Only in Erica…

Erica Treason Amnesty Patriot Girl says

I-am sooo-fcuking tired of lying fascist-fool Zionist American Freemasons who’ve been screwing up everything good in my life since my early childhood ~ I’ve offered many times over the last 9 1\2 years to either accept a loan for lawyers and off duty coppers in return for my word of honor to respond with ‘Nolo Contendere’ which is a Latin phrase that means ‘I-do not wish to contend’ or else just accept 5 grams of heroin to euthanize in return for a solid word of honor to respond with ‘Nolo Contendere’ as well, which is pretty damn funny and poignant if you think about it  😦

Yet here’s what I’m psychologically incapable of ever doing ever again because of the consequences of their previous fascist stupidity ~ I’m unable to ‘Absorb anymore of their banal stupid’ ~ They’re the guys who pulled off ‘911’ ~ Now fcuk off and enjoy the humor after the song, and then the serious bits after that  😦

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January 28, 2016

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This article was posted: Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 11:28 am


why does alex drool over trump so much? why is he pretending to be
shocked when confronted with trumps views and policy? why did alex tell
people to watch trumps event and skip the debate? why isnt alex behind
rand like he is drooling over trump? trump is pro war pro torture, pro
patriot act, pro nsa, pro ndaa, pro war with iran and russia, anti
snowden, pro bailouts and pro fed? oh and he is also for using nukes
more. pffft. come on alex, get your head out of trumps behind.


Sounds like you got an irrational need to try to make sense of things based on moral principles drawn from truthful perspectives, at least that’s what all your symptoms display here ~ You probably think the US Govt pulled ‘911’ and the Nazis whacked ‘JFK’ and are thus a dangerous nutter ~ I’ll call the authorities right now and…

see if we can get a ‘SWAT TEAM’ out to help you get better  😉

Swat training team on truck Boom Shacka Lacka


IW blocked me… so, I’m done. Alex has lost his way and is ballz deep in Trump cheerleading the fake election. Trump is buddy buddy with the Clintionistas. Wake up everyone! Lots a luck. PJW i still have faith in you… please don’t let us down.


You got blocked from a subnet? ~ Gee Pal, that’s tough, that’s really tough  😉

Gee, that's tough ~


I have an appointment to listen to fingernails being scraped across a chalkboard that I would much prefer to listening to than this pack of traitor scum.


ha ha good one.


Carly Carpetmuncher? Ted Heinihumper? Hillary Hickeybottom? Jeb Tush? Donald Rumpertrumper? Narco Scubio? Bernie Babybonker?

Carly Fiorina


I’m looking at cnn and of course they are attacking Trump. What a coincidence. All of the globalist operatives have exposed themselves. This election is the Globalists versus the freedom loving down to earth working American people.


Yup. freedom loving down to earth working class Americans like Trump, the ones with gold plated taps in the boy’s room of their Lear Jet’s + solid stolen gold bidet’s in the private bathroom of their mansions = Down to earth?  😉

And get this folks, get this, now not many people know this…
They can all sing, they can really sing good, like old Frankie…

Trump Crooner New York New York


Rubio…the gay caballero?


Candidate Marco Rubio, was arrested May 23,1990, five days before his 19th birthday at Alice G.Wainwright Park in Miami, Florida … a notorious homosexual cruising pickup location. Is he hiding something? Well, the court file has been destroyed, so it looks a bit suspicious – the original police report states that he was with two under-aged males at the park at 9:37 p.m., after park hours. The claim is that they were drinking beer, but they could have been soliciting drugs there or other things.

One of the persons Rubio was arrested with in Alice C. Wainwright Park was his friend Angel Barrios . He ended up living with that same Barrios after high school, and this same Angel Barrios had his business (BarriosInvestment Group) enjoined by the City of Miami for running a gay porn operation in a…

residential area that specialized in black / latino gay porn..

This synopsis is from the Wayne Madsen report, which is a pay site:


Deny everything Marco, deny everything, don’t admit to nothing, remember Pal, we know where you live ~ Ya-can’t beat the system, Ya got-it Buddy  😉

McCain rightside up ~ 300

Former Grand Mosque

Imam: ISIS Shares the Same

Beliefs as Us

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Islamic State is merely carrying out what’s in the Koran, admits Saudi cleric

Paul Joseph Watson
January 28, 2016

Sheikh Adel Al-Kilbani, former Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, admitted during a television appearance that ISIS merely shares the same beliefs as all Muslims who embrace what is contained in the Koran.

