Masons who pulled ‘911’, have just rerun a piece of sham theatre of the absurd where they pretended the New Hampshire primaries were being held, a pretty weird move on it’s own if you consider it was held under the basic catchall premise of “The Safety and Security of the American People” and even more so once you realize that they also did the same thing back in 2012, using the public purse under a deceptive justification to run an absurd devious and ill-defined cyclical lie for a purpose that seems to change every few weeks…

whenever titular Illuminati head John McCain feels the need

Alas poor truth in American political media

I-have the freedom to be  🙂

Jim Jeffries angry magic fairy MASON AMNESTY

Telling the Truth  🙂


PS: Overall, none of this is really meant to be overly funny either…

It’s just sometimes I’m of a mind to make the odd humorous quip…

My position was Always reasonable, period, you Masonic turds…

Now sing one for the Abo-kids who died screaming blue murder…

I’m still just chasing simple liberty or simple quiet death, simple justice or a simple euthanasia, and don’t forget I’m only doing-it in the most constructive way possible, thru the offices of grace and good humor, plus some acid wit and sarcasm ~ It’s now been 57 years since the self confessed greatest nation in the world, the US of A, first tortured me as a 2 y\o to force my submission to their damn ‘MK Ultra’ shit, torture that occurred at least 8 times by age 15 along with witnessing 23 murders, 20 of them kids, 14 of those kids Australian Aboriginal children tortured to death in front of me by your American illegitimate Rockefeller bastard Rumsfeld (5) and your Cheney (3) and your Fake Kerry (1) and your German born 41st president you call George Herbert Walker Bush but who’s real (Birth) name in Germany as many Americans now know is more likely to be “Ulrique Scherff”, pictured above with his brothers, all Prescott’s sons, with ’41’ doing the five older children ~ These innocent children were murdered by being slowly cut up with knives in ritual Jewish kabala murders, and again, nine of those torture murders only mere Babes in Arms as the saying goes, all murdered in front of me in real time while I’d been raped prostituted tortured and brainwashed myself, and it’s only been a little under 12 years since the last torture of myself by American controlled operatives after a 32 hour abduction from a public (Govt) dentist where I’d screamed a full throated scream with every breath for three minutes, then screamed one long internal scream for the next 25-27 minutes after a muscle relaxant was administered as the torture continued unabated ~ Damn you Freemasons, especially American Masons of often illegitimate German Jew descent, literally damn the lot of you  😦

Not of the dreaming ‘I-am’ my Aboriginal friends, I’m a little to the left of that…

You just go out to the dark, find your traditional elders, or rather, they’ll find you…

Maybe the souls of the ritually sacrificed babies are lost, or just not found yet…

I’ll find their spirits tho, one way or the other, and return them to you…

Keep your distance out there

Your elders were friends to me, I-don’t forget…

Keep your distance anyway, shit’s bad…

Skull good totem bad totem ~ Scales ~ Depends

Another of my Totem’s below  😉


A Messenger of death to some…

Totem meaning screenshot 250

So traditional ‘Abo’s’ say  😉

 ### ### ### ### ### ### ###


I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated nobodies ~ All past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use)plus all past present and (Also) any future royalties remain those of the original lawful owners  😉

Oh-yeah, you can repost at your leisure, yet it’s still MY blog, right?  😉


White snake 250

Zion uses these blogs for phishing…


White snake 250

Zion uses these blogs for phishing…


White snake 250

Treason-amnesty would’ve worked…

Jim Jeffries angry magic fairy MASON AMNESTY 250

Freemasons pulled 911

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