Asked if the emergence of ISIS was a result of “Islamic revivalism,” the Saudi cleric responded, “There’s no doubt about this, no doubt.” Dismissing the claim that ISIS was created by “intelligence agencies,” Al-Kilbani goes on to assert, “Daesh has adopted Salafist thought….they draw their ideas from what is written in our own books…

from our own principles.” […]


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of

and (The idiotic US Cyber Security subnet) Prison

This article was posted: Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 3:26 pm


Yeah sure Paul Joseph Watson.

Same guy Muslim


‘God’ ~ Very convenient suppository for anyone seeking to enslave or even kill someone of another race or religion ~ (Suppository) ~ Best taken when you’re very young, like when you’re a fcuking toddler, this little suppository will soon have you wanting to attack Iran like Donald Trump or one of the Bush’s just cause ‘THEY’

use a suppository made by a different religion…

GOD Suppository GOD


Perhaps this Imam will get his own medicine from ISISraHELL once they are done with Syria.

Death religionDeath religion


Daesh — The Religion of Death.


And may I-suggest the religion of Wahabi, whatever it really is, was NOT one of the major players in ‘WW2’ or in Korea or Vietnam where so many millions were both killed and secretly enslaved building those damned Zionist Pole Shift bunkers? 😦
It’s logical to assume that those major players of ‘WW2’ such as the Christianity that obviously won and Judaism that got the ‘State of Israel’ out of it thru the Balfour Declaration by seizing Palestinian Land under the aegis of the United Nations, were mere pawns to financiers, and financiers of ‘WW2’ were whom, pray (sic) tell? 😦
I’ll give you a hint, they financed illegitimate Astor Hitler in 1933 😦
It’s a matter of cold hard provable fact that no Muslim was able to get ‘NORAD’ to shut down for 2 hours for a software upgrade nor the US Air Force fly off to Alaska at the right time, nor get into Bldg 7 with it’s ‘CIA’ office there to place the explosives next to Bernie Madoff’s 401k records which were sadly (?) lost that day, and as for those Muslims getting out of a Cessna and into a ‘757’ for Christ’s sake? 😦
Did ‘Muslims’ steal Russia’s gold to start the US Fed in 1913…
Freemasonry pulled ‘911’ and are the only ones who could’ve…

US Fed loan shark CROPPEDDeath religion unmasked Mason Swastika Star of David


Another pointless humorous interlude…

Jim Jeffries angry magic fairy MASON AMNESTY


You’re a pack of assholes Masonic-Zionist America, a pack of assholes…

And where to now, Leibchen?  😉

If I’d respond to the perhaps genuine yet heavily mentally enslaved and spiritually deceived sweetheart ‘Love interests’ these cocksuckers have already secretly drugged brainwashed and (Literally) gang banged while they were unconscious it’s plausible I’ll feel good for a short while, then become entrapped and go into a form of lifetime servitude (Slavery) just like the survivors of the German Army in Russia who surrendered, the only other option being to keep my pride and integrity by metaphorically freezing to death in the cold, denied all true love, all true due process, proper medical care, and even real world simple pain relief along with the kind of real world love that mostly only comes by two people talking, perhaps emotionally bonding thru spending time together, and then, and only then, making what amounts to a mutually negotiated  ‘Commitment of the will’ to each other, face to face of full free will to place the other’s welfare and wellbeing ahead of their own, something that occurs between two people, not 20, 200, or 2000 dominated within a feudal Jewish kabala…

kangaroo-style black-op gang-bang fcuk circle  😦

Kangaroo gang-bang

So, Umm, about those three tumors your US Politicians claim I-don’t have  😦

Those 3 painful tumors their CIA gave-me, one’s they claim I-don’t have?  😦

The legal-medical community down here is as corrupt as US ‘VA’ hospitals were at any time in their murky muddy bloody black-op history you arrogant evil lying pieces of illuminated Luciferin Masonic dog-shit ~ The ability of ‘The system’ under direct technically illegal influence and control by Masons performing what a lawyer would call ‘Conspiracy to pervert the Course of Justice’ has turned everything upside down into a sick fascist joke ~ The Torture that America performed on me in 2004 which had me screaming full throated screams with every breath, one incident well described elsewhere in other blog posts, was actually performed in a bloody hospital  😦

I’d rightly imagine their insurers will quietly bleed from their testicles without shame or undue protest if I’m ever able to afford the $7000 per day legal representation and $1200 per day off duty coppers I’d need to deal with the whole thing in a quiet efficient law abiding and business-like manner, and their insurer’s lawyers will all most likely helplessly hang their heads and submit without undue protest as their anal virginity is surgically removed from them in court for the rest of all time…

or at least until the Lord Jesus returns  😉

Those tumors hurt, it’s part of America’s PsyOp on me ~ You’re evil, America…

It’d take in the vicinity of 230 mg’s of slow release morphine to remove the pain…

Me, Robby Two GOT-IT YET

My conclusion?

It’s hopeless without the real world resources of paying for lawyers, off duty coppers, proper medical care and (Of course) pain relief, along with the ability to both defend the one you compact with which may or may not include ‘Whatever it takes’, always mindful a good citizen tries never to create international incidents, nor paperwork for coppers (They hate that) while keeping outside influences in their place…

German Jew descent Masons, in erstwhile times known as the ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ by those who read too many crime fiction novels, have not only been the biggest assholes on the planet for 200 years, they also made my own life a living hell by fcuking me over ever since they murdered my Russian born birth mom the day I’d been born 59 years ago, then tortured me at age 2 using ‘CIA’ operatives\employees…

Currently they seem determined to create an unsolvable dilemma in this city I’m in, where either humiliation provocation submission to feudal stupidity or eternal loss are the only outcomes possible ~ Other German descent Jews of the fascist kind taught me (Trained me) well in how to skillfully deal with the dynamics, basically so they could ‘Get even’ with their bosses thru me, but it does take resources, lawyers + off duty coppers working with their police commissioner’s permission (In writing) etcetera, yet 57 years after first torturing me to gain compliance to their damn ‘MK Ultra’ rather than just let a decent mostly law abiding man like myself go to take care of my own business in the best way possible America’s treasonous ‘911’ Masonic Zionist madmen are still just trying to scapegoat me ~ As individuals they’re rarely very smart, collectively they’re nuts, dumber than moldy horseshit most days…

Thus I’m obliged to hold out either for justice or euthanasia…
Otherwise it’s a Zionist trap where I’d lose either way  😦



I-do ‘NOT‘ own cartoons, old photos, or vids used in this blog ~ I’m not seeking one jot or tittle in financial advantage thru their use and claim it’s all fair use for the sake of a higher cause, and fair comment as well, along with some much needed albeit cynical timely humor and ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) plus a bit of hard core political philosophical and religious sarcasm, also in the cause of truth, mostly because somebody had to do it, and ‘I’M SOMEBODY’ you illuminated nobodies ~ All past present and future legal rights of any kind whatsoever  (Except denying me fair use) plus all past present and (Also) any future royalties remain those of the original lawful owners  😉

Oh-yeah, you can repost at your leisure, yet it’s still MY blog, right?  😉

PS: The bit underneath isn’t funny, nor is it meant to be funny either…

I’m still just chasing simple liberty or simple quiet death, simple justice or a simple euthanasia, and don’t forget I’m only doing-it in the most constructive way possible, thru the offices of grace and good humor, plus some acid wit and sarcasm ~ It’s now been 57 years since the self confessed greatest nation in the world, the US of A, first tortured me as a 2 y\o to force my submission to their damn ‘MK Ultra’ shit, torture that occurred at least 8 times by age 15 along with witnessing 23 murders, 20 of them kids, 14 of those kids Australian Aboriginal children tortured to death in front of me by being slowly cut up with knives in ritual Jewish kabala murders, and nine of those torture murders only mere Babes in Arms as the saying goes, and it’s only been a little under 12 years since the last torture of myself after a 32 hour abduction from a public (Govt) dentist where I’d screamed a full throated scream with every breath for three minutes, then screamed one long never ending internal scream for the next 25-27 minutes after a muscle relaxant was administered as the torture continued unabated ~ Damn you Freemasons, especially American Masons of often illegitimate German Jew descent, literally damn the lot of you  😦

Not of the dreaming ‘I-am’ my Aboriginal friends, I’m a little to the left of that…

You just go out to the dark, find your traditional elders, or rather, they’ll find you…

Maybe the souls of the ritually sacrificed babies are lost, or just not found yet…

I’ll find their spirits tho, one way or the other, and return them to you…

Keep your distance out there

Your elders were friends to me, I-don’t forget…

Keep your distance anyway, shit’s bad…

Skull good totem bad totem ~ Scales ~ Depends

Another of my Totem’s below  😉


A Messenger of death to some…

Totem meaning screenshot 250

So traditional ‘Abo’s’ say  😉

